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PET Sheet

Weprofab is one of the best manufacturers of PET sheet in China. All of your PET sheet needed like food-grade PET sheet, recyclable PET sheet, PET plastic sheet, clear PET sheet, and many others. Send us your absolute design and we will give the best product for you.

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PET Sheet Manufacturer

Weprofab is a professional manufacturer of PET sheet. We manufacture all types of high quality PET sheet at a very competitive price.

Clear PET Sheet

If you need a PET sheet, Weprofab is a qualified manufacturer of PET sheet for your business. We manufacture various types of PET sheets that perfectly fit your needs.

PET Laser Printing Sheet

If you’re having trouble in finding a sheet that is very much compatible with laser printer? Weprofab creating a PET sheet using advanced technologies.

PET Roof Sheet

PET roof sheet in Weprofab has a great features, durable and flexible suited perfectly for your business.

PET Mylar Sheet

In Weprofab, all our PET mylar sheet are develop and manufactured from our well-oriented and versatile engineers. Guaranteed 100% genuine PET sheet.

Custom PET Sheet

In Weprofab, we customize various PET sheets in any standard sizes and shapes depending on the client’s requests.

WeProFab: Your Leading PET Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also a metal fabrication.

Weprofab PET sheet is well-known for creating plastics for food and beverage packaging industry, bottle production, cosmetics industry, and many others. Your one-stop shop in PET sheet needed.

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Custom PET Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Colored PET Sheet

Weprofab offering you absolute choice of PET sheet that includes a variety of PET sheet colors.

Antistatic PET Sheet

Weprofab can provide antistatic PET sheet for the demand of your business, we can offer you a versatile PET sheet to satisfy the need of our customers.

PET Laminated Magnetic Sheet

Weprofab PET laminated magnet sheet is made from rubber magnet, great application for toys, games, display, and many more.

PET Transparent Film Sheet

Weprofab PET transparent film sheet comes from high-quality raw materials. It has the smoothest finish and surface, great for any sheeting applications.

Translucent Plastic PET Sheet

The Translucent plastic PET sheet from Weprofab is the most rigid sheets and FDA approved. Obtainable with different colors for very competitive rates.


As the best factory of high-quality in China, Weprofab offers one of a kind PVC PET sheet to reach your business standards.

Printable PET Sheet

Weprofab makes a printable PET sheet so you can print your own brand and let your brand recognized nationwide. We present a variety of options open for selections.

PET-G Clear Sheet

Weprofab PET-G clear sheet is available in clear or brilliant color finishes. This offers hardness and stiffness, helpful to last-longer on any sheeting applications.

PET Rigid Plastic Sheet

As a global fabrication expert in China, Weprofab offers PET rigid plastic sheets with high transparency. Available in custom cut choices.

Opaque Polyester PET Sheet

Weprofab Opaque polyester PET sheet is manufactured for achieving huge growth in your business. It is UL 94 flammability rated as well.

Matte Frost PET Sheet

Our Matte frost PET sheets are made dimensionally stabled. Weprofab offers different forms of matte frost PET sheets with embossed rigidness and a high transparency level.

Holographic PET Sheet

Weprofab Holographic PET sheet is a unique family of polyester sheets. It has a metalized and embossed polyester film base. Available in custom figures for affordable rates.

Clear Recycled PET Sheet

Clear recycled PET sheets from Weprofab are mostly used in external packings and other products’ packaging. Ideal for silk printing applications.

5mm White PET Sheet

Weprofab 5mm white PET sheet is strong and lighter in weight. It’s simple to clean and maintain plus cost-effective. In addition, these sheets are UV-resistant, which ensures the product will not discolor and have outstanding chemical resistance.

12 125 Micron Pet Matte Sheet

These 12 125 micron PET matte sheets are ideal for release film, protective film, anti-static film, and colorful labels and tapes for industrial and packaging applications. Featuring good flatness, excellent surface cleanliness, good anti-static coating, and adhesive coating.

2mm PET Sheet

Weprofab 2mm PET sheet has excellent transparency and finishes. It has superior surface decoration performance, they are easy to suppress patterns and can be printed even without surface treatment. It also has good mechanical strength.

PET Sheet 0.5mm

PET sheet 0.5mm exhibits good oxygen and water vapor barrier qualities. Chemical resistance is excellent; it can withstand the erosion of a wide range of chemicals. 100% non-toxic, hygienic performance, suitable for food, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment packing.

1mm Transparent PET Plastic Sheet

Weprofab 1mm transparent PET plastic sheet has good environmental adaptability, can be economically and conveniently recycled. It is a biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging material that is non-toxic and suitable for food packaging.

PET Sheet for Table Shields and Screens

PET sheet for table shields and screens has high impact strength. Available in different specifications and can be custom-cut to desired sizes. Ideal use as structural components, decoration parts, and functional components.

3mm Transparent PET Sheet

This 3mm transparent PET sheet’s main features are weather resistance, heat resistance, strength, electrical characteristics, and stiffness. Commonly employed in home appliances, automobiles, electrical, and electronics. Made of 100% virgin PET raw material.

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Why WeProFab PET Sheet

Weprofab PET Sheet is the most commonly used and trusted materials.

It is a thermoplastic that usually used in a synthetic fibers such as bottles and in the food packaging especially in beverages, soft drinks, water, and even in juices.

PET sheet provides dimensional stability, perfect mechanical strength, low moisture absorption and has magnificent wear application properties that give tough and rigid surfaces that can be easily polished.

Weprofab PET Sheet is an alternative to polycarbonate, acrylic, and PVC sheet.

PET Sheet

Weprofab PET Sheet features outstanding strength, superb optical clarity, durability, flame resistant and recyclable.

Its workability offers display application and screen printing suitable for graphics adhesion.

Weprofab is an ISO certified that engage in manufacturing PET sheets.

We design all types of PET sheet which are shatterproof, tough and lightweight type of PET sheet perfectly used for film packaging and others.

We ensure to provide the best quality of PET sheet that approved by the FDA and other health-safety bureaus all over the world.

PET Sheet

Weprofab is a professional manufacturer of PET sheet.

We manufacture wide variety of PET sheet which is highly durable and eco-friendly.

And especially we manufacturer PET sheet where the quality is designed to each PET sheet to achieve the customers satisfaction.

Weprofab is committed to go beyond the client’s needs and expectations.

We continue to ensure quality management to continue our system to be adequate and effective.

When it comes to our product radius, we only using high quality approved raw materials.

In the manufacturing PET sheet we ensure the impeccable results by using our advanced technology equipment.

PET Sheet

In Weprofab, we are dedicated and very much interested in serving our valued clients providing our high quality of PET sheets at a very competitive prices and guaranteed the services anywhere around the world.

Weprofab accepts PET customization for PET sheet plead for our customers.

We have an knowledgeable engineers and staffs to make your ideal PET sheet for your business.

Need a PET sheet to skyrocket your business, feel free to contact us now!

PET Sheet: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you have any questions on PET sheets, then all your answers are in this FAQ guide.

It covers everything about PET sheets, from definition, properties to applications.

Moreover, it compares PET sheet to other plastic sheets, making it easy for you to choose a suitable material.

What is PET Sheet?

Polyethylene terephthalate, commonly abbreviated as PET, refers to a type of general-purpose thermoplastic.

It offers excellent resistance to creep, high dimensional stability, and exceptional mechanical strength.

It is debatably one of the suitable thermoplastic resin in the polyester family used in a wide range of applications.

Also abbreviated as PETE, PET sheet plays a fundamental role in day to day life since you can find one or more of its applications virtually everywhere within any environment.



What is PET Sheet used for?

PET sheet is arguably the type of plastic that has vast uses in different sectors.

It thus implies that it is used in several applications.

However, some of the common uses of this sheet that many people can relate with easily include the following;

PET Sheets

PET Sheets

  • Manufacturing plastic bottles – Typically, PET sheet has excellent resistance to retaining water and moisture. It is for that reason that many companies are using this material widely for packaging mineral water and other carbonated soft drinks.
  • Taping applications – PET has high mechanical strength, hence used for making tapes of different sizes.
  • Food packaging – PET sheet is also commonly used in a wide variety of food processing companies for packing and storing foods. This makes it easy because it is a material that has a high resistance to micro-organisms. Additionally, this material does not react with food, thus regarded as safe for such uses.
  • Packaging of personal care products – PET sheet can also be molded and used for packing a wide range of personal care products such as cosmetics. The fact that this material does not react with chemicals makes it suitable for this application.
  • Construction materials – It is also widely used in a variety of construction projects for making different types of components.
  • Automotive parts – There are specific parts of many modern automobiles that are made from PET sheet.
  • Industrial strapping – The mechanical strength of PET sheet makes it suitable for strapping various products after manufacturing for storage or shipping.
  • Manufacturing fabrics – PET is also ideal in making a number of fabric materials and considered a better alternative to cotton. It forms lightweight, drag resistant, and reduced wind and more resistant to tears fabrics.

In a nutshell, PET sheet is used virtually for packaging most types of consumer goods and in various household items.

What are the different types of PET?

They include the following;

  • Clear PET sheet
  • PET laser printing sheet
  • PET roof sheet
  • Antistatic PET sheet
  • Colored PET sheet
  • PET laminated magnetic sheet
  • PET mylar sheet
  • Custom PET sheet

What is PET Plastic made of?

PET plastic material is primarily a polymer of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol.

So it happens that the small pellets of PET resin are reacted into high pressure and low vacuum pressure to a molten liquid.

It is this molten liquid that molded or extruded into a specific shape hence giving you the PET plastic.

ET production

 PET Production

What are the Characteristics of PET?

Typically, PET products are primarily used in different industries worldwide.

And this is, of course as a result of high performance due to special processes developed to improve the characteristics of the material.

Its most popular characteristics include the following;

  • Lightweight – It is one of the plastic materials that you can easily carry around, transport, and carry quite easily. It is lightweight, which also makes it easy for it to be used in different applications.
  • High clarity – PET provides excellent clarity, the more reason it is preferred for various packaging uses such as water bottles.
  • Recyclability – This material is 100% recyclable and also considered the leading plastic worldwide when it comes to recyclability. PET has a low diffusion coefficient that makes it more suitable to be recovered than any other plastics.
  • Customizability – This material provides various alternatives as far as customizing it into different colors and shapes is concerned. By default, it is transparent hence making it easy to pick any color using dyes as well as style, especially if cast molded.
  • High impact resistance – PET is a thin material but sturdy and has better resistance to impact than most materials such as glass and acrylic.

It can bend or make some form of deformation before it breaks, and this is quite rare.

  • Resealability– It is among the few plastic materials that offer excellent resealability properties.

This is the more reason it is also used for packaging foods since it allows the user to reclose the container as a way of maintaining freshness or preventing spillage of the product.

  • Thermostability – PET is one of the unique materials that can resist irreversible change, be it in its physical or chemical structure at a comparatively high relative temperature.
  • Shatter resistance – PET is one of the unique plastic materials that can never break or cause to break all over sudden it pieces. During its manufacturing, the molecules are tightly held to ensure that it becomes shatter-free.
  • Affordable – It is also a relatively affordable material. This explains why it is primarily used in different parts of the world for various applications.

How is PET Sheet made?

The process of manufacturing PET sheet is quite simple but requires some sort of knowledge and sophisticated components to get better results.

PET as an aliphatic polyester is made from polycondensation of reaction of the monomers.

Primarily, terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol are the core building blocks for PET.

So it happens that these two raw materials are combined under high pressure and low vacuum pressure, which results in formation of long chains of the polymer.

A combination of these two building blocks helps to yield a polymer chain.

Tentatively, this reaction produces PET in form of a molten, highly viscous, and mass.

The moment the ideal length is attained, the reaction is then stopped.

Now, this polymer chain results in an element that looks more or less like spaghetti strands, which are extruded relatively fast than allowed to cool.

Once they cool, you can then cut the strands into smaller pellets.

Then, these pellets are then subjected to heat to ensure that they are molten into liquid.

In liquid form, it makes it easy for you to mold or extrude them into different items of practically any shape for that matter.

What is the Highest Temperature that PET Sheet can Withstand?

PET can withstand a maximum temperature of 255 degrees Celsius.

This, of course, is ideal since it shows that the material has excellent resistance to heat.

Additionally, it shows that of all the recyclable plastic materials, it is the leading one in terms of heat resistance.

Are there Plastic Sheets that can replace PET Sheet?

PET Sheet

PET Sheet

Well, the truth is that it is not necessarily possible to replace PET sheet with any particular material.

Even so, it is possible to make materials that have less polymer connect by adding biodegradable organic compounds.

Nonetheless, some of the plastic materials that can substitute PET sheet include the following;

  • PEN – It is an abbreviation for polyethylene terephthalate, which, ideally, offers extraordinary features but a bit costly.

This, however, makes it a suitable option for recyclable containers hence can be used in place of PET.

  • PP – It is also another suitable replacement for PET material. PP or Polypropylene is nonetheless ideal for non-carbonated soft drinks and beverages. Even so, you can still use them for packaging other products such as milk and juices, among others.
  • PS – It refers to polystyrene, which apparently is quite similar to PET, especially when it comes to the point of view, optical and haptic.

It is also highly recyclable and ideal for packaging various products such as carbonated beverages.

What are the Disadvantages of PET Sheet?

Comparatively low resistance to heat – PET sheet can withstand high temperatures.

However, accidental storage of this material in hot areas for long might tend to induce a chemical exchange of PET container melting and reacting with the packed content.

This might happen unknowingly.

And it is the reason experts tend to recommend storing food in ET containers should be in warm or cold areas.

Lower resistance to scratch – The fact that this material is bendable and has excellent resistance to impact shows that it is a lesser dense material.

And this is what makes it somewhat susceptible to scratches compared to other materials such as acrylic and glass.

Of course, scratches do not necessarily affect the purpose of the material, it’s only that it compromises the appearance of the material.

Poor ink compatibility – It happens that this material is only compatible with UV and eco-solvent inks.

The effect of this is that it tends to provide fewer options hence limiting the types of prints that you can make on the surface of this material.

What are the Effects of UV on PET Sheet?

From a simplistic perspective, UV primarily refers to the form of radiation that we get from sunlight rays.

The major effect of UV on PET sheet is degradation.

In this sense, degradation refers to the aging of the PET sheet by making it appear chalky, color shift on the surface of the material.

The surface of the component also becomes brittle.

So the UV radiation causes the plastic to age, which makes the structure to start breaking down gradually.

In technical terms, the effect of UV on PET sheet is that it makes the complex chain of polymers starts to unravel and, in return turning back to monomer once more.

And this, of course, would be pretty bad news in many applications.

Effects of UV on PET

 Effects of UV on PET

PET sheet should Conform to which Standards?

FDA – It refers to Food and Drug Administration. It is an agency responsible for protecting public health by enforcing efficacy and safety of various products.

ASTM – This refers to an international standards organization responsible for developing and publishing voluntary consensus technical standards for various materials and products, as well as systems.

These two standards are core for the PET sheet to conform to.

The essence here is that most of the applications of PET sheet revolve around the packaging of food and beverages.

Thus the need for ensuring that it conforms with standards that overlook such aspects from the perspective of safety and efficacy.

Is clear PET Sheet Scratch Resistant?

Not necessarily.

Clear PET has high impact resistance, and it is easily bendable.

These features show that it is a less dense material.

And this primarily implies that it can be easily scratched when rubbed against objects.

However, it would also be vital to understand that, in most instances, during manufacturing of this product, you can always apply an anti-scratch coating.

This coating enables it to stay comparatively resistant to scratch, which is vital given that it is widely used in applications that subject it to scratch susceptibility.

And this is even significant, especially if you’re going for a customized PET sheet from reputable suppliers such as WeProFab.

What is PET Sheet Cut to Size?

It refers to the type of PET material that is customized in terms of size and dimensions that you need for your wide range of specific applications.

In most instances, when you’re looking for a specific size of PET sheet to suit your use, you’ll need to go for a cut to size sheet.

It enables you to save on cost, time, convenience, and, at the same time, get the right size of material that you specifically require.

Can you Print on Polyethylene Terephthalate Sheet?

Yes, it is possible to print on PET sheet.

What happens is that you need to find a continuous and laser printing solutions.

It would also be essential to ensure that you use unique ink formulations that provide quality codes on PET surface.

Additionally, you can as well choose to laser systems if you need to attain permanent marks with high resolution.

Are Polyethylene Terephthalate Sheets Recyclable?


This material is highly recyclable and also easy to recycle. It happens that it has polymers chains, which are quite easy to recycle since they break down at comparatively low temperatures.

Moreover, there is no single degradation of the polymer chain even when subjected to recycling process.

And this is unquestionably, one of the properties of this material that makes it popular in numerous applications all over the world.

What makes PET Sustainable to the Environment?

PET material is 100% recyclable.

Now, this is an excellent feature of this material that enhances its sustainability to the environment.

This is in the sense that reuse or recycling of such materials and waste, in general, is a critical aspect of sustainability.

What happens is that this action reduces negative human impact on the environment, which helps in reducing pressure on natural resources.

By recycling, it means that you’ll be able to prevent environmental pollution by reducing the need for collecting new raw materials for manufacturing different PET products.

In other words, the consumption of raw materials for production reduces hence lowering cases of exploiting the environment.

It also helps significantly in reducing the amount of waste that is sent to landfills.

Is Food Grade PET Sheet BPA free?


PET does not contain any slight traces of BPA, and it is never intentionally added on it.

PET is one of the plastic materials that are FDA compliant and, at the same time, food-safe both at its recycled or un-recycled state.

It is BPA free, the more reason it is preferred for food handling given that it never corrodes and has excellent resistance to micro-organisms.

And the fact that PET is BPA free also adds significantly to its element of being eco-friendly.

What are the benefits of Recyclable PET Sheet?

The advantages of recyclable PET sheet are quite several, and some of the key ones include the following;

  • It helps in turning consumer waste into a valuable resource. What this implies is that rather than disposing of the used PET products, recyclability enhances the value of such materials.
  • It enables several food and beverage manufacturers across the world to reuse the material and, at the same time, help in reducing the carbon footprints on their products.
  • Recyclable PET sheets are shatterproof. This is beneficial from the perspective of providing and enhancing safety, particularly in the logistical chain at home as well as in retail stores.
  • Recyclable PET sheet also has a lower carbon footprint than a virgin PET sheet, which is essential, especially in packaging and storing food and beverages.
  • It also tends to be reasonably lightweight, which is essential when it comes to cutting out transmission costs as well as reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
  • This type of material is also vital from the perspective of enabling businesses and establishments to deliver on their sustainable development goals.
  • Recyclable PET sheet helps in reducing pressure on natural resources. This is from the perspective of preventing incidences of overexploiting the scarce natural resources and instead utilize the recyclable materials for production.
  • It conserves the environment significantly by reducing pollution, given that the amount of wastes in the landfills will be reasonably low.

Why do you need Antistatic PET Sheet?

Anti-static PET sheet

 Anti-static PET sheet

First of all, an antistatic PET sheet refers to an element impregnated with a heat-activated, waxy element that functions as a fabric softener.

Its principal function is to reduce friction as well as static charge build-up.

The need for an antistatic PET sheet is critical since it helps in eliminating or reducing a static build-up by lowering the resistivity of the material.

This then prevents the mobile charges from causing static issues such as electrostatic discharge or dust attraction.

You also need an antistatic PET sheet to reduce handling problems of the material, reduce sticking parts incidences, damaging of sensitive electronic and medical equipment, and preventing fire explosion.

How does PET Sheet compare to Acrylic Sheet?

Both materials are popular choices depending on the specific applications.

However, it would be noteworthy also to understand that they have differences that make them stand out in particular applications.

So in a general sense, PET is seemingly, harder than acrylic material.

And this makes the PET quite popular than acrylic when it comes to many applications where there is quite heavy human traffic.

Also, PET material is suitable for any food and beverage even though the manufacturing process has to be considered.

Acrylic, on the other hand, is merely ideal for the production of non-food and beverage containers.

It is possible to color PET sheet, but this is dependent on costs as well as production runs.

On the other hand, acrylic sheet tends to be available a wide variety of colors as well as standard.

From the production perspective, it is quite tricky to polish PET sheet.

And when you use an improper laser on the edges, they tend to yellow.

Bonding of this material also requires the use of proper agents.

An acrylic sheet, on the other hand, experiences zero issues as long as temperatures and chemical components are aptly monitored.

It is also relatively easy to bond and provides more options for the same than PET sheet.

Acrylic sheet is quite soft and can be scratched quite easily. Even so, it has a better scratch resistance than PET sheet.

PET tends to be softer than acrylic hence highly susceptible to scratching compared to acrylic sheet.

Concerning strength, PET sheet is seemingly stronger and more stable than acrylic sheet, hence not easy to break or shatter.

PET sheet is about seven times stronger than Acrylic sheet. And for that reason, it is suitable for long term projects.

An acrylic sheet, on the other hand, breaks quite easily compared to PET sheet and has lesser resistance to impact than PET sheet.

Nonetheless, acrylic sheet has better flexibility than PET sheet hence ideal for applications that require bending.

Cleaning requirements for both the acrylic sheet and PET sheet seem to be somehow similar.

When cleaning, it is always recommended to avoid using alcohol-based cleaners since they will eventually start forming cracks on the surface of these materials.

And from an environmental conservation perspective, PET takes the lead since it is 100% recyclable and also biodegrades, albeit after a long period.

On the other hand, it is not easy to recycle acrylic sheet.

Additionally, it can also be hard to repurpose acrylic sheet unless it is in mint condition.

Is PET Toxic?

To some extent, it is toxic. PET is generally regarded as a safe plastic given that it doesn’t contain any elements of BPA.

However, it is also essential to understand that it the presence of persistent high temperatures, PET can leach antimony trioxide and phthalates, into food or beverage.

These elements are toxic metalloids that, in many instances, would cause quite a number of conditions such as stomach ulcers, vomiting, or diarrhea.

What are the Mechanical Properties of Polyethylene Terephthalate Sheet?

Impact strenght of acrylic sheet

Impact strength of acrylic sheet

  • It is stiff, strong, and dimensionally stable material that has excellent resistance to water or moisture.
  • It has ideal gas barrier properties as well as incredible chemical resistance except for alkalis, which tend to hydrolyze it.
  • It has varying crystallinity from amorphous to fairly high.
  • It can be transparent and colorless; even so, the thicker parts of these materials are always opaque and off-white.

What is the difference between PET Sheet and Polycarbonate Sheet?

In terms of strength, polycarbonate sheet displays incredible strength and durability and, at the same time, maintaining its aesthetic qualities.

It is virtually unbreakable compared to PET sheet and has higher impact resistance.

The molding techniques for these two types of materials are completely different.

Polycarbonate sheet utilizes a form of molding that enables it to have greater design flexibility like integral molded handles.

On the other hand, PET sheets require a different molding technique that provides separate molding.

Polycarbonate can also be fabricated easily by thermoforming, cutting, drilling, and gluing to fit all the necessary applications.

On the other hand, PET sheets are also machinable, but it tends to be more meticulous than polycarbonate.

In other words, polycarbonate is more versatile than PET sheet.

Another difference is that PET has polymers that offer a better barrier to glasses compared to Polycarbonate.

This is essential because it helps in preventing odor elements through the bottle.

PET sheet is more cost-effective than polycarbonate sheet.

And this is one of the reasons that it is quite a popular choice among many sectors for a wide range of applications.

PET sheet is also highly recyclable compared to polycarbonate sheet, which can hardly be recycled.

How much does PET Sheet Cost?

PET Sheet

PET Sheet

There is no definite price for PET sheet. It is dependent on various factors such as size, thickness, application, and thickness, among others.

The cost of this material is also dependent on different regions based on other factors such as shipping and possible taxes.

For that reason, it would be difficult to place a definite price tag on PET sheet.

In general, though, it is more affordable than some of the plastic materials such as HDPE and polycarbonate.

Can you Thermoform Polyethylene Terephthalate Sheet?

Yes. It is possible to thermoform PET sheet.

In most instances, thermoforming PET often comes after extruding it to produce the sheets.

What is the difference between PET and PETG Sheet?

Well, the acronyms of these two plastics are seemingly close and can be confusing.

However, the laboratory uses and chemical properties are quite different.

So the first difference here is that PET is a combination of two monomers.

On the other hand, PETG is also of the same chemical combination but has glycol.

And it is the addition of glycol that changes the entire chemical composition of PET hence creating a different plastic known as PETG.

During heating, PET tends to become brittle as a result of undesirable crystallization effects.

PETG, on the other hand, has glycol, which removes the hazing effect during heating.

The other difference is that PETG is soft and pliable, thus easy and comfortable to grip and excellent shock handling ability.

PET, on the other hand, lacks these features hence making it less comfortable to grip and fairly inferior shock handling ability.

I hope these FAQ address all your concerns on PET sheets.

Still, if you have any questions on PET sheets, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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