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Plastic Camera Dome

WeProFab is China’s top manufacturer of a fantastic plastic camera dome. We have complete plastic camera dome capabilities, allowing us to provide OEM/ODM customers with a one-stop solution. WeProFab can create the perfect plastic camera dome for you.

Get WeProFab Plastic Camera Dome to Satisfy Your Customers

Here at Weprofab, you’ll find the highest-quality plastic camera dome! We can assist your company by supplying enough plastic camera domes. Here you’ll find a variety of options at reasonable prices.

Tinted CCTV Plastic Dome Bubbles Camera

Weprofab produced a smoke-colored tinted CCTV plastic dome bubbles camera. This includes hard and AR coating services that have been updated.

7 Inch Blue Plastic Camera Housing Security Dome

Acrylic and polycarbonate materials make up the Weprofab 7-inch blue plastic camera housing security dome. It also boasts low-light technology for both day and night.

Plastic Dome Camera Mask

A waterproof and weatherproof camera dome is the Weprofab plastic dome camera mask. These plastic dome cameras are high-quality and long-lasting.

Camera Housing Camera Dome

It is a housing type of camera dome. It is also suitable for hemispheric cameras and can be mounted with a blue lens wrench that supplies the camera.

Acrylic Dome with Flange Clear Plastic Camera

It’s a CCTV cover, a skylight window, a pet dog fence window, and so on. It has a low light distortion that makes it ideal for optic devices and high durability, making it acceptable for use in harsh outdoor environments.

3.5 Inch CCTV Replacement Camera Dome

A high-quality CCTV replacement camera dome is available from Weprofab. It can be utilized both inside and out.

WeProFab: Your Leading Plastic Camera Dome Manufacturer

WeProFab is a leading manufacturer of Plastic Camera Dome products. We manufacture with the most up-to-date technologies. Our plastic camera dome is a great choice for both business and personal use.

The WeProFab team is always available to assist you with your order. We are eager to meet your expectations. We are a full-service supplier that offers a one-stop shopping experience.

Custom Plastic Camera Dome to Boost Your Business

6-Inch Clear Plastic Camera Dome

Weprofab manufactured a UV-resistant 6-inch clear plastic camera dome made of 3/16″ thick clear plastic. This can be used to cover your wired or wireless camera.

Acrylic Smoked Tinted Plastic Camera Dome

Weprofab Acrylic Smoked Tinted Plastic Camera Dome has been optically tested for usage with actual high definition cameras. It ensures constant optical and dimensional performance through injection molding.

4 Holes Acrylic Dome Flange Clear Plastic

This dome has a perfect 100mm fit in your camera and is UV and age resistant. 4 hole acrylic dome flange clear plastic has a transparency of 94 percent.

9 Inch Plastic Security Camera Dome Cover

Weprofab 9-inch plastic security camera dome cover is 94 percent transparent and has a distortion factor of 0.16 percent. It has a clear color and is composed of acrylic material.

Plastic Tinted Camera Housing Dome Cover

1080p and 10-megapixel compatibility are provided by the Weprofab plastic tinted camera housing dome cover. It’s also vandal-proof, UV-resistant, and age-resistant.

10" Clear Acrylic Camera Dome

It is free-blown domes are made from flat sheets of heat-formed acrylic. These were likewise built of 3mm transparent acrylic.

White Acrylic Clear Camera Dome

A white acrylic clear camera dome with white transparent color is available from Weprofab. We can create the plastic camera dome you need.

Universal 0.118 Thick Acrylic Camera Dome

Weprofab universal 0.118-inch thick acrylic camera dome has four 90-degree mounting holes in the middle. It’s made of tough acrylic and is meant to be used outside.

24" Clear Acrylic Hemisphere Plastic Dome Camera

In Weprofab your acrylic hemisphere plastic dome camera can be custom sized. It’s made of clear acrylic that’s 1/4″ thick.

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Why WeProFab Plastic Camera Dome

WeProFab is a professional plastic camera dome manufacturer with the ability to produce plastic camera domes. WeProFab has been a leading manufacturer of plastic camera domes in China for over 20 years. 

WeProFab offers a variety of clear acrylic hemispheres that can be used to shield cameras in a plastic camera dome. These free-blown hemispheres have excellent optical qualities and can be used in a variety of applications. We can customize plastic camera domes according to your specification for any high-quality materials to be used like Tinted Acrylic, Clear Acrylic, Tinted Polycarbonate, Clear Polycarbonate. Also, with or without flanges, our hemispheres and domes are available. Mounting holes can also be added if necessary.

Plastic Camera Dome

Weprofab is a prominent manufacturer of plastic cameras. We specialized in safe design permits and custom frames, and we used the newest technology. We may also custom make your plastic camera dome to your specifications. The minimum size is 4” in diameter, and the greatest size is 96” in diameter. Weprofab can guarantee that your plastic camera dome process demand will be met. The WeProFab plastic camera dome works well as a cover for wired and wireless cameras. Under the dome, the camera can be mounted on our pan and tilt systems.

Plastic Camera Dome

Furthermore, we take great pride in completing projects and producing high-quality goods! Everything is carried out by laboratory procedures. Our solder is extremely durable and easy to clean.

By using our plastic camera dome at Weprofab, you can ensure safety. Also, our unique and modern plastic camera dome is available at a low price. So, forming a collaboration with Weprofab will be the best move you’ve ever made.

Plastic Camera Dome

For many years, Weprofab has accumulated a wealth of experience in this industry. As a result, you can count on us and have complete confidence in our services as your company grows. The plastic camera dome, Åfor instance, is one of our products., may be able to help you save money.

Weprofab can help you secure your company’s future prosperity.

To know more about our products and services, please contact us.

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