• Plastic Display Box

Plastic Display Box

Weprofab is the number provider of a direct-shop solution for your plastic display box. We offer an outstanding range of plastic display boxes that can boom your brand! We have total capacity to offer tailored resources for you. Try on dealing us!

Get WeProFab Plastic Display Box to Delight Your Customers

As the expert plastic display box supplier and manufacturer, Weprofab is fully committed to fabricating real promising qualities of a plastic display box. We highly present box sizes-length or width and boxes designs.


3 Steps Plastic Display Box

As 20 years experienced manufacturer, we have a broad knowledge to enhance the plastic display box based on your requirements. Products are offered for affordable yet competitive prices.

Clear UV Plastic Display Box

Weprofab is a plastic-thermoformed manufacturer, we can highly present great quality of clear UV plastic display box. They are originated from quality raw materials.


Colored Plastic Display Box

Weprofab offered a plastic display box with colored designs. We precisely designed them depending on your provided layout and technical requirements.

Custom Plastic Display Box

Weprofab can engineer perfect custom plastic display boxes to suit your business preferences. Weprofab organization is very happy to help you in designing.

Plastic Display Box Manufacturer

If you want a perfect, well-trusted plastic display box manufacturer, Weprofab got you covered! We are a plastic fabrication expert, ready to design and manage your desired plastic display boxes.

Plastic Display Box Toys Protector Case

Various plastic display box sizes and thicknesses are obtainable in the Weprofab market. You can provide us your detailed specifications, as we can easily adjust and supply you ideally designed plastic display box toy protector cases.


WeProFab: Your Leading Plastic Display Box Manufacturer

WeProFab plastic display box offers perfect for retail business exhibitions. Whether locate in commercial or residential tradings, our sort of plastic display box is very perfect solution. We’re proud to produce them for your business great sake!

WeProFab is a partnership organization from both WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local plastic fabrication manufacturer. We always offering you a one-stop solution for plastic box productions.

We keep manufacturing the latest, innovative, and most unique boxes to meet every customer’s satisfaction.

Send us an inquiry today; we will never disappoint you!

Custom Plastic Display Box to Skyrocket Your Brand

Clear Countertop Plastic Display Box

Weprofab clear countertop plastic display box offers full safety and durability purposes. We can redesign them to reach your high standards.

Large Plastic Display Box

Whether you require a large plastic display box for your retail market or for other intentions, Weprofab provides solutions. We offer great quality customization on every box.

Small Plastic Display Box

Find your ideal small plastic display box here at Weprofab. As the premier manufacturer with longing experienced, we have capacity to custom your ideal plastic display box.

Stackable Sneaker Plastic Storage Display Box

The stackable sneaker plastic storage display boxes can be used for storing and displaying canvas shoes, heels, high-top sneakers, etc. They are space-saving since multiple boxes can be stacked on top of the other boxes. Also, they are made of thick and durable plastic boards.

Clear Drop Front Plastic Shoe Display Box

The clear drop front plastic shoe display boxes have a transparent drop front cover that allows for easy viewing of the shoes stored inside. They have a stackable design, sturdy structure, lightweight design, etc. They can be used for storing shoes, high heel shoes, clothing, toys, and other items.

Figurine Hard Plastic Protector Storage Display Box

The figurine hard plastic protector storage display box has a tight lid, soft edges, and a clear design. It is used for displaying and protecting the figurines, Funko pop vinyl, and toys from dust and damage. It is made of hard plastic so it can be stacked into multiple layers.

28 Slots Clear Plastic Organizer Display Box

This type of plastic display box is made up of removable several grids. The 28 slots clear plastic organizer display box can be used for organizing and storing nail art, beads, pill products, finger rings, earrings, necklaces, and other small stuff.

Transparent Plastic Folding Acetate Display Box

The transparent plastic folding acetate display boxes can be made using PP, PVC, PET, and other plastic materials. They can be used for packaging toy products, gifts, candles, lighters, baked goods, perfume, and many more. They are widely used in many retail stores.

Clear Plastic Fishing Lure Display Box

The clear plastic fishing lure display boxes are great to use for displaying and protecting spinner baits, crankbaits, spinners, jigs, and other fishing goods. They have a lightweight, foldable, and clear design that allows the customers to view the product completely. They are commonly used in the fishing industry.

Acetate Plastic Cake Display Box

The acetate plastic cake display box is durable, lightweight, non-toxic, food-safe, and eco-friendly. It is used for displaying and to protect the cakes from destruction and dust. Also, it is popularly used in many bakeshops, malls, grocery stores, or even at home for storing dummy cakes.

Cube Acrylic Plastic Display Candy Box with Removable Cover Lid

The cube acrylic plastic display candy box with a removable cover lid is great to use for any events such as birthday parties, wedding parties, kids’ parties, baby showers, etc. It is made of food-grade, non-toxic, and high-quality acrylic plastic. It can be used for storing candies, chocolates, jewelry, small office supplies, gift, and many more.

Transparent Plastic Organizer Bag Display Box

The transparent plastic organizer bag display box is moisture-proof, dustproof, stackable, and see-through. It is used for beautifully displaying your collections of bags. Also, it is suitable for large-sized bags. It can also be used at home, shopping malls, bag shops, and much more.

Transparent Plastic Bead Organizer Display Box with Adjustable Divider

The transparent plastic bead organizer display box with an adjustable divider is made from eco-friendly and high-quality plastic. It has high transparency so the inside contents will be seen clearly. It can be used for storing and organizing craft beads, earrings, nail art kits, rings, strings, screws, bolts, and other small items.

Plastic Coin Display Box

The plastic coin display box is made of thickened and durable plastic. It has chemical resistance, high transparency, and excellent weather resistance. It can retain its color even when exposed outdoors. It is dust-proof, smooth to touch, lightweight, etc. Also, it is used by many coin collectors.

Acrylic Plastic Flower Display Box

The acrylic plastic flower display box is commonly used in flower shops, malls, stores, etc. It is the perfect gift during Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and other special events. It has high clarity, smooth surface, excellent durability, leak-proof design, UV resistance, lightweight design, low water absorption, etc.

Rectangular Hard Plastic Food Display Box with Hinged Lid

If you want to display your food products in a beautiful way, use the rectangular hard plastic food display cox with a hinged lid. It has a see-through and slanted design so the customers will clearly see the mouthwatering foods inside. It can be used at home, in candy stores, bakeshops, self-service food establishments, and many more.

Square Clear Acrylic Plastic Storage Display Box

The square clear acrylic plastic storage display box is made using high-quality, non-toxic, food-grade, and eco-friendly PMMA material. It is high in clarity, light in weight, and resistant to discoloration. It has a lid that is attached to the box. It can be used for bakeshops, stores, as a gift box, or wedding favor.

Heart-Shaped Plastic Flower Display Box

The heart-shaped plastic flower display box can display the flowers elegantly. It is fashionable, luxurious, eco-friendly, highly transparent, lightweight, and sturdy. It can be used for displaying flowers and storing cosmetics. It is typically used during Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special events.

PET/PVC Plastic Folding Toy Display Box

The PET/PVC plastic folding toy display box is used for packaging and displaying toy cars, toy trains, and other toy products. It is disposable, eco-friendly, clear, dustproof, and highly durable. It is widely used in the toy industry.

Clear Acrylic Plastic Single Flower Display Box

The clear acrylic plastic single flower display box can be used for packaging a single flower and displaying it to the retail stores, offices, restaurants, dressing tables, bedrooms, and more. It is made from clear and durable acrylic plastic. It is leak-proof, lightweight, weather-proof, shatter-proof, and non-yellowing.

Acrylic Plastic Ball Display Box

The acrylic plastic ball display box can be used for storing and showcasing baseball, tennis ball, basketball, and other balls. It comes in a variety of sizes. It has high clarity, excellent strength, lightweight design, and UV protection. It will not crack or fade when exposed outdoors.

Transparent Plastic Cylinder Display Box

The transparent plastic cylinder display box is great to use for storing and displaying food products, toy products, gifts, and other items. It has a shiny and smooth surface. It can be made using the plastic materials such as PP, PVC, PET, and other materials depending on your requests.

Rectangle Clear Plastic Acrylic Toy Display Box

The rectangle clear plastic acrylic toy display box is a great item to use when you want to display your toys beautifully. It has excellent clarity, high surface hardness, excellent UV resistance, etc. It can protect the toys from getting dirty and damaged. It is widely used in many toy stores, retail stores, malls, at home, and much more.

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Why WeProFab Plastic Display Box

Plastic Display Box

Weprofab is a leading manufacturer of various kinds of the plastic display box.

If you need them for business, weprofab is the best partner!

Our plastic display box has various purposes, especially for booming and expanding your business!

That`s why Weprofab made different plastic display box designs with a lot of functions. We construct elegant boxes, effective for achieving popularity for your brand.

Weprofab Plastic display box is functional for endorsing your visual merchandising purposes.

We offer a helping hand and bring your business to a big success!

Even the plastic display box simplicity design, they offered high-quality forms and purposes.

Plastic Display Box

At Weprofab, you can discover any plastic display boxes, manufactured from strictly selected materials, to reach anything you require for your own display box.

When getting the plastic display box from Weprofab, assume the best and high-quality plastic display boxes types.

Each of them has a specific goal for your business.

They are with elegant colors, substantial to catch every customer`s eyes.

Weprofab is also specialized in making custom plastic display boxes.

Just send us your ideal plastic display box, and we`ll make fabrications right away!

Plastic Display Box

At the Weprofab market, you can easily find what kind of plastic display box you need.

Selections are provided, select yours and ask for further assistance. We have representatives assigned to providing full customer service.

Jump in immediately by choosing the one that can bring a big impact on your business!

As a manufacturing leader of the plastic display box, expect great services from the team! A lot of plastic display box is offered at competitive prices, useful for wide applications.

Get enjoy our advantageous plastic display box!

Give us your detailed specifications, and feel free on getting in touch with our latest Plastic Display Box!


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