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As PET Film leading manufacturer and supplier, Weprofab specializing in various PET Film fabrications. We are teamed up with skilled designers helpful to produce durable PET Films to exceed your expectations. Let us be part of your growing business!


Get WeProFab PET Film to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is most leading supplier and fabricator of various PET Films. Our factory is base on mainland China. We promise to accommodate the high-class of PET Films productions to meet standard qualifications.

Anti-Static PET Film Roll

When it comes to a top-quality anti-static pet film roll, Weprofab is the most preferred manufacturer and supplier in China. We are trusted for over 20 years now.

Heat Shrinkable PET Film

Do you need unique heat-shrinkable pet films? No need to worry about it because the Weprofab team has a lot to offer. Wide selections are here.

PET Film Manufacturer

As a PET Film supplier in China, we can professionally handle fast delivery for your urgent pet film needs. We are the most reliable manufacturer so far.

Silver PET Film Roll

Weprofab can manage speedy fabrications of silver PET Film rolls. We always make sure to create the product that can meet your standards.

Tempered PET Film

Weprofab team is an expert producing top-qualities of tempered PET Film. They have glossy and eye-catching outlook finish.

Transparent PET Film Roll

Weprofab is a manufacturer with 20 years of expertise in terms of transparent pet film roll fabrications. Give us all your trust!

WeProFab: Your Leading PET Film Manufacturer

As a reliable joint-venture company, Weprofab manufactures high-quality PET Films. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for PET Film fabrication.

A complete range of PET film productions is offered for your business advantages. Applicable for industrial and commercial buildings.

As PET Film manufacturer in China, we could highly present PET Films in various features. We can offer a finish that can boom your own brand.

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Custom PET Film to Skyrocket Your Brand

Heat Stabilized PET Film

Weprofab deals in all sorts of heat stabilized pet film fabrications. We have almost 20 years of fabrication expertise.

Sustainable PET Film

Weprofab is a professional team manufactures a sustainable type of pet film for further project intentions.

White PET Film

Weprofab supply complete line up of high-quality white pet film. Different colors are available depending on applications.

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Why WeProFab PET Film

You must be super wise when choosing the reliable PET Film manufacturer to support your own business. Weprofab offers a hundred of manufacturing solutions and services. Further versatile pet film types are highly presented from our factory which operates in China.

Above all, the Pet Film also called polyethylene/ polyester film has different features. As the best pet film manufacturer, Weprofab ensures high versatility, good chemical resistance, the durable and tough capacity of each pet film. We manufacture PET films with printability functions and strong slip treated.

pet film

For PET Film options, you can select a variety of hazy PET films, super clear PET films, crystal clear or white PET films relying upon your business needs. Weprofab is only the PET film manufacturer that provides customizations and tailoring services. We operate for over 20 years in the fabrication industry and gain overflowing experiences to handle your pet film needs.

As PET film fabrication experts in China, Weprofab provides endless supplies to support your own customers. If you`re a local distributor, it`s very important to deliver impressive qualities of PET films. That’s why Weprofab is a perfect manufacturer choice to handle your business necessities.

pet film

Weprofab PET film possessed the highest tensile robustness, fewer moisture absorptions, and great dimensional strength. Additionally UV protected, clarity guaranteed, and made very appealing to attract your potential customers.

When discussing PET film applications, there`s more! Due to PET film dimensional strength, they found applicable for membrane circuitry, laminates, face shields, carrier films, or for electronic insulations.

pet film

As most familiar PET film manufacturer, Weprofab creates pet films for important graphics arts intentions. Made printable so you can print your own brand name on every pet film`s finish.

Weprofab is the perfect place to find reliable PET film productions. We are a well-known PET film provider for almost 20 years. We always provide real promising PET Films qualities to catch customer`s attention. We already provide services to several companies, retailers, and merchandisers worldwide, now it`s your turn!

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