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Plexiglass Swimming Pool

All of our Weprofab plexiglass swimming pool meets exact standards. So, you are ensuring that all of the Weprofab plexiglass swimming pool has the highest quality performance, unlike many competitors.

Get WeProFab Plexiglass Swimming Pool to Delight Your Customers

At Weprofab, you will get the perfect, absolutely stunning plexiglass swimming pool.

Plexiglass Acrylic Swimming Pool

If you want the best Plexiglass Acrylic Swimming Pool, please come to WeProFab. We have thousands of plexiglass swimming pool available.

Hard Plexiglass Acrylic Swimming Pool

WeProFab provides the highest quality of Hard Plexiglass Acrylic Swimming Pool. Choose your ideal designs now.

Plexiglass Panels Swimming Pool

WeProFab is dedicated to supplying excellent quality of Plexiglass Panels Swimming Pool. These are weatherproof sort of material.

Acrylic Plexiglass Panels Swimming Pools

WeProFab is an expert in producing Acrylic Plexiglass Panels Swimming Pools in most efficient and with unique designs.

Plexiglass Infinity Pool

WeProFab is known for giving good qualities of Plexiglass Infinity Pool. You can depend on us. We will execute base on your design approval.

Indoor Plexiglass Swimming Pool

WeProFab has an appropriate machine technology that can manage an Indoor Plexiglass Swimming Pool. Give us an exact size to follow.

WeProFab: Your Leading Plexiglass Swimming Pool Manufacturer

Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer and supplier of Plexiglass Swimming Pool? Then look no further than Weprofab. We have a wide range of plexiglass swimming pool options that satisfy your needs. Whether you are looking for a plexiglass swimming pool and acrylic swimming pool, Weprofab has it all! We will definitely boom your business!

We are not just offering Weprofab plexiglass swimming pool but we also provide you swimming pool accessories. We are proud to offer you a Weprofab plexiglass swimming pool fence, Weprofab plexiglass swimming pool cover, and many more.

Custom Plexiglass Swimming Pool to Skyrocket Your Brand

Transparent Plexiglass Swimming Pool

We are proud to present our one of a kind Transparent Plexiglass Swimming Pool. You can purchase this at the budget-freindly rate.

Acrylic Outside Swimming Pool

WeProFab can offer different sizes and shapes of Acrylic Outside Swimming Pool. To achieve your satisfaction, quality performances are fully executed as well.

Plexiglass Panel for Swimming Pool

WeProFab has wide-ranging knowledge in fabricating Plexiglass Panel for Swimming Pool. These won`t easily be broken and could resist much longer uses.

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Why WeProFab Plexiglass Swimming Pool

Plexiglass or Plexite Acrylic is the best materials for producing a swimming pool. This material offers excellent clarity along with the weatherability and strength. As a leading plexiglass manufacturer in China, we are capable of manufacturing a wide range of excellent quality plexiglass swimming pools.

Plexiglass Swimming Pool
Plexiglass Swimming Pool

Depending on your specifications, Weprofab can create a custom plexiglass swimming pool. Weprofab’s expert team create a custom solution to meet your project specifications. Plus, we also offer installation and fabrication together with our expert design services.

At Weprofab, you will get the perfect, absolutely stunning plexiglass swimming pool. All of our plexiglass swimming pool offers amazing design versatility. As Plexiglass Swimming Pool is versatile in another way, you can get a plexiglass pool cover and use the area over the pool as additional space.

We manufacture a Plexiglas swimming pool with different styles, designs, and sizes. You can choose our three-sided plexiglass swimming pool, conventional rectangular plexiglass swimming pool, L- and U-shaped plexiglass swimming pool. All of these are secured at the jambs and sill.

All of our Weprofab plexiglass swimming pool meets exact standards. So, you are ensuring that all of the Weprofab plexiglass swimming pool has the highest quality performance, unlike many competitors. At Weprofab, you can get a plexiglass swimming pool with excellent optical characteristics, weather resistance, and light strength and stability. In the manufacturing plexiglass swimming pool, our engineers are selecting the right thickness transparency.

If you are planning to order Weprofab plexiglass swimming pool from us, don’t worry about the quality. For your orders, we provide a free sample of the plexiglass swimming pool before large orders. We are capable of producing different kinds of the plexiglass swimming pool. In fact, we have a wide stock of plexiglass swimming pools ready to ship!

As a certified company, we are proud to offer these Weprofab plexiglass swimming pools. Don’t hesitate to purchase from us. We are your reliable supplier and manufacturer when it comes to swimming pool manufacturing.

Aside from Weprofab plexiglass swimming pool, we can also manufacture plexiglass aquarium, plexiglass fish tank, plexiglass skylight, and many more.

As one of the best plexiglass swimming pool manufacturers, Weprofab has passed various certifications such as SGS, CE, ISO 9001, and more.


If you are interested in our plexiglass swimming pool, just don’t forget to send us your inquiry. Get an instant quote for your next plexiglass swimming pool orders.

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Plexiglass Swimming Pool: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers everything about plexiglass swimming pool – from design, thickness, surface treatments, installation and customization, amongst others.

So, if you want to be an expert in plexiglass swimming read this guide.

Let’s dive right in:

What is Plexiglass Swimming Pool?

This is a casing designed from a transparent, shatterproof, and flexible thermoplastic material.

It is engineered for making a wide range of unique wall surfaces for different types of swimming pools in many instances.

You’ll find it in both outdoor and indoor swimming pools.

It’s available in numerous variations.

And this is regarding designs, sizes, color shades, and shapes, among others.

What is the Ideal Thickness of Plexiglass Swimming Pool?

Generally, the thickness for this material often varies depending on numerous aspects.

Most importantly on the architectural considerations.

Shape and the topography of the actual pool are also fundamental when it comes to the ideal thickness for this pool component.

Also, projected water pressure plays a critical role in determining the suitable plexiglass swimming pool thickness.

But in most instances, though, the ideal thickness for this item would range between 100mm to 150mm.

This range, of course, is regarded as suitable for many standard swimming pools.

Even so, it is still subject to developmental evaluation upon consideration of the different factors.

How much does a Plexiglass Swimming Pool Cost?

Plexiglass swimming pool

Plexiglass swimming pool

The cost for this component is dependent on several factors, which often determine the actual amount you’ll pay to acquire it.

For one, the specific brand of the plexiglass swimming pool determines a lot the real cost.

And this is influenced by the supplier you are purchasing the component from given that all have price their products differently.

It also depends on whether you are purchasing it locally here in China or importing it to overseas countries.

In either case, you will have to factor in the shipping charges as well as the relevant duty to pay at the customs clearance.

The design and size of your preferable plexiglass swimming pool is another element, determining the price.

Often, most clients have varied preferences when it comes to level of customization, be it simple or complex designs.

And the size requirement is another significant determinant of pricing for this component.

In general, there is no fixed price for swimming pool plexiglass panel.

You have to consider different elements to determine what you have to pay.

How do you Install Plexiglass Swimming Pool?

Plexiglass swimming pool

Plexiglass swimming pool

Ideally, some of the most important aspects, which you need to consider when installing this component include the size and design of the pool.

What it means here is these factors should be in line with plexiglass, especially in regards to dimensions.

Installation procedure starts with using an ideal power tool to rebate the surface.

Of course, this depends on nature of the structure of swimming pool ground.

The next thing is patching the rebates as a way of stabilizing the anchor effect.

It is also essential when it comes to enhancing the unified core surface.

Now get an epoxy paint and re-patch the rebates this time round using silicone.

Then place the plexiglass panel appropriately and ensure you use a laser beam before positioning it.

The essence of doing this is to prevent the surface of plexiglass from scratches during installation.

And once all these are complete, make sure to reinforce all the possible pressure points, especially at the joints, and allow it to cure appropriately.

What is better between Plexiglass and Fiberglass Swimming Pool?

The recent rise in popularity of plexiglass is a clear indication it presents better features compared to a fiberglass swimming pool.

Fiberglass swimming pool

Fiberglass swimming pool

Acrylic swimming pool

Acrylic swimming pool

One element, in this case, is in terms of ease of installation.

Plexiglass is somewhat lightweight, almost half the weight of fiberglass.

This makes it easy to handle, transport, and even install, in some instances, without the need for meaningful support.

Plexiglass also has better resistance to impact than a fiberglass swimming pool.

The former is close to 17 times stronger than the latter.

And this explains why plexiglass panel for pools is less prone to cracking and breakage compared to fiberglass swimming pool.

And it terms of resilience in different aspects; swimming pool plexiglass panel portrays better qualities compared to fiberglass panel.

Plexiglass has higher resistance to UV, corrosion, temperature changes, and weatherability, among others.

In regards to variations in aspects such as color shades, finishing, and shapes, plexiglass panels tend to offer more options than fiberglass.

In other words, it means you can get your preferred wall surfaced option for your pool in plexiglass than fiberglass.

The optical clarity in a plexiglass swimming pool is quite higher than in fiberglass.

Ideally, plexiglass allows up to 92% of light to pass through it compared to fiberglass, allowing up to about 84% of light to pass through it.

Plexiglass has a softer surface compared to fiberglass swimming pool.

So this makes the former more sensitive to scratches than the latter, especially when rubbed against abrasive items.

Is Plexiglass Swimming stronger than Glass Swimming Pool?

Absolutely 100%, yes!

Plexiglass swimming pool is made from natural gases, and it is inert in solid-state.

The molecules making this specific material are quite stable, thus making it categorically stronger than glass swimming pool.

Glass swimming pool

Glass swimming pool

In fact, plexiglass swimming pool is almost 17 times stronger than glass swimming pool.

And this explains the reason it would be more difficult to break plexiglass than it would be to glass swimming pool.

It also shows why plexiglass can withstand higher and absolute water pressure compared to glass swimming pool.

Can you screw through Plexiglass Swimming Pool?

Of course, yes.

The plexiglass material is relatively soft, thus making it quite easy to screw through it.

It is also highly machinable, and screwing is one of the customization needs, often required on this panel.

However, you need to have the right tools to get the best results when screwing through this material.

How long does Plexiglass Swimming Pool last in the Sun?

Generally, the durability of plexiglass swimming in the sun is dependent on the actual type of plexiglass and the intensity of the sunlight.

It is also dependent on how much care and maintenance are taken on this component.

In simple words, there are types of plexiglass swimming pool panels, which can last for as many years as possible without degrading or distorting.

Also, acrylic swimming pool grades can last for a few years, get a bit distorted, but can be restored to originality and continue serving its purpose.

In a nutshell, the plexiglass swimming pool can last for between 15 to 50 years in the sun.

This is depending on its grade, and level of maintenance, and other prevailing conditions.

Is there Color Limitation for Plexiglass Swimming Pool?

Plexiglass swimming pool of many colours
Plexiglass swimming pool of many colours

Not at all!

Plexiglass swimming pool comes in a wide range of colors, other than clear shade.

Some suppliers can provide up to about 32 colors to choose from.

And this, of course, is vital since it allows you to select the ideal color suitable for your specific needs.

Additionally, you can as well find a multicolored swimming pool plexiglass panel.

Multicolored is the type, which has more than two color shades.

So you can also decide to go for this color shade if you feel it’s convenient and can add ideal aesthetics to your swimming pool.

Acrylic swimming pool

Acrylic swimming pool

What Insulates better between Plexiglass and Fiberglass Swimming Pool?

Insulation property between plexiglass swimming pool and fiberglass depends on several factors.

The thickness of these two materials plays a fundamental role in determining the ideal insulation.

Even so, the lambda value for plexiglass material is quite higher than glass fiberglass material.

Ideally, plexiglass pool panel has a lambda of 0.19 watts per meter per Kelvin.

On the other hand, the specific lambda value for fiberglass is dependent on whether or not it is double glazed.

It also depends on treatment methods of the fiberglass.

What it means is when comparing a sheet of plexiglass swimming pool and an equally thick layer of glass, the latter will insulate better than the former.

How is Plexiglass Swimming Pool Made?

The exact method for manufacturing plexiglass swimming pool varies, especially with the desired thickness to attain.

However, thermoforming is usually the preferred technique used by several manufacturers to produce this pool component.

It is a process, which involves formation of two and three-dimensional plexiglass sheets.

It begins with designing and re-designing the component to form the preferable shape.

What happens is heating of the material to a pliable temperature.

Then vacuum pressure, or air pressure or combination of the two processes is used in shaping the mold.

You then allow it to cool once you remove it from the mold and enable it to form the ultimate shape.

After attaining the ideal shape you can decide to trim and fabricate the sheet to suit your specific requirements.

Are there Surface Treatments for Plexiglass Swimming Pool?

Most certainly.

The use of a swimming pool plexiglass sheet is mostly to suit and serve in aquatic environment.

To enhance the efficiency, functionality and quality of this component, a few critical surface treatment are inevitable.

Some of the most popular coating you can use on your acrylic pool wall include:

 Acrylic pool wall

Acrylic pool wall

  • Anti-fog surface coating – It is also another ideal surface treatment for Plexiglass pool panel. It helps in preventing moisture or fog from forming and accumulating on the surface of this pool walling material hence enhancing clarity all the time.
  • Anti-glare surface coating– This is a surface treatment method, which helps in reducing or eliminating excess or unwanted light.

This is vital, especially for a clear Plexiglass panel or any Plexiglass swimming pool with lighting features.

  • UV stabilizer surface coating – It is one of the common surface coatings applied to the Plexiglass swimming pool.

This coating is essential in protecting the surface of this material from attacks by ultraviolet rays, which can distort and discolor the panel.

  • Anti-scratch surface coating – This surface treatment helps in preventing any abrasive components from creating eye-sore marks of this material.

What are the Disadvantages of Plexiglass Swimming Pool?

Plexiglass, even though it has many advantages, it also has a few drawbacks.

And some of these disadvantages include the following;

Acrylic swimming pool

Acrylic swimming pool

1) As much as handling and transporting of this component is quite easy and efficient, it requires a professional touch during installation.

It also needs relevant experience and knowledge of fitting it in your swimming pool.

2) Compared to other materials offering same solutions, the swimming pool plexiglass material tends to be relatively expensive.

And this can limit its use, especially where the high grade is required for a large pool surface.

3) Plexiglass swimming pools, in some instances, tend to fade and discolor.

And this often happens when exposed to direct sunlight where ultraviolet rays attack it.

The effect can degrade the quality and aesthetic value of this pool component.

4) The surface of this material is somewhat soft. This can be disadvantageous because it makes it more sensitive to scratches, especially when rubbed against abrasive components.

And the scratches tend to create unpleasant marks hence compromising its appearance.

Will Plexiglass Pool Yellow in the sun?

Generally, the sun has relatively less effect on plexiglass material.

Even so, yellowing of plexiglass depends on how long it is exposed to the direct sunlight.

It also depends on the intensity of sunlight and the actual grade or type of the plexiglass you are using.

Plexiglass material is naturally soft, and when the sun hits on it directly, the ultraviolet radiations tend to penetrate through the surface.

Once these radiations penetrate through the surface, they start attacking the units, which form plexiglass material.

The constant attack, of course might result in weakening of the surface hence affecting its clarity by gradually turning yellow.

It is not a phenomenon, which happens often, especially with the new generation plexiglass swimming pool currently available in the market.

But in extreme cases, and when using a low-grade plexiglass pool panel, you might experience yellowing of the surface after prolonged exposure to sun.

The good thing is this effect is always preventable by coating this component using UV stabilizer.

Does Plexiglass Swimming Pool get Cloudy?

To some extent, it gets cloudy, but this is also dependent on many factors.

Plexiglass swimming pool has a soft surface.

And this allows ultraviolet rays to attack it, especially when exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period.

In such instances, and of course, depending on the type or grade of plexiglass you are using, it can get cloudy.

Salinity is the other aspect, which can contribute immensely to cloudiness of swimming pool panel.

The soft nature of plexiglass can make it somewhat prone to salt in the water and air.

Once the salt accumulates on the surface of this material, it becomes cloudy.

On the same note, this material is also sensitive to scratches and dirt accumulation, especially if your pool hygiene is poor.

Such marks and the dirt debris can as well make the acrylic swimming pool cloudy.

In a nutshell, swimming pool plexiglass sheets can get cloudy but only in extreme cases.

And such cases revolve around pool cleanliness and maintenance, prolonged exposure to high-intensity direct sunlight, and prevailing environmental conditions.

On the flip side, though, it is always easy to eliminate cloudiness from your pool plexiglass sheet.

It is also possible to prevent it from often arising by applying the necessary surface coating treatment.

Can you use Plexiglass Swimming Pool for Indoor Pools?

Absolutely yes!

Plexiglass swimming pool offers a wide range of options and benefits for indoor applications.

In fact, this component has several features, which make it ideal to use it for indoor swimming pools.

For instance, it has high optical clarity, thus enhancing lighting within the indoor spaces.

It is also lightweight; hence you can quickly fix it without the need for any support.

It is safe since it can’t break nor shatter.

The essence of this is it prevents any accidents from happening.

And most importantly, plexiglass swimming pool is highly customizable.

And this aspect is quite vital when it comes to indoor pools since you’ll need to personalize it to match different aspects within the space.

How can you Cut Plexiglass Swimming Pool to Size without Cracking it?

The technique you are using to cut plexiglass swimming pool determines whether or not it will crack.

Generally, this material is hard, but when cutting plexiglass to size, it can easily crack if done incorrectly.

Here are the basic DIY steps for cutting this component without cracking.

But most important is ensuring you always wear protective gear when undertaking this task.

Step 1: Surface Preparation

It merely involves finding the right dimensions for the piece you want to cut. Mark the surface, using a pencil or any visible marker.

This allows you to know the line along you’ll be cutting.

Step 2: Select the Right Tool

You can use different types of hand saws and power saws depending on the sheet’s thickness, your agility, and urgency, among others.

But in most cases, there is a likelihood of this material to melt, especially when using a fast-moving blade, and the panel is relatively thick.

If possible, it is thus recommended that you go for a saw, which produces low-level heat.

Additionally, the saw needs to have fine-teeth blade.

Step 3: Start the Cutting Process

At this point, you begin cutting this material, but bearing in mind it can easily melt, you have to regulate the cutting speed.

If you’re using hand tools, go for one with adjustable speed such as jigsaw.

While at it, use slower speeds to avert melting and faster speed to prevent chipping.

In short, try and strike the balance of speed.

You also need to control the temperature, and in this case, you can utilize a spray bottle with has water in it.

Always ensure to direct a continuous spray of water on the plexiglass sheet as the saw blade slices through it.

Step 4: Finish up the Process

Even when you use the finest saw blades, you’ll still have a few sharp and rough edges on the surface you cut.

Thus you can choose to smoothen the edges if need be.

The ultimate goal, in this case, it to attain consistent cuts and edges.

The process is quite simple, as you can see.

Moreover, it is a DIY project.

Does UV Light go through Plexiglass Swimming Pool?

In most cases, the plexiglass swimming pool often comes coated with a UV stabilizer on its surface.

The manufacturers are aware of the fact that exposure of this material to direct sunlight can be inevitable.

Modern production of this pool component prevents UV from penetrating through it.

And it is the reason you’ll find most of plexiglass pool panels can maintain their clarity for as many years as possible without discoloring, fading or yellowing.

In other words, UV light hardly goes through plexiglass swimming pool unless it is a low-quality grade.

How do you Seal Cracked Plexiglass Swimming Pool?

Typically, plexiglass hardly cracks since it is a tough material and can withstand any form of impact and pressure.

However, in the unfortunate event it occurs, it so crucial to ensure that you prevent it quickly before it propagates.

The essence of this cracks on plexiglass often propagates faster since this material lacks grain hence can cuts across the material easily.

And in most instances, it often occurs along the scribe.

Sealing the crack can be somewhat the easiest DIY cure, which might prevent you from replacing the material.

It simply involves drilling of tiny holes at both ends of the crack.

This halts the cracks from extending further across the surface.

Apply recommended acrylic adhesive in the crack then wipe-off the spillage gently.

Then take a rotary polisher and use it buff the crack you have just sealed.

That’s how you can simply seal a cracked plexiglass swimming pool.

Can you get Customized Plexiglass Swimming Pool?

 Acrylic swimming pool

Acrylic swimming pool

Absolutely right! Since plexiglass is highly machinable material, it is an indication of how customizable it is.

What it means is, you can use several ways to modify your plexiglass swimming to match the specific requirements you need.

Most manufacturers of this pool component, including WeProFab, offer highly customized pieces, which befit your needs.

In many instances, what you ought to do is providing a prototype of how you’d wish the plexiglass to be and other details.

The designers will ensure they produce a customized plexiglass swimming pool replica to the prototype you’d provided.

What Designs are available for Plexiglass Swimming Pool?

They are quite several designs in the market, both standards and customized units.

They vary in terms of different elements including, size, shapes, thickness, and color shade, among others.

Some of the common designs include the following;

Transparent plexiglass swimming pool – As the name suggests, it refers to a clear swimming pool designed to enable you to see the entire pool.

Frosted plexiglass swimming pool – It is a customized to enable the surface of this material to appear like a frozen glass or foggy glass.

However, it still allows enough light to pass through it.

Mirrored plexiglass swimming pool – This is a made-to-order type designed to provide a mirror reflecting the image or any particular object.

Plexiglass outside swimming pool – It refers to a small-sized designed to be placed outside the house.

It is portable; hence you can change its positions from time to time as you wish.

Which Quality Standards does Plexiglass Swimming Pool Conform to?

Plexiglass swimming pool panels have to conform to several national and international quality standards.

Such standards help in enhancing the consistency of producing quality and safe products.

At the same time, the standards protect the buyer by ensuring they obtain product worth the value.

Some of the common quality standards of this component include; ASTM, UL, CE, and ISO, among others.

These quality standards help to establish and endorse quality principles that would enhance the safety of using plexiglass swimming pools.

How do you Clean Plexiglass Swimming Pool?

When cleaning this component, you have to drain off the water from the pool.

This allows you to identify all the spots with stubborn dirt and marks for thorough cleaning.

You can choose to use a pressure machine, especially if the size of the swimming is relatively large.

Nonetheless, ensure that you use lukewarm water, soap, or any recommended detergent together with a soft piece of cloth.

You will use the soft piece of cotton cloth to scrub the surface of the plexiglass swimming pool gently to remove any accumulated dirt.

Once you complete scrubbing, rinse the surface with clean water then allow it to dry before refilling the swimming pool once again.

Can you Paint Plexiglass Swimming Pool?

Most definitely!

However, if you need to attain better results, always ensure you are using the right paint for the task.

In many instances, the paints usually vary; hence you can choose either a translucent or opaque.

What’s important here, nonetheless, is going for high-grade plexiglass paint.

If need be, you can as well choose to any suitable paint, which easily bonds with plexiglass.

Additionally, be certain spray this pool component in regular sweeps using waterproof paint.

Just in case you want to shift from the traditional swimming pool, you should try plexiglass swimming pool.

It offers a range of benefits and desirable features.

For custom plexiglass swimming pool, you can contact us now.

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