• Plastic Display Cases

Plastic Display Cases

WeProFab is your best manufacturer of plastic display cases in China. We have plenty of different types to offer that can be suited in your demand. We also offer custom and cut-to-size plastic display cases to reach our customer’s desires. Message us now!

Get WeProFab Plastic Display Cases to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab plastic display cases offer different types of design that make your collection looks more beautiful and elegant. Our plastic display cases will surely love your customers.

Clear Plastic Display Cases

Our plastic display cases are available in clear which makes it possible for objects to be easily visible. WeProfab clear plastic display cases are perfect for showcasing figurines, dolls, jewelry, and more since it adds beauty on objects.

Custom Plastic Display Cases

WeProFab offers to customize your plastic display cases in which you can free to send us your desire design and sizes. We can assure you to meet the customer’s design since we perform laser cutting, thermoforming, and more.

Cut-to-size Plastic Display Cases

WeProFab plastic display cases can be cut-to-size base on what customer’s demand. You can select your size and WeProFab will produce it since we assure to reach customer’s expectation and give a perfect design result.

Dustproof Plastic Display Cases

Our plastic display cases are dustproof which perfect for showcase and collections. WeProFab dustproof plastic display cases keep your collection safe and dust-free. It leaves clean and attractive.

Plastic Display Cases Manufacturer

WeProFab is your great plastic display case manufacturer since we provide plenty of different types of plastic display cases that are suitable for any business demand. We can also customize base on your sizes and design.

Retail Plastic Display Cases

If you want to retail plastic display cases, WeProFab is your best supplier. We provide many types of plastic display cases that are high-quality and elegant. We also accept custom plastic display cases.

WeProFab: Your Leading Plastic Display Cases Manufacturer

As WeProFab is a joint-venture of WeeTect Limited Material and Chinese local fabrication, we move to offer you a great solution for plastic fabrication. Our plastic display cases are in demand for any type of business and for home décor. We offer plenty of different types of designs that perfect for your collections.

Our plastic display cases offer a tiered, lockable, clear, dustproof, retail, revolving, small, large designs. We also offer custom-made plastic display cases to reach our customer’s demand, so you can free to send us your preferred design and sizes.

As WeProFab is an ISO 9001 certified, we strictly manage the quality of our products and make sure to have high-quality and no cracks before delivering to our dear customers.

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Custom Plastic Display Cases to Expand Your Brand

Large Plastic Display Cases

WeProFab plastic display cases are available in large sizes which you can put big items in it. WeProFab is your best supplier for having a large and durable plastic display case.

Lockable Plastic Display Cases

Our plastic display cases can be lockable so you can assure your valuable merchandise can be secured since it is lockable. WeProFab provides elegant and durable.

Revolving Plastic Display Cases

Our revolving plastic display cases have a rotating design which perfect for jewelry displays and other showcases. We can provide a very affordable and nice quality design.

Small Plastic Display Cases

We also provide a small size for your plastic display cases which perfect for small jewelry and other small objects to displays. We provide nice and cute plastic display cases.

Tiered Plastic Display Cases

WeProFab also offers tiered design for your plastic display cases which is stylish and functional. We provide a sturdy, affordable, and captivating design.

Water Resistant Plastic Display Case

Water-resistant plastic display case features clear sides which allow for outstanding visual clarity. Capable to resist water, damage, and chemicals. Available in a variety of dimensions, shapes, and textures.

Impact Resistant Plastic Display Case

Impact-resistant plastic display case is capable to display a wide variety of items including jewelry, collectibles, figurines, etc. Designed with an impact-resistant shelf with pre-drilled holes for hanging on a wall.

Rectangular Plastic Display Case

A rectangular plastic display case is widely used to display jewelry and other small accessories. Suitable for jewelry store and home use. Available with a rectangular structure with distinct thicknesses and dimensions.

Medium Clear Plastic Display Case

The medium clear plastic display case is designed with a clear transparent top lid for easy viewing. A perfect solution for residential and commercial jewelry displays. Includes a compact, attractive, and elegant appearance.

Plastic Pen Display Case

A plastic pen display case is feasible for carrying items over long distances. This will not be degraded in hot and cold temperatures. Specifically designed to display and organize plastic pens in any setting.

Figurines Plastic Display Case

Figurines plastic display case can resist heavy-duty usage without distorting mirror effect. Equipped with a solid base design with extra security and protection. Characterizes plenty of space inside.

Clear 4-Sided Plastic Display Case

A clear 4-sided plastic display case protects the collection from dust and exposure to sunlight. Includes a 4-sided structure and a clear appearance. Guarantees extensive protection against harmful elements.

Custom Plastic Display Case

A custom plastic display case is perfect for museums, pharmacies, and retail stores. Makes the collectibles stand out beautifully and admirably. The features are highly customized such as the dimensions and styles.

Hinged Cover Plastic Display Case

The hinged cover plastic display case features a large space that meets all your place demands. Accessible in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Equipped with a complimentary lock and hinged cover to secure precious items.

Wall Mounted Plastic Display Case

Wall-mounted plastic display case is perfect for both personal and business use. Features safe storage and display of items. Typically wall mounted and offers supreme material quality. Provides easy access to the items.

Lockable Plastic Display Case

The lockable plastic display case is equipped with a lock and key for added safety and security. Commonly utilized as a tamper-proof locked countertop display in any residential and commercial setting.

Moisture Proof Plastic Display Case

Moisture-proof plastic display case is ideal for displaying a different collections of miniature pop figures, toys, and more. Offers a moisture-proof solution making it perfect for countertop displays and exhibitions.

Bulletproof Plastic Display Case

The bulletproof plastic display case is applicable for market stalls, craft shows, and offices. Equipped with a bulletproof film and features easy assembling. Available in popular sizes and typically used to display collectibles.

Scratch Resistant Plastic Display Case

Scratch-resistant plastic display case is designed to display figurines, models, and trophies. A great material to protect and secure various items from damage and scratches. Accessible in a huge variety of sizes and colors.

Plastic Jewelry Display Case

A plastic jewelry display case is typically utilized in the shop, boutiques, restaurants and other corporate settings. Widely used as display cases for jewelry. Highly popular with various amateur and professional collectors.

Plastic Accessories Display Case

The plastic accessories display case is made of durable and clear materials. Perfect to exhibit different kinds of accessories with improved aesthetic appeal. Coupled with a professional and modern appearance.

Rotating Plastic Display Case

A rotating plastic display case is built to showcase figurines, figures, models, and many more. Equipped with lids, and covers, and features a rotating mechanism. Applicable for use in any gallery and commercial space.

Custom Color Plastic Display Case

The custom color plastic display case is a perfect solution to showcase small items and other collectibles in a business space. Available in a custom color with admirable storage capabilities and applications,

Large Plastic Display Case

A large plastic display case can be printed with any graphics of your choice such as company logos and promotional imagery. Crafted using high-quality and long-lasting materials. Designed based on the industry standard.

Small Plastic Display Case

The small plastic display case is accessible in distinct colors, finishes, and style elements. Specifically measured to work in response to the requirements. Made from a premium stained plastic that is durable and easy to clean.

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Why WeProFab Plastic Display Cases

Plastic Display Cases

If you want to have a perfect, elegant, and sturdy plastic display cases for your business and collections? WeProFab is the best choice for that. We can guarantee with our plastic display cases since we have plenty of experiences in regards to fabricating and we are exceeding 20 years in the industry so we have plenty of types in our plastic display cases.

Our plastic display cases provide plenty of different types such as clear plastic display, dustproof display cases, retail display cases, and so on. Our plastic display cases are perfect for your markets, offices, home, museums, and more.

In most market displays, they are more preferred to use plastic and WeProFab is your best choice for that. Our plastic display cases are accessible in high-quality, sturdy, elegant, and affordable.

Plastic Display Cases

WeProFab plastic display cases are perfect to hold your collections, jewelry, figurines, makeup, and dolls. It is also ideal for showcasing museum artifacts or high-end electronics. When you are planning to display expensive items, WeProFab plastic display cases are assuring to keep them secure.

Our plastic display cases add more attraction when you display your jewelry collections and it looks more expensive and beauty since our plastic display cases are dust-free.

Our plastic display cases leave clean and safe. No, bother when you want to display your expensive items since our plastic display cases are lockable.

It is perfect for your retail store since our plastic display cases are transparent which is easily visible and you don’t have to present directly in your customer due to its high visibility design. Our plastic display cases are ideal for organizing your collections.

Plastic Display Cases

We offer different types of design for your plastic display cases designs that you may like such as tiered plastic display cases, lockable plastic display cases, revolving plastic display cases, small and large plastic display cases. You may also customize your plastic display cases since we offer custom-made. You can send us your desire to design and WeProFab will produce it. WeProFab performs product procedure that includes laser cutting and more.

If you are a plastic display case retailer or a want to have customized plastic display cases, WeProFab is your best manufacturer for that. For further discussion or questions about our plastic display cases, you can free to message us now. We will glad to help with your business demand and provide an elegant display design for your home. Get in touch with us now!

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