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WeProFab is the greatest inventor of Plastic Mirror Tiles in China’s countryside. We have full manufacturing power and abilities in your ideal plastic mirror tiles. If you want the latest designs, cooperating with us would be better. Send now your absolute design choice.

Get WeProFab Plastic Mirror Tiles to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab Plastic Mirror Tiles are invented totally from high and excellent sheet materials. We manufacture thousands of fabrication stocks for you to supply your own customers.

Adhesive Plastic Mirror Tiles

WeProFab provides a classy yet unbreakable quality of adhesive plastic mirror tiles forms. We implement our professionalism in the manufacturing process.

Custom Plastic Mirror tiles

If you keep looking where to find the most valuable and high tolerance capacity designs, WeProFab recommends its own sheet specialties. You can select your most ideal and we`ll make it for you.

Cut-to-size Plastic Mirror Tiles

For a specified cut-to-size of WeProFab plastic mirror tiles, WeProfab had the complete smartest technology machines for the speediest manufacturing procedures.

Removable Plastic Mirror tiles

A unique removable type of plastic mirror tiles is only purchased at the WeProFab marketplace. Wide quality variants are offered for very affordable price ratings.

Wall Stickers Plastic Mirror Tiles

WeProFab wall stickers plastic mirror tiles are best used as home decorations. This also can be placed and displayed at bathroom areas, dining, kitchens, and many more household uses.

Laser Cut Plastic Mirror Tiles

WeProFab is also specialized in plastic mirror tiles laser-cutting process. If you require our high-quality productions,  you will get it as soon as possible.

WeProFab: Your Leading Plastic Mirror Tiles Manufacturer

WeProFab can highly custom plastic mirror tiles into different sizes, designs, and final textures. We are the most endorsed company and manufacturer in mainland China.

We have done the greatest quality productions and finishes of plastic mirror tiles designs. Due to our experiences, sure quality finishes will be produced.

Send quotes now for preceding support.

Custom Plastic Mirror Tiles to Skyrocket Your Brand

Flexible Plastic Mirror tiles

WeProFab is also a master in producing an ultimate flexible type of plastic mirror tiles. With different intended applications, our finish will performs error-free.

Decoration Plastic Mirror tiles

To use for decoration activities, the decoration plastic mirror tiles type is most suited. Pick one you most favored at WeProFab market.

High Density Plastic Mirror tiles

WeProFab is the ultimate provider of high-density plastic mirror tiles. With help of our expertise and wide-knowledge from the product, you can ask advice through us.

15cm Plastic Mirror Tiles

15cm plastic mirror tiles include various mirror sheets in varying sizes. Made of long-lasting material with a smooth surface. Arrives at 15cm and has a good texture. Comes with a protective cover to avoid scratching.

Color Coated Plastic Mirror Tiles

Color-coated plastic mirror tiles have reliable quality. Function effectively with glitter, paint, and embellishments. Coated with various colors and has a smooth surface. Perfect for wall décor, etc.

Custom Shape Plastic Mirror Tiles

Custom shape plastic mirror tiles can be cut-to-size and customized. arrives in various shapes and styles. Highly applicable in decorative furniture, cabinets, and signages. Offers a high-quality color finish.

Decorative Plastic Mirror Tiles

Decorative plastic mirror tiles arrive with a peel-off of the protective film. Widely used as a decoration in the dressing room or bedroom or on other occasions. Accessible in different sizes and thicknesses.

Glossy Plastic Mirror Tiles

Glossy plastic mirror tiles can be applied to any smooth and clean surface. Commonly stuck in the playroom, dining room, gymnasiums, hallway, and many more. Comes with a glossy surface.

Hexagonal Plastic Mirror Tiles

Hexagonal plastic mirror tiles are lightweight and safe to hang on the wall. Comes with a hexagonal structure and is made of premium plastic. Guaranteed a smooth surface with safety and environmental protection.

Impact Resistant Plastic Mirror Tiles

Impact-resistant plastic mirror tiles are perfect for business and personalize applications. Accessible in different designs, shapes, and custom selections. Offers high impact resistance and excellent flexibility.

Large Plastic Mirror Tiles

Large plastic mirror tiles can be mounted on bathroom dresser mirrors and other furniture. Guarantees a larger size for a better mirror experience. Easy to stick and peel off. Prevent scratches and stains on any surface.

Peel and Stick Plastic Mirror Tiles

Peel and stick plastic mirror tiles are perfect for decoration and are harmless. Easy to peel and stick without any unwanted damage and scratches. Provides a protective film that makes the mirror more visible.

Plastic Mirror Tiles Set

The plastic mirror tiles sets are lightweight and durable. Provides a crystal clear and smooth surface that can be placed on walls, doors, and closets. Very sticky, sturdy, and will not fall off easily.

Round Plastic Mirror Tiles

Round plastic mirror tiles are perfect for decorating picture frames, art projects, and more. Known for being multi-purpose that suits a variety of events and crafting uses. Comes in a rounded shape.

Scratch Resistant Plastic Mirror Tiles

Scratch-resistant plastic mirror tiles are a great alternative to mirrored glass. Available in various colors, sizes, and finishes. Made with premium quality and scratch-resistant plastic.

Self-Adhesive Bathroom Plastic Mirror Tiles

Self-adhesive bathroom plastic mirror tiles are made of high-quality material. Functions best for craft projects and other different places. Can be installed manually without damage and scratches.

Wall Decor Plastic Mirror Tiles

Wall decor plastic mirror tiles are great for wall decoration, ceiling, and more. Engineered with premium quality sheets with smooth surface and high gloss finish. Easy to install and also easy to clean.

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Why WeProFab Plastic Mirror Tiles

WeProFab Plastic mirror tiles come from different cut variants.

It is innovated from high-tech cutting machines for some ideal applications.

It has the coolest creation than any other mirror tile has.

It is high-rated and most recommended type of material because it`s lightweight, has a glossy appearance, and super quality purposes.

Our plastic mirror tiles are originated from strengthened self-adhesive designs and textures.

With shatter-resistant and can withstand critical weather conditions.

Plastic mirror tiles have varying features that are applicable to industrial and commercial sheeting uses.

In fact, dissimilar quality sizes and the thicknesses are available when start purchasing now.

It has the strongest shatterproof functions and offers a portable solution.

When compared to an ordinary mirror, it quite the same.

The reflections were the same as normalized mirrors have actually prevailed.

Adhesive Plastic Mirror Tiles

With our extra-durable plastic mirror tiles, all connected structural projects are accomplished in a rapid way.

Our special variety of plastic mirror tiles has safety precautions provided.

Due to its shatterproof and break-proof functions, the strict safety measures will be followed precisely.

To have these extra-quality plastic mirror tiles and remains secured while using and delivering into your own customers, come and purchase at WeProFab markets.

Wide-ranging selections are given for each client`s satisfaction.

These plastic mirror tiles are easy to maintain and with ease of installment advantages.

With just a micro-cloth material, you can gently wipe the sheet material to have nature, well-structured plastic mirror tiles. Always remember to never use any caustic sprays and cleaner to maintain the attractiveness of the plastic mirror tiles materials. Strict following of this instruction can last its authenticity.

Standard plastic mirror tiles have 12cm-50cm and 4cm by 4cm available sizes. Any sheet dimension required is very important to consider in all fitting applications.

Well-packed plastic mirror tiles are really helpful for a safe shipping process.

That`s why WeProFab`s incorporating management strictly controls all packaging processes and did double-check on all plastic mirror tiles quality before shipping.

Furthermore, thicknesses of the materials are also considered for strong shatterproof purposes.

WeProFab is your ultimate trusted manufacturer that you can really rely upon for good-quality services.

Ask us through call, email, and a private message.

If you`re wanting the best and most reliable Plastic Mirror Tiles, checking out the latest production at WeProFab would be best.

Ultimate FAQ Guide ToPlastic Mirror Tiles

Plastic mirror tiles are a durable alternative to traditional glass tiles.

Theyare meant to enhance and beautify the appearance of your homes.

These are shatterproof or unbreakable and are not extremely hefty.

You can use them in your dining rooms, gallery, and other large spaces to decorate those areas.

This ultimate guide will let you know all you need to know about plastic mirror tiles.

What Is A Plastic Mirror Tile?

Plastic Mirror Tiles

Plastic Mirror Tile

Plastic mirror tiles are a much safer and long-lasting substitute for mirrors.

Additionally, they also adorn the interiors of your homes.

These are high quality and can be up to 17 times stronger than glass mirrors, which makes them a reliable product.

You can also conveniently install and set plastic mirror tiles anywhere.

What Is The Process Of Manufacturing A Plastic Mirror Tile?

Each plastic mirror tile comprises of a plastic substance, such as an acrylic resin.

You activate its surface using a chemical method.

This includes the coating of a surface-active agent such as adsorbing palladium metal, or hardening the surface by covering it with a hardener, such as silica solution or fluorosilicic acid.

This process is known as vacuum metalizing.

It makes up for the weightlessness of the plastic mirrors.

At the same time, they are stable and sturdy.

Vacuum Metalizing

Vacuum Metalizing

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Plastic Mirror Tile?

Plastic mirror tiles are ideal for decoration purposes.

You can also install these tiles if you have children under the age of 5 years at your home.

This is because using sharp mirrors for artwork tends to be dangerous.

These mirrors have some major and significant benefits over glass mirrors:

· Flexible And Lightweight

Plastic mirror tiles are half the weight of a glass mirror and are much stronger.

Moreover, they are extremely flexible, which makes them bendable and less prone to breakage.

This makes it easier for you to transport, lift, and handle plastic mirrors.

· Resilient And Safe

Plastic mirror tiles are able to survive hard impacts like collisions and crashes.

This ensures that they remain intact on the surface, without any breakage.

If your plastic mirror tile has any scratches, you can use an acrylic polish to restore the smoothness of the surface.

These plastic mirror tiles also eliminate all the chances of any permanent damage from unfavorable weather conditions.

After all, you wouldn’t want any oxidation over your mirror tiles.

Additionally, they are resistant to corrosion, which makes them a tough optical appliance.

Due to their resilience, you can also make use of plastic mirror tiles in schools.

· Quicker To Install

Since using a plastic mirror tile is easier and a much safer option, its installation tends to be much faster.

It is imperative that you mount a plastic mirror tile on a flat surface to reduce the chances of any undesirable warping.

You can easily fit a plastic mirror tile with screws or acrylic adhesives.

Some plastic mirror tiles also consist of ready-to-install drilled holes so that you can get straight to fitting them.

Later, you can alter and carve these tiles according to the design or purpose.

· Inexpensive

Plastic mirrors tiles are relatively inexpensive and cheaper to purchase due to their ease of fitting and manufacturing.

What Are The Various Types Of Plastic Mirror Tiles?

There are two types of plastic mirrors.

These are polycarbonates and acrylic mirror tiles.

Both of these materials are quite similar with slightly different properties.

However, their prices can vary greatly.

Their characteristic features are as follows:

· Polycarbonate Mirrors

These come in the form of polycarbonate mirror sheets.

You will find they are extremely lightweight and offer more advanced optical clarity.

Plastic mirror tiles are the material of choice in places where glass mirror tiles are more delicate to handle.

This includes places with children around or fragile handicraft that needs a lot of carving.

A polycarbonate tile is approximately 250 times much stronger than that of a glass mirror tile.

Once their sheeting is over a certain thickness, they inherit bulletproof properties.

These are easy to clean with the help of most shop-bought cleaning solutions.

However, you must be cautious and observant while cleaning polycarbonate mirror tiles as scratches can form easily.

These plastic mirror tiles are fully weather-proof and cope well with any alteration in temperature.

A polycarbonate mirror tile is slightly harder to cut, but, relatively easier to drill.

Hence, it is recommended that you take all safety measures before cutting these.

They have much fewer chances of chipping or cracking.

In some cases, polycarbonate mirror tiles can be on the expensive side, but it is a long-term investment and a great preference over mirror tiles.

Polycarbonate Mirror Tiles

Polycarbonate Mirror Tiles

· Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Acrylic is a lightweight material and comes available as acrylic mirror tiles.

It offers superior reflection properties.

Acrylic mirror tiles are 100 times stronger than glass.

Hence, they are often used for manufacturing safety mirrors in various industries.

You can also put these in a child’s bathroom since its shatterproof attributes mean that the acrylic mirror tiles will not shatter into tiny pieces when broken.

They are also very easy to clean.

Some chemical solutions might damage an acrylic mirror tile, resulting in permanent scratches.

Acrylic mirror tiles are usually used indoors, such as in closed areas like living halls.

These are also weather-resistant.

It is easier to work with an acrylic mirror tile as it can be cut with a knife, jigsaw, and scriber.

You do not need to worry about any mishap while cutting these tiles according to your design.

Acrylic mirror tiles also cost up to 50% less than polycarbonate mirror tiles.

 Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Are There Any Disadvantages Of Owning A Plastic Mirror Tile?

Yes, there are a few disadvantages of using a plastic mirror tile.

These are as follows:

· Prone To Scratches

One of the major disadvantages of a plastic mirror tile is that it is prone to scratches.

Such scratches may reduce their shelf life, as their optical clarity might diminish over time and you will want to replace them with a smooth looking plastic mirror tile.

· Difficulty In Recycling

Acrylic is not biodegradable and hence acrylic mirror tiles are not easy to recycle.

Some countries may not even collect acrylic mirror tiles for recycling and they are highly flammable.

Where Can You Use A Plastic Mirror Tile?

Plastic mirrors are ideal for usage in retail industries, food sector, restaurants, security applications, health institutes, and research labs.

These are a great substitute to glass mirror tiles in instances that require toughness and longevity.

What Is The Difference Between A Plastic Mirror Tile And A Glass Mirror Tile?

Essentially, there are several differences between a plastic mirror tile and that of a glass mirror tile.

The major variation lies in the materials that are used to cover their reflective surface.

Plastic mirror tiles are much more flexible than glass tiles and are able to bend slightly, resulting in a distorted reflection.

Additionally, there are several instances wherein bent or curved tiles are needed.

In these cases, plastic mirror tiles come to use since they are foldable.

A glass mirror tile can break or shatter if you try to bend or fold it.

Plastic mirrors tiles also have certain favourable properties over glass such as luster, sturdiness, strength, anti-corrosive features, and durability.

If safety is your paramount requirement, plastic mirrors are the best option.

You will find they also look attractive and beautiful on plain surfaces.

Moreover, they are much tougher than that of a glass mirror tile.

Is A Plastic Mirror Tile Safe For Use?

Owing to their lightweight characteristics, a plastic mirror tile is a good choice for installing in your home.

You will find that glass mirrors weigh much more and are also more dangerous in the event that they fall off due to their extra weight.

Additionally, using plastic tiles save you the risk of cutting yourself while touching them.

They also look similar to a glass mirror.

So, fitting plastic mirror tiles is a safer option, since it reduces the chances of it detaching off the hook or the wall mount.

Does A Plastic Mirror Tile Break Off Easily?

No, a plastic mirror tile does not break off easily.

This is because of its impact-resistant feature, in addition to the durability.

Is It Difficult To Maintain A Plastic Mirror Tile?

No, the maintenance of a plastic mirror tile is extremely easy.

Due to their durability and construction, cleaning of plastic mirrors becomes a quick and efficient process.

Once you mend and incise them into a particular design, you will not need to do a lot of maintenance for your plastic mirror tile.

You can also store and accommodate them in cluttered spaces without worrying about causing them any damage.

This video shows you how you can easily clean your plastic mirror tiles to maintain them.

Do Plastic Mirror Tiles Appear Unattractive?

No, plastic mirrors tiles do not seem unappealing or unattractive.

These tiles possess a reflective surface that makes it appear as an embellishment over your wall.

Hexagon shaped tiles

Hexagon shaped tiles

Moreover, they effortlessly bring spatial awareness and light to a living space.

Usually, the designs of plastic mirror tiles can be transformed into abstract shapes for a more luxurious appeal and a high-quality look.

Can You Build A Mirror Using Plastic Mirror TilesAt Home?

You can make a mirror out of plastic mirror tiles at home in about 30 minutes.

You need a double-sided plastic mirror sheet, ruler, scissors, double-fold bias tape of 17-inches in length, a sewing machine, and thread.

Below are the steps that you can follow to make your own plastic mirror tile:

Use your ruler to cut five by 5 inch wide squares on your plastic mirror tile.

Use a pair of scissors to cut rounded edges of the squared mirror sheet.

You can use a jar lid for a more precise incision.

Install a sewing machine to sew a thick and non-woven material such as leather.

Enter one edge of the mirror sheet into the fold of the double-fold bias tape.

Since it has been folded twice, none of the fabric edges require hemming.

Use wide, zig-zag stitching on your sewing machine to stitch the double fold bias tape over the plastic mirror square.

Next, keep rotating your mirror on all the sides, continuing to insert each edge into the fold of the bias tape.

Repeat this process until you have reached your original sewing spot.

Turn the raw fabric upside down and sew.

Cut the thread using your scissor.

You can now set it up on your wall or any other plain surface that needs some decoration.

You can watch this video to find out how to build your own mirror with plastic mirror tiles.

What Are The Major Features Of A Two-Way Plastic Mirror Tile?

Double sided plastic mirror tiles are available in all types of shapes and sizes.

By using these, your plastic mirror tiles can be utilized from either of the two sides.

You can also address these tiles as see-through or one-way mirrors.

They are ideal for bathroom fixtures, hiding televisions, creating smart mirrors, decoration, or reinforcing safety measures at your homes.

Two-way plastic mirror tiles have excellent visibility and are much stronger than glass tiles.

They are available in various designs and are easy to transport.

Double side plastic mirror tiles can also work with touch overlay.

What Is The Impact Resistance Of A Plastic Mirror Tile?

Both types of plastic mirror tiles, acrylic and polycarbonate, have great impact resistance.

Polycarbonate mirror tiles have the highest impact strength and are considered almost unbreakable in various applications.

It has impact strength of 600-850 J/m.

Even the impact resistance of an acrylic plastic tile is superior to that of a glass mirror as it can stretch more before breaking.

The impact strength of acrylic is 68-96 J/m.

Does A Plastic Mirror Tile Offer UV Resistance?

Yes, both acrylic and polycarbonate mirror tiles have UV resistance.

Of the two, acrylic mirror tiles have excellent UV resistance and they can last for around 20 years in outdoor applications under the sun.

Polycarbonate plastic mirror tiles are not as naturally UV resistant as acrylic mirror tiles.

If you install them outdoors without protection, they typically last you for around 3 to 5 years.

However, if you add an external UV protection layer, they can last up to 10 years.

Is Usage Of Plastic Mirror Tiles Safe For Children?

Yes, using and handling plastic mirrors is safe for children.

This is because they possess flexibility, strength, and do not crack easily.

This ensures that the tile will stay largely intact even while a child holds onto it and hits it.

Even if the plastic mirror tiles break, they will not shatter into millions of sharp pieces that can harm your child.

They will break into large pieces that you can easily clean up.

Can You Make Use Of Highly Adhesive Tapes To Install A Plastic Mirror Tile?

Excessive use of highly-adhesive tapes, glues, and masking can remove the reflective metal coating from the surface of your plastic mirror tile.

Hence, you must take proper precautions while installing them.

However, if you choose to cut them into small sizes, you can use a strong adhesive that does not budge.

You can drill the plastic mirror tiles to mount them onto your walls.

Additionally, you can make use of other tapes that do not possess high adherent qualities.

This will facilitate proper protection of your plastic mirror tiles and free them from any marks and extraction of reflective metal.

Carved plastic mirror tiles

Carved plastic mirror tiles

What Are The Essential Points To Keep In Mind While Installing A Plastic Mirror Tile?

Since plastic tiles are slightly flexible, they can gradually conform to the irregularities of the supporting surface.

A non-smooth and non-planar surface might cause localized bending of your plastic mirror tile and distort its appearance.

Choosing a thicker plastic mirror tile maintains better optical and durability integrity.

If you install the plastic mirror tile properly with the right material thickness, this will lessen the visual distortion.

Plastic mirror tiles must be mounted on to a rigid, smooth, sturdy, and flat backing.

Make sure that the surface is dry, clean, and free of and flaky or powdery paint.

Do not install your plastic mirror tile on the ceiling unless the tile surface is mounted in edge-engaging frames like T-bar ceiling frames.

Do not use adhesives with solvents such as toluene, ketones, and hexane as they can attack your plastic mirror tile’s back coating.

While applying adhesives, place them vertically, with each bead 5 to 6-inches apart.

You must wait for the adhesive material to dry off and mount the tile after 10 minutes of application.

After installing it, you must support it mechanically using clips, until the adhesive dries off completely.

Lastly, always clean the plastic mirror tiles with a microfiber cloth.

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