• Plastic Fabrication

Plastic Fabrication

Weprofab is your ultimate manufacturer, as well as a provider of any plastic fabrications like plastic boxes, plastic sheets, and more. We have 20 years enough experience to produce high-quality plastics to exceed your expectations and boom your business!

Get WeProFab Plastic Fabrication to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is the number one manufacturer of all plastic fabrications in China for almost 20 years now. We conduct high-graded plastic fabrications all depends on customers` ideas and preferences,

Plastic Sheets Fabrication

For your plastic sheets orders, Weprofab is an expert when in terms of plastic sheet fabrications. You can put your trust on us because we have over 20 years’ experience in the field.

Plastic Fabrication Machines

As one of the best plastic manufacturers in China, Weprofab offer the best Plastic fabrication services through using our advanced and high-tech machines.


Plastic Box Fabrication

As an ultimate manufacturer of plastic boxes, we can professionally manage the entire fabrication process for your applications.

In-house Plastic Fabrication Services

Weprofab can fully handle your plastic fabrications in expert ways. We want to achieve your satisfaction and standards.

Custom Plastic Fabrication

We can fabricate custom plastics that can last up to long-term uses. We fabricate with depends on your preferences.

CNC Plastic Fabrication

Weprofab is very professional when it regards for CNC plastic fabrications. We have 0ver 20 years in experience, so you can count on us.


WeProFab: Your Leading Plastic Fabrication Manufacturer

Weprofab is a link-venture company with 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. We always tend to offer you a direct solution for plastic fabrications.

We highly present the total production list of plastic fabrication for you. It gives a great impact on you and your business.

As a professional supplier and manufacturer of any plastics fabrications like sheets and boxes, Weprofab is continuing to boom your brand. We`ll give ou a total one-stop solution.

Please send some of your inquiries now.

Custom Plastic Fabrication to Skyrocket Your Brand

Plastic Welding

Weprofab conduct plastic welding in all types of plastics designings. We have total of 20 years experience in the industry.

Plastic Parts Fabrication

We are very professional in terms of plastic parts fabrications. We have complete machines for fast fabrications.

Plastic Machining Services

We globally supply a total-range of plastic fabrications like plastic boxes, plastic plumbing materials, and more.

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Why WeProFab Plastic Fabrication

Please be vigilant when searching for a perfect plastic fabricator you need! Weprofab has been serving for 20 years now and still continuing.

Discover great plastic fabrications here in Weprofab. You can find a lot of plastic fabrication lines here! They are obtainable for very cheaper yet at competitive prices. Each type has its own features which are helpful for finalizing your business projects.

Plastic Fabrication

To support your business, Weprofab plastic fabrications produce different finishes like plastic box fabrications, plastic tank fabrications, plastic sheet fabrications, and many more. All of them can be customized depending on your demands. They are customizable by sizes, shapes, colors, etc. While on the process, plastics are precisely designed, bent, drilled, perfectly assembled and also face strict slotting processes.

First and foremost, our plastic fabrications possessed excellent corrosion-proof, chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, great insulations, and magnificent electrical purposes. Their impressive properties have a huge impact on your business improvement.

Plastic Fabrication

You are very lucky to have our plastic fabrications because aside from their durability, their attractive designs are helpful to catch customers` attention. Surely, your dream for your business establishment will surely be granted! Please let us enter your business life, and we won`t make you disappointed.

One popular plastic fabrication finish is the plastic box, they are now popular to display on retail stores and supermarkets. So if you need customization services for your ideal plastic fabrications, you know where to run for. Weprofab offers complete customization and personalization services. We are experts in every fabrication process needed to undertake.  Weprofab is your ideal fabricator in any final plastic fabrications.

Plastic Fabrication

This is machinable and fabricated to meet your specifications. Every weprofab plastic fabrications are made to exceed your expectations.

In Weprofab, all the Plastic Fabrication are promisingly delivered in a timely manner. And aside from offering plastic fabrications, we also offer polycarbonate fabrications, polypropylene fabrications, HDPE fabrications, and many more.

You can always trust Weprofab! We are a dedicated team willing to work with you. Now, please talk with one of our Plastic Fabrication professionals.

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