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Plastic Light Box Manufacturers

Weprofab can be your reliable plastic lightbox manufacturer in China. We involved for 20+ years in manufacturing different kinds of plastic lightboxes to support your business.

We are fully capable to provide an effective and good quality plastic lightbox for your needs. Grow your business with us while saving your budget! Discuss with us your plastic lightbox needs.

Get WeProFab Plastic Light Box to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing various plastic lightboxes to delight your business customers. We can give you the ultimate solution in terms of plastic-made lightboxes. In the scheduled time, your following orders of the plastic lightbox will be delivered faster.

ABS Plastic Light Box

The ABS plastic light box you can purchase from Weprofab is used to display your artwork and enhanced signages. All the products we offer are guaranteed affordable.

Lightweight Plastic Light Box

To help showcase your brand and logo name, our lightweight plastic light box is very perfect. It is very suitable for any display purposes. It is also lightweight and came in many shapes and styles.

Plastic Light Box for Sensory Stimulation

Weprofab can meet your standards of the plastic light box for sensory stimulation. For your home decors and display application, this is what you need.

Plastic Light Junction Box

For electrical lighting projects, you need a plastic light junction box from Weprofab. It came in different sizes and colors, including white and blue. The quality already tested by most of our customers.

Plastic Musical Light Box

We professionally manufactured plastic musical light box for theaters, cinematic, and any applicable settings. It si available in standard or custom sizes. Send us your ideal style and sizes.

Plastic Sealed Light Box

Weprofab can support your business by giving you good-quality plastic sealed light box. It has the best price and provides elegance at the same time. Perfect to showcase arts, advertising, etc.


WeProFab: Your Trusted Plastic Light Box Manufacturer

Weprofab celebrating our 20 years in the industry by providing the best quality plastic light box for your business. You can demand your ideal sizes or shapes of the plastic light box you want to order. Directly tell us by making a call or email us.

We designed a plastic light box based on your ideas and drawings. Save costs with us and get high-end quality plastic light box selections.

Send us your inquiries so we can know how we can help you!

Custom Plastic Light Box to Grow Your Business

Cinematic Plastic LightBox Letters

So we can be able to custom your cinematic plastic lightbox letters based on your ideas, kindly send them to us. Different colors, sizes, and shapes are available.

Circular Handwritten Light Box

All circular handwitten light box we offer are durable and effective products. It is battery-powered and simple to install. It has the power to enhance the signage.

High-quality Plastic Light Box

To get a clearer image of your products, using our high-quality plastic light box is perfect for you. It is one of the products to improve your business growth.

Large Plastic Box with 8 LED Lights

If you have a clothing brand, taking photos of your products in our large plastic box with 8 LED lights can clear your images more. Its LED lights are battery-powered.

Plastic Battery-Powered Light Box

A plastic battery-powered light box provides the brightest lighting solution. Good quality lighting makes the text clearer and eye-catching to see. Perfect for your business signage.

Plastic Light Display Sign Box

You can get a plastic light display sign box at affordable rates here. It is durable, equipped with long-lasting and bright lights. It is custom-made for your satisfaction.

Plastic Portable Light Box for Photography

We will support your business that needs a plastic portable light box for photography purposes. It is made through the CNC cutting process.

Plastic Studio Light Box

We can help accomplish your ideas of plastic studio light box by offering custom services. It is available in different shapes and sizes depending on your intended application.

Round Blister Light Box Display

Our round blister light box display is made of certain quality plastics in order to clear out glare and hot spots. It offers UV filtering and affordable for you.

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Why WeProFab Plastic Light Box

Are you supporting different projects that required plastic light boxes? Weprofab is the trusted manufacturer you can depend on in China.

Plastic Light Box

Weprofab plastic lightbox is a flat box, comprising translucent plastic to perfectly showcase photography, advertising, or art. The plastic lightbox is also displayed commonly in airports, outdoor venues, commercial businesses, and movie theaters. Also in scientific research where the visibility and high contrast is significant, our range of plastic lightbox is needed.

This is perfect as well to have enhanced signage for your store. Your customers can easily recognize your store during the night. With the name of your store in the plastic lightbox, you can surely get many customers.

The plastic in lightbox allows for great enhancement. It features lightweight and impact resistance causing the product unbreakable even they fall accidentally.

Plastic Light Box

Weprofab used certain quality plastics to get rid of hot spots and glare while giving UV filtering benefits that only our plastic lightbox has. The certain plastics we used are mostly polycarbonates, ABS, and acrylic. Using them for the lightbox allows the product to gain clear image illumination. Anytime you need a high-quality plastic lightbox, feel free to ask Weprofab for assistance.

We can provide full support for customers which in need of a plastic lightbox. In the factory, we have stocked a range of materials for lightbox, like light diffusing plastics and LEDs. Plus, we offer special CNC cutting and run-to-size services to improve business profits.  We also help you to accomplish your ideas by providing custom services. Just send us your ideas or specific designs so we can proceed with the rest processing.

Plastic Light Box

You can get plenty of stocks of the plastic lightbox here at Weprofab. They are available in different sizes and shapes, including squares, cubes, rounds, hearts, and many others. Plastics in the lightbox provide the satisfying lighting you desired.

Any business project will be completed with an amazing plastic lightbox. For your brand to be more known, you need our plastic lightbox. They are very easy to install with battery-powered LEDs. It provides brighter lighting. So, the signage text will surely be more eye-catching and clearer to see during the night. Our plastic lightbox is also waterproof suitable for photography and artwork applications.

Weprofab celebrating its 20 years in the industry, providing the best quality plastic lightbox for your business. You can demand your ideal sizes or shapes of the plastic lightbox you want to order. Directly tell us by making a call or email us.

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