• Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

Weprofab is your dependable manufacturer and supplier of all types of polycarbonate hollow sheets. The hollow or open sheets are one of the latest styles and plastic materials to form a reliable polycarbonate sheet. It also has excellent flame retardant abilities to achieve satisfying decorative effects. Our skilled designers ensure you perfectly coated or tinted polycarbonate sheet surfaces, depending on your applications. You can benefit more from its advantages and wide applications.

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is glad to supply such products to our partner suppliers and seller worldwide. We have been keeping our outstanding performance and services until now. You will surely be satisfied with our presenting products. Just keep on reaching our website if you want updates with our latest designs. It gives evident light efficiency, longevity, and color variety for roofing and shading. 

Yellow Carbon Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

You can have this yellow polycarbonate hollow sheet at different structures like double-wall, triple-wall, 4-wall, X-structure, and even honeycomb. Just let us know your choice!

Customized Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

We manufacture this modern customized hollow sheet for hotel vila, skylight canopy, carport, etc. We provide your requested color for your project.

Decorating Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

This type of hollow sheet has about 1220/1560/1820/2100mm in width. You can benefits more from its eco-friendly and non-toxic features.

Polycarbonate Corrugated Hollow Sheet

Weprofab makes sure its designs with a high heat resistance capacity for the best of your usage. We make sure it lasts for a long time and high-efficient sheet.

Twin Wall Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

This twin wall hollow sheet can be installed outdoor and indoors. You can have it with fire retardant, sound insulation, and impact-resistant features. 

UV Coated Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

Weprofab is knowledgeable in manufacturing UV-coated hollow sheets. It is perfect for farm plants covers, awnings, office buildings, and many other applications.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet Manufacturer

Weprofab is your legit manufacturer based in China but extends negotiations out of the country. We always intend to fulfill your needs with our offered triple wall polycarbonate sheets. We are your expert guide to have the exact length and width of the sheet for your specific application. 

Weprofab is the ideal manufacturer and supplier of high featured polycarbonate hollow sheets. We offer these products with competitive costs that indeed fit your budget. We also provide a virtual or video guide for the precise cutting and installing of the sheet. You can trust Weprofab instant supplies for your immediate orders. 

Custom Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Plastic Polycarbonate Hollow Sun Sheet

This type of hollow sheet is also available in different colors. It can be 2-wall, 3-wall, 4-wall, honeycomb, and with U lock. Just choose your choice.

Solid Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet

We manufacture this solid, hollow sheet with high-quality and raw materials. We have available a maximum of 12000mm length that is good for any of your applications. 

Transparent Plate Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

This type of hollow sheet is ideal for apartments, office buildings, sports venues, and many other applications. Purchase our low-cost products now!

4mm Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

This 4mm polycarbonate sheet is available in transparent, green, blue, brown, cream, or as you are requested colors. We can supply you with this at exact quantity orders.

Acrylic Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

Weprofab forms this type of hollow sheet with smooth surfaces and fireproofing materials that provide lasting service. It is usually applicable in construction or advertising.

Polycarbonate Multi-Wall Hollow Sheet

This type of hollow sheet has broad applications, including hotels, apartments, office buildings, hospitals, schools, farmhouses, malls, sports venues, courtyards, etc.

Polycarbonate PVC Hollow Sheet

Weprofab made polycarbonate PVC sheet is suitable for greenhouse roof, partitions, floor cover, wall cladding, ceilings, and many other applications.

Anti-Static Polycarbonate Sheet

This type of hollow sheet has material compositions for its anti-aging, prevents collisions and scratches features, and is environment friendly. 

Modern Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

We use in this modem hollow sheet a 100% polycarbonate material to achieve its high durability and long time effectiveness. You can order us your desire color. 

Greenhouse Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

The greenhouse polycarbonate hollow sheet features solar control, UV protection for both sides, provides ease in installation, is lighter than typical glass, excellent impact resistance, and high flame retardance. All the product specifications are open for customization according to your desired applications.

Compact Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

The compact polycarbonate hollow sheet earned the trust of many renowned users and entrepreneurs since it is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and CE certified. Moreover, it is fully customizable. You can choose from a wide range of colors, sizes, designs, and thicknesses.

Extruded Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

The extruded polycarbonate hollow sheet can undergo different processes (such as milling, UV printing, screen printing, punch holes, drilling, laser, divide, thermoforming, and bend) to ensure a quality sheet with superior advantages and meets various purposes.

Solid Colored Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

The solid-colored polycarbonate hollow sheet is suitable for applications that need additional beautification: Telephone booths, road signs, advertisements, billboards on lamp boxes, lighting, and enclosure walls for banks, hospitals, and stations. Notably, the sheet features excellent sound and heat resistance.

Frosted Crystal Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

Like any other polycarbonate sheet, the frosted crystal polycarbonate hollow sheet suits various needs because it features a light transmittance rate of nearly 12% – 84 % and 99% ultraviolet ray filter, so it will not turn yellow over time.

U-Locked Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

The U-locked polycarbonate hollow sheet is proven to last more than a decade in the application. It is a durable and versatile material for roofing sheets and wall panels. The design resembles the intricate configuration of the honeycomb along with various layers and an advanced layout.

Lexan Solid Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

A Lexan solid polycarbonate hollow sheet is a unique insulation glazing material engineered using advanced processes with original and top-quality raw materials. Consequently, it comes with an additional co-extruded shield from the UV ray’s harmful effects.

Crystal Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

A crystal polycarbonate hollow sheet proven to withstand changing temperatures ranging from + 120˚S -50˚S. Therefore, it does not alter its finish, will not turn yellow over time, does not warp, and is durable. They are much lighter than typical glass but allow ease in handle and installation.

Non-Toxic Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

The non-toxic property of these polycarbonate sheets makes it an ideal material in various applications. The product specifications (dimensions, thicknesses, design, layering, and color) are fully customizable. Additionally, color precision is superb, with many options for users and entrepreneurs. 

Triple Layer Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

One of the marketable sheet materials today is the triple-layer polycarbonate hollow sheet. It functions to avoid harmful sun rays, unwanted fog, disturbing light imbalance, and glittering. The polycarbonate sheet can withstand winds, rains, and harmful lights in all kinds of projects.

Hollow Polycarbonate Honey Sheet with Clips

The hollow polycarbonate honey sheet with clips has U-locked designs. They are suitable to use in advertising and agricultural applications. These sheets are also available in numerous structure designs and thicknesses that provide respective capacities.

Polycarbonate Sunshade Hollow Sheets

The polycarbonate sunshade hollow sheets have contemporary designs with more than 300 colors. They feature anti-aging, portability, lighter density, excellent impact resistance, and more. Depending on preferred hues, these sheets offer 10% to 82% light transmission.

Cellular Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

Cellular polycarbonate hollow sheets are ideal for various applications, like outdoor or indoor lightings and hotels. These sheets feature flame resistance, sound insulation, and strong shock resistance. Their lightweight property makes them easy to install.

Waterproof Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

The waterproof polycarbonate hollow sheets are suitable for roofing, awning, walls, and more. Their colors, sizes, and thicknesses are customizable according to customers’ requirements. They have an excellent waterproof feature with weather resistance capacity.

Multi-Wave Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

Multi-wave polycarbonate hollow sheets are for office buildings and skylight roofings. WeProFab has unlimited lengths to cut as customers request. They are available in lake blue, green, yellow, red, and more. These sheets are also practical for windows, telephone booths, curtain walls, and more.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

Weprofab is your professional polycarbonate hollow sheet manufacturer based in China. We also successfully deal and export our high-standard products to our customers abroad. You can surely experience all the advantages of having hollow sheets from us. 

This type of sheet is the known material for construction and decoration. It can transmit sun panels with about 35-80%. Because of its hollow design, it increases the effect of heat and sound insulation. We are forming it with double anti-UV protection layers. 

Manufacturing a hollow sheet with its exact characteristics makes possible its better performance and longevity. This series of polycarbonate sheets is one of the most preferred to use, considering its material qualifications for high building roofings.

Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet Advantages:

  • Saves light materials
  • Heat and sound insulation
  • Earthquake resistance and waterproof
  • Satisfying requirement for diversity
  • Environment friendly
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Recyclable

Weprofab is your expert guide to have a suitable sheet according to your needs and applications. By trusting us, you can prevent unnecessary losses because of the wrong product choice. Our great experience assures you satisfying assistance and guide.

Choosing a polycarbonate hollow sheet from Weprofab can do extended material consumption that makes it cost-effective and lightweight. Using this type of polycarbonate sheet gives better heat and sound insulation occurrence.

Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet Applications:

  • Agricultural greenhouses
  • Garage entrance
  • Decoration
  • Canopy
  • Architectural lighting
  • Workshop and warehouses
  • Gymnasium 
  • Swimming pool covers
  • Shed for passageway and corridor
  • LED electronic screen

As your trusted supplier and provider, we carefully process your limit or large quantity of orders. Our professional workers assure your protected packaging, transporting, and delivering your ordered polycarbonate sheets. 

Weprofab is your consistent partner that provides not only high-quality but high-effective products at reasonable costs. Including our products in your business surely heighten your earnings and number of customers.

We conduct operation 24/7 working time for your inquiries and orders. Our approachable sales staff are always ready to give assistance and satisfaction information to you. We are responsible for delivering your orders on time.

If you want more details about our offered products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right here, right now!

Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Knowing different factors when purchasing polycarbonate hollow sheets is essential.

This scholarly article helps you decide and choose the best one for your applications.

Learn polycarbonate hollow sheet functions, advantages, features, and more.

Keep reading!

What is Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet?

polycarbonate hollow sheet

Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

The polycarbonate hollow sheet is formed with high-quality materials.

This sheet is ideal for architectural, commercial, and translucent roofing. 

It is used for solar reflective and roofing.

A polycarbonate hollow sheet is consists of two layers with spaces in between.

What are the Applications for Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet?

The polycarbonate hollow sheet is manufactured for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Malls
  • Offices
  • Stadium
  • Railway stadiums
  • Canopies
  • Shopping malls
  • Walkways
  • Parking
  • Windows
  • Overhead bridge
  • Swimming pool covers
  • Skylights
  • Displays
  • Agricultural greenhouses
  • Passageway sheds

What are the Functions of Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet?

The polycarbonate hollow sheet highly performed as:

  1. Anti-glare
  2. Anti-infrared
  3. High-hardening
  4. Flame limiter
  5. Light diffusion
  6. Anti-static
  7. Outstanding heat preservation
  8. Anti-ultraviolet

What are the Benefits of Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet?

The polycarbonate hollow sheet is more delicate than conventional glass and acrylic material.

polycarbonate hollow sheet roofing

Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet Roofing

It is suitable for cladding and roofing because of its lesser weight, pleasing sheet, sturdy features.

 Installing a polycarbonate hollow sheet saves energy and value.

Polycarbonate-made hollow sheet endures a hot climate.

The polycarbonate hollow sheet is also flexible. It can be bent and installed as a semi-circle or arch.

What are the Disadvantages of Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet?

There are also disadvantages to choosing polycarbonate hollow sheets, such as inconvenient transportation.

There are polycarbonate hollow sheet applications that are difficult to install.

The polycarbonate hollow sheets are also low in self-cleaning operations.

What are the Major Properties of Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet?

Below are several properties of polycarbonate hollow sheets.

  • It has large dimensions
  • High heat insulation
  • Long-lasting service
  • UV resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Supreme thermal insulation
  • Transparent
  • Temperature resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Mechanical loading resistance
  • It has about 88% light transmission
  • Easy to install

Are Polycarbonate Hollow Sheets Durable?

The polycarbonate hollow sheet is durable and lasts for a long time.

It resists cracks and breakage.

How Long Did the Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet Last?

The roofing and cladding polycarbonate hollow sheet last for about 10 to 20 years.

Are the Polycarbonate Hollow Sheets Available in Different Colors?

polycarbonate hollow sheet colors

Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet in Different Colors

Of course, polycarbonate hollow sheets are available in brown, blue, green, lake blue, grey, opal white, and many other colors.

What are the Factors to Consider for Choosing Suitable Polycarbonate Hollow Sheets?


There are extended polycarbonate hollow sheet thicknesses available.

Choose the most suitable one between the 4mm to 6mm thickness range.


The polycarbonate hollow sheet has about 2.1 x 12 m typical size.

UV Protection

It is recommended to check first if you are purchasing polycarbonate hollow sheets that are UV secured coated.

Warranty Period

Choose a higher-quality polycarbonate hollow sheet for a more extended warranty period.

What are the Different Types of Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet?

We can classify various types of polycarbonate hollow sheets based on their layer numbers, like:

  • One-layer
  • Two-layer
  • Multiple layers

What are the Common Damages of Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet for Roofs?

Installed polycarbonate hollow sheets for roofing can also be damaged.

Damages include mist, breaks, leaks, and defective ventilation.

What are the Differences Between a Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet and a Solid Polycarbonate Sheet?

The polycarbonate hollow sheet is more cost-effective than a solid polycarbonate sheet.

A solid polycarbonate sheet is more affluent at the same application area than a polycarbonate hollow sheet.

Can You Repair the Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet?

The polycarbonate hollow sheet basic damages can easily be repaired and maintained.

What are the Requirements Needed for Cleaning a Polycarbonate Hollow Sheets?

Using the same cleaner is essential to achieve lasting polycarbonate hollow sheets for particular applications like roofing. 

It includes:

  • Bucket of lukewarm water
  • Clean lint-free cloth
  • Polycarbonate cleaner
  • Washing up liquids
  • Microfiber polishing cloth

How to Clean the Surface of a Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet?

Below are some steps on surface cleaning a polycarbonate sheet.

1: Clean and rinse the surface board using average water temperature.

2: For cleaning the board, use a sponge or absorbent cloth.

Avoid using mops or brushes to prevent scratches.

Never scratch the surface with solid objects.

3: Neutral cleaning agent is preferred. 

Alkaline or acidic agents are not recommended. 

The cleaning agent choice affects its lasting performance.

4: Scrub the grease or marks are on the surface using medical alcohol.

Rinse with water.

Clean off water stains using a dry cloth.

What is the Series of Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet?

There are several series of polycarbonate hollow sheets that are used as agricultural greenhouses, commercial building roofs, and walls, canopy, etc., including:

  • Polycarbonate Universal Hollow Sheet
  • Polycarbonate Glitter Hollow Sheet
  • Polycarbonate Anti-Drop Hollow Sheet
  • Polycarbonate Light-Control Hollow Sheet 
  • Accessible to Clean Hollow Sheet
  • Robust Structure PC Hollow Sheet
  • U-Lock Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet
  • Thermoclick Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet
  • Corrugated Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet


The polycarbonate hollow sheet is helpful in every part of applications.

After reading this article, you indeed understand how vital the polycarbonate hollow sheet is for your projects.

Keeping in mind the information above about polycarbonate hollow sheets helps you decide which type is the best.

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