• Plastic Fresnel Lens

Plastic Fresnel Lens

WeProFab is a leading plastic fresnel lens manufacturer in China. We are able to design and create according to your request. We offer one-stop plastic Fresnel lens solutions for your business at affordable prices. We can hold full capabilities to meet your demands. Send your inquiries now!

Get WeProFab Plastic Fresnel Lens to Delight Your Customers

WeproFab plastic Fresnel lens is available in various options listed below. It can help you choose your ideal selections and get more ideas to purchase for your final applications. It has variety of dimensions, shapes, applications, and purposes. You can send your own ideas!

Full Page Plastic Fresnel Lens

Full page plastic Fresnel lens is a lightweight construction. Available in large and small dimensions applicable in lighthouses of different sizes and shapes.

Large Plastic Fresnel Lens

We manufacture large sizes of plastic Fresnel lenses according to your request. It has great impact-resistant and provide bright lighting offer at lower prices.

Rectangular Plastic Fresnel Lens

You can choose a rectangular plastic Fresnel lens based on your applications. It can be molded and embossed that is easier to fabricate to create different shapes.

Round Plastic Fresnel Lens

Round plastic Fresnel lens available in various textures. It has plain and grove styles convenient for spotlights, traffic signals, and other lighting purposes.

Small Plastic Fresnel Lens

Small plastic Fresnel lens is convenient for various decorative lights applications. It can be molded into small shapes to provide perfect lighting.

Transparent Plastic Fresnel Lens

This is popular for industrial and commercial applications. It provides great light brightness with impact resistance and different thickness options.

WeProFab: Your Leading Plastic Fresnel Lens Manufacturer

WeProFab is a professional manufacturer in China, specializes in designing, manufacturing, and providing quality services. We offer competitive prices for your plastic Fresnel lens orders based on their thickness, shapes, and uses.

As a professional manufacturer, you can trust certified plastic Fresnel lenses. We can custom your orders based on your ideal designs, dimensions, and so on which meet your business needs. Please send your final application requirements. We will offer full support!

Custom Plastic Fresnel Lens to Skyrocket Your Brand

50mm Plastic Fresnel Lens

50mm plastic Fresnel lens has suitable applications. It has an amount of weight and absorptions excellent applications for outdoor and indoor lighting.

PMMA Plastic Fresnel Lens

It is durable for long-term use which has high impact resistance. It is available in white colors and transparent which is also available in various colors.

Portable Plastic Fresnel Lens

You can request ideal shapes and thicknesses for your portable plastic Fresnel lens. It has a number of options from features, and colors.

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Why WeProFabPlastic Fresnel Lens?


WeProFab fills the gap among consumers’ highly engineered optical component performance and small budget. Surprisingly, we are skilled in the outstanding design and construction of a broad variety of plastic fresnel lens for numerous applications around the world.

When it comes to creating medical components works, our expert technicians have both enthusiasm and innovative thinking.

WeProFabspecializes in the development and manufacture of molded plastic Fresnel lenses, shaped thermoplastic optical components in fact, and optical equipment that transfer thermal radiation. Architecture guidance, diamond machine tools, prototyping, tooling, and manufacturing are all services we provide. We are your optics partner, whether stock or custom.

We are capable of manufacturing a wide range of stock Plastic Fresnel Lenses and related device applications to satisfy your needs. We also have the capacity to develop and construct specially made items as needed.

Our Plastic Fresnel Lens items are divided into different categories, but they are all created of polymeric composites. Our engineers typically construct these elements with different thicknesses and a stepped surface.


WeProFabPlastic Fresnel LensApplications and Features:

  • Fresnel simulation TV, anamorphic lenses Fresnel computer monitor and interactive whiteboard.
  • Economic development initiatives: photovoltaic Fresnel lens, Fresnel limelight photography, Fresnel lens adapter
  • Air control system: Fresnel lens tower, Fresnel flight projection
  • Scientific investigation: laser sensor system
  • Static movement detection systems using infrared detection.
  • Lighting glasses include car headlights, road signs, and an optical landing system.

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How Does a Plastic Fresnel Lens is Formed?

Plastic fresnel lenses can be made using a variety of fabrication methods.

They are formed by etching a sequence of evenly spaced grooves into plastic.

They are frequently produced through the use of injection molding or silk-screening processes.

Plastic fresnel lenses are typically constructed from a solitary sheet of plastic.

The first plastic fresnel lenses have been hand-ground and polished glass.

Ultimately, liquid metal was added to the mixture with the development of optical-quality polymers.

What is the Purpose of a Plastic Fresnel Lens?

The plastic fresnel lens is commonly used in everyday life as a light receiver and fire starter.

Especially in satellites and search and rescue to focus the lamp into a narrow beam.

Plastic fresnel lenses are intended to deceive linear light rays and fixate them into a common area.

A plastic fresnel lens can be used to direct light from the sides of a tinted rear-projection digital display.

It eliminates the hot spotthat is typically encountered in such monitors by lightening up the display’s edges.

Camera focusing screens are examples of this type of display.

In this application, the grooves must face the light source and frequently face the shorter conjugate.

What are the Common Designs of a Plastic Fresnel Lens?

The plastic fresnel lens can produce distinct light patterns due to its design.

It can be designed with an infinite number of different light patterns.

All of the specifications for each individual aspect are ascertained to establish the optical lens design equation.

The technologies used in designing are diamond tooling machines, electroforming and sculpting procedures.

The plastic fresnel lens’s distinct design makes it an excellent tool for a wide range of optical designs.

What Substances are Used to Make Plastic Fresnel Lens?

A wide range of substances can be used to make plastic fresnel lenses.

Based on the particular operating wavelength, they are made from acrylic, polycarbonate, or vinyl.

Acrylic is the most commonly used starting material because of its absorption coefficient in the visible areas.

Polycarbonate is the material of selection in extreme conditions due to its impact and high temperature resistance.

The production method was time-consuming, and molten glass was eventually poured into molds.

What are the Classifications of Plastic Fresnel Lens?

There are various types of plastic fresnel lenses like the following:

  1. Imaging Plastic Fresnel Lens

Sections with convex cross-sections are used. These lenses can produce sharp images. Plastic Fresnel lenses with flat cross-sections are imaging Fresnel lenses.

  1. Spherical Plastic Fresnel Lens

This plastic fresnel lens is analogous to a simple spherical lens. The lens employs ring-shaped segments to refract the light at a specific point and generate a sharp picture.

  1. Cylindrical Plastic Fresnel Lens

It is like a simple cylindrical lens made up of straight elements of spherical grid points. This lens creates a clear image.

  1. Non-imaging Plastic Fresnel Lens

The segments of a non-imaging plastic fresnel lens are ring-shaped and have cross-sections. This Fresnel lens is capable of concentrating illumination into a tiny space.

  1. Linear Plastic Fresnel Lens

Instead of arcs, linear plastic fresnel lenses utilize smooth portions with straight cross-sections. Light can be focused into a specific range using this type of lens.

  1. Small PlasticFresnel Lens

A small plastic fresnel lens is helpful for various decorative lighting applications. It can be shaped into tiny forms to provide optimal lighting.

  1. Fresnel Lens in Transparent Plastic

This is widely used in industrial and commercial settings. It has a high light brightness, is impact resistant, and comes in various thicknesses.

  1. PMMA Plastic Fresnel Lens

It is sturdy for long-term use and has extreme impact resistance. It is accessible in various shades and transparent, available in a wide array of colors.

  1. Portable Plastic Fresnel Lens

It comes with ideal shapes and thicknesses, and it has several options from features and shades.

  1. Large Plastic Fresnel Lens

Large plastic fresnel lens has a lot of practical applications. It has excellent applications for outdoor and indoor lighting.

What are the Applications of a Plastic Fresnel Lens?

Plastic fresnel lenses can be used in a wide range of fields thanks to extremely precise mold manufacturing.

They are used in a wide range of applications, including:

  1. Collision of Light
  • By putting a lens each focal distance away from the subject, you can quickly collimate it.
  • The machined part of the lens must face the lengthier conjugate for the best performance.
  1. Gathering of Light
  • It is among the most typical uses for a Fresnel lens.
  • It is perfect for centering light onto a photovoltaic module or heating a surface.
  • It can be used for common home maintenance tasks like heating a house or pool.
  1. Magnification
  • Plastic Fresnel lens can be used as a magnification or projection lens.
  • They are commonly used in solar applications.
  • It can be used to create a variety of interesting and entertaining optical designs.

Other applications include:

  • Optics lighting application in medicine
  • Remote sensing and imaging
  • Defense astronomy and spaceflight vehicles
  • AR technology and VR technology
  • Head-mounted displays and heads-up displays
  • Communication via light high-density polyethylene
  • Diffractive optic elements and diffraction gratings
  • Imaging with multiple spectral bands and hyperspectral bands
  • Capacitor systems or detector configurations
  • Illumination systems and image formulation
What are the Advantages of Plastic Fresnel Lens?

Here are its benefits and advantages offered:

  • Developed and produced in very large sizes, and at lower cost.
  • Results in significant material cost savings.
  • Can be used to replace extremely expensive conventional mirror assemblies.
  • The most convenient focal point for reading small prints.
  • Ideal for viewing and inspecting tiny fun activities and handicraft materials.
  • It has cheap, skinny, lighter weight optimistic lens elements.
  • Uses have grown as production materials and techniques have improved.
  • They are helpful in variety of applications due to their skinny and composite structures.
  • Accessible in large and small dimensions, and have an improved light gathering ability.
  • Accessible in large and small sizes, they can be used in a variety of lighthouses.
  • It has high impact resistance and offers bright lighting at a low cost.
  • It can be shaped and engraved to create different shapes, making it easier to fabricate.
  • Can increase light absorption on the object being examined.
  • Comes in simple and grove styles that are ideal for lighting fixtures and warning signals.
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