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Plastic Display Cabinet

Weprofab is your direct solution when comes to your plastic display cabinet necessities. We manage high volume ranging especially in manufacturing that includes plastic molding, coating, machining, etc. Each product size are measured for some specified implementations. Request a quote for faster dealing.

Get WeProFab Plastic Display Cabinet to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab has enhanced its capabilities in terms of fabricating professions. We have sufficient staff and engineers, equipped to serve significant responsibilities. Weprofab internationally offers a custom plastic display cabinet for your precise applications.

Box Plastic Display Cabinets

Weprofab is your number one option when searching box plastic display cabinet. We have duties in integrating, machining, and coating your demands from durable plastic materials.

Clear Plastic Display Cabinets

Do you need a clear plastic display cabinets from a leading and reliable manufacturer? Weprofab can do services for you. These are made long-lasting to stand your needs.

Decorative Clear Plastic Display Cabinets

Decorative clear plastic display cabinets are fabricated with the highest tolerance provisions. Made customizable by Weprofab to fit your necessities.

Plastic Display Cabinet Manufacturer

Weprofab manufacture plastic display cabinet manufacturer intended to have courage in any dangerous circumstances. We made it with wide range selections.

Rotating Plastic Display Cabinets

Weprofab rotating plastic display cabinet can be integrated into some metalize materials and not only plastics. Made with stripping proof to withstand long terms uses.

Wall Mount Plastic Display Cabinets

Checking an outstanding wall mount plastic display cabinet? Weprofab has a lot to offer. Start bulking now. We make quality products for your business reputation.

WeProFab: Your Leading Plastic Display Cabinet Manufacturer

Since the time WeProFab become well-known because of serving good quality services, we are inspirationally encouraged to continue. You, as our valued customers are the reason why we still here. Based on your provided drawings, we manufacture and follow your instructions without further ado.

All of our offered plastic display cabinets are strong collision resistance and prevented from glare troubles. For your next projects to fulfilled, contact now for immediate assistance.

Custom Plastic Display Cabinets to Skyrocket Your Brand

Donation Money Display Cabinets

As topmost sourcing provider, Weprofab pursues different strategies in manufacturing this donation money display cabinets.

Dustproof Plastic Display Cabinets

For the sake of booming your manage business, we created dustproof plastic display cabinets with a huge range of selected designs. This helps you with successful business operations.

Jewelries Plastic Display Cabinets

These come from premium quality materials. Weprofab produces a jewelry plastic display cabinets with different specified compositions.

Lockable Plastic Display Cabinet

A lockable plastic display cabinet is made from durable and hard-wearing material. Arrives with lockable cam-lock with 2 keys. Equipped with monster hinges and is designed for maximum display flexibility.

Impact Resistant Plastic Display Cabinet

Impact-resistant plastic display cabinet is ideal for displaying collectibles and other items. This will never shatter dramatically and prevent a time-consuming clean-up. More impact resistant than any other options.

Shatterproof Plastic Display Cabinet

A shatterproof plastic display cabinet is optically clearer than glass and is easier to work with. Provides a look of modernity and high quality. Perfect for displaying premium quality and treasured products.

Anti-Fog Plastic Display Cabinet

The anti-fog plastic display cabinet is built for consistent visual clarity with a specialized anti-fog coating. Provides premium wearability and durability. applicable for convenience store and commercial display cabinets.

Sliding Door Plastic Display Cabinet

The sliding door plastic display cabinet is perfect for shop fittings and product promotions. Made of clear and food-safe plastic. Provides a clear view of the contents and arrives with a sliding door. Allows for easy access.

4-Tiered Plastic Display Cabinet

A 4-tiered plastic display cabinet is constructed using trusted and reliable materials. Primarily used by the foodservice and hospitality industry. Designed to meet the high demands of a restaurant kitchen.

6-Tiered Plastic Display Cabinet

A 6-tiered plastic display cabinet is delivered with a crystal-clear exterior for added visibility. Extremely visually appealing and can be placed on countertops. The construction is sturdy, strong, and durable.

Plastic Display Cabinet Drawers

Plastic display cabinet drawers come with a transparent door to showcase an object for viewing. Often appearing in museums. Arrives in different shapes and sizes. Guarantees enhanced viewing experience.

Frameless Plastic Display Cabinet

A frameless plastic display cabinet is built for greater display depth and easy angle adjustment. Applicable as a beautiful display cabinet and is made of high-quality material. Comes with a smooth surface and exquisite workmanship.

Figurine Holder Plastic Display Cabinet

The figurine holder plastic display cabinet is suited for any showroom application, home, or studio decoration. Extruded using lightweight, strong, and durable material. This is not easy to break or damage.

Plastic Display Jewelry Cabinet

A plastic display jewelry cabinets can be viewed without distortion contributing to a clearer viewing experience. Prevent fading and aging of display items. Provides an excellent way to protect the products from outside forces.

Transparent Plastic Display Cabinet

A transparent plastic display cabinet is provided with high scratch resistance and strong optically clear joints. Better suited to permanent displays and refrigerated bakery display cases. Comes with an anti-fog coated film.

Solid Color Plastic Display Cabinet

The solid color plastic display cabinet is applicable for displaying cakes and in-store exhibitions. Can be closed with a magnetic closure with an elongated lifespan. Available in a myriad of sizes, shapes, and designs.

Multipurpose Plastic Display Cabinet

The multipurpose plastic display cabinet is accessible in a wide range of styles, sizes, and purposes. Suitable for display in shop window display and collectible figure display. Made of high-quality plastic material.

Customized Plastic Display Cabinet

Customized plastic display cabinets can be used as action figure display cases, display collectibles, and home decoration ornaments. Provides even greater optical clarity and is digitally printed for in-store branding.

Full-Length Plastic Display Cabinet

Full-length plastic display cabinet is a superior material for display boxes. Compatible with many environmental standards. Arrives with an anti-fog surface and can be used for prolonged periods.

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Why Choose Weprofab Plastic Display Cabinets

Weprofab offers the latest display cabinets that are manufactured from durable plastic materials.

A plastic display cabinet is excellently assembled and can be piled up altogether. These consist of numerous little holes, useful for tie-down places.

These holes are harmonized with the vehicle`s wheels.

Good for any destinations required.

Nowadays, our plastic display cabinets are become popular and offered at 80% cheaper prices.

We also offer exact and fitted products for your own applications and for your business. It comes from broad varying types, so you can freely select what you need.

Each type and sizes are guarantees 100% quality.

These are formed with rugged purposes, for long-term functionality.

This way, your brand becomes well-known and your specifications will be fulfilled through our expertise.

When seeking the one appropriate for you, Weprofab offers hundreds of solutions.

Trough our products, you can truly be satisfied with the capacity it has.

Also, we made plastic display cabinets operational with LED lighting.

We can attach LED lighting with different color available. These make your plastic cable cabinets more likely attractive and nice-looking.

Our display cabinets are maintainable and manufactured from high-quality machines.

Every now and then, we rigorously examine the quality of our product to pursue each customer satisfying deals.

Our expertise has the responsibility for overall examinations.

Plastic display cabinets are useful as cigarette exhibit casing and many other functions.

This can contribute a lot to retail stores and markets, commercial areas and industrial cities as well.

We can guarantee a sustainable business enhancement with our quality fabricated plastic display cabinets to be added to your operating business.

However, plastic display cabinets that come from our hands are definitely easy to carry with.

Very functional and have wide purposes when comes to industrial motives.

These have maximal UV resistance for your own products inside to be protected. The best display accessory for your business.

For your handled supermarkets, hotel and coffee shops, plastic display cabinets can never be missed out.

Weprofab offers flexible solutions for your necessities.

A display cabinet fabricated from plastic is truly cheaper than other materials used.

This plastic display cabinet improved its viability and visibility. Have modern and graceful designs, makes it visible at offices, schools, etc.

You can also put inside your favorite and collections, then it will be protected towards any harms.

So purchase now your desired plastic display cabinets, Weprofab will guide you choosing the right one for you.

We have complete capacities to handle your demands.

Any quantity orders, expect finishes from Weprofab that will guide you achieved a brighter business future.

Deal with Weprofab now!

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Plastic Display Cabinet

Customized to meet your business display demands, the plastic display cabinet is innovatively designed and perfectly assembled.

Plastic Display Cabinet

Plastic Display Cabinet

You can get chemical-resistant, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof, and electrically insulated plastic display cabinets that make huge improvements in your business environment.

Display your products in custom-made plastic display cabinets that are molded, coated, and machined to meet your exact requirements.

If you need to find out something about plastic display cabinets, you’ve come to the right place to get all your questions answered.

What Are The Most Common Forms Of Plastic Display Cabinets?

Depending on the application, you have a wide range of plastic display cabinets to choose from.

· Box Plastic Display Cabinet

Box Plastic Display Cabinet

 Box Plastic Display Cabinet

You can get a flat 5mm-thick acrylic display cabinet machined with a rebated edge that allows the display cover to fit into the created slot.

Self-adhesive rubber feet help the display cabinet to stay in place.

You can add steps, blocks, and bridges added inside the box plastic display cabinet.

Usually made from crystal-clear Perspex acrylic, these display cabinets demonstrate optical clarity that is higher than glass.

You can screen print branded messages and logos on the inside of these plastic cabinets.

· Clear Plastic Display Cabinet

Clear Plastic Display Cabinet

Clear Plastic Display Cabinet

You can use small and big plastic display cabinets that offer clear and complete views of stocked or stored items from any direction.

Shelf counter confectionery displays in retail shops are typical examples of clear display cabinets.

· Decorative Clear Plastic Display Cabinet

Decorative Clear Plastic Display Cabinet

Decorative Clear Plastic Display Cabinet

Made from clear Perspex acrylic, these decorative clear plastic display cabinets add style and high-end imaging effects to your displays.

Panels are butt-jointed to allow a clear line of sight to the objects you are displaying.

You can also choose colored shelves to create beautiful decorative effects for your displays.

· Rotating Plastic Display Cabinet

Rotating Plastic Display Cabinet

Rotating Plastic Display Cabinet

You can get tiered, round or hexagonal rotating plastic display cabinets with or without lighting effects.

These sturdy display cabinets crafted from strong acrylic fibers come fitted with swing doors and security locks.

You can use the rotating plastic display cabinet as a free-standing unit with racks for clothes or as a display unit for collectibles.

· Wall Mounted Plastic Display Cabinet

Wall Mounted Plastic Display Cabinet

Wall Mounted Plastic Display Cabinet

Available in different styles, wall-mounted plastic display cabinets come in small and big sizes with shelves to display ornaments, collectibles, musical instruments, and models.

These wall-mounted display cabinets can be screen printed and decorated with digital or vinyl prints.

You can connect shelves at different heights to the back panel.

· Dustproof Plastic Display Cabinet

Dustproof Plastic Display Cabinet

Dustproof Plastic Display Cabinet

Usually made of crystal-clear polystyrene or acrylic material, dust proof plastic display cabinets keep hand-crafted collectibles, toys, and figures free from dust and other impurities.

You can use stackable units inside these display cabinets to display small figurines.

· Jewelry Plastic Display Cabinet

Jewelry Plastic Display Cabinet

 Jewelry Plastic Display Cabinet

You can display your jewelry items inside table-top lockable jewelry plastic display cabinets made of high-quality Perspex acrylic that offers maximum visibility.

Shelves are usually provided at the center to create partitions for different jewelry items.

You can dismantle lockable doors from the unit.

These jewelry plastic display cabinets are light-weight and portable and come with counter-sunk holes at the bottom for the cabinet to be screwed down at the base.

· Cigarette Exhibit Plastic Display Cabinet

Cigarette Exhibit Plastic Display Cabinet

 Cigarette Exhibit Plastic Display Cabinet

Manufactured as counter or wall-mounted display units, these cigarette exhibit plastic display cabinets are made of ABS and other sturdy materials to display a large number of cigarette packs and other items.

They are molded with auto doors containing tobacco rack stands with pushers on durable rails.

You can choose from white, red, green, blue, pink, and yellow life LED lights to create visual effects that complement your brand.

· Point-Of-Purchase LED Plastic Display Cabinet

Point-Of-Purchase LED Plastic Display Cabinet

Point-Of-Purchase LED Plastic Display Cabinet

You can get point-of-purchase plastic display cabinets in a wide variety of textures and colors to create enriched buying experiences for your customers.

Acrylic, high-impact polystyrene, polycarbonate, and expanded PVC are used to assemble aesthetic backlit plastic display cabinets with engineered grades of plastic to diffuse LED light.

· UV Resistant Plastic Display Cabinet

UV Resistant Plastic Display Cabinet

UV Resistant Plastic Display Cabinet

UV-resistant clear coating is placed on plastic display cabinets to protect them from damaging UV light rays.

This is usually a clear finish that protects displayed items like figures and anime from fading on exposure to sunlight.

You can also include unique features like self-assembling units, tongue-and-groove joints, stackable design, dust-proof plastic, and flat glossy bases to meet your requirements.

· Lockable Plastic Display Cabinet

Lockable Plastic Display Cabinet

Lockable Plastic Display Cabinet

If you need the optical clarity of clear acrylic with a sturdy support, then this lockable plastic display cabinet is a good choice.

These lockable counters are made of 5 mm – 6 mm thick acrylic molded into high-impact resistant structures that can be mounted on counter tops.

You can screw the plastic display cabinet down and have clear top and bottom flat acrylic surfaces that allow maximum light to pass through.

You can strengthen large custom-made plastic display cabinets with reinforced borders to increase durability.

· Plastic Display Cabinet Mirrored Back

Plastic Display Cabinet Mirrored Back

Plastic Display Cabinet Mirrored Back

A mirror fitted on the back of your plastic display cabinet creates the effect of increased space within the display unit.

It also reflects the light allowing viewers to see more items on display.

· Plastic Display Cabinet Colored Back

Plastic Display Cabinet Colored Back

Plastic Display Cabinet Colored Back

A thick acrylic colored back on clear acrylic often creates the look needed to match your business environment.

Several options are available including clear acrylic hinges, adjustable shelves, and lockable doors.

These colored-back plastic display cabinets display a wide range of items such as sports equipment, museum artifacts, film memorabilia, and scale models.

· Plastic Display Cabinet With Adjustable Shelves

Plastic Display Cabinet With Adjustable Shelving

Plastic Display Cabinet With Adjustable Shelves

You can get adjustable shelves designed to fit into holes spaced out at regular intervals.

Use these plastic display cabinets with adjustable shelving to showcase small collectibles to large trophies and antiques.

You can have bespoke options for the cabinet as well as multiple shelves are available.

Create striking displays with LED lights or use 95% UV-protected panels for dust-free outdoor use.

When Should You Consider Locks For Your Custom Plastic Display Cabinet?

If you keep items in your plastic display cabinet in open sight, it is best to keep those items under lock and key.

This will also help you avoid instances of shop lifting in high-traffic areas.

In high-risk areas, alarms can be fitted on to these plastic display cabinets.

Plastic cabinets are lightweight, so they can be shifted easily.

When you lock your cabinet, if you knock your cabinet, the items inside will not fall off from the display cabinet.

When Should You Add Shelves To Your Custom Plastic Display Cabinet?

If your business demands constant changes in display items, it is best to add detachable shelves that can accommodate items of different sizes and shapes.

The shelf base can be a flat surface, or you can choose to have racks customized to hold your specific items.

Shelves add aesthetic value, as they come in different shapes and colors.

You can add lights to your shelves to create special display effects for your items.

Shelves fit tightly inside the plastic display cabinet making it sturdier and more stable.

They increase the capacity of your cabinet to display more items.

Does The Plastic Display Cabinet Break Easily?

No, it doesn’t.

You can use different kinds of plastic materials to make the plastic display cabinet.

Even the cheapest acrylic display unit can be modified to improve impact strength and durability.

Plastic materials like polycarbonate have less light transmission rates but are almost unbreakable.

How Does A Glass Display Cabinet Compare With The Plastic Display Cabinet?

A glass display cabinet is comparatively heavier than the plastic display cabinet.

White clear glass allows 90 percent light transmittance. On the other hand, plastic display cabinets made of high-gloss clear Perspex allows 92 percent of the light to pass through.

Though the glass display cabinet is scratch resistant, you can always get a plastic display cabinet with abrasion-resistant coating to fulfill your application requirements.

How Is The Plastic Display Cabinet Good For Marketing?

There are several reasons why the plastic display cabinet is good for marketing.

Besides its high 92 percent light-transmittance, you can manipulate this cabinet to create high-gloss and crystal-like appearances that add more value to your displays.

High temperature resistance, UV resistance, high-impact resistance, and other properties can be varied to suit your specific application.

The plastic display cabinet is lightweight and can be easily transported from one place to another.

You can use the same unit indoors or outdoors with minor changes in the type of plastic used.

Can You Get Anti-Glare Plastic Display Cabinets?

Yes, you can get anti-glare plastic display cabinets that can be used in open display areas that demand the same viewing capacity from all angles.

These cabinets use light-weight, clear, and non-glare acrylic materials that are easy to handle and move around.

How Do You Choose Plastic Material For Your Plastic Display Cabinet?

You can get custom plastic display cabinets to meet your requirements.

They are made from plastic materials like clear and colored acrylic, polystyrene, PVC, and ABS, depending on your business application.

· Acrylic Display Cabinet

Acrylic Display Cabinet

Acrylic Display Cabinet

You can use clear and colored acrylic, Perspex, and Kydex plastic materials in display cabinets and kiosks to showcase shoes, fancy items, informational material, and other items.

High-gloss clear and colored acrylic is popular, while ABS, colored Foamex styrene, and PVC can be chosen to meet specific requirements.

· Catering Plastic Display Cabinet

Catering Plastic Display Cabinet

Catering Plastic Display Cabinet

You can fabricate custom cake and catering display cabinets to match the visual identity of your brand including colors, text, and logo.

Plastic materials like styrene engraving laminates, PVC, Perspex, and ABS are used with or without screen printing options to meet your requirements.

· Retail Merchandising Plastic Display Cabinet

Retail Merchandising Plastic Display Cabinet

 Retail Merchandising Plastic Display Cabinet

You may prefer to use low-cost, colorful, and durable retail merchandising plastic display cabinets in high-traffic areas accessed by lots of customers.

You can use impact-modified acrylic, expanded PVC, and Kydex thermoplastic materials to make retail merchandising displays.

· Fundraising Plastic Display Cabinet

Fundraising Display Cabinet

Fundraising Plastic Display Cabinet

You can get fundraising display cabinets in line with the theme of your charity.

You can use materials like acrylic, Perspex, or foam PVC with varying colors, texts, and fonts to create these display cabinets.

· Custom Plastic Display Cabinet

Custom Plastic Display Cabinet

Custom Plastic Display Cabinet

You can get a custom plastic display cabinet to match the design of the items you want to display.

While clear acrylic is the preferred choice, you can also get clear silica acrylic units that create a glass look.

· Fabricated Plastic Display Cabinet

Fabricated Plastic Display Cabinet

Fabricated Plastic Display Cabinet

You can use state-of-the-art machinery to build sophisticated and complicated projects successfully with computerized cuts, CNC-routed letters, laser cuts, plastic welds, and polished plastic display cabinets.

Your light cabinets and shelves are formed to meet specific requirements, and then diamond polished to get that high-gloss finish.

What Is The Difference Between Stock And Custom Plastic Display Cabinet?

A stock plastic display cabinet is part of a series of standard-sized units manufactured in bulk for sale.

In other words, you can choose a specific catalogue design that already exists with the manufacturer.

You do not have to communicate with the supplier but simply choose your design and place the order.

Availability and delivery times are known in advance.

On the other hand, a custom plastic display cabinet is made from scratch to meet your exact design requirements.

You decide on the shape, size, features, and colors for your custom cabinet.

The manufacturer then combines different forming, machining, fabricating, and polishing methods to create your unique cabinet from appropriate plastic materials.

How Do You Size Your Custom Plastic Display Cabinet?

Your business strategy may demand frequent product mix changes that must be accommodated in your custom plastic display cabinet.

You will need to get cabinets that can change their capacity according to your needs.

For example, you can get your plastic display cabinet with detachable shelves and side panels.

You can assemble and dissemble the cabinet with the necessary parts to create the right display capacity.

Can You Incorporate Metal Into Your Plastic Display Cabinet?

Yes, you can reinforce tall plastic display cabinets with aluminum borders that are especially useful to hold heavy safes and lockers that contain jewelry and other costly items.

The rotating mechanisms in rotating plastic display cabinets have better scratch resistance than plastic sliders.

They can be lubricated to ensure rotations with less friction.

You can watch this video that shows you how to make plastic display cabinets with aluminum frames.

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