• Polycarbonate Case

Polycarbonate Case

Weprofab is one of the largest producers of polycarbonate case in mainland China. We have the capabilities to manufacture and supplied our customers with our latest polycarbonate case. Send us your ideal design and we will made it for you.

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Case to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab polycarbonate sheet are made from high quality polycarbonate sheet. We manufacture plenty of polycarbonate case to meet the customer’s requirements.

Polycarbonate Waterproof Case

Weprofab is one of the professional manufacturers of polycarbonate waterproof case. Weprofab provides unique protection for your valuable things or devices to avoid destruction.

Leather Polycarbonate Case

If you are looking for a leather polycarbonate case, you can check on Weprofab. We offer our polycarbonate case for our customers with different various application.

Polycarbonate Case Clear Lid

If you are in need of polycarbonate case, Weprofab is one of the largest producers of all kinds of polycarbonate case that you need for your business.

Polycarbonate Wheeled Cabin Luggage Case

All of our polycarbonate case is made from high quality of polycarbonate sheet. 100% guaranteed genuine polycarbonate finished products.

Polycarbonate Card Case

Polycarbonate card case is excellent for carrying your important items like id, license, and other valuable cards. Weprofab can offer your an outstanding polycarbonate case intended for your business.

Transparent Polycarbonate Case

Weprofab can offer you a huge range of polycarbonate cases with different models and styles and can choose your own design.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Case Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also a metal fabrication.

As one of the professional manufacturer of polycarbonate case, Weprofab can provide polycarbonate case and offer excellent protection from any of your valuable devices which is great for your business.

Send us an inquiry now, we will answer you promptly.

Custom Polycarbonate Case to Skyrocket Your Brand

Polycarbonate Laptop Case

Weprofab polycarbonate laptop case are perfect for your laptop to avoid scratches and dents. We can provide all your polycarbonate case need.

Shock proof Polycarbonate Case

Weprofab shock proof polycarbonate case is a perfect choice in order to avoid breaking your smartphones if they fall really hard. We have full capabilities to provide best polycarbonate case for our customers.

Thin Polycarbonate Case

If you need a polycarbonate case, Weprofab is your one-stop solution in all your polycarbonate case problem.

Polycarbonate Electronic Plastic Case

Polycarbonate electronic plastic case is lightweight, durable, UV-stabilized, and impact-resistant. Ideal for outdoor electronic and electrical applications. It is UL-listed, waterproof, and resistant to the elements.

Shatter-Resistant Polycarbonate Phone Case

Our shatter-resistant polycarbonate phone is perfect for UV custom printing. Available in various colors and sizes. It is shatter-resistant and won’t shatter like glass if dropped. Not only powerful and durable but also versatile.

Polycarbonate iPhone Case

Polycarbonate iPhone case is made of robust, lightweight, and long-lasting plastic. They’re simple to maintain and come in a range of colors and designs. Protect mobile from scratches and bruises.

Clear Polycarbonate Case

Weprofab clear polycarbonate case is made of polycarbonate (PC), clear cover color. It is a versatile case that is perfect for mounting printed circuit boards horizontally. Provide strong impact protection. Great for utilities, metalworking, and a variety of industry use.

Ultra-Thin Polycarbonate Case

Ultra-thin polycarbonate cases are lightweight and durable. Has excellent dust and scratch resistance. This tough case is custom-molded to fit your phone or device perfectly. It’s simple to set up.

Transparent Polycarbonate Case

The transparent polycarbonate case has ultra-clear features, exhibits scratch-resistant coating. Manufactured of a robust, lightweight, and long-lasting plastic. Available in a variety of styles and colors.

Polycarbonate Case for Oppo

Polycarbonate cases for Oppo are made of high-grade polycarbonate and TPU materials. Features dual layer shockproof combines soft TPU with a high-quality PC shell for the best looks and protection for your valuable investment.

Polycarbonate Glossy Case

Weprofab polycarbonate glossy case is 100% environmentally-friendly. It has a smooth design that can be printed in any color. Original colors available are white and black or can be customized. Durable and slim.

Polycarbonate Mechanical Keyboard Case

Polycarbonate mechanical keyboard case is made of polycarbonate (PC). Possess many structural and physical properties such as optimum strength and reliability. The colors available are red, pink, purple, blue, etc. They’re sturdy enough to withstand bending.

Polycarbonate Cello Case

Polycarbonate cello case is manufactured with the most modern polycarbonate technology. It is providing greater stiffness and protection. These are extremely durable cases at an affordable price. There is a range of hues to choose from.

Polycarbonate Viola Case

Polycarbonate viola case has a good weather resistance seal. It has a lightweight polycarbonate shell. Features detachable shoulder straps, internal detachable compartment, adjustable velcro support pad, padded supports, and more.

Soft Polycarbonate Case

Soft polycarbonate cases by Weprofab are thin, light, and comfortable to handle. It’s comprised of a mix of optically clear polycarbonate and flexible TPU. Allowing for easy access to the buttons.

Polycarbonate Phone Case for UV Printing

A polycarbonate phone case for UV printing is a fashionable case. It is shatter-resistant and won’t shatter like glass if dropped. These cases are quick and easy to sell, can be printed with their design, logos, patterns, corporate branding, etc.

Polycarbonate Multi-Layer Shock-Resistant Case

Polycarbonate multi-layer shock-resistant case comes with a TPU bumper, a clear hard PC back, and a robust aluminum multi-layer shockproof construction. The phone screen and camera are protected from scratches by the raised lip.

Large Polycarbonate Waterproof Case

Weprofab’s large polycarbonate waterproof case is sturdy, durable, and waterproof. It protects your device from several dangers. Inside and out, the TPR lining joins with the sturdy polycarbonate construction to provide protection.

Polycarbonate Keycap Case

Polycarbonate keycap case is made of plastic, more specifically, PC (polycarbonate). Exhibits outstanding durability, build quality, and distinctive style. Can be customized according to specific requirements such as layout, sizes, features, etc.

Custom Hard Polycarbonate PC Case

Weprofab custom hard polycarbonate PC cases are high-quality, sturdy, and efficient. It comes with custom lighting, water cooling, and tempered glass. Available in a wide range of features, distinctive styles, and sizes.

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Why Weprofab Polycarbonate Case

Weprofab polycarbonate case offers best protection for smart phones and other devices.

Polycarbonate case is mostly used for mobile industry.

It’s a very hard, tough, lightweight and durable plastic material that is also used in making bulletproof windows, glasses and shields.

Polycarbonate Case

Weprofab Polycarbonate Case is a state of the art mobile cases.

It provides the protection against scratches, breakages, chips and  cracks.

Preserving the appearance of phones and minimized the wear and tear is its main feature.

It also adds style and personality to phones.

Polycarbonate case has 250 more impact resistance than the glass, so it can protect phones even from a 20 feet drop.

Polycarbonate Case

Weprofab also offers optional coatings or additives to the polycarbonate case so it won’t degrade due to UV ray exposure.

Each polycarbonate case is customizable, so you can choose from different designs and shapes depending on your needs.

Weprofab Polycarbonate case is very practical to use nowadays.

More and more consumers are patronizing the use of mobile cases that is made of polycarbonate.

Even with its durable and tough features, it’s still a lightweight material that will never weigh down your purse or pocket.

Polycarbonate Case

As one of the leading manufacturers of polycarbonate case, we continue to provide a great solution to improve and enhance the qualities of our product performance and also our services.

In order for less damage and meet the market demand.

We make sure all our polycarbonate case pass the international standard of quality control.

Guaranteed its all genuine.

We strive hard together with our expert engineers and hardworking staff to make our products better with the use of our advanced technology equipment.

If you are interested in our polycarbonate case, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will answer you immediately.

Polycarbonate Case: The Complete FAQ Guide

Here is a set of 26 FAQs that will help understand every aspect of a polycarbonate case.

So, whether you want to import or learn more about polycarbonate; you must read this guide.

Here is all you need to know:

What is Polycarbonate Case?

This is a type of cabinet, shell, or enclosure, which consists of one or more polycarbonate surfaces.

They come in different types, sizes, and designs for a wide variety of applications.

As the name suggests, this particular case is made of polycarbonate material, which has some of the best features ideal for the purpose of the case.

Polycarbonate case also comes in customized design, which is vital for a particular application that requires specific requirements.

Polycarbonate case

 Polycarbonate case for Huawei phone

What is Polycarbonate Case used for?

It is used in numerous applications depending on what it is designed for.

One of the most significant elements to have in mind is that polycarbonate cases are, in most instances, customized to suit particular needs.

Some of the common uses of this product include the following;

i. Phone Cases

It is unquestionably one of the popular applications of polycarbonate case.

We’re living in an era where the dominance of smartphones is over 90%.

For that reason, it shows that there is a need for protecting these smart mobile phones from a number of elements such as scratches, impact, and moisture, among others.

So the use of polycarbonate case becomes critical in enhancing safety, usability, and efficiency of such phones.

Polycarbonate phone casing

Polycarbonate phone casing

ii. Storing Cards

You can as well use a polycarbonate case for storing your cards.

If you’re in the business world, it is inevitable to always come across other like-minded partners, shareholders or prospects who you’d wish to share their business cards with.

Also, if you like traveling quite often, there would be the need for carrying a number of cards, of course for different purposes such as credit, debit, identification and medical insurance cards, among others.

Thus, you can get a well-designed card case made of polycarbonate material for this task.

Polycarbonate case for cards

 Polycarbonate case for cards

iii. Traveling Container

You can also use a polycarbonate case as a traveling case for your luggage.

In fact, most people nowadays prefer this type of luggage case since they are quite durable, impact-resistant and safe hence enhances your traveling experience.

The fact that most of them are also come in a wheeled form makes them more popular.

polycarbonate luggage case

Polycarbonate luggage case

iv. Office Cabinets

Nowadays, if you get into many offices, you’ll notice that most of the file cabinets are designed with polycarbonate cases.

They are essential in this case because they enhance efficiency in the office environment.

At the same time, depict aesthetics by complimenting different elements within the surrounding.

polycarbonate office cabinets

 Polycarbonate office cabinets

v. Laptop Cover

Many people also use polycarbonate cases as covers for their laptops.

It is critical since laptops are usually vulnerable to falls, which can lead to easy breakage.

Laptops are also susceptible to liquid spills hence the need for such covers to prevent the liquid from getting into it.

Polycarbonate laptop cover

Polycarbonate laptop cover

vi. Tablet Cover

Just like mobile phones and laptops, you can also use a polycarbonate case to cover your tablet devices.

It protects them from scratches, chips, and cracks, among others.

Polycarbonate tablet cover

Polycarbonate tablet case

What are the Benefits of Polycarbonate Case?

  • It provides the utmost safety to your products. What happens is that in numerous instances, mobile devices are often prone to falling cracking, scratching or even breaking.
  • When you cover it using polycarbonate case, you’re guaranteed that it is protected from all such elements.
  • Another advantage is that the cases help in preserving the appearance of the devices. It happens that the cover reduces instances of wearing and tearing.
  • This is critical since it shows that your device will always look as good as new.
  • This type of case is also essential when it comes to adding style and personality to the devices.

You ought to remember that in most instances, you can always go for customized polycarbonate casing for your gadget.

And this is where you’ll choose what suits your style as a guarantee of enhancing its aesthetic value.

  • It is lightweight; hence you won’t feel like it is a piece of baggage that weighs down your pocket or purse.

Most of these cases are expertly formulated such that it feels incredibly lightweight.

This is a critical feature of this product, given that most of its uses revolve around mobile devices, which you have to walk with most of the time.

  • Most polycarbonate cases are reasonably affordable. This definitely is beneficial because it implies that you’ll be protecting your devices with a quality material that you can only acquire at an affordable rate.
  • It also protects your devices from UV rays hence increasing the overall durability.

Are there Disadvantages of Polycarbonate Case?

Of course, every material has its weakness and polycarbonate case is not necessarily an exception, albeit a few.

Some of these disadvantages include the following;

  • Polycarbonate, which the primary material for manufacturing this case tends to change colors, or fade when exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period.

This is more likely to happen, particularly if the cover is not given a protective coating.

Now the effect of this is that it compromises the aesthetic value of the case.

  • Another weakness is that some polycarbonate covers are not designed with cushioning materials.

This can be a downside because it means that your gadget might be at risk since it is the cushioning material that protects the device effectively.

  • Moreover, the polycarbonate case is prone to dirt, and more likely to acquire fingerprints and sweat.

It thus implies that it requires a high level of attention when it comes to handling and maintaining it.

One or a combination of all these might make your device to look somewhat less stylish.

Is there Material that Can Replace Polycarbonate Case?

Yes, they are quite a number.

However, only a few can match the qualities of polycarbonate case.

One such materials are polyurethane.

This material is often available either in soft or hard form for the device cases.

It is also affordable, easily moldable into the required design and recyclable.

It can replace polycarbonate case since you can customize it into several shapes and designs given that it is readily moldable.

Additionally, the polyurethane case is also relatively affordable, provides good protection, and readily available.

Also, it is easy to hold, slide or grip into your pocket when using it as a device cover.

Some of the weaknesses of this material, however, are that it is comparatively less durable, requires cushioning material to offer sufficient protection.

It is also somewhat rigid hence likely to break or even crack should it hit hard object or surface.

How can you get Best Prices on Polycarbonate Case?


You ought to shop from different manufacturers and suppliers such as WeProFab before settling on one.

Ideally, you also need to understand that the prices of this product tend to vary depending on numerous factors.

So by shopping wisely, you’ll be able to get the best deals from different suppliers, which in turn enables you to buy them at the best prices.

Remember, the best prices also incorporate a wide range of elements including, shipping and other tax-related monies, where applicable.

So when shopping for polycarbonate case and you need the best prices, you have to factor in all such costs before finally deciding to buy from a particular supplier.

What Types of Polycarbonate Cases are there?

They are quite a several and used for different purposes in different applications.

The major ones in the market, however, include the following;

Polycarbonate waterproof case

Polycarbonate waterproof case

· Polycarbonate Waterproof Case

It is a type designed for protecting your valuables regardless of the environment they’ll be exposed to.

It is impermissible to any form of moisture

· Leather Polycarbonate Case

It is a casing designed to cover different types of components that have leather lining.

It is specifically customized to suit the requirement of a particular leather component.

· Polycarbonate Case Clear Lid

It refers to an ampule or container cover made from polycarbonate material.

It is usually transparent hence allowing light to pass through as well as better visibility of the container.

· Polycarbonate Wheeled Cabin Luggage Case

It is a type of carrier bag that can be pulled or pushed from one point to another, designed using polycarbonate material.

It is mostly used for carrying luggage when traveling.

· Polycarbonate Card Case

It is a small wallet-sized case made from polycarbonate material used for holding and storing a wide range of cards.

· Clear Polycarbonate Case

This is more of a cover for polycarbonate display cabinets.

It can either be for retails stores, exhibitions, and product launches, among others.

· Ultra-slim Polycarbonate Case

This is a type of polycarbonate cover designed for a wide range of mobile devices with a unique extremely slim feature.

You’d hardly recognize it when carrying a phone.

· Polycarbonate Phone Cases

It is specifically designed for mobile phone covers.

iPhone phones come with polycarbonate cases use for ultimate protection.

Is Polycarbonate Case Hard or Soft?

It is a hard material given that it is naturally tough.

Nonetheless, it would also be vital to mention that polycarbonate case is flexible, lightweight and resilient.

Can Acrylic Case replace Polycarbonate Case?


There is always a thin line between the acrylic case and polycarbonate case.

Even though polycarbonate is widely preferred, it is noteworthy to understand that acrylic also makes a suitable case.

The major problem with acrylic case is that they tend to scratch quite easily.

This, in most instances, compromises the aesthetic value of the case.

Nonetheless, it still offers protection to the device given that it is also resistant to impact, weather and UV rays, among others, just like polycarbonate case.

Acrylic case

Acrylic case

Is Polycarbonate Case Flexible?

It is incredibly flexible.

In fact, this is one of the features that make it quite popular for a wide range of casing applications.

It is this flexibility that makes the material highly customizable thus essential for offering numerous casing solutions.

Is Polycarbonate Phone Case Good or Bad?

It is actually an ideal product to go for.

In this era where there is a need for protecting our phones from imminent breaking, scratching, chipping or even UV rays, this cover comes in handy.

Remember some of these smartphones are quite expensive investments, thus the need to protect them the best way possible.

Additionally, the cases help the phones to maintain their shape hence will always appear new irrespective of how long you have stayed with them.

Can Polycarbonate Case be polished?

Definitely yes!

Remember, polycarbonate material is the leading one in terms of clarity, better than acrylic.

So as a way of restoring the transparency, you can always polish it to ensure that it shines.

Vapor polishing is a common technique for polishing polycarbonate case.

It merely involves utilizing solvent vapor to flow on the surface of the casing.

You can as well utilize it to polish both the interior and exterior sides of the cover.

You can also use buffing as a way of polishing this component.

However, buffing is usually typical for the outer part of the case.

It is a mechanical process that restores the component to a better state but not as good as vapor polishing.

Lastly, you can also utilize the direct machine polishing method.

This one involves using a specialty tooling to produce polished polycarbonate surfaces directly from a machine tool.

It is also a technical method but can provide close to a flawless finish.

In fact, polishing polycarbonate is a perfect way of improving aesthetic value.

How do you Thermoform Polycarbonate Case?

First of all, thermoforming polycarbonate case merely implies altering or molding its shape and structure.

It involves forcing a heated polycarbonate case against the mold to attain the desired structure.

You can use several techniques to thermoform polycarbonate case. Some of the common techniques for thermoforming this component include;

  • Vacuum thermoforming
  • Pressure thermoforming
  • Drape forming
  • Twin sheet thermoforming

Polycarbonate cases

Polycarbonate cases

The process can be simple or complex, depending on the particular technique you’re choosing.

But since polycarbonate covers do not necessarily require complex shapes, unless highly customized, we can use a most uncomplicated thermoforming procedure.

So the first step in this case merely involves, pre-drying polycarbonate material.

The ideal temperature for this pre-drying should be 125°C.

At this temperature, the material tends to absorb moisture at high rate.

The second step in this process involves heating the polycarbonate material to a temperature of between 180°C to 190°C.

At this temperature, the case is capable of molding to just any shape you’d prefer.

While at it, ensure that heating is uniform.

The next step would then involve shaping the polycarbonate case.

It is the actualization of the cover into the particular shape or design that you prefer.

Here, the mold moves up hence allowing the applied vacuum to guarantee the formation of the preferable shape.

Finally, let the molded polycarbonate case to cool down.

You can do this by placing the case in cooling jigs, if necessary.

It allows faster cooling and also prevents warping.

Are Polycarbonate Mobile Phone Cases toxic?

Not necessarily, primarily when used for making mobile phone cases.

It does not react with your skin or any metal hence regarded as safe for human interaction.

However, the presence of BPA in this material demonstrates that it can be hazardous to the environment.

In other words, it implies that it is non-biodegradable.

Therefore, it could leach into the environment and cause immeasurable damage.

How does Polycarbonate Case compare to Rubber Case?

Let’s look at it from the following perspectives;

1. Durability

Rubber case provides better protection, given that it incorporates a combination of layers, which increases shock absorption.

On the other hand, polycarbonate case is seemingly hard, thus offering more solid protection in the event that you drop or bump your phone.

And this is necessary since it protects it against damage from impact.

2. Personalized Appearance

Polycarbonate cases are usually attractive, given that you can easily mold them into different shapes.

So in terms of making a statement, polycarbonate offers the best creative solutions.

Rubber cases, on the other hand, can be personalized but not to the extent of polycarbonate cases.

3. Size and Fit

Both polycarbonate and rubber cases tend to fit securely, hence covering the entire phone except for screen and input ports.

Rubber, however, contains somewhat thicker corners and sides.

And for that reason, the case tends to make your phone bulky.

Polycarbonate case, in contrast, adds less bulk than rubber case, irrespective of style.

4. General Maintenance

Rubber case tends to attract lint and debris, of course depending on the texture of its outer layer.

This makes its general maintenance a little bit involving.

On the other hand, polycarbonate case hardly attracts lint or debris.

However, it may scratch from time to time if rubbed against objects.

Even so, removing the scratches is also quite easy.

Can you Bend Polycarbonate Phone case?

Most definitely.

An outstanding feature of polycarbonate phone case is that as much as it is hard, it is pliable.

You can typically form it even at room temperature without breaking or cracking it.

Additionally, it is resilient, thus making it easily bendable.

Does Polycarbonate Case Shatter when Dropped?

Not at all.

Polycarbonate is a naturally durable material, about 250 times stronger than glass.

It thus means that it has excellent resistance to impact.

It, therefore, does not shatter even when dropped since the impact resistance allows it to absorb the shock and enabling it to stay intact.

Obviously, this is essential as far as protecting your phone is concerned and enhancing their durability too.

How do you Maintain Transparent Polycarbonate case?

Clear polycarbonate case requires a high level of maintenance if at all, you’d want it to stay clear, and durable.

Remember that poor maintenance can to yellowing of this component, which further compromises its quality, aesthetic value, and performance.

So here is a simple way of maintaining it;

Polycarbonate casing for iPhone

Polycarbonate casing for iPhone

· Use Dish Soap to Clean it

A mixture of warm water and a few drops of dish soap and using a toothbrush to scrub the solution over the case.

Clean both the interior and exterior surfaces and then rinse it using a soft cloth to dry.

· Scouring using Toothpaste and Paint Thinner

It is also another proven effective technique that you can use to clean transparent polycarbonate case.

Apply toothpaste coating on the surface of the case.

Use steel wool to scrub it and rinse off the toothpaste.

Apply a thin layer of paint thinner and use steel wool to scrub the surface again.

Finally, rinse the paint thinner using clean water and dry it using a soft cloth.

· Scrubbing using Baking Soda

Begin by sprinkling baking soda over the surface of the phone case.

Take a wet toothbrush and use it to scrub the phone case.

Rinse the soda off using clean water and dry it using a soft cloth.

Which is, are the best Coating options for Polycarbonate Case?

Anti-fog coating – It prevents the phone case from any possibility of attracting and retaining moisture.

Anti-glare coating – It prevents the phone case from reflecting unnecessary lights.

UV coating – It prevents the phone case from harmful UV rays that might make it to discolor.

Anti-scratch coating – This is critical given that a polycarbonate phone case is somewhat easily scratched.

This coating option helps in preventing it from such scratches.

Is Polycarbonate Case durable?

Evidently, it is durable.

Polycarbonate case is made from a material that has several features that make it hard-wearing.

The fact that polycarbonate material is 250 times stronger than glass is a clear indication of how durable it can be.

Additionally, most of its other features, such as excellent resistance to weather elements and impact show that it is durable.

You can have and use for many years, but it still maintains its original condition, hence hardly tell whether or not it’s new or used.

How do you make Polycarbonate Case Shock Proof?

Typically, polycarbonate cases are not shock-proof.

However, you can use a particular lining on the edge of the case to make it shockproof.

Does Polycarbonate Case Discolor?

Yes but after a very long time, possibly when you’ve even stopped using the phone or the case itself for that matter.

It takes quite a lot of things for a polycarbonate case to discolor.

Well, intensive exposure to direct sunlight at times might discolor it but after a prolonged period.

The UV rays tend to change the color of this component because the connections between its molecules start losing the strength.

However, it is also important to know that in some instances, there is a coating that you can apply to restore the color.

How do you remove Scratches from Polycarbonate Case?

It is quite a simple DIY process.

All you need to do is apply toothpaste on the scratched spot.

Ensure that you rub the toothpaste continuously for about 15 seconds.

Now get a soft wet cloth and use it to rinse off the toothpaste from the phone case surface.

Get another piece of soft dry cloth and use it to dry the case.

You’ll have a spotless phone case without any traces of scratch.

Polycarbonate case should conform to which Quality Standards?

  • RoHS
  • UL
  • ISO
Polycarbonate case certificate
Polycarbonate case certificate

How does WeProFab support OEM/ODM business for Polycarbonate Case?

WeProFab ensures that they procure original equipment, which plays an essential role in enhancing the efficiency and production of quality polycarbonate cases.

This company also makes sure that they produce polycarbonate that has binding warranties.

With all these, definitely, you should be able to make an informed decision when choosing polycarbonate casing.

Remember, choosing the right design and quality verifications are fundamental aspects you cannot ignore.

Still, if you have any questions on polycarbonate case, WeProFab team is here to help.

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