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Plastic Mirror

WeProFab powerfully customizes plastic mirrors into different colors, sizes, and dimensions based on your specifications. We are experts ready to handle your manufacturing necessity for the growth of your business. When you want us to be in charge of the fabrication process, we are here ready to help you.

Get WeProFab Plastic Mirror to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab offers wide-ranging classifications of Plastic Mirrors. We highly introduce the most certified plastic mirror designs for your satisfactory requirements. Most functional and glorious plastic mirrors are offered at the WeProFab marketplace for very economical rates.

Acrylic Plastic Mirror

WeProfab has higher competence when it comes to manufacturing your ideal acrylic plastic mirrors. This is made brilliantly shining and elegant.

Colored Plastic Mirror

When do searching the best standardized colored plastic mirrors, here at WeProFab you can genuinely found out numerous sorts of finishes. All in excellent quality offers.

Crafted Plastic Mirror

You can easily find the most ideal quality of crafted plastic mirrors here at WeProFab. All sizes and dimensions required are easily find out here.

Cut-to-size Plastic Mirror

WeProFab specializing in cut-to-size plastic mirrors. When wanting to have a well-fitted installment process, cutting into different sizes is offers by WeProFab for the fitting process.

Plastic Mirror Laminated Sheets

Well-built plastic mirror laminated sheets are fairly priced by WeProFab. For your low financial plans, you can now purchase high-quality production yet affordable.

Plastic Mirror Manufacturer

No other manufacturer you can trust all about the manufacturing procedures. Only here at WeProFab, determined fabrications are performs thoroughly.

WeProFab: Your Leading Plastic Mirror Manufacturer

WeProFab offers plastic machining, polishing, and laser cutting to finally formed well-designed plastic mirrors. Since from the start, we achieved more accomplishments and international certificates for being seriously determined in the manufacturing conducting.

We can`t wait to work with you. All comprehensive manufacturing services are awaited to perform. For specific requirements, WeProFab is well-experienced enough to work harder.

For urgent orders, contact now.


Custom Plastic Mirror to Skyrocket Your Brand

Clear Plastic Mirror

WeProfab manufactures clear plastic mirror in high-quality materials. It is unbreakable and definitely provides scratch resistance.

Fabulous Plastic Mirror

A Fabulous plastic mirror has a satisfying appeal overall. This gives sophistication in an environmental setting. Effective to use as decorating material.

Round Plastic Mirror

WeProFab Round plastic mirror is quite impressive. This has strong break-proof, bullet-proof, and collision resistance. It is made to last longer.

Gold Mirror Acrylic Plastic Mirror Sheets

These types of plastic mirrors have a golden color so they look really elegant. The gold mirror acrylic plastic mirror sheets are easier to fabricate than glass mirrors. They are also more durable, lightweight, safer, and economical than glass mirrors. They can be used in gyms, homes, bathrooms, and for decoration uses.

Rose Gold Acrylic Plastic Mirror

The rose gold acrylic plastic mirrors are commonly used in retail stores, homes, hotels, and for architectural design. They are made of top-quality, non-toxic, recyclable, and solid acrylic material. They have a lightweight design, shatter resistance, chemical resistance, and great weather resistance.

Plastic Acrylic Silver Mirror

The plastic acrylic silver mirror has an excellent shock resistance. It is 200 times more durable than glass mirror products. It has flame resistance, light weight, excellent durability, UV ray protection, and energy-saving features. It can be used in bathrooms, hotels, or interior design.

Square Plastic Handheld Mirror

The square plastic handheld mirrors come in different colors such as pink, blue, black, white, rose red, and many more. They are very light in weight, portable, durable, and shatter-proof. They have a thin design so they can be stored in a bag.

Heart-Shaped Plastic Pocket Mirror

The heart-shaped plastic pocket mirrors have a compact design, light weight, foldable design, portable design, excellent durability, and long-term service life. They are the perfect plastic mirror when you are traveling.

Round Plastic Handheld Mirror

The round plastic handheld mirror is lightweight, portable, durable, and travel-friendly. It is perfect to use at home, barbershops, hair salons, and many more. It can also be hung on a wall. It is available in many different colors such as pink, white, sky blue, and so on.

Self-Adhesive Flexible Acrylic Plastic Mirror Sheets

The self-adhesive flexible acrylic plastic mirror sheets can be bent without breaking, unlike glass mirrors. They have a thick adhesive that does not fall off easily. They are safe, durable, light in weight, and can be sticked to the wall in the bathroom, living room, hallway, etc. They can be used as a decorative mirrors.

Polycarbonate Plastic Mirror Sheets

The polycarbonate plastic mirror sheets can be used as fitness center mirrors, wall mirrors, wall decorations, lavatory mirrors, and many more. They can be cut easily into different sizes and shapes. Also, they are eco-friendly, non-toxic, shatter-proof, lightweight, and safer for children.

Plastic Round Folding Pocket Mirror

The plastic round folding pocket mirrors are the perfect gift for women. They are also commonly used as promotional items by many businesses. They can be printed with a unique tagline or brand logo and given away during trade shows and events. They are compact and can be kept in a pocket or purse.

Heart Macaron Colors Plastic Handheld Mirror

This type of plastic mirror comes in macaron colors such as pink, sky blue, beige, green, and many more. The heart macaron colors plastic handheld mirrors are widely used in many salons, barbershops, at home, and for personal use. They are portable, lightweight, eco-friendly, and travel-friendly.

Self-Adhesive Acrylic Plastic Mirror Film

The self-adhesive acrylic plastic mirror film has an HD mirror effect, smooth surface, strong adhesive, and is ultra-lightweight. It is made of high-quality acrylic material. It is impact-resistant, not easy to break, and safer than the typical glass mirrors. It can be used in a baby playroom, dresser, as a decorative mirror, horse stable mirror, and more.

Decorative Edging Flower Plastic Oval Handheld Mirror

The decorative edging flower plastic oval handheld mirrors are designed with embossed flowers. They can be a perfect Valentine’s day gift. They are also widely used in beauty stores, spas, barbershops, salons, for personal use, etc. They have a vintage design and are made from eco-friendly materials.

Plastic Heart Shape Mirror

The plastic heart shape mirror is designed with a back bracket so it can be placed on the tabletop, desktop, dresser’s table, and other plain surfaces. It can also be hung on a wall. It is made of durable, strong, and high-quality materials.

Acrylic Plastic Oval Mirror

The acrylic plastic oval mirror has a smooth polished edge, excellent durability, shatter resistance, and light weight. It can be mounted on the wall in the living room, bathroom, bedroom, hotels, etc. It can also be used as an interior decoration.

Hexagon Silver Acrylic Plastic Mirror Wall Stickers

The hexagon silver acrylic plastic mirror wall stickers are commonly used for decorating the living room, bathroom, bedroom, cabinet, children’s room, and more. They can be sticked on the walls, furniture tiles, and other flat and smooth surfaces.

Full-Length Hanging Plastic Mirror

The full-length hanging plastic mirror is commonly used for full-body viewing. They can be placed in the bedroom, living room, schools, boutiques, etc. Also, they can be wall-mounted or just leaned against a wall. They are strong, lightweight, shatterproof, and safer than glass mirrors.

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Why WeProFab Plastic Mirror

WeProfab Plastic mirror is the best alternative and replacement for easily cracked glasses.

It comes from good quality materials make it more durable for critical applications.

Plastic mirrors highly innovated to deploy as decorating exhibitions. This is well-suited for outdoor and indoor applications.

A mirror sheet made from plastics is actually with certified modernity and excessive resistant supplies.

Compared to the glass mirror, plastic is more lightweight and has a strong impact-proofed.

The most preferable for ongoing mirroring projects applications.

Plastic mirror

The plastic mirror from WeProFab has a high level of breakage and collision resistance.

We gladly offer the most excellent plastic mirrors that can easily cut into different sizes to suit particular necessities.

It is absolutely shaped, grounded, and cut with cleanout heaters.

For your next projects, a plastic mirror is accurate to include.

Whatever upcoming projects, when needed high-quality plastic mirrors, here at the WeProFab marketplace, you can definitely find numerous.

We also provide durable covers for plastic mirrors for safer shipping transferring.

Every plastic mirrors appeal very clear and freely customize its width, length and thickness measurements.

It is highly proposed with defeated and rounded edges, expanse traps, and additional holes for an extra cost.

However, when you high demand cutting your plastic mirrors orders into different sorts of sizes, it may take 2-3 days.

Plastic mirror

All your required colors, thickness, and dimensional sizes, here at WeProFab, all you desired will be granted in scheduled time.

But you can also design on your own and let us handle the manufacturing procedures in most immediate ways.

In WeProFab, all our products been offers are 10x collision strengthen.

Even what color it has, weight, and sizes, these plastic mirrors are fully an economic solution than any glass made.

Plastic is frequently used than the glass.

Glasses are very heavy and easily breakthrough that`s why several costumers and business clients prefer to have plastic mirrors than glasses.

With 10x collision-proof strengths and being a lightweight material, the bulk of orders are the most demand for the business distribution process.

Plastic mirror

WeProFab Plastic mirrors are well-appealing, have silver mirror varnishes, lighter, stronger, smash proof and economically efficient.

Thus, plastic mirrors can be placed at gardens, gyms, retail exhibitions, dance studios, cases, etc. And to any home applications, plastic mirrors are most ideal.

WeProFab has been in this kind of service since then.

We became more trusted for our high-quality plastic mirrors with elegance looks, pleasant, and stylish models.

If you wanted us to be part of your growing business, we are willing.

Feel free on contacting us.

Plastic Mirror: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Today you’re going to learn about everything to look for when importing plastic mirrors.

From type of material, surface treatment, uses, benefits, quality standards to designs – this guide will make you an expert in plastic mirror industry.

Let’s dive right in:

What is Plastic Mirror?

It refers to a lightweight, reflective thermoplastic sheet material typically used to improve the appearance and safety of various items.

Some of these items include signage, POP, displays, and a wide range of fabricated components.

Plastic mirrors are available in various sizes, colors, and thickness, which is vital since it broadens your choice during selection of a piece.

What are the Benefits of Plastic Mirror?

It has several advantages making it a worthy investment.

Some of these benefits include the following;

Plastic mirror

Plastic mirror

  • It is relatively affordable in many aspects such as buying price, transportation, installation as well as maintenance.

The advantage of this is ultimate; you’ll be able to save on a significant amount of money.

  • They are shatterproof mirrors, making it quite safer. What happens is this component hardly breaks, and if it does, it fractures into large, dull-edged pieces.

It thus makes it ideal to use in areas where human traffic and interaction is quite high.

  • It has excellent resistance to cloudiness, thus making it possible for you to maintain its reflectivity, which is necessary for its effectiveness.
  • This component is lightweight, making it suitable for easy handling and installation without the need for any significant support.
  • It is easy to clean, maintain, and repair plastic mirror.

Also, it rarely needs any special cleaning or maintenance schedule as long as you use recommended products.

  • It has excellent resistance to various types of weather and environmental conditions. It hardly discolors, distorts, or disorients even when exposed to different weather conditions.
  • Plastic mirror is also strong, has outstanding resistance to impact, and it’s not brittle; thus cannot break easily under normal circumstances.
  • It is also quite flexible, making it easy for you to fabricate and customize it to suit your particular needs and specific application.

What are Plastic Mirrors made of?

They are made of thermoplastics but mainly acrylic and polycarbonate materials.

Typically, these thermoplastic materials contain denoting polymer substances, which become moldable at a specific heated temperature and solidify upon cooling.

Do Plastic Mirrors break?

Generally, plastic mirrors are high impact-resistant materials, which hardly break even when subjected to intense pressure.

The molecules forming this component are strongly combined with the formidable manufacturing process.

It is thus quite difficult for them to break unless on deliberate attempts and not normal circumstances.

Additionally, in unfortunate even it breaks, it never shatters and instead fractures into somewhat large pieces with dull edges.

Plastic mirror

Plastic mirror

Where can you Use Plastic Mirrors?

You can use plastic mirrors in a wide range of applications in different establishments and constructions.

Some of the areas include the following;

Residential homes – Most modern residential homes use plastic mirrors in various aspects of the construction.

For instance, you can use in bathrooms, parts of the living room, and other areas of the compound.

Commercial buildings – You can also use this component in various sections of commercial establishments such as shopping malls.

In most cases, they are used in hallways and entrances.

Other than making such areas aesthetically appealing, they also enable them to appear large, albeit illusional.

Signage – Plastic mirrors are also common in making different types of acrylic signage for a wide variety of businesses and institutions.

They are quite clear, hardy, and weather-resistant, making it suitable for such applications irrespective of where you fix it.

Gym studios – Plastic mirrors are also ideal in gymnasium halls for enhancing work out experience.

They enable individuals training and exercising in such studios to monitor their progress through reflection of this mirror.

Point of Purchase Signs – You can as well plastic mirrors to make POP signs for enhancing the effectiveness of your business.

Plastic mirrors create POP signs, which are visually appealing and thus increasing interest in your business, product, or service.

Children room – You can also install plastic mirrors in kid’s rooms as a way of exciting them when playing together.

And since it is safe, it becomes ideal for such a space given you’re certain it won’t break nor harm the kids.

Display rooms – These components are also ideal in showroom spaces for enhancing visibility and attractiveness of displayed goods and products.

How can you tell if a Mirror is Plastic or Glass?

Ideally, plastic and glass mirrors have distinctive differences making it relatively easy to single out each from another.

You can choose to use either or both the basic practical or relatively advanced techniques to distinguish which is which.

A basic test would be to touch the surfaces of these materials.

Upon touching, you’ll notice glass mirror will be somewhat colder compared to a plastic mirror.

And while at it, glass mirror tends to warm up gradually as a result of heat from your hand.

On the other hand, plastic mirror attains the same temperature as your hand within a few seconds.

Another basic practical test to single plastic from glass mirror is by tapping the surface of the specific material.

You’ll notice the plastic mirror produces a pop sound, whereas glass mirror produces either tun sound or no sound at all.

And this, of course, is a result of the latter having a relatively hard surface.

You can also decide to scratch the surfaces of these two materials.

In this case, plastic will create some marks on it, either light or deep, depending on the intensity and pressure exerted since it is soft.

Glass mirror, on the other hand, will stay intact without such marks, of course, because it has quite a hard surface.

Plastic mirror is also somewhat more flexible than glass mirror.

Therefore, you’ll notice it can slightly bend, especially if not fixed totally on a flat surface, thus could easily lead to distorted reflection.

Glass mirror, on the other hand, is often rigid.

The other way of telling the difference between these two materials is the effects resulting from fabrication.

Plastic mirror is often soft and hardly breaks or cracks irrespective of the fabrication means you are using as long as it is done appropriately.

Glass, on the other hand, are difficult to fabricate and tend to break or crack when subjected to such a process.

What is the Cost of Plastic Mirrors?

Plastic mirror

Plastic mirror

Generally, plastic mirrors are priced differently depending on numerous prevailing factors.

One aspect determining the cost of this component is the brand you are purchasing.

Of course, different suppliers produce a variety of plastic mirrors, and they price them differently based on their brand positioning.

The customization levels you require is also another cost determinant of plastic mirrors.

Some clients prefer simple modifications, which is quite cheaper compare to complex designs other customers would prefer.

The MOQ is also a significant element when it comes to determining the cost of plastic mirrors.

Of course, different suppliers have varying MOQ policies in terms of cost factors.

But this is entirely dependent on a specific manufacturer.

Then there is the aspect of shipping, particularly if you are purchasing plastic mirrors in China from overseas countries.

In many instances, in-land transportation, duty clearance fees, and shipping costs would vary based on different circumstances.

Is there any Thickness Limitation for Plastic Mirrors?

Not at all.

The ideal thickness for this component is dependent on the specific purpose you are using it.

Ideally, different plastic mirror applications require different dimensions based on the projected pressure it should handle.

However, irrespective of the specific application, the minimum thickness of an ideal plastic mirror should be 1.5mm.

Are there any Disadvantages of Plastic Mirrors?

Most definitely!

Plastic mirrors have a few shortcomings, and some of them include the following;

  • Depending on the specific material used for manufacturing plastic mirror, it can be relatively less resistant to matting.

And this could make it somehow less strong compared to other synthetics available in the market.

  • It can also be relatively expensive, still based on the specific plastic mirror material you choose to buy.

And this can even aggravate more when you are going for complicated customized designs.

  • Not all plastic mirror materials are readily biodegradable. And those which are recyclable, tend to be difficult to recycle.

This could lead to environmental degradation, especially when disposing them in bulk in the landfills.

  • Plastic mirrors are also prone to distorting image reflection, given it is quite flexible; hence can easily bend even during installation.
  • Most of plastic mirrors are also prone to grease and oil stains. It thus makes it quite tedious since you’ll always have to clean more so in applications where it is likely to be touched or spilled on.
  • Also, this type of mirrors are quite sensitive to scratches, particularly when rubbed against abrasive items

What should you Consider when Choosing Suitable Plastic Mirror?

Plastic mirror

Custom plastic mirror

It is always fundamental to figure out some of the key elements of an ideal plastic mirror when shopping for one.

Some of the factors you must always consider in such instances include the following;

Type of plastic material – Ideally, plastic mirrors can be manufactured from a variety of thermoplastics.

However, only a few can offer the perfect quality, which meets your requirements in regards to efficiency and functionality.

For instance, the most appropriate material to choose could be acrylic or polycarbonate.

Application – Different plastic mirrors are designed for unique uses.

Some are designed for hallways, POP signs, displays, bathrooms and gym studios, among others.

It, therefore, means each application requires different features hence the need for consideration.

Personalization – You can always find plastic mirrors in both standard and made-to-order designs.

But if you are choosing a customized option, you ought to ensure you figure out from the supplier if they can provide the same before committing.

Installation – It is also necessary to consider the mode of fixing the specific type of plastic mirror you are purchasing.

Remember, in some applications, you can use adhesives, other brackets, and drill guns.

You can, therefore, choose one depending on whichever installation mode you find suitable and convenient.

Supplier – When looking for a suitable plastic mirror, you need to consider the manufacturer; you will give the task.

And this is special when it comes to customized designs.

Ensure the supplier you are selecting is reliable, has relevant facilities, and can design this component to your needs.

Budget – And above all, you need to figure out the amount of money you’re spending on purchasing a plastic mirror.

Ideally, the budget is what determines almost all the above-mentioned factors you need to consider.

Is Plastic Mirror Shatterproof?

Absolutely 100%, yes!

It hardly shatters irrespective of the impact or pressure exerted.

In many cases, it can only fracture into large pieces but never shatters.

What makes Plastic Mirror to Turn Yellow?

Different sizes of plastic mirrors

Different sizes of plastic mirror

Many elements can contribute yellowing of plastic mirror.

The major factor is prolonged exposure of this component to direct sunlight.

Typically, it has a soft surface, and direct sunlight often has ultraviolet radiation, which penetrates through this material.

As the UV radiations penetrate the surface of plastic mirror, they attack and, subsequently, weaken the molecules.

Once these units become weak, the surface of plastic mirror starts to either fade, discolor, or turn yellow.

But this is only possible after exposing the plastic mirror in direct sunlight for several years.

The other element, which makes plastic mirror to yellow, is choice of specific thermoplastic grade.

Ordinarily, all thermoplastics come in different grades, and the manufacturing process also varies.

Most of the plastic mirrors, which turn yellow, are usually inferior grades, prone to varying environmental and physical conditions.

So with time, upon degradation, they will start turning yellow, especially if it is a low-grade plastic material.

How do you Clean Plastic Mirror?

Bespoke plastic mirror

Bespoke plastic mirror

In essence, it is always important to clean plastic mirrors frequently, depending on where you are using.

But cleaning this component also requires some basic knowledge.

It entails the following;

You start by removing any available dust particles on the surface of the plastic mirror using a lint-free cloth.

Then you need to splash a relatively mild liquid detergent and warm water.

Gently wipe down the splash using a chamois leather cloth to attain a streak-free shine.

Now use a soft cloth and gently wipe the plastic mirror dry.

While at it, never use solvents, especially those not recommended.

Such solvents might lead to irreversible damage on the surface of your plastic mirror.

Ideally, using liquid soap as a detergent in cleaning plastic mirror is sufficient.

What is the Suitable Size for Plastic Mirror?

The ideal size of a plastic mirror is entirely dependent on the specific dimensions the customer wants.

Of course, such dimensions will vary based on the usage and the area the mirror is projected to cover.

So you can get any dimension of plastic mirror you require for your needs.

Furthermore, most thermoplastic materials for making plastic mirrors are flexible and easy to fabricate.

So you can cut-to-size using different types of tools, especially if the sheet is comparatively large for your application.

You can as well choose to increase the size of this material by bonding and welding if at all, you need a larger piece.

The bottom line is you can always have the desired size for plastic mirror, which perfectly suits your needs.

Is Plastic Mirror Eco-friendly?

Custom plastic mirror

Custom plastic mirror

To a great extent, it is eco-friendly in many aspects.

One is most of the thermoplastics used for making plastic mirrors can retain their plasticity even after repeated heating and cooling.

This essential since it implies they never pollute the environment.

The other aspect making plastic mirrors eco-friendly is they can last for as many years as possible before disposing of.

And this implies once manufactured and installed, and they are hardly replaced hence difficult to find them piling in the landfills.

What is an Ideal Surface Coating for Plastic Mirror?

They are numerous surface coating treatments you can apply on plastic mirror.

However, the most suitable one is dependent on the actual usage of the component.

Some of the common surface coatings include the following;

Anti-glare coating – It is an ideal surface coating treatment in reducing excess or unwanted light reflection emanating from the mirror.

UV coating – It is a suitable surface treatment for reducing and preventing ultraviolet lights from attacking the mirror.

It is vital since it reduces instances or possibilities of yellowing and fading, especially after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Anti-fog coating – It is a perfect surface coating for plastic mirrors designed for wet surroundings likely to experience moisture retention.

Anti-scratch coating – It is an ideal plastic mirror surface coating treatment intended to prevent the component from occasional scratches.

It prevents the abrasive components from scratching this component when rubbed against.

Anti-finger print laminate – It is purposefully ideal for plastic mirrors used in displaying products.

It prevents fingerprints of different customers or visitors touching the mirror surface from being visible.

Can you get Customized Plastic Mirror?

Most definitely!

The major thermoplastics for making plastic mirrors are flexible and highly customizable.

And most of the plastic mirror designs available from a wide range of suppliers are customized.

What you need to do in this case is consult with your ideal supplier and figure out whether they can provide the replica of your preferred customized units.

Remember to research well since not all manufacturers can customize all types of plastic mirrors.

The bottom line is you can get any customized plastic mirror you need irrespective of the size, design, color, or shape.

Plastic Mirror is available in how many Colors?

It is available in a wide variety of colors, almost all colors you can imagine of.

Mostly, the manufacturers can provide your ideal color shade on request if you so wish.

But it’s important to know you can as well get multicolored plastic mirror.

In most cases, many suppliers often provide a color range of around 32 or more.

And the broad range of colors available for plastic mirrors is quintessential when it comes to finding the precise one, which suits your choice.

How can you Customize Plastic Mirrors?

The ideal plastic mirror customization depends on the actual usage.

In other words, it would be appropriate to personalize this type of mirror based on the purpose and area of using.

Some of the common ways you can use to customize this type of component include the following;

Acrylic mirror

Acrylic mirror

Lamination – It involves applying a surface coating to provide a barrier to the plastic mirror. It vitally helps in enhancing durability, styling, and aesthetics of this component.

Printing – It is about adding graphics, logos, or signs on the surface material of plastic mirror. It is common for customizing POPs and other signage.

Drilling – It is a customization technique, which involves creating holes on the edges or specific points of the surface material.

Such holes can be essential for hanging or fixing the plastic mirror on other surfaces.

Welding– It involves creating a molecular bond between the plastic mirror and other compatible materials.

You can use several ways to weld a particular plastic mirror depending on size, urgency, and precision.

Cutting-to-size – It entails reducing the size of plastic mirror sheet to required dimensions, which suit the application.

What Custom Plastic Mirror Designs are available in the Market?

They vary from one supplier to another as well as from the preference or one customer to another one.

However, they are quite many, and you can be certain of getting any customized plastic mirror design you’d wish for.

At WeProFab, for instance, some of the common personalized designs of plastic mirrors include the following;

Round plastic mirror – It takes a circular shape but contains several advantageous features, which enhance the efficiency, quality, and functionality.

Frosted plastic mirror – It is a customized design with a surface appearing as a foggy glass. It is mostly common in outdoor applications such as signage, among others.

Clear plastic mirror – It is a customized design with high optical clarity making it possible for ideal reflection of the images.

3D plastic mirror – It is a plastic mirror designed to appear in three dimensions. It is quite solid and tends to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of this component.

Can you Repair plastic mirror?

Absolutely 100%, yes!

In repairing plastic mirrors, you can use several interventions depending on the kind of damage.

In most instances, repairs on plastic mirrors often arise from fading, scratches, and cracks.

Even so, cracks are often rare, but when they occur, you can repair it using a simple procedure.

All you need to do is drill tiny holes on both ends of the crack.

Apply a recommended sealant on the crack from the rear side of the plastic mirror and allow it to cure.

Once it dries, polish it to attain a glossy uniform surface.

Repairing scratches is also quite easy.

You can choose to use toothpaste and apply on scratches spots then scrub it gently in circular motion until the paste subdues.

Wipe off the paste using a relatively damp cloth and allow it to dry.

You’ll have a gloss spotless plastic mirror surface.

And when in need to restore clarity as a result of fading or discoloration, you need to polish or buff this type of mirror.

What Material can offer Best Alternative to Plastic mirror?

Plastic mirror is made from different types of thermoplastic materials.

So the only materials, which can provide better plastic mirrors are acrylic mirror and polycarbonate mirror.

Acylic mirror

Acrylic mirror

Polycarbonate mirror

Polycarbonate mirror

Can you use Plastic Mirror for Marketing?

Absolutely yes!

You find a customized plastic mirror designed to incorporate different features, which enhance effectiveness in marketing activities.

For example, POP plastic mirrors allow you to showcase items and triggering shoppers to buy on impulse.

Therefore, you can use plastic mirror for advertising and marketing by placing it next to the product you are promoting.

What are the Aspects of a Quality Plastic Mirror?

Determining quality of a plastic mirror in some instances can be difficult, especially if you are unfamiliar with this product.

However, every supplier is always mandated to ensure all plastic mirrors meet the minimum set quality standards.

But some of the face value ways of determining quality of this component include the following.

The front surface, in many instances, often has a higher reflectivity than the rear side.

It shows it will provide efficiency in the specific application.

It should have reasonable reflectivity in the sense of allowing an ideal balance between light absorbed and light reflected.

It should also be flat since it is the element, which determines the precision of reflected images.

It needs to have a sizeable thickness depending on the specific application.

This is also vital from the perspective of bending and decoration for best reflection.

Are there any Quality Standard Measures for Plastic Mirrors?


Any plastic mirror has to undergo thorough quality standard inspection as well as approval from the reputable agencies.

The standard quality measures are designed to ensure there is consistency when it comes to production of this component.

ISO 9001, for instance, is a plastic quality standard measure, which enforces manufacturers to produce these items to meet regulatory requirements.

Other standards, such as CE, ensure the product conforms to health safety and environmental protection for such products.

At WeProFab, we supply high quality and cost competitive plastic mirrors which can be cut to size.

Whether you have more questions or just looking for OEM plastic mirror supplier, our team is here to help.

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