• Polycarbonate Carport

Polycarbonate Carport

WeProFab is a superior polycarbonate carport distributor from China. We have multi-function, waterproof, twin-wall. We can also anodize custom and many more process for polycarbonate carport. Send your layout for your desired design!

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We, WeProFab are a reliable and trusted polycarbonate carport producer and manufacturer. We are responsible for customizing customer’s designs just to provide great satisfaction.

Clear Polycarbonate Carport

WeProFab is a leading supplier of clear polycarbonate carport in China. We have different styles of carports and shapes for your selection that will suit your needs.

Waterproof Polycarbonate Carport

We, WeProFab created and designed different resistance for polycarbonate carports such as waterproof carport. WeProFab is a leading supplier which you can trust.

Custom Polycarbonate Carport

WeProFab can custom polycarbonate carport perfectly. We have plenty of experts that can manage in fabricating designs and features. Affordable, versatile, and effective carports.

Multifunctional Polycarbonate Carport

You can get polycarbonate carports ideally to your project. WeProFab is a certified polycarbonate carport supplier that designs multifunctional carports suitable for any applications.

Polycarbonate Carport Manufacturer

If you still looking for a certified manufacturer of polycarbonate carports, WeProFab is able to build a great connection with you. In every customer’s projects, we provide great support.

Anodized Polycarbonate Carport

WeProFab can anodize and many other processes in fabricating polycarbonate carports. We can made it quality yet friendly offer a lower cost.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Carport Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company that could able to offer a one-stop solution for every customer who purchases our polycarbonate carports. We have lots of designers who could perfectly customize your send designs. We can support your project through our skilled staff that will guide all the way.

WeProFab is certified with ISO 9001 as a reliable supplier of polycarbonate carports. You have no worries about the supply you will receive because WeProFab is a qualified distributor in more than 20 years.

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Custom Polycarbonate Carport to Expand Your Brand

Twin-wall Polycarbonate Carport

WeProFab twin-wall polycarbonate carports are durable and stronger than glass and wooden carports. It strongly fights from heat and rainy seasons.

Polycarbonate Double Carport

WeProFab polycarbonate double carports are perfect for back to back waiting areas and parking areas. It is affordable the same as single carports.

Polycarbonate Single Slope Carport

This is the most popular and most common choice of many users. Commonly installed at parking lots, home parking area, and many locations.

3000mm Polycarbonate Carport

This WeProFab 3000mm polycarbonate carport size are suitable for long-lasting usage. It is durable and versatile polycarbonate carport that customers could love.

Polycarbonate Carport for 2-10 Cars

Choose our Polycarbonate carport perfect for 2 to 10 cars. It has a durable fixtures and customizations suitable for personal business. You can design your polycarbonate carports.

1 car Polycarbonate Carport

1 car polycarbonate carport is known for being high quality. Has excellent light transmission, weather resistance, and high impact resistance. Can only accommodate one car but can surely last a long time.

2 Cars Polycarbonate Carport

2 cars polycarbonate carport is highly corrosion and rust resistant. Can accommodate one or two cars. Made with long-lasting polycarbonate and comes in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. Primarily used outdoors.

Architecture Polycarbonate Carport

Architecture polycarbonate carport is an energy-efficient insulating façade. Has increased attraction to architects and has a far higher impact. Extremely beneficial when it comes to covering phases of any project.

Black Tinted Polycarbonate Carport

Black tinted polycarbonate carport is virtually unbreakable and has high impact strength. Made with sturdy polycarbonate that is tinted with black color. Perfect solution for a wide variety of outdoor uses.

Blue Tinted Polycarbonate Carport

Blue tinted polycarbonate carport is an effective material for many applications. Features a blue-tinted appearance. Made with very strong and resilient polycarbonate that can withstand extreme temperatures.

Customized Twin-Wall Sheet Polycarbonate Carport

Customized twin-wall sheet polycarbonate carport remains free from any various impacts for decades. Available for customization depending on the desired requirements. Features a twin-wall structure that improves the protection.

Flat Roof Polycarbonate Carport

A flat roof polycarbonate carport protects the car from falling debris. Features a flat surface of the roof, durable, and lightweight. Has the capacity to block out harmful UV rays that prevent discoloration and brittleness.

Frosted Polycarbonate Carport

A frosted polycarbonate carport is designed to withstand the extreme climate. Engineered with frosted polycarbonate that guarantees easy installation. Ensures a longer life span and outstanding look.

Gable Polycarbonate Carport

Gable polycarbonate carport arrives with various color options. Features a vertical triangular wall between the sloping ends of the roof. This kind of carport is also waterproof, fire retardant, and resistant to extreme temperatures.

Heat Resistant Polycarbonate Carport

Heat-resistant polycarbonate carport features dust-proof and heat insulation properties. Produced with UV coating polycarbonate sheet that is high quality and waterproof. Also resistant to corrosion and oxidation.

Lightweight Curved Polycarbonate Carport

A lightweight curved polycarbonate carport is a multi-purpose patio cover. Engineered with a lightweight polycarbonate that has a curved structure. Easy to assemble and has an extremely durable surface coating.

Modern Polycarbonate Carport

Modern polycarbonate carport offers lightweight and durable structure. Features a strong corrosion-resistance surface and is well-known for its sleek and modern design. Special colors and sizes can also be customized.

Movable Polycarbonate Carport

The movable polycarbonate carport is highly flexible and scratch-resistant. Protects the car against discoloring and can be moved from one place to another. Made with high-quality and unbreakable polycarbonate.

Timber Polycarbonate Carport

Timber polycarbonate carport can withstand extreme amounts of force. The beam is made of wood and it is very unbreakable. Guarantees excellent UV blocking capabilities and can last for many years without fading.

Tinted Polycarbonate Carport

The tinted polycarbonate carport has excellent light transmission and glossiness. Made with high-quality polycarbonate that is tinted. Treated with high-density surface coating and can be customized with the desired sizes.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Carport

WeProFab polycarbonate carports are designed to protect vehicles from any weather condition. It is fabricated with many styles and types that you could choose from.

A WeProFab polycarbonate carport is a sun shield that is commonly installed outdoors. WeProFab manufactures polycarbonate carports flat and curved types which owners surely love to buy. For business purposes, it can be good for you since it is negotiable and eye-catching to help generates profits.

Polycarbonate Carport

WeProFab can help your project be fulfilled. We have many stocks of polycarbonate carports ready to ship based on your time demand. We are responsible for handling safety shipping operations and provide flexible and secured packaging.

We have durable and well-designed metal or aluminum fixtures for polycarbonate carports. In manufacturing this carport, we ensure the safety of everyone.

Carports can be install or placed at any parking lot from establishments, public areas, and more.

You can choose any polycarbonate carport heights and a wide size based on your application. There are also available like portable polycarbonate carport and any sizes and shapes.

Polycarbonate Carport

In handling a business or purchasing a product is hard to handle as always. But always keep in mind that your business success depends on you.

If you are planning on dealing with WeProFab, you made an awesome choice. Your process and operations will be easier through our help. We can fully support your polycarbonate carport orders to be safe and secured in damage.

WeProFab always provides a smooth sailing production for everyone’s business success. If you deal with us, you don’t have to worry about polycarbonate carports you ordered.

Send your polycarbonate carport desired designs, sizes, and customizations. We will make sure to bring you better satisfaction. Contact us now!

Polycarbonate Carport

Polycarbonate Carport: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for the best polycarbonate carport to import from China.

That’s why this guide explores everything you need to know about polycarbonate carport – from design, features, material type, structure to color options, amongst others.

So, if you want to learn more about polycarbonate carport, read this guide.

What Is A Polycarbonate Carport?

A polycarbonate carport will provide shelter to your vehicle, be it a car, trailer, or recreational vehicle [RV].

It will protect the vehicles from the elements such as rain, snow, sun, etc.

Besides, you can use polycarbonate carports to protect trucks, boats, or farm equipment.

Polycarbonate carports can attach to a house or can be freestanding.

Usually, the sides of a polycarbonate carport are open, but you can find those that have a complete enclosure or partial enclosure.

Polycarbonate Carport

A Polycarbonate Carport

What Are Some Of The Available Designs Of Polycarbonate Carports?

Unlike garages, polycarbonate carports have openings on the sides and have a rood covering.

There are various designs that polycarbonate carports come in, and they include the following:

Lean-to Polycarbonate Carports

This design has one flopping roof which connects to a support such as a wall using wall plates.

The weight of lean-to polycarbonate carports is distributed between two poles.

This design is a cost-effective and popular design among the available polycarbonate carport designs.

Also, you can position them to offer uninterrupted protection to both your vehicle and the door of your house.

Lean To Polycarbonate

Lean To Polycarbonate

Free-standing Polycarbonate Carports

This design of polycarbonate carport has two or more posts that will provide support to the entire structure.

Besides, the free-standing polycarbonate structure can have either a single roof or an apex roof.

Besides, they provide flexibility since it is not necessary to mount a free-standing polycarbonate carport to walls.

Since they have more supporting posts, they tend to be costly, hence are not one of the most cost-effective design options.

Free Standing Carport

Free Standing Polycarbonate Carport

Cantilever Polycarbonate Carports

This type of design gets its support from one side and requires no additional support.

For this reason, cantilever polycarbonate carports provide an open area with no poles or posts.

Besides, you need to consider calculations relating to wind and snow loading to ensure the structure is sturdy.

Also, you can seek professional advice from structural engineers to give the structure a go-ahead during and after installation.

Catilever Carport

Cantilever Carport

What Are The Alternative Materials To Making Carports Besides Polycarbonate?

Carports are open structures that you can construct using different types of materials.

Besides, the common material that makes carports is wood.

Also, the maintenance requirements depend on the type of material that makes the carports.

For example, aluminum carports will require frequent cleaning.

Here are some alternative materials that you can use to make carports:

Wood Carports

These materials are environmentally friendly and come in different species.

However, the most common type of wood that you will use to construct carports is softwood.

Softwood is cut from coniferous trees such as spruce or Douglas fir.

Besides, you can use other types of wood species but this will have an impact on the durability of the carport.

The different categories of wood you can use in the construction process include:

  1. Untreated wood
    For this type of wood, you require frequent maintenance since it has no treatment.
    Besides, it is suitable for you to coat untreated wood to add more protection.
    Also, you can coat untreated wood with paint or wood stain.
  2. Autoclave-treated wood
    This type of r wood rooftop is resistant to insects.
    Besides, autoclave-treated woods require no maintenance.
  3. High-temperature treated wood
    This type of wood undergoes treatment at high temperatures.
    After that, you will inject the wood with water vapor.
    This type of treatment will make the rooftop of the wood resistant to different kinds of elements.

Wood Carport

Wood Carport

Aluminum Carports

This is a durable material that you can use to make carports.

Besides, you cannot alter aluminum material and it requires no special maintenance besides regular cleaning.

Aluminum carports are available in a wide range of modern designs.

Carport Made From Aluminium

Carport Made From Aluminium

Galvanized Steel Carports

This type of material will offer strong support to the carport structure.

Besides, they have zinc-plating which will increase its resistance to elements and makes it have anti-rust properties.

Also, you can combine galvanized steel with aluminum structures when making carports.

Galvanized Steel Carport

Galvanized Steel Carport

What Shapes Do Polycarbonate Carport Roofs Come In?

The roof of polycarbonate carports gets its definition from the shape of the frame.

Here are the roof options possible for polycarbonate carports:

Single-sloping Roof

This roof option is suitable only for lean-to polycarbonate carports.

Flat Roof

This type of roof is suitable for all types of polycarbonate carports.

Apex Roof

This type of roof is only suitable for use in free-standing polycarbonate carports.

Carport With A Flat Roof Polycarbonate

Carport With A Flat Roof Polycarbonate

Single Sloping Roof Option

Single Slope Roofing Option

Besides Polycarbonate, What Are Some Alternative Roofing Materials For Carports?

The available roofing materials you can use to make carports entail the following:


This is a lightweight and durable roofing material that comes from bitumen panels.

Roofing Tiles

This type of roofing material is suitable if the carport has no roof but rather a structure made from timber.

Besides, you can tile this roofing material to match the type of roof tiles for your home or premise.


This is a resistant roofing material that can be a flat or corrugated sheet.

Wooden Framework

This is an environmentally friendly roofing material that will not protect from environmental elements.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Polycarbonate Carports?

There are several benefits to using polycarbonate carports, and they entail the following:

Low Cost

Polycarbonate carports are cost-effective when you compare them to full garages.

Besides, they can cost up to 50% less than a garage of equivalent size.

Also, they are lightweight meaning you will save a lot when it comes to labor, and transport costs.


Polycarbonate carports will protect your car against the weather elements such as snow, hail, ice, debris, etc.

It will protect your car yet have a smaller footprint than regular garages.


Polycarbonate carports come in various designs and sizes to suit your needs.

Also, you can customize it to make it match the look of your property.


Polycarbonate carports are 250 times much stronger than glass.

Also, they are virtually indestructible since they are impact-resistant.

These properties make them suitable for protection against extreme weather conditions.

Easy To Install

The polycarbonate material sheet can attach directly to frames or support structures.

Then you will use simple joining or mounting tools and accessories to quickly install them.

Thermal Insulation

Polycarbonate carports will provide some level of thermal insulation.

Besides, this includes both multiwall and solid polycarbonate material.

Multiwall polycarbonate offers a high level of thermal insulation due to its interior structure.

This includes 2-wall, 3-wall, 4-wall, honeycomb, and X structure constructions.

Light Transmission

A polycarbonate carport will provide light transmission characteristics that you can compare to that of glass.

It is also advantageous over glass since it operates the same way and is lightweight and durable.

Multiple Colors

Polycarbonate carports can come in at least 12 various colors.

This means you can customize your polycarbonate carport to come in various colors suitable for your requirements.


The weight of polycarbonate material is half as much as that of glass.

This means the shipping costs will be low and you can easily move, store, and handle the polycarbonate carports.

Simple To Shape

Polycarbonate carports are easy to cut and shape to suit your needs.

This means you can shape it into various and fancy shapes to add a design element to the carport.

Fire Resistant

Polycarbonate carports have a fire-resistant feature making them suitable in areas prone to fires.

UV Protection

High-quality polycarbonate carports come with UV coatings on either one side or both sides.

This protection will shield the polycarbonate from the effects of yellowing or discoloring due to direct sunlight.


Several manufacturers will give you buyback and recycling options for polycarbonate materials that remain unused.


Polycarbonate carports are available with warranties that last up to 15 years.

How Do Single, Double, And Triple Polycarbonate Carports Compare?

It is commonplace for polycarbonate carport suppliers to refer to the carports as single, double, or triple.

This is a description of the width of the polycarbonate carport.

In other words, it describes how many cars it can contain when they are side-to-side.

Here is a breakdown of these categories:

Single Polycarbonate Carports

This design is usually 12 feet wide and can contain one car.

Sigle Polycarbonate Carport

Single Polycarbonate Carport

Double Polycarbonate Carports

This design can measure anywhere between 18 feet and 24 feet.

It is suitable for parking two cars side-by-side.

Triple Polycarbonate Carports

The width of this design of carport is usually between 26 feet and 30 feet, giving it space wide enough to hold three cars.

Besides, you can use triple polycarbonate carports to store heavy equipment on farms or businesses.

Triple Polycarbonate Carport

Triple Polycarbonate Carport

What Are The Types Of Anchors You Can Use With Polycarbonate Carports?

Depending on your location, weather conditions such as high winds and violent storms can damage your polycarbonate carport.

There are a variety of polycarbonate carport anchors that will securely hold the carport to the ground even during extreme weather conditions.

The choice of an anchor is an important factor to consider depending on the surface you will install the polycarbonate carport.

Besides, you can have both certified and non-certified polycarbonate carports.

There are some anchors you can use to provide additional security and wind resistance when using non-certified polycarbonate carports.

Here are some varieties of polycarbonate carport anchors that you can use to secure the structure:

Rebar Anchors

These are long pieces of rebar that you will hammer into the ground using a sledgehammer.

Rebar anchors will offer a stronghold for a broad variety of polycarbonate carports.

However, rebar anchors are not suitable for use on certified units.

Rebar anchors are suitable for use in bare, dirt, gravel, or asphalt grounds.

Concrete Anchors

These are also known as wedge anchors.

For this type of anchor, you will place them in holes that you have drilled in the concrete.

Once you tighten the bolts, the wedge will expand and holds the polycarbonate carport securely in place.

Concrete anchors are suitable for use on the concrete ground.

Mobile Home Anchors

These are also known as auger anchors.

Mobile home anchors are long rods that have augur ends which you will crew securely to the ground.

Besides, you will use mobile home anchors on certified polycarbonate carports that you will place on top of gravel or dirt.

Also, mobile home anchors enable the polycarbonate carport to be certified for wind load.

Mobile home or augur anchors are suitable for use in dirt, bare, gravel, or asphalt grounds.

Lag Bolt Anchors

This type of anchor is suitable for use when you place the polycarbonate carport over a wooden surface.

The wooden surface can be a patio or a deck.

Lag bolts are hard and robust and will offer a secure hold on the polycarbonate carports on various wooden surfaces.

How Does The Surface Foundation Influence Polycarbonate Carports?

An important question many buyers ask is whether to install polycarbonate carports on concrete surfaces or other types of materials.

However, the ground selection is a personal choice.

For instance, you can install high-quality, 130 miles per hour certified and wind-resistant polycarbonate carports on any surface.

This includes gravel, dirt, or concrete driveway surfaces.

Besides, if you need a concrete surface, you first have to pour concrete before install the polycarbonate carport.

However, the stability and durability of the polycarbonate carport do not rely on the surface foundation you are installing it on.

What Are Portable Polycarbonate Carports?

Portable polycarbonate carports are carports that you can disassemble and move from place to place.

They are also lightweight making them easy to relocate when the need arises.

Portable polycarbonate carports have their benefits and limitations, so it is vital to understand what they are and their advantages.

Some benefits include:

  • They are lightweight
  • The assembly and disassembly time is quick
  • Cost-effective
  • They are portable
  • Various options for customization
  • They offer long-term value
  • Better protection to your car and other items

Some limitations include the following:

  • A high upfront cost
  • Depending on your skills, it may be difficult to set up and take down
  • Not very durable
  • Need frequent replacements

How Does Attached And Detached Polycarbonate Carports Compare?

Both of these polycarbonate carports have their advantages and limitations.

Here are some considerations for you if you are not sure which one to choose:

Attached Polycarbonate Carports

Here are some benefits to using the attached polycarbonate carports:

  1. This type of polycarbonate carport allows you access to your car or storage items from your house without the need to go outdoors
  2. It entails building the polycarbonate carports onto your premise using the existing structural support
  3. Besides, the support from your premise will provide strength and stability

However, there are some limitations to using attached polycarbonate carports:

  1. Before installing the structure, you need permits and planning approvals
  2. An increase of the construction costs if you need to match the polycarbonate carport to the style of your home
  3. Gradual wear can cause leakages and damage to the home structure from its construction

Attached Polycarbonate Carport

Attached Polycarbonate Carport

Detached Polycarbonate Carports

Here are some benefits to using detached polycarbonate carports:

  1. It offers flexibility and freedom to install the structure without the need to plan around the existing structure
  2. An increase in safety since there is a low risk of structural damage and fire hazards
  3. There will be minimal noise in your premises when operating the door or tools in the polycarbonate carport
  4. Less costly than attached polycarbonate carports since you use existing structures hence no need for custom solutions

What Will Determine The Size Of Your Polycarbonate Carport?

Choosing to add high-quality polycarbonate carports is a smart decision since they are affordable, functional, long-lasting, and purposeful.

Selecting the correct size for your application can be difficult since there are several factors worth considering.

Here are some factors that will guide you in making this decision:


This entails understanding why you need the polycarbonate carport.

For instance, do you plan to use it exclusively to park your cars or you can use it for other purposes too?

Some polycarbonate carport owners will use part of the structure to shelter the car and the other part to store items.

If you plan to use it for parking purposes, you can easily calculate the size you require.

Here, you will determine how many cars you plan to park side-by-side and the size of the cars available.

Standard polycarbonate carports are suitable to cover this function rather than customizing it.

Also, you can select between single, double, or triple polycarbonate carports depending on the cars available.

Number Of Vehicles

When selecting polycarbonate carports, ensure that you measure the size of the cars you plan to park underneath them.

The process is simple and will deter you from making expensive mistakes.

Besides, ensure you have enough space around the car or cars.

The standard 12-inch is enough for most cars and pickups that are narrower than that width.

This is because you require enough space to move around the carport with ease.


Ensure you save on the length and not the width of the polycarbonate carport when space is a limiting factor.

Besides, you require space to enter and exit the car on the sides.

Also, you need some margin of error when parking the car which is available if you save on the length of the carport.

Even though you cannot walk to the front side of the car, you will still protect the car from the elements.

Available Space

Ensure you consider the space you currently have then consider the size you want for the polycarbonate carport.

This factor allows you to select the right size for the available space since a big carport on a small property makes no sense.

Besides, ensure the polycarbonate carports is large enough to cater for your car or cars, and the entry and exit points.

Future Expansion

Here, you will consider if there are plans for you to add cars to your polycarbonate carport.

If the answer is yes, consider buying large polycarbonate carports that you need at the moment.

Besides, you do not want to start buying a new polycarbonate carport when you want to purchase another car.

Ensure you plan for the future and purchase and install polycarbonate carports that will serve you for a long duration.

Can You Customize A Polycarbonate Carport?

Yes, you can customize polycarbonate carports as per your liking.

All you need to do is share your design requirements with the manufacturer and they will quote you a price.

What Are Some Types Of Polycarbonate Carports?

There are several types of polycarbonate carports that you can build on your property.

Here are some types that you can choose from:

Single Polycarbonate Carport

This is a simple one-spot polycarbonate carport containing four pillars and a roof.

Besides, you can add blinds or decking to enclose some parts of the structure.

Double Polycarbonate Carport

This is a large structure that can fit two cars side by side.

Just like the single counterpart, you can add blinds or decking to enclose some parts of the structure.

Attached Polycarbonate Carport

These structures have a link with a building, shed, garage, or home.

Free-standing Polycarbonate Carport

This structure is not close to a building or a premise as it has its own space.

Besides, you will use free-standing polycarbonate carports when you have a lot of space on your property.

Tandem Polycarbonate Carport

This type of polycarbonate carport allows you to park two cars, one in front of the other.

Besides, you will use this type when your property does not have much space.

Tandem Polycarbonate Carport

Tandem Polycarbonate Carport

What Are Some Frameworks You Can Use To Support Polycarbonate Carports?

There are various materials that you can use to support polycarbonate carports.

These entail the following:


Polyvinyl chloride is popular in glazing industries due to its mass production and cheap price.

Besides, PVC is considerably maintenance-free and has a pleasing appearance for a long duration.

However, it requires maintenance since it expands and contracts due to exposure to sunlight.

When the installation process is not professional, it can form leaks in your roof.


This is a strong and durable material that you can use to create robust polycarbonate carports.

However, steel is expensive and requires some form of treatment such as galvanizing or powder coating.

These treatments will prevent the structure from rusting.

Steel also needs frequent inspection and maintenance practices to make it last longer by preventing it from rusting.

Besides, steel has high carbon footprints since it requires a lot of energy to produce.

However, steel is 100% recyclable hence proving to be environmentally friendly.


This is a lightweight, strong, durable, corrosion-resistant, and recyclable material.

Besides, it is cost-effective and comes with a warranty of 25 years.

Aluminum requires minimal maintenance practices and will maintain a good form for several years.

Also, aluminum is a suitable material for making polycarbonate carport frameworks and is easy to install.


This is a natural, renewable, and environmentally friendly material.

Timber frameworks are of good value but need treatment to enhance their lifespan.

If left untreated or the installation process is incorrect, timber will warp, split, or bend.

Besides, glue-laminated timber has a great tensile strength comparable to that of steel and is also corrosion-resistant.

However, this is a costly option compared to aluminum material.

What Is The Significance Of Polycarbonate Carports?

Here is the importance of polycarbonate carports:

Keeps Cars Clean

Polycarbonate carports will protect your car from rain, bird droppings, tree sap, and dust thereby providing a holistic cover.

This means you do not have to wash your car often.

Protects Cars From Extreme Weather

Polycarbonate carports will keep your car out of extreme weather conditions.

It prevents debris, rain, or snow from landing on your car.

Keeps Car Out Of Sunlight

The main reason for owning polycarbonate carports is to keep the car away from direct sunlight.

This helps prevent your car from baking in the midday heat which makes it uncomfortable for you to enter.

Besides, it prevents the UV rays from harming the paintwork on the car.

Continual exposure to UV rays makes the paintwork dull, thereby lowering the resale value of your vehicle.

Resale Value

Polycarbonate carports will save you a lot of money when you want to resale your car.

Clean-looking paintwork makes the cars fetch a high price than that which parks under the sun its entire life.

Easy Access Area

Since there are no heavy doors on polycarbonate carports, it makes it easy to access the car.

Adds Value To Your Home

There are a variety of polycarbonates carports that can match your home décor, thereby adding value.

Cleaning Area

Polycarbonate carports provide a shaded area that allows you to clean the car at any moment.

What Elements Should You Consider When Choosing Polycarbonate Carports?

These elements entail the following:

Downpipes And Gutters

Select polycarbonate carports that have gutters and downpipes.

This will ensure that rainwater moves to a specific area and not randomly on the roof as it causes the formation of puddles.

Hailstone Resistance

Although this does not happen often, hailstones can damage your polycarbonate carports.

For this reason, depending on your region, ensure the polycarbonate carport is resistant to hailstones.

Besides, polycarbonate roofing material offers high impact resistance against hailstones.

Wind And Snow

It is vital to select polycarbonate carports whose design allows them to conform to wind and snow loadings for your locality.

Building Regulations

Constructing new attached polycarbonate carports normally require approval by building regulations.

Ensure you contact your building control office to determine the specific requirements for your premises.

This applies to polycarbonate carports which occupy over 30 meters square of floor.

Besides, polycarbonate carports occupying under 30 meters square normally require no planning permission.

However, this is dependent on your region so ensure you contact the relevant authority to check for any planning requirements.


The price of a polycarbonate carport will influence your choice.

Besides, it is not always advisable to select the cheapest option.

However, if you think it is of good quality and long-lasting, you can opt to go that way.

Selecting a slightly costly option, made from high-quality material is cost-effective in the long run.


Since polycarbonate carports can be expensive, ensure you select one that is durable and offers you value for your money.

Polycarbonate carports having a good warranty indicates that it is of good quality and durable.

What Size Of Polycarbonate Carports Is Suitable?

Polycarbonate carports will come as single, double, or triple option sizes.

Triple polycarbonate carports will cost more and occupies three times the space than single polycarbonate carports.

Various configurations allow you to park the cars side-by-side or in a single file.

Select the size that will fit the available size you have at your premises.

What Is The Best Color For Polycarbonate Carports?

If you live in an area experiencing a lot of sunlight, select a light color for the roof of your polycarbonate carport.

This is because the light color will reflect sunlight thereby stopping heat from building up under the canopy of the polycarbonate carport.

Dark colors are suitable for areas that experience a lot of snowfall.

Besides, dark colors will absorb sunlight thus assist in melting the snow from the roof of the carport.

What Factors Determine The Cost Of Polycarbonate Carports?

Polycarbonate carports will cost you anywhere from 50 USD to 2000 USD.

This price range depends on the following factors:


Large polycarbonate carports will cost more than smaller versions.


A triple polycarbonate carport configuration will cost more than a single polycarbonate carport configuration.


If the supplier has a lot of experience and expertise, they will tend to make expensive polycarbonate carports.

Country Of Origin

Polycarbonate carports from China tend to cost less than those from other countries.

This is because many manufacturers make a variety of them.

Add-on Features And Customization

Standard polycarbonate carports will cost less than custom-made polycarbonate carports.

Additional features will increase the cost of the polycarbonate carport.

These include:


A vertical roof will cost more than a horizontal roof since you require more structure.

Besides, it offers better performance.


Adding doors or walls to your polycarbonate carport will add some extra cost.

For instance, you can include roll-up doors or basic walk-in doors.


Adding windows means you will pay extra for that feature.

Besides, if you plan to spend more time in polycarbonate carports, it would be nice to include windows.


Adding gables at one or both ends of the polycarbonate carport will increase the overall cost.

Gables will enhance the functionality of the structure and keeps out rain or snow from entering the polycarbonate carport.

Besides, gables will enhance the final look of the polycarbonate carport.

Additional Trustees

If you plan to add extra trustees to your polycarbonate carport to improve strength and stability, you will pay extra.

Do You Need Permits When Erecting Polycarbonate Carports?

The installation requirements for polycarbonate carports depend on its type and the guidelines from the manufacturers.

When installing polycarbonate carports on concrete surfaces, ensure you cross-check with the local authority for any permits.

This will prevent you from making costly moves when installing polycarbonate carports.

What Is The Standard Height For Polycarbonate Carports?

Depending on the design, a majority of polycarbonate carports come in heights ranging between 8.5 feet and 12 feet.

Flat-roof polycarbonate carports are usually lower than A-frame polycarbonate carports roofs.

Besides, A-frame roofs enable you to store other items in the polycarbonate carport roof.

They also allow rain to easily runoff.

Standard Height Of A Polycarbonate Carport

Standard Size Of A Polycarbonate Carport

What Do You Need When Installing Polycarbonate Carports?

To install a polycarbonate carport, you need to consider the design and the guidelines listed by the manufacturer.

There are some models that you will install on flat concrete slabs for them to offer the best performance.

If you install them on unleveled surfaces, you may damage the integrity of the polycarbonate carport.

How Can You Build A Polycarbonate Carport?

Here are some steps to undertake when building polycarbonate carports:

  • Begin by setting an adequate perimeter where you will install the polycarbonate carport
  • Attach string lines to ensure the shape is a perfect rectangle
  • Cross-check the dimension to ensure the pegs are in a square dimension to one another
  • Dig holes for the posts
  • Pour cement in the holes and secure with a post saddle
  • Place posts once the cement cures and ensure they are in a vertical position
  • Create datum lines to ensure the roof is leveled
  • Attach beams and ensure they are in a horizontal position
  • Proceed to attach rafters
  • Fit gutters and downpipes along the lower side of the polycarbonate carport
  • Finish by placing and fastening the polycarbonate roof making sure it is within the side beams

Can You Fit Lights In Polycarbonate Carports?

Yes, you can.

When installing a light, ensure they can withstand extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain or high humidity.

What Should You Consider When Building Polycarbonate Carports?

Ensure you have everything on your side before beginning the building process.

Measure twice and cut once as it can be costly and time-consuming to replace components.

Avoid placing polycarbonate carports under trees.

Make sure you regularly clean the gutters to minimize fire hazards.

Always check with your local authority for any necessary permits.

Wear appropriate safety gear when building and ask for assistance when heavy lifting is involved.

Will Polycarbonate Carport Block UV?

Yes, polycarbonate will protect your car and other items from UV rays.

How Long Will Polycarbonate Carports Last?

High-quality polycarbonate carports will last you for an average of 25 years.

Can Polycarbonate Carports Withstand Snow?

Yes, they can.

When you combine polycarbonate carports with extruded aluminum, it makes it strong and durable.

This feature makes them withstand very high wind speeds and heavy snow loads.

Also, the polycarbonate carport can withstand high wind speeds of up to 230 km/h.

Besides, they can also withstand a snow load of 900 kgs when distributed within a radius of 1.5 m.

How Does Polycarbonate Carport Compare To Glass Carport?

Polycarbonate carports are unbreakable while glass carports are breakable.

Besides, polycarbonate carports will protect your car and other items from 100% of harmful UV rays.

Polycarbonate carports are 10 times stronger than glass carports.

Glass carports are heavier than polycarbonate carports.

Polycarbonate carports can withstand snow, storms, etc., without shattering which is difficult for glass carports.

The impact resistance of polycarbonate carports is 200 times better than that of glass carports.

Polycarbonate carports are lightweight and easy to maneuver and install than glass carports.

Also, polycarbonate sheet carports offer 60% better insulation than glass carports hence reduce the greenhouse effect.

Polycarbonate carports can have a special outside coating that offers self-cleaning characteristics.

Also, polycarbonate carports will offer a high degree of sound damping, reaching up to 25 decibels.

Besides, polycarbonate carports come in a variety of colors that suit your requirements.

For all your questions or inquiry about polycarbonate carports from China – contact WeProFab now.

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