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Peek Injection Molding

Weprofab is the most expert manufacturer of peeking injection molding in China. We manufacture both standard and custom design peek injection molding to meet your needs. Our company, Weprofab is well-known for providing outstanding quality peek injection molding and excellent services. Send us your detailed requirements, we will handle the rest of peeking injection molding manufacturing.

Get WeProFab Peek Injection Molding to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab offers full certifications of peeking injection molding. Your own drawings and designs for peek injection molding are welcome.

Peek Injection Molding

We offer peek injection molding in powder-coated, polished, electropolished, heat treatment, passivate, laser engraving, etc.

Peek PC Plastic Parts Injection Molding

We offer different shapes, sizes, and designs for peek PC plastic injection molding for you to choose from.

Plastic Peek Injection Molding

If you’re looking for reliable plastic peek injection molding, Weprofab is the right place for you. We have been in this business for 20 years.

PEEK Plate Slab Injection Molding

Get high-quality peek plate slab injection molding only at Weprofab. We have a wide range of peek plate slab injection molding for your different applications.

Customized Design Peek Injection Molding

We can help you customize your peek injection molding according to your specific size, color, shape, and design. Just send us your requirements now!

Peek ABS Plastic Parts Injection Molding

Weprofab peek injection molding can be used in a wide range of different markets. It includes food processing, appliance, recreation, construction, plumbing, oil and gas, and so on.

WeProFab: Your Leading Peek Injection Molding Manufacturer

Weprofab, a joint-venture company between Weetect Material Ltd and a local plastic fabrication manufacturer is now offering to peek injection molding fabrication. We are a professional company dedicated to providing each client with a one-stop solution for peek injection molding.

Weprofab can produce a wide range of peek injection molding, available in different shapes, sizes, designs, and surface treatments. We carefully choose the best raw materials for peek injection molding to make it reliable, quality, and long-lasting. Contact us today!


Custom Peek Injection Molding to Skyrocket Your Brand

High-Precision Peek Injection Molding

Weprofab has a professional R&D team. We can provide drawing design for products and mold, mold drawing revising, quality control, and production in each machining process.

Professional Peek Injection Molding

Weprofab is a leading manufacturer of professional peek injection molding in China. We are capable of customizing your peek injection molding according to your requirements.

Peek HDPE Injection Molding

We offer a wide range of peek HPDE injection molding, suitable for molding wifi plastic housing. We can make your peek HDPE injection molding according to your material requirements.

Peek Cover Parts Injection Molding

We can customize the specific size of peek cover parts injection molding. All of our peek cover parts injection molding is guaranteed with full certifications.

Peek ABS PC Plastic Injection Molding

The size, color, and materials for peek ABS PC plastic injection molding can be customized according to our client’s requirements.

Peek Injection Molding Manufacturer

Weprofab is the best manufacturer of peek injection molding in China. If you want a long-lasting business partner, then consider Weprofab.

Non-Standard Black Peek Injection Molding

Weprofab is your experienced business partner for non-standard black peek injection molding in China. We can provide fast sample making within 5 working days.

High-Temperature Peek Injection Molding

Our company is an ISO-authorized company in China. We can assure you that all of our high-temperature peek injection molding is guaranteed with full certifications.

Electronic Peek Injection Molding

We provide a wide range of peek injection molding for electronic applications. We can do custom electronic peek injection molding according to your requirements.

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Why Weprofab Peek Injection Molding

Polyether ether ketone known as PEEK is one of the most versatile, popular, and useful injection molding resins. Peek is known for its high-performance and unique thermoplastic, which provides sterilization process and gamma radiation exposure tolerance. That’s why it is suitable for all medical applications.

Peek Injection Mold China

Weprofab peek injection molding is the best way of replacing machined metal parts in a wide range of other uses. Our peeks injection molding is ideal for aerospace, medical, mechanical, and other demanding applications since they have superior mechanical properties and versatility.

As a leading manufacturer in China, Weprofab offers complete PEEK molding services such as injection molding, medical molding, over molding, insert molding, ultrasonic bonding, and micro molding.

Peek plastic is suitable for plastic injection molding for its high resistance to chemicals, superb mechanical properties, and thermal degradation. It can hold up against long-term liquid submersion and high temperatures.

Weprofab peek injection molding is durable in harsh environments. Additionally, peek plastic provides excellent reinforcement material, offers great tensile strength with low weight.

Peek Injection Molding Manufacturer

Weprofab has been working with a wide range of different materials for our injection molding processes. And one of the best materials we used for injection molding is peek plastic. The properties of peek plastics make a perfect choice for biomedical, aerospace, fiber optics, pharmaceutical, automotive, and industrial applications.

Below are some of the peek components in the injection molding process:

  • Profiles
  • Tubing
  • Seals
  • Bearings
  • Valves
  • Medical implants
  • Electrical cable insulation

Peek plastic is very popular for injection molding. However, it can be difficult to work with and sometimes not suitable for all applications. Nevertheless, Weprofab’s goal is to meet and exceed your expectations.

That’s why we carefully heated the peek plastic to very high temperatures or above the highest range of our injection molding machines. Other companies. It cannot be done by any manufacturers other than Weprofab. Because at Weprofab, we have complete and most advanced manufacturing equipment and facilities.

Peek Injection Molding Supplier

If you’re looking for the best peek injection molding manufacturer that can support your business and project, Weprofab is always the best choice. Weprofab is over 20 years in manufacturing and providing high-quality peek injection molding in China.

Fortunately, Weprofab has the experience, skills, and latest manufacturing tools needed to precisely working with PEEK plastics material in our injection molding processes. All in all, Weprofab can provide you promising expertise in PEEK injection molding for medical devices and other applications.

Give us a call for more information about Weprofab Peek injection molding!

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