• Polycarbonate Chair

Polycarbonate Chair

WeProFab polycarbonate chairs are accessible at many stocks and types. We handled many processes that can be suited to your application. We, WeProFab are able to prioritize your sent drawings for full support. Message us now!

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Chair to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab is a professional polycarbonate chair supplier and fabricator from China. WeProFab is able to delight your customers through supplying awesome and quality tested polycarbonate chairs.

Clear Polycarbonate Chair

WeProFab is a leading supplier of a clear polycarbonate chair in China. We have different styles and shapes for polycarbonate chairs selection that will suit your needs.

Modern Polycarbonate Chair

We can create amazing designs for modern polycarbonate chairs. We are able to offer acceptable rates from any other process.

Customized Polycarbonate Chair

Customizing polycarbonate chairs is our main purpose and to support projects and businesses. We have the capability to do different processes.

Transitional Polycarbonate Chair

WeProFab can perfectly fabricate polycarbonate chairs with different characteristics. It is affordable and perfect when saving money.

Stackable Polycarbonate Chair

WeProFab stackable polycarbonate chairs are accessible in plenty of fixtures and customizations. It has great quality and money-saving type of material.

Crystal Clear Polycarbonate Chair

This is the most elegant and unique type of polycarbonate chair. The crystal clear polycarbonate chairs have many customizations you can demand.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Chair Manufacturer

As a joint-venture company of WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer, WeProFab is able to give an effective solution. We are the suppliers who are certified by ISO 9001 that you could trust from.

We are one of the leading polycarbonate chair suppliers and manufacturers that have passed many certifications internationally. You can truly trust our services and product supplied.

WeProFab advanced technology is tested with a complete facility to manufacture different products you desire. We will give your polycarbonate chairs desired styles and types.

Custom Polycarbonate Chair to Grow Your Business

Polycarbonate Armchair

WeProFab has a polycarbonate chair or armchair. It is designed perfectly for office use, schools, and many more. You can design your armchair as well.

Polycarbonate Rocker Chair

We have amazing designs for polycarbonate rocker chairs. We have created perfectly design for children and we have also for adult polycarbonate rocker chairs.

Decorative Polycarbonate Chair

WeProFab has different types of decorative polycarbonate chairs. Each cost is based on the designs which are affordable and negotiable.

Polycarbonate Office Chair

Polycarbonate office chairs have many styles. There are office chairs withstand, armchairs, revolving or rotating office chairs, and a lot more.

Swivel Polycarbonate Chair

Swivel polycarbonate chairs are also applicable for office chairs, for schools, hospitals, hotels, and many more. We can supply what you need.

High Temperature Resistant Polycarbonate Chair

High-temperature resistant polycarbonate chair has the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. It is stable in harsh chemical environments and meets all standards in its efficiency and sustainability.

Shatter Resistance Polycarbonate Chair

Shatter resistance polycarbonate chair is noted for its strength and particularly toughness. It is commonly used as office chairs for schools, hospitals, and hotels. It has also high optical properties.

Black Polycarbonate Chair

The black polycarbonate chair is perfect with a table and other room decors. It is made of polycarbonate material making them stronger than typical plastic. It can be used as dining chairs or living room chairs.

Custom Design Polycarbonate Chair

Custom design polycarbonate chair is designed perfectly for office use, kitchen, patio garden, and schools as it can be modified. These polycarbonate chairs have many styles, colors, and sizes.

Custom Shapes Polycarbonate Chair

Custom shapes polycarbonate chair is made of totally nontoxic material. It is a durable polycarbonate chair that can last a long time. This chair has various shapes available and it can be used in homes, offices, or other buildings.

Frosted Color Polycarbonate Chair

Frosted color polycarbonate chair has a good temperature resistance and dimensional stability. It has protected films on both sides that make it last for a long time. It is best suited in offices and even inside the house.

Marble Polycarbonate Chair

Marble polycarbonate chair is the most elegant type of polycarbonate chair. The marble polycarbonate chairs have a crystal-clear appearance. It is accessible in different fixtures, sizes and styles.

Matte Polycarbonate Chair

The matte polycarbonate chair features stable, comfortable, scratchproof, and shockproof qualities. This kind of chair is made of an eco-friendly raw material that boasts light and has high strength.

Patterned Polycarbonate Chair

Patterned polycarbonate chair has optimum quality, clarity, and durability. This polycarbonate chair brightens up the home or office. They are made of patterned polycarbonate that is surely long-lasting.

Plain Colored Frosted Polycarbonate Chair

Plain-colored frosted polycarbonate chair has excellent mechanical properties and electrical insulation. It has high impact resistance and toughness. They are applicable in outdoor applications and it has a great aesthetic quality.

Polycarbonate Chair with Steel Frame

Polycarbonate chair with a steel frame has a cozy and ergonomic shape. It comes with a steel tube frame and it has optimum comfort and functionality. It is best suited in the office, breakout room, or waiting room.

Stackable Polycarbonate Chair

Stackable polycarbonate chair has a glossy finish and has some swirls. It is available in plenty of customizations. It is ideal for indoor or outdoor use like in living rooms, bedrooms, parties, and banquets.

Transparent Polycarbonate Chair

A transparent polycarbonate chair provides comfort and convenience. It is frequently used in hotels and other commercial spaces. It has a clear finishing surface and has decorative properties.

White Polycarbonate Chair

The white polycarbonate chair features a durable, efficient, and optimal quality material. It is made of sturdy materials that offer consistent services for years. It is applicable in apartments, homes, hotels, and farmhouses.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Chair

WeProFab [polycarbonate chairs are designed to bring durability, elegance, and unique looks for many offices, walkways, and many other establishments.

Polycarbonate chairs are popular and elegant to apply for many public areas like waiting areas. There are designs that you could love to choose in searching for suitable polycarbonate chairs.
Polycarbonate Chair
WeProFab different styles and shapes for polycarbonate chairs are attainable quality and cost-effective offers. There are armchairs to choose from, contemporary chairs, folding, high chairs, patio chairs, picnic chairs, and many more which is all made with polycarbonate excellent raw materials.

Our polycarbonate chairs are strong and more applicable in public areas an application that is unbreakable and sturdy that can prevent damages.

In the fabrications processes, WeProFab has complete modern technologies to ensure outstanding support from us.

Polycarbonate chairs are also purchasable in many colors. It can be supplied with your ideal colors and customizations.
Polycarbonate Chair
We, WeProFab are the leading polycarbonate chair supplier and manufacturer that supplies a wide range and competitive rates of chairs. Choosing WeProFab can benefit great offers since we are a professional and experienced provider worldwide.

In China, WeProFab fabricated different processes of polycarbonate chairs to shape your ideal designs. We can do injection molding, thermoform, laser-cut, and many others.

WeProFab polycarbonate chairs are easier to form, easy to clean, and most especially easier to install whatever the designs and way of installment it is.

If you are finding polycarbonate chairs, WeProFab is a certified supplier with ISO 9001. You can trust that your business will be safe at the same time.

We’re not just fabricating chairs and many more but also supporting applications and projects with our excellent products especially customizing your designs. This is the best of your purposes in this industry.

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Polycarbonate Chair

Polycarbonate Chair: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information about polycarbonate chair.

Whether you wish to learn about the design, features, or color options – you will find all information right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is A Polycarbonate Chair?

This is a type of chair whose main material is polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate is an alternative to the use of plastic due to its unique characteristics.

Polycarbonate chairs have a wide range of usage, including in offices and at home.

polycarbonate chair

polycarbonate chair

What Are The Features Of A Polycarbonate Chair?

The critical features that you should expect in a polycarbonate chair are:


This feature allows for easy shipment and arrangement of these chairs at a particular place.

The lightweight nature of these chairs is due to their fabrication process, which uses only the needed raw materials.


A polycarbonate chair allows for machining without breaking its structure.

The advantage of this is you can have different designs of your chairs while maintaining their purpose.


The lightweight nature of these chairs does not compromise the strength their strength.

As such, you can use these chairs in adverse environments without breaking them.

However, there is a limit to the weight that a particular polycarbonate chair can handle.

You should therefore check on this before using the chairs.

Visual Appealing

Polycarbonate material increases the beauty of your chairs.

This is due to properties such as transparency, which gives your chairs a unique appearance.

People are likely to view these chairs since they have a unique design thanks to polycarbonate materials.


A polycarbonate chair is resistant to various factors such as fire, impact, and chemicals.

You, therefore, have a chair for use in the most adverse conditions without worrying about damage to them.

One of the vital features of these chairs is their resistivity against ultraviolet lights.

These lights are harmful to humans, and having such chairs gives you less worry.

Is Polycarbonate Chair Environmentally Friendly?

The answer to this vies depending on the state of your polycarbonate chair.

Purchasing and using a polycarbonate chair reduces environmental waste.

This is because they are durable and offer the necessary service meaning you don’t have to replace them frequently.

They also do not release any substance which affects the environment negatively.

It is during their usage that they help block ultraviolet light. These lights are harmful to humans since they cause various ailments.

However, as they break or get destroyed, it is hard to dispose of these chairs.

Polycarbonate chairs are hard to recycle, and they don’t easily decompose.

It is in this state that they pollute the environment, which is a global challenge.

What Are The Available Sizes Of Polycarbonate Chair?

Polycarbonate chairs are available in different sizes depending on the specifications you need.

You can even get a customized size when you engage a reliable manufacturer.

Which Designs Of Polycarbonate Chairs Are There?

The different polycarbonate chair designs available for your selection include:

Transparent Polycarbonate Chair

A transparent polycarbonate chair features a transparent surface with sharp edges. The design can have an armrest or lack.

The stackable aspect of this chair allows for easy transportation and storage.

transparent polycarbonate chair

Transparent polycarbonate chair

Contemporary Polycarbonate Chair

This type of polycarbonate chair features a round shape and smooth edges.

The chair does not have an armrest for your arms, but that does not limit its comfort.

It offers excellent resistance to stress and environmental change, making it a suitable option for outdoor activities.

contemporary polycarbonate chair

Contemporary polycarbonate chair

Crystal Polycarbonate Chair

The oval surface is one of the noticeable features of this type of chair.

It features a circular outer surface allowing for maximum comfort when you sit on it.

There is no armrest in this type of chair, but it allows you to sit seamlessly. You can get it in various colors to meet your specifications.

crystal polycarbonate chair

crystal polycarbonate chair

Outdoor Polycarbonate Armchair

This is the traditional type of polycarbonate chair which features a back and an armrest to let you enjoy your surroundings.

It is an ideal option for an outdoor setting.

What Are The Advantages Of Polycarbonate Chair?

Durability is the major advantage you get when you purchase a polycarbonate chair.

This is due to its fabrication process, which ensures it meets the quality standards for various applications.

Other advantages of using a polycarbonate chair are:

Unique Polycarbonate Chairs

The advantage of polycarbonate chairs is that you only need to change the mold to have a unique design.

You can therefore have various designs that bring out the specifications that you need.

Polycarbonate Chairs Are Affordable

The price of these chairs is relatively lower compared to other types like conventional plastic chairs.

The affordability ensures you don’t miss these chars or the budget you are planning to spend.

Polycarbonate Chairs Are Lightweight

The lightweight nature of these polycarbonate chairs makes them an attractive option to use.

This is because you can move and arrange them quickly, saving time.

Polycarbonate Chairs Are Easy To Maintain

The maintenance aspect of these chairs involves keeping them clean. This is easy as it involves using microfiber and soapy water.

They don’t easily break, which gives you an easy time maintaining them. Easy maintenance reduces the overall cost of using these chairs.

How Can You Clean Polycarbonate Chair?

Maintaining the cleanliness of your polycarbonate chair can be a challenge, given the surface sensitivity. However, it is essential to maintain your manufacturer’s guidelines when cleaning these chairs.

For instance, before you start cleaning your chair, you have to sweep off any dirt present. This makes it easy to clean the chair.

Use warm soapy water and a soft microfiber or sponge to wash the surface of your chair gently.

You need to avoid using bush or other materials that can cause abrasion on your chair.

Abrasion results in scratches on your chair which affects its quality.

The soapy water should be mild since a strong one can react with your chair reducing its quality.

It is not recommended that you use chemicals such as ammonia. This is because it reacts with your polycarbonate degrading it.

After washing, you have to aerate your chair in an open place to dry. Avoid using paper towels to dry your chairs.

Some paper towel brands have uneven surfaces, and using them causes scratches on your polycarbonate chairs.

How Does Polycarbonate Chair Compare To Traditional PVC Chair?

Comparison between polycarbonate chairs and traditional PV chairs involves checking on their performance and characteristics.

It is vital to note that both polycarbonate chairs and PVC chairs are types of plastic chairs.

 traditional pvc chair

traditional PVC chair

They have the same function and offer unique characteristics when using them.

Polycarbonate chairs are, however, lighter than traditional PVC chairs.

The weight gives polycarbonate chairs a wide range of applications since they are flexible to carry them.

The pricing of these chairs also differs, with a polycarbonate being higher than that of a PVC.

One of the reasons for this is the fabrication process and the low cost of polycarbonate chair materials.

Durability also has an impact on the pricing of these chairs.

Polycarbonate chairs are expensive since they are durable, which gives value for your money.

Durability also reduces the overall cost since you don’t have to replace these chairs frequently.

Plastic chairs easily break hence you have to purchase them, increasing the overall cost frequently.

The machining effect of polycarbonate chairs allows for modifications and unique designs during the fabrication process.

It is difficult to fabricate plastic chairs, which limits the designs you can have on them.

However, both polycarbonate and traditional PVC chairs have a negative effect on the environment.

This is because they don’t decompose, leading to environmental waste, which threatens humans.

Is Polycarbonate Chair Better Than Acrylic Chair?

To understand which is better between polycarbonate chairs and acrylic chairs, you have to check into their characteristics.

This is because they both have unique characteristics, which makes them suitable for different functions.

For instance, acrylic chairs are relatively cheaper than polycarbonate chairs.

Part of this fair pricing is the cheapness of acrylic material and the fabrication cost of acrylic chairs.

Polycarbonate chairs tend to be durable than acrylic chairs.

This is due to their strength which can withstand various weights and environmental conditions.

 acrylic chair

Acrylic chairs

Acrylic chairs easily break when you place heavy weights on them. Ease of breakage limits the use of these chairs.

The advantage you have with polycarbonate chairs is you can expose them to high temperatures without deformation.

You, therefore, have chairs that are versatile in their usage compared to acrylic chairs.

Acrylic chairs are heavier than polycarbonate chairs which makes it cumbersome to transport them. This can limit the use of acrylic chairs.

Acrylic chairs allow you to polish them, especially when you want to remove scratches and dents.

This allows the chairs to remain clean and new, which extends their lifespan.

It is easy to machine polycarbonate chairs than it is to machine acrylic chairs.

This allows for unique designs and modifications of polycarbonate chairs.

Are There Limitations Of Using Polycarbonate Chair?

Scratch sensitivity is a major limitation when it comes to using a polycarbonate chair.

Scratch affects the quality and appearance of your polycarbonate chair.

You should therefore avoid placing objects on the polycarbonate chair, which causes scratches.

Other  limitations of using a polycarbonate chair are:

Polycarbonate Chairs Cannot Be Repaired

These chairs are difficult to repair, especially when they are broken.

Breaking the chairs means you have to purchase others which only increases the overall cost of using them.

You need to avoid using the chairs in an environment where they can easily get damaged. This extends their life span.

Negative Environmental Impact For Polycarbonate Chairs

These chairs have a long-term negative impact on the environment, especially after disposing of them.

It is not easy to dispose of these chairs since you cannot decompose them.

The effect of this is environmental pollution which is a major concern to humans.

High production cost for polycarbonate chairs

The production cost for these chars is higher given the nature of the processing they undergo.

Such processes include high melting temperature, which raises your electricity bills.

These costs have an impact on the final pricing of these chairs.

Poor Chemical Resistivity Of Polycarbonate Chairs

Polycarbonate chairs have a low resistance to various chemicals.

Subjecting these chairs to chemicals reacts with them, thus affecting their durability and functionality.

You, therefore, should minimize the usage of these chairs in environments where there are chemicals. You should also avoid washing your chairs with chemicals.

Which Types Of Polycarbonate Material Do You Use For Polycarbonate Chair?

The type of polycarbonate material for your polycarbonate chair depends on its purposes.

The different types of polycarbonate materials available are:

Clear Polycarbonate Material

This type o material gives your chairs a transparent design. You can see what is beneath your seat without having to lift it up.

Clear polycarbonate enhances the visual appeal of your chair, making it unique.

It is easy to brand or design your clear polycarbonate chair to meet your specifications.

Colored Polycarbonate Material

The difference between this and the clear material is the painting effect that it has.

Colored polycarbonate materials are available in different colors for your selection.

You can have more than one color for your chairs since it only enhances the visual appeal

Mirrored Polycarbonate Material

Mirrored polycarbonate material is one whose finishing involves polishing. This makes it have a mirror-like appearance.

The advantage of this is you have a chair that you can see yourself in.

Unlike the conventional mirror, which is of glass, polycarbonate does not easily break.

Abrasion-Resistant Polycarbonate Material

An abrasion-resistant polycarbonate material consists of an additional layer that makes it strong enough to withstand abrasion.

This material is ideal for use in the fabrication of chairs that you can use in tough environments.

The layer protects the chair from different types of scratches, giving you value for your money.

You can have different designs of chairs using this material, including combining it with another material.

Anti-Static Polycarbonate Material

Static energy can give you goosebumps when you are sitting on a normal polycarbonate chair.

To avoid this and give comfort, manufacturers apply an anti-static layer to the polycarbonate material.

Fabricating your chair using an anti-static polycarbonate material makes it ideal for use in fire-prone areas.

This is due to the anti-static effect, which reduces the risk of your chair catching fire.

How Much Does Polycarbonate Chair Cost?

Pricing of polycarbonate chairs involves factoring in the impact of various factors of production and external factors.

For instance, the cost of raw materials impacts the final price of the chairs.

Therefore, you must understand these factors to be in a position to get the right estimate for your chairs.

The factors include:

Type Of Polycarbonate Chair Manufacturer

The pricing of different manufacturers differs due to various factors.

Manufacturers usually price their chairs after factoring in various elements.

It is therefore vital that you select a manufacturer who fits your budget.

However, such a manufacturer should have all the accreditations and a proven track of quality work.

This is to avoid getting substandard polycarbonate chairs.

Design Of Your Polycarbonate Chair

Unique designs for your polycarbonate chairs usually cost more compared to simple designs.

However, this depends on other factors such as quantity and the manufacturer that you select.

Having the design you want for your polycarbonate chairs helps in getting the right price.

However, when negotiating for the price, you have to check on the quality of the design compared to based on price.

Quantity Of Polycarbonate Chair

There is an economic gain in purchasing your polycarbonate chairs in bulk.

Most manufacturers usually give incentives, and there are benefits of scale when you purchase in large quantities.

However, this depends on your requirements and your financial budget.

Polycarbonate Material In Use On A Polycarbonate Chair

There are different polycarbonate materials with different effects on your polycarbonate chair.

These materials cost differently, and their selection depends on your preference.

You must settle for a material that meets all the quality standards and not due to its low price.

The Fabrication Process Of A Polycarbonate Chair

The different processes that take place in the fabrication of your polycarbonate chair affect the final pricing.

These processes include the cost of production, such as labor and electricity.

It also includes the storage cost while awaiting shipment to your destination.

You should also factor in the various government regulations and taxes.

What Are The Available Color Options Of Polycarbonate Chair?

All the color options are available for your polycarbonate chairs. Most manufacturers allow for color selection by their customers.

This allows you to select the right color for your polycarbonate chairs.  You can also customize your chairs by having more than one color.

Why Should You Buy Polycarbonate Chair From China?

Chinese manufacturers offer numerous reasons why you should consider purchasing from them.

For instance, they have an affordable price for all their polycarbonate chairs.

This means you won’t fail to get a manufacturer that can fit your budget. Other reasons for purchasing your polycarbonate chairs from China are:

Timely Production Of Polycarbonate Chairs

Reliable polycarbonate chair manufacturers in China adhere to the deadline they give on your order. This allows you time to plan for other activities relating to your shipment

Such activities include organizing for storage, customs clearance, and shipment of your polycarbonate chairs.

Quality Polycarbonate Chairs

Reputable manufacturers in China have the necessary certification to produce polycarbonate chairs. Engaging such manufacturers ensure you have quality polycarbonate chairs for your use.

It is therefore vital that you get a manufacturer who is qualified to produce your polycarbonate chairs.

Incorporating Your Polycarbonate Chair Ideas

Polycarbonate manufacturers in China usually incorporate the ideas you want for your chairs before production starts.

This is essential if you want customized polycarbonate chairs.

When submitting your order, you also submit the specifications you want for the production to be effective.

Keeps You Informed On The Progress Of Your Polycarbonate Chair Production

It is the duty of reliable manufacturers in China to inform you of the progress of your production. This helping when to expect your order.

It also allows you to make changes if there is a need before the completion of your order.

What Quality Standards Should Polycarbonate Chair Adhere To?

The main quality standards that you should check for your polycarbonate chairs are:

  • ISO standards
  • EPS building quality standards
  • Physical properties quality standards
  • Bio-degradable quality standards

Is Polycarbonate Chair UV Resistant?

Yes. Polycarbonate chair is highly resistant to UV lights.

This is due to the fabrication process, which adds a layer that shields the chair against harmful light.

Is Polycarbonate Chair Flammable?

Polycarbonate chairs are less flammable due to the properties of polycarbonate material.

How Do You Test Quality Of Polycarbonate Chair?

You can assess the quality of a polycarbonate chair by subjecting it to various tests. Such test includes

Abrasion Test

Abrasion test determines the resistance of your polycarbonate against scratches. It helps determine where to use a particular chair.

Durability Test

This test determines how your polycarbonate chair can withstand several adverse environments.

It involves subjecting your chair to different environments such as fire and chemicals.

Strength Test

This test determines the weight that a particular polycarbonate chair can hold without breaking.

It involves placing several loads on the chair until the point it cannot hold anymore.

Can You Paint Polycarbonate Chair?

Yes. It is possible to paint a polycarbonate chair.

The two main methods available for painting your polycarbonate chair are spray painting and hand painting.

Spray painting is an ideal option due to its numerous advantages.

It sprays a thin, uniform layer of paint on your polycarbonate chair compared to hand painting.

colored chair

painted polycarbonate chair

Spray painting is less costly compared to hand painting since you use less painting in the process.

The spray painting process is faster, making it the best option, especially if you mass produce these chairs.

Can You Print On Polycarbonate Chair?

Yes. It is possible to print on your polycarbonate chair.

The choice of which printing technique to use depends on various factors—for instance, the cost of the printing method.

This cost should fit your budget without affecting the quality of the printing.

You should also consider the effect you want your print to have on your polycarbonate chair.

The durability of the print should also be a factor. There are specific printing methods whose print peel off or wash away.

Standard printing methods for your polycarbonate chair are screen printing, digital printing, and UV printing.

Is Polycarbonate Chair Durable?

Yes. Polycarbonate chairs are highly durable.

The fabrication process of these chairs goes through intense testing to ensure you have the best quality. However, you also have to check on the operation guidelines to avoid subjecting them to factors beyond what they can handle.

Such reduces their durability significantly.

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