• Plexiglass Sign

Plexiglass Sign

WeProFab is your plastic, acrylic, and polycarbonate fabricating professionals. We have complete advanced technologies, useful for impressive quality finishes of plexiglass sign. We are the topmost solution provider of your plexiglass sign here in China. We can give you high and reliable execution when comes to manufacturing high-quality plexiglass signs. Try to deal with us. We support your plastic-integrated fabrications.

Get WeProFab Plexiglass Sign to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab provides custom plexiglass sign types to get included for your business administration. We are truthfully engaged in the fabrication of a plexiglass sign. From laser cutting, machining, and polishing processes, expect for best performances here at WeProFab.

Custom Plexiglass Sign

WeProFab has full potentials in creating the most impressive custom plexiglass sign. We are the one to integrate plastic and other materials to have overall flawlessly designed finishes.

Illuminated Plexiglass Sign

WeProFab designs the most unique illuminated plexiglass sign for an elegance environmental addition. We combined different right features into the material for appropriate uses.

Personalized Plexiglass Sign

WeProFab Personalize plexiglass sign is more in stylish designs. We make it extra durable for specific applications. These usually seen at offices, gives exact directions.

Plexiglass Sign Display Stands

If you are searching for plexiglass sign display stands, WeProFab has a lot to highly presents. You can select sophisticated designs for an elegance additions.

Plexiglass Sign Manufacturer

Finding the most reliable manufacturer in town? WeProfab is the answer. We provide very excellent solutions for your plexiglass sign productions. We have brilliant knowledge on what exact combination should use.

Wall Plexiglass Sign

For an easy wall plexiglass sign attachment, WeProfab highly offering high-quality plexiglass signs that accurately positioned at walls. These able to give gracefulness.

WeProFab: Your Leading Plexiglass Sign Manufacturer

With years in serving, WeProFab has wide-ranging knowledge in manufacturing your plexiglass sign necessities. according to your designed layouts, we make full manufacturing capacity that surely gives lasts long and unbreakable products.

WeProFab has complete coating technologies, makes your plexiglass sign achieves its glossy and grand appearance.

For small or large business handlers, WeProFab is contingent on making partnership deals. Contact now for an exact answer with your related concerns.

Custom Plexiglass Sign to Skyrocket Your Brand

Printed Plexiglass Sign

WeProFab is your perfect manufacturing partner when comes to printed plexiglass signs. We have further capacities on giving you the most appropriate finish.

Hand Painted Plexiglass sign

When you wanted to have hand-painted plexiglass sign in a business, WeProfab can grant your wishes. We can supply a thousand plexiglass signs in hand-painted solutions.

Mirror Plexiglass sign

WeProFab offers a great quality of mirror plexiglass sign. We are globally offering a direct source of this kind of production.

3d Mirror Plexiglass Sign

3d mirror plexiglass sign is produced using a reliable and premium quality material. Sturdy, durable, and can be applied easily. Offers a wide range of usages which makes any setting looks attractive and brighter.

Arch Plexiglass Table Sign

Arch plexiglass table sign arrives with a stand and is highly customized for a multitude of reasons. Can be used for weddings, table numbers, and menus. Features a sturdy base for a straighter fit. They vary in thicknesses.

Custom Name Plexiglass Sign

Custom name plexiglass sign is perfect for nurseries and children’s rooms. These customized name signs can be cut in a wide variety of font styles with different shades and styles to match any environment.

Custom Neon Plexiglass Sign

Custom neon plexiglass sign is easily portable, durable, and safe. Often applied as neon signs for weddings, custom neon sidewalk signs, and aesthetic neon artwork. Includes handwriting, images, and logos.

Custom Shape Plexiglass Sign

Custom shape plexiglass sign is extruded using a heavy-duty material with admirable weather resistance. Guarantees to create outstanding state-of-the-art home galleries and professional exhibits. Features UV-cured graphics

Frosted Plexiglass Sign

Frosted plexiglass signs can be printed with vibrant UV ink that adds a whole new level of professionalism to your business. Beautifully crafted to diffuse light and arrives with a frosted surface coating.

Heat Resistant Plexiglass Sign

Heat-resistant plexiglass signs can withstand extreme washdown environments. A perfect solution for pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries. Can be customizable with clear graphics and text.

Impact Resistant Plexiglass Sign

Impact-resistant plexiglass sign is designed with additional toughness and astonishing aesthetics. Comes with advanced impact resistance and dimensional stability. Widely applicable as pop signage and displays.

Laser Cut Plexiglass Sign

Laser-cut plexiglass sign features a sophisticated and multi-dimensional structure. A basic design for a guest lounge, hotels, etc. Easy to recreate and can be used for a business center sign. Made from a variety of laser-cut materials.

Light-Diffusing Plexiglass Sign

Light-diffusing plexiglass sign offers unmatched strength and durability. Specially made with a light diffusing material that is lightweight and versatile. A great choice for signs and any type of backlit application.

Minimalist Plexiglass Sign

Minimalist plexiglass sign adds a warmer and sweeter atmosphere. Perfect for any residential and commercial setting. Fits well for smooth surfaces, such as tiles, metals, woods, and so on. Comes with a minimalist design.

Personalized Plexiglass Sign

Personalized plexiglass sign is commonly applied as modern decorations, farmhouse signs, dress room, and more. Highly personalized according to any requirements and is available in various sizes and colors.

Plexiglass Business Sign

Plexiglass business signs can be printed with your logo, company name, and tag line. Hundreds of different fonts, colors, and styles are available to choose from. Resistant to harsh environments and has great surface hardness.

Plexiglass Wedding Sign

Plexiglass wedding sign provides a glossy and contemporary allure. Made of ultra-durable plexiglass and has an elegant look. Can withstand harsh weather conditions and has ideal vibrant graphics.

UV-Stable Plexiglass Sign

UV-stable plexiglass sign elegantly presents a brand or message. Professional signage that provides a glossy surface to any design. Commonly used both indoors and outdoors. Simple yet sophisticated piece of signage.

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Why Choose WeProFab Plexiglass Sign

WeProFab Plexiglass sign has actual transparency, colorless, and durability surfaces.

This is originated from cast polymer substances. It`s a magnificent replacement for fragile, easily damaged glasses.

Plexiglass signs are an excellent way to promote brand advertisements.

This is usually displayed at architectonic areas, and an effective way to give supervision in some hospital building, offices or warehouses.

Plexiglass Sign

Plexiglass signs are made fully customize and usually with glossy surface appearance.

It is shining, so expect it will really stand out from others.

Plexiglass signs can also obtainable with contour cuttings or well-known as ‘special cuts’.

This made possible to perfectly match your brand promotions.

It is highly available with the sleek and classical appeal for signs, so that, our plexiglass signs are number 1 excellent choice on WeProFab market areas.

In WeProFab, you can avail custom printed plexiglass signs, just add little payment for those additions.

Plexiglass signs are very useful to have at home or wedding decorations, used as wedding invitations, table numbers, etc.

It has a lot of uses when comes to wedding preparation and decorations.

It brings complete elegance in the area, surely gives elastic feeling into each guest.

Plexiglass Sign

However, our plexiglass signs are having special reverse prints on the backward part of the substance.

This allows printing designs to still be secured and all protected behind on its own plexiglass.

Additionally, every plexiglass signs offer it comes from original secured films, which is easily detached and unfasten.

Besides, the printing process of plexiglass signs are offered very affordable and made into broad-ranging options for your free selections as well.

These offered plexiglass signs are very effective for notifying viewers and draw becoming potentially active customers.

High-quality, durability, unbreakable, and the ruggedness of any plexiglass signs coordinated products are found here at WeProFab.

We continue to manufacture, built plexiglass signs to the last longer from what expected.

Plus, we highly based on your own visual personalized designs for an impressive manufacturing process and displays.

The thickness of each offered plexiglass sign is standard-based manufactured.

The thickness of the material sheet is important to furnish the hardware needed on the display.

With plexiglass signs thickness advantages, the material can be placed anywhere you wish for.

Very useful to demonstrates pertinent info in wedding signage or to use.

Plexiglass Sign

Shop your favorite style of plexiglass signs here at WeProFab.

We offer tailor-made plexiglass signs base on your low financial plan.

WeProFab is your most visionary marketplace where you can find customized types of plexiglass signs with the highest capacity to boom your business handled.

We are currently operating here in China and serves full manufacturing performances for worldwide solutions.

For some of your concerns about WeProFab Plexiglass Signs, we are ready to give exact answers.

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Plexiglass Sign

You can use a plexiglass sign on the front glass doors of your business, to display restaurant menus in a highly classy way, at art galleries, or in your hallways.

You can also put a plexiglass sign in front of brushed aluminium for a high-end look with backlighting for a dramatic effect.

If you ever had a question about plexiglass signs, read on to find out all you need to know about plexiglass signs.

A Display of Plexiglass Signs

A Display of Plexiglass Signs

What Are Plexiglass Signs?

Plexiglass signs are made from plexiglass sheets, a transparent and durable substrate that is made from a cast polymer.

They are an excellent material to make plexiglass signs to advertise, give directions, or just label rooms and offices in an office lobby.

How Thick Can A Plexiglass Sign Be?

The ideal thickness for a plexiglass sign is 1/4″, but it can certainly be as thick or thin as you want.

What Are The Common Sizes For Plexiglass Signs?

The common sizes for plexiglass signs are 12” x 12”, 24” x 12”, 24” x 24”, 24” x 36”, 36” x 18”, 2” x 4”, 48” x 48”, and 4”x8”.

Depending on its size, a plexiglass sign can cost anywhere around $50 or more.

How Do You Make A Plexiglass Sign?

You need to determine the dimensions of your plexiglass sign and get a plexiglass sheet that is cut to the size that you need for your plexiglass sign.

These sheets are usually laser cut.

Next, you need to create your design which you can create on a computer.

You can then print your design, tape it to the plexiglass and trace the outline.

You can then fill in your outline with paint or marker.

The benefit of using paint is that if you want to reuse your plexiglass sign to make another sign, you can wipe off the paint or marker and put a new design on it.

For a more permanent and professional looking sign, you can consider screen printing or laser engraving your design onto your plexiglass sign.

Can You Print The Back Of A Plexiglass Sign?


If you are getting your plexiglass sign from a supplier, they may do reverse printing, meaning they print your sign both on the front and back of your sign.

Hence if you want a different design on the front and back, you can inform your supplier and they will not do reverse printing.

Plexiglass signs with medium thickness

Plexiglass signs with medium thickness

Is A Plexiglass Sign More Scratch Resistant Than A Glass Panel?


Plexiglass signs are more likely to sustain scratches compared to a glass panel.

However, plexiglass signs have other advantages compared to glass.

They are safer, do not shatter, stronger, lighter in weight, and easier to cut, fabricate, bend, and mold.

Can A Plexiglass Sign Be Broken?

Yes, you can break a plexiglass sign.

However, it takes a lot more force to break plexiglass than it takes to break the normal glass.

Can You Use Alcohol On Plexiglass Signs?

It is recommended not to use alcohol on a plexiglass sign.

Alcohol can dissolve the polymer chains on the surface of the plexiglass sign.

Can You Drill Holes In A Plexiglass Sign?


You can drill holes into your sign if you want to mount it on a wall using screws.

However, to properly drill through the plexiglass, you need to use a special drill bit.

What Is The Expected Life Span Of A Plexiglass Sign?

If used indoors with proper care, a plexiglass sign can last for a minimum of five years.

You will need to clean the plexiglass sign regularly and remove scratches to ensure it can last as long as possible.

Can A Plexiglass Sign Turn Yellow In The Sun?

A high-quality plexiglass sign will not yellow in the sun.

Usually, plexiglass signs yellow due to harsh sun exposure.

Hence, to avoid your plexiglass sign from turning yellow, you may want to keep it out of direct sunlight.

What Are Plexiglass Signs With Standoffs?

Plexiglass signs with standoffs are signs that are secured to a wall or fitted with standoff screws.

Plexiglass Sign With Standoffs

Plexiglass Sign With Standoffs

 How Do You Cut A Sheet Of Plexiglass To Make A Plexiglass Sign?

Mark the points where you want to cut your plexiglass sheet with a grease pencil, then score the glass five to ten times with a glass cutter.

You have the option of using a variety of tools like jigsaw, circular saw, table saw, glass cutter and other tools to cut your plexiglass sign out.

How Can You Clean A Plexiglass Sign?

A plexiglass sign can be cleaned by using a non-abrasive cloth with water or mild detergent.

Do not use abrasive detergents or ammonia-based solutions as these will either scratch the surface of your plexiglass sign or corrode the surface.

Can You Use Metal Drill Bits To Drill Holes Into A Plexiglass Sign?


Metal drill bits will chip and cause damage to the plexiglass.

You will either need to use a dull drill bit or a plexiglass drill bit to avoid cracking the plexiglass sign when you drill holes into it to mount on the wall.

The most effective drill bits for a plexiglass are spur-point bits, also known as dowel bits.

Make sure to not loosen your grip and keep the sign steady as you drill into the plexiglass sign.

Can A Plexiglass Sign Contract Or Expand?

Yes, a plexiglass sign can undergo thermal expansion and contraction especially if you put your plexiglass sign outdoors where it is exposed to changing weather conditions.

However, it will not crack due to changing weather conditions.

Can You 3D Print A Plexiglass Sign?

Yes, you can use 3D printing to create a plexiglass sign.

If you have a 3D printing machine and a great design, you can certainly make your own plexiglass signs and customise it by adding LED lights for a colourful and bright sign.

3D Printed Plexiglass Sign

3D Printed Plexiglass Sign

What Is The Best Printing Method For A Plexiglass Sign?

Many companies opt for a full-color digital LED reverse print process with weather, fade, and resistant UV permanent ink for a colourful, attention-grabbing sign that can withstand weather conditions and will not fade in sunlight.

However, you can always opt for another printing method depending on your needs.

Can You Write On A Plexiglass Sign?

You can write on a plexiglass sign with pencils, markers, paint, or whatever suits you best.

However, if you are going to clean and then reuse your plexiglass to make other signs in the future, then temporary markers, non-acrylic paints, and pencils are recommended.

If you need a sign that changes frequently, then writing on a plexiglass sign may be a better option for you.

How Do You Make A Plexiglass Sign With LED?

Flip the design that you want to light up on your plexiglass sign horizontally to reverse it.

Use a CNC machine to carve the logo at the back side of your plexiglass sign.

Your carving should be about 0.1” deep.

If you do not have a CNC machine, you can scratch your logo on the back of your plexiglass by using a rotary tool.

If you don’t know how to use a rotary tool, you can always hire someone to help.

You also need to drill holes into your plexiglass sign to fit an electric wire through.

Make sure the holes align with your design.

Purchase an LED strip and pass its wires through the holes you have drilled.

Plug in the power adapter to light the sign up.

Plexiglass sign with LED

Plexiglass sign with LED

What Printing Finishing Options Are Offered For A Plexiglass Sign?

The most common finishes are spot white finish and flood white finish.

Spot white is when you have transparent areas in your design.

If your image has transparent areas, such as a logo with a clear background, you have to select the spot white finishing.

This will print white ink behind your image in the colored areas, leaving the transparency in the file clear on the signage.

This makes the sign stand out and look vibrant.

If your logo has a colored background, you need to use a flood white finish.

When you use a flood white finish, the entire backside surface of your plexiglass sign will be covered with full-color process ink.

The flood white coat is printed on the entire back of your image so that it has a beautiful backdrop to make the colors stand out even more.

If you don’t have a solid white background, your image colors will appear to be less vibrant and bright.

The final product would look like stained glass without a white layer to support the colors on your design to its full vibrancy.

When Printing A Plexiglass Sign, What Is The Sandwich Method?

The sandwich method is when vinyl is sandwiched between two layers of plexiglass to create a beautiful, deep-colored sign that stands out against uniformly colored walls.

It also adds dimension to the plexiglass sign and helps it to be more attention-grabbing.

Plexiglass Sign With Sandwich Method

Plexiglass sign with the sandwich method

How Can You Make A Custom Design For A Plexiglass Sign?

You can make a custom design by yourself on computer applications such as Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

You can describe the plexiglass sign design you want to a company and they can customize the design for you.

There are also websites available online that allow you to create a design without downloading any application on your desktop.

You can then take this design to your supplier to create a custom design for your plexiglass sign.

Plexiglass signs are also available in a variety of colours so you have more customisable options.

How Can You Install A Plexiglass Sign?

If you are installing a plexiglass sign on the wall, you need to drill holes into the wall where your sign will go.

Then you need to screw in your standoffs or simply drill screws to your plexiglass sign to the wall.

You can choose to do this yourself or hire a professional installation service to do it for you.

Cardboard templates can be useful if you are installing it yourself.

However, there is the danger that you might drop or damage your plexiglass signs by scratching or chipping it while trying to installing it.

You can get a professional installation service to install your plexiglass sign for you as if they break or scratch your plexiglass sign, they typically offer to replace it without charging any extra fees.

This video shows you how you can install a plexiglass sign.


Can Plexiglass Signs Be Recycled?

Plexiglass signs are recyclable, but it is very hard to recycle it.

You will need to depolymerise the material to recycle it.

Hence you will need to check if your local recycling program can recycle plexiglass signs as not all programs will accept it for recycling.

Are Plexiglass Signs Waterproof?

Outdoors plexiglass sign

 Outdoors plexiglass sign

If you have used erasable sources like temporary markers or non-acrylic paint to write on the plexiglass sign, they may be erased.

Once the water runs through the sign, the surface becomes wet.

The sign will erase off if you wipe it with a cloth or even trace your finger over it.

If your plexiglass sign is printed, it is completely waterproof and will not erase even if you leave it in water for hours.

The plexiglass material itself is also waterproof and hence plexiglass signs can be used outdoors.

What Is The Difference Between Printed Vinyl And Cut Vinyl On Plexiglass Signs?

Printed vinyl is printed directly on your plexiglass sign, the same way that your desktop printer would print out a page.

The graphics on a cut vinyl plexiglass sign are literally cut out of coloured material, using a digital plotter and adhered directly to the sign.

Cut vinyl is better suited for use with plexiglass signs that have simple graphics or text in fewer colours, while printed vinyl can produce fully coloured images for your plexiglass signs.

What Kind Of Plexiglass Signs Are The Most Popular?

Custom plexiglass sign letters that are mounted on wood are very popular for a professional and classy look.

You can use antique planks to give more depth and an eclectic appearance to the sign.

Other popular options are fully LED lit-up, LED backlit, multi-layered and 3D plexiglass signs.

LED backlit plexiglass sign

 LED backlit plexiglass sign

What Is The Difference Between A Clear Plexiglass Sign And A Frosted Plexiglass Sign?

While you are able to see through the frosted plexiglass sign, the clear one is more transparent.

Frosted Plexiglass Sign

Frosted Plexiglass Sign

Frosted plexiglass signs are not completely see-through, but allow a certain amount of translucency.

These signs are great for diffusing light, which gives your sign an attractive frosted effect.

Even if you add LED lights behind the frosted plexiglass sign, the frosted effect will not hide the lights.

The sign is translucent, not opaque, so light can still pass through the sign.

In fact, frosted plexiglass signs with LED can create a romantic effect depending on the occasion.

Frosted plexiglass signs are most popularly used for directions and at reception areas.

It can also be used to simply add an effect to a sign that makes it look different and stand out from the many other clear plexiglass signs that are widely available.

Frosted plexiglass sign

Frosted plexiglass sign

How Do You Display A Plexiglass Sign On A Table?

In order to display your plexiglass sign on a table, follow the steps below.

  1. To make a holder for your plexiglass sign, you need a piece of wood that is either equal to or longer than the length of your plexiglass sign.
  2. You can use a smaller piece of wood if your plexiglass is not very thick. Cut through the piece of wood, vertically in the centre with a woodcutter.
  3. Make sure to not cut it too deep otherwise your wood will split into two.
  4. Carefully apply glue on the bottom edge of your plexiglass sign and place it into the cutting of the wood.

You can now place your sign on the table.

What Are Backlit Plexiglass Signs Made For?

Backlit plexiglass signs are designed specifically to stand out especially in dimly lit rooms.

The semi-translucent vinyl diffuses light evenly, making for brilliant advertising and business displays.

These signs have many popular indoor applications such as in malls, tradeshows, kiosks, and airport displays.

Backlit Plexiglass Sign

Backlit Plexiglass Sign

What Shapes Can You Have For Plexiglass Signs?

You can have many custom shapes of your choice for plexiglass signs due to the ability to cut plexiglass into many shapes.

The most popular shapes are circle cut, oval cut, standard cut (squares or rectangles), and special cut (irregular shapes that have no name).

Is Text Clearly Readable On A Transparent Plexiglass Sign?

It depends on the type of text used and where you choose to place your plexiglass sign.

If you have white text on your plexiglass sign and the wall it is placed in front of is white too, then it will be difficult to read it.

In this situation, you can use a frosted plexiglass sign to avoid such issues.

If your text is white and you place it on a black wall, then it will be easily read.

You will need to choose the colour of the text according to where you are going to place the sign.

How Should You Attach Wall Clamps For Plexiglass Signs To The Wall?

The clamps come with locator washers and these washers unlock from the clamp themselves.

You will find that a template is usually included with the instructions that come with the plexiglass sign so you can learn where and how to screw the washers into the wall.

Once they are in place, you can attach the sign (with the clamps in place) to the washers, and then tighten the washers.

You are all set to place your plexiglass sign on the wall.

For plexiglass signs  that are 3”, use the 3.15” size of wall clamps.

For plexiglass signs that are 5” to 12”, use the 4.72” option.

For plexiglass signs that are larger than 12”, use the 15” clamps.

 Plexiglass sign wall clamps

Plexiglass sign wall clamps

How Do You Make Engraved Letters Stand Out On A Plexiglass Sign?

To make engraved letters stand out on silver background, add black edges around the letters because silver is a light colour.

To have anything stand out on top of a lighter colour, you need to change the foreground colour or edge of letters into a dark colour or black.

Similarly, you can also change your background to another colour other than silver.

What Mounting Options Are Available For A Plexiglass Sign?

There are two options to mount your plexiglass sign.

The first is to use drilled holes which are made 0.75” away from each corner and are 0.25” in diameter.

You can then hang your sign with a rope, chain, or other hanging devices through these holes.

The second option is to use standoffs.

Standoffs are used to raise your sign above the surface of the wall or background surface.

The bottom of the standoff is attached to the base surface, and the sign is attached to the standoffs.

Standoffs are basically screws for the plexiglass sign, but are more stylish and professional.

They come in different sizes and have three parts.

Using them provides a 3D feel to the sign.

If your plexiglass sign is larger than 36”, then you should definitely use standoffs to place it on a wall.

This is because standoffs can provide more support to hold up your plexiglass sign and prevent it from dropping.

If your plexiglass sign is smaller than 36”, then you are certainly free to choose any option of mounting that you wish.

What Are Plexiglass Signs Used For At Weddings?

Plexiglass signs are used for wedding invitations, seating charts, wedding signs, and directional signage.

People also get numbers printed on them and place them on tables to avoid chaos at weddings.

Wedding plexiglass sign

Wedding plexiglass sign

How Can You Take Proper Care Of A Plexiglass Sign?

Store your plexiglass sign in a cool dry place at room temperature.

Avoid scraping or rubbing them against abrasive or sharp objects to avoid scratching.

Cover them or insert some kind of soft fabric in between signs if you are storing two or more signs together.

Do not place any objects on or against your sign.

Plexiglass signs can easily chip or scratch so you want to prevent any dangers that can cause them to end up chipped or scratched.

Make sure that your plexiglass sign is installed properly so that they will not drop and break.

Clean your sign at least twice a week to keep the surface looking clean, smooth or shiny.

Avoid contact with any sharp objects to prevent scratches or chips.

For increased longevity, install your sign where there isn’t any direct sunlight falling for extended periods.

Direct sunlight can cause your plexiglass signs to fade.

What Type Of Finishes Are Offered For The Edges Of A Plexiglass Sign?

There are two types of edges.

Standard finish edges are a raw machine cut that leave your plexiglass glass with a frosted looking, unpolished edge.

Polished finish edges means the edges of your plexiglass sign are smooth and polished with sheen.

There are various ways to polish the edges of a plexiglass sign including with flame polishing and vapour polishing.

How Can You Remove The Protective Film From A Plexiglass Sign?

The surface of a plexiglass sign can be easily scratched.

In order to protect your sign during shipment, a protective blue film is added to its surface.

You will need to remove your protective film from the plexiglass sign after installing it.

Peel off the protective film at one of the corners of the sign and start pulling the film from the surface of the plexiglass sign.

Peeling off protective film

 Peeling off protective film

Can Plexiglass Signs Be Mounted On A Brick Wall?Yes, you can.

You can use wall clamps to mount your plexiglass sign on a brick wall.

Spacers may work well too.

Wha Do You Use To Display A Plexiglass Sign On A Table?

Three are three ways you can display your plexiglass sign on a table.

  1. You can use tabletop easels to display it on a table so that you can use your sign without mounting it.
  2. You can also attach a wall clamp on the bottom of your plexiglass sign to do this.
  3. You can cut through a wooden piece from the centre (vertically) and attach your plexiglass sign to it with glue.

Plexiglass sign on brick wall

Plexiglass sign on brick wall

Can You Use Dry Erase Markers To Write On Plexiglass Signs?

Dry erase markers do not show up well on plexiglass signs, making the sign difficult to read.

You can try using liquid chalk pens which work well on the plexiglass material and can be washed off with a damp rag.

Can You Put Up A Plexiglass Sign On A Slightly Curved Wall?

Larger sizes of plexiglass signs would be able to bend slightly if needed.

However, if the wall has a deep curve, hanging a plexiglass sign is not recommended.

Can You Use Plexiglass Signs On A Glass Surface?

It is not recommended to use plexiglass signs on a glass surface because you need to put screws into the wall that the sign is being hung on.

You will not be able to drill screws into glass walls or doors as they will shatter.

However, if you have a hook somewhere on the surface you can use it to hang your plexiglass sign with a piece of string or a metal chain.

You can also use a window decal for this purpose.

Is 2D Or 3D Letter Printing Better For Plexiglass Signs?

2D printing is traditional and usually easier to read with less room for misinterpretation.

With 2D lettering you can fit a greater volume of text and is far more versatile.

It is commonly used in restaurants or weddings.

However, 3D printing can help your sign really stand out and command greater attention.

More businesses are turning to 3D printing for fancy decoration and to draw customers in.

When a 3D printed plexiglass sign is placed in a prominent position where many people can see it, it can have a tremendous effect on capturing attention.

3D printed plexiglass sign

3D printed plexiglass sign

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