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Polycarbonate Junction Box

WeProFab is a leading polycarbonate junction box manufacturer in China which offers great deals. We have many features, sizes, and shapes manufactured to supply worldwide.

We can supply quality and ready-to-ship polycarbonate junction box that helps gain great profits. We can assure the fastest operations and deliveries.

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Choose WeProFab Polycarbonate Junction Box to Delight Your Customer

Get the best polycarbonate junction box products at WeProFab. You can get affordable but durable, attractive polycarbonate junction boxes that can delight your customers. Send your ideal polycarbonate junction box designs.

ABS Polycarbonate Junction Box

ABS polycarbonate junction box is one of the popular types of the polycarbonate junction box. WeProFab passed the standards of experts international.

Digital Polycarbonate Junction Box

You can choose different customization of digital polycarbonate junction boxes. We have plenty of stocks attainable in many features, sizes, and more offers

Electric Polycarbonate Junction Box

WeProFab is the greatest polycarbonate junction box manufacturer in China ensures to provide the best customizations. It offered an affordable cost.

Industrial Polycarbonate Junction Box

Industrial polycarbonate junction box at WeProFab is accessible in lots of options. You can get any colors, sizes, and more. We can guarantee salable and financial gain support.

Pin-on Polycarbonate Junction Box

We, WeProFab designed pin-on polycarbonate junction boxes in many sizes, shapes, and more. There are different colors we made suitable for your needs.

Polycarbonate IP66 Junction Box

If you are looking for polycarbonate IP66 junction boxes, WeProFab can meet your demands. We can give you the best rates offers.

WeProFab: Your Reliable Polycarbonate Junction Box Manufacturer

WeProFab can support your project by supporting a project and supply the quality polycarbonate junction box you needed. We can guarantee perfect features, specifications, and more.

We, WeProFab are the leading polycarbonate junction box manufacturer in China with entire audit certifications international. We professionally present our 20 years of expertise.

Custom Polycarbonate Junction Box to Boost Your Business

Flameproof Polycarbonate Junction Box

Get the best flameproof polycarbonate junction box for your business and project applications. We can help you save money and avoid severe losses.

Outdoor Waterproof Polycarbonate Junction Box

WeProFab ensures to provide perfect protection like an outdoor waterproof polycarbonate junction box for your final application.

Rectangular Polycarbonate Junction Box

We can supply your ideal rectangular polycarbonate junction box and send it wherever your location. We will help your expandable business.

Squared Polycarbonate Junction Box

We have plenty of stocks of the squared polycarbonate junction boxes. WeProFab prepared it ready to ship that offered acceptable cost.

Transparent Polycarbonate Junction Box

You can have different colors of transparent polycarbonate junction boxes at WeProFab. We commonly supply white, orange, and more color.

Push Buttons Polycarbonate Junction Box

The pushbuttons polycarbonate junction boxes have powder coating surface treatments. These junction boxes are suitable for industrial electrical fields. Their polycarbonate compositions make them versatile and applicable for indoor and outdoor installations.

Clear Square Polycarbonate Junction Box

Clear polycarbonate junction boxes feature water resistance, high strength, and outstanding insulation. Since they are made from polycarbonate, these boxes resist corrosion, easy to handle and operate. They are applicable to install on airports and subway stations.

Plastic Sealed Polycarbonate Junction Box

The plastic sealed polycarbonate junction boxes have optional external sizes. They have paint surface treatments with waterproof features. These polycarbonate-made junction boxes are more durable and have high-quality compared to other materials.

Insulation Polycarbonate Junction Box

Insulation polycarbonate junction box reaches IP66, dustproof and waterproof tests. These junction boxes can be terminal, relays, signal, communication, and sensor box. They are designed with ease of installation, handle, and maintenance.

Dustproof Polycarbonate Junction Box

Dustproof polycarbonate junction boxes have excellent quality, ideal for outdoor electronic equipment applications. They have about -20℃ to 90℃ operating temperature range. Using these polycarbonate-made junction boxes will protect tools even under unfavorable environments.

Polycarbonate Enclosure Junction Box

The polycarbonate enclosure junction boxes have stylish external shapes with extreme firmness. These junction boxes are secured with plastic screws that are not easy to fall out. Their sizes and other specifications are customizable according to customers’ needs.

Weatherproof Polycarbonate Junction Box

Weatherproof polycarbonate junction boxes are suitable for shipbuildings, large factories, electronic control machines, coastal factories, and more. They feature impact resistance, lasting services, corrosion resistance, easy processing, and more.

Polycarbonate Cable Junction Box

The polycarbonate cable junction boxes have a professional appearance and substantial performance. These junction boxes are designed with transparent covers in different dimensions. They feature heat, impact, and chemical resistance with smooth surfaces. 

Polycarbonate Circuit Board Junction Box

Polycarbonate junction boxes with circuit boards have rectangular, square, or customized shapes. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation applications. These polycarbonate-made junction boxes function as waterproof, anti-corrosion, and are replaceable.

Wall Mounting Polycarbonate Junction Box

Wall mounting polycarbonate junction boxes have different surface finishes, including polished, laser engraved, silk-screen, or painted. They have customizable shapes, external sizes, and logos. These junction boxes are easy to drill holes and paint during production.

Polycarbonate Explosion Proof Junction Box

Polycarbonate explosion-proof junction boxes work with about -40℃-80℃ temperature ranges. These junction boxes have multiple color selections. They are ideal for various applications, like the petrochemical industry, power systems, buildings, mines, and more.

Polycarbonate Junction Socket Box with 2p Breaker

Polycarbonate junction sockets with 2P breakers have a great appearance with solid performance. They feature water, dust, and 80 degrees resistance. These polycarbonate junction boxes have a 2p breaker, making them safer to use and handle.

Polycarbonate Junction Box with Rubber

The polycarbonate junction boxes with rubber have customizable external sizes and shapes. They have internal sealed rubber to prevent water better with ABS-made screws for preventing rust. These junction boxes have erection columns to install rails and terminals.

Standard Polycarbonate Junction Box

The standard polycarbonate junction boxes have excellent flame retardant grades with at least seven sizes selection available. They feature shock resistance with a silicone rubber sealing ring. These standard junction boxes made from polycarbonate are supported with four metal screws.

Automotive Polycarbonate Junction Box

Automotive polycarbonate junction boxes meet ROHS, CE, IP67 standards. They feature heat, impact, and corrosion resistance. These polycarbonate junction boxes have a lighter weight, making them easy to install. They are applicable for outdoor electrical equipment, vessels, etc.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Junction Box

If you are looking for a junction box to provide your project’s needs or any personal support, WeProFab and manufactured a lot of selection at affordable rates.

WeProFab polycarbonate junction box is an enclosure or a plastic enclosure with durable capabilities that offer long-term use. It is suitable for outdoor applications. It is accessible in perfect features like UV resistant perfect for outdoor application

Polycarbonate Junction Box Article 1

The polycarbonate junction box is accessible at WeProFabwith plenty of sizes and shapes. We have 5mm, 55, mm, 115, and more to provide for your selection. We can offer high impact resistant polycarbonate junction box that can delight your customer. The polycarbonate junction box has waterproof features suitable for outdoor application, UV resistant, and more so it strongly fights in any season.

We, WeProFab manufactured it with our high technology and modern machines which we are able to make a lot of designs and customizations according to your request.

WeProFab polycarbonate junction box is perfect support, especially for electrical support. It is commonly used or installed at homes, building, and other establishments to fully support electrical wiring to prevent danger.


Polycarbonate Junction Box Article 2

The polycarbonate junction box is attainable in different features that help outdoor applications. It is accessible in different colors like grey with zinc plated screw and silicone rubber gaskets. You can always ensure your ordered polycarbonate junction box in suitable sizes, features, and customizations you may need in business.

WeProFab polycarbonate junction box is manufactured in quality yet affordable. Our modern machines help production easier and fast. We trained staff according to their assigned task.

WeProFab is a leading polycarbonate junction box manufacturer in China that supports all over the world. We supplied plenty of polycarbonate junction box stocks and handles strict inspections. We can reach different countries and regions worldwide.

Polycarbonate Junction Box Article 3

We have 20 years of amazing experienced and get a lot of lessons as well. A lot of clients trusted our served services for many years and trust our polycarbonate junction box supplies. It is available in bulk orders and ready to ship polycarbonate junction box to support your urgent orders. Send your inquiries and let me help you find a peaceful nap.

Send your inquiries now and get satisfying information. Message us now!

Polycarbonate Junction Box: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you looking for an ideal polycarbonate junction box type for your particular application but don’t have enough ideas about it?

This article tackles polycarbonate junction box characteristics, types, benefits, and more. 

It provides information when searching for suitable polycarbonate junction boxes.

Enjoy reading and learning! 

What is a Polycarbonate Junction Box?

polycarbonate junction box

Polycarbonate Junction Box

The polycarbonate junction box is suitable or designed for outdoor applications.

It is ideal for insulating and providing protection.

This junction box with polycarbonate materials can resist UV rays.

What are the Applications for Polycarbonate Junction Box?

There are several applications for polycarbonate junction boxes, including:

  • Component protections
  • Industrial pump controls
  • Irrigation controls
  • Wastewater control 
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Solar power
  • Marine
  • Stadiums

What are the Accessories of Polycarbonate Junction Box?

The characteristics of accessories are based on polycarbonate junction boxes types.

Below are the main accessories of polycarbonate junctions boxes.

Inner Panels

The inner panel comprises gauge steel with white aluminum 0.080, unpainted material, or PVC.

Swing Panel

A swing panel is placed on corner sliders and can be installed without drilling operation.

Pole Mounting Kit

It has PJU and PJ cover with eight sizes, approximately 30×24.

The pole mounting kit is easy to install and assemble.

Hardware Kit

The replacement hardware kit comes in different sizes that suit the applications.

Polycarbonate Flange

The polycarbonate flanges are always in pairs. It is perfect for non-metallic enclosures.

Polycarbonate Feet

The polycarbonate feet is consist of four sets. These accessories are utilized for non-metal PCJ enclosures.

Climate Control

Climate control helps proper operating temperature inside the enclosure. 

It ensures consistent and excellent performance.

General Accessories

General accessories include handles, door clamping, padlock adaptor, mounting hardware, hole plugs, and more.

What Includes the Construction of Polycarbonate Junction Box?

The polycarbonate junction boxes are designed with easy punched and drilled covers.

The enclosure cover is also available with transparent polycarbonate.

Its high-quality constructed material can protect any outdoor weathering.

Polycarbonate junction box screws are stainless steel.

It is also constructed with molded hinge and secured oil-proof gasket.

This junction box has a polycarbonate flange that operates multi-directional.

The said box performs about 130°C and – 35 °C temperature range.

Does the Polycarbonate Junction Box Conduct Electricity?

The polycarbonate-made junction box does not conduct electricity. 

Because of such features, it is ideally installed near electronic water locations.

What are the Features of Polycarbonate Junction Box?

Below are the standard features of polycarbonate junction boxes.

Sturdy Design

The polycarbonate junction box’s sturdy design can endure strong weather conditions.

It reaches NEMA 4X, NEMA 6P, and IP65 requirements and specifications.

Wall or Surface Mounting Flanges

This feature allows you to have easy installation or set up junction boxes without removing the cover.

Various Design Selections

The polycarbonate junction boxes are accessible in various styles, covers, and sizes selections. 

It can also have opaque or transparent covers with black or light gray colors.

Mounting Bosses

The bosses help easy-mount PCB or internal junction box panels.

What is the Recommended Specification of Polycarbonate Junction Box?


Its materials are suitable for corrosion resistance, excessive temperature, and longevity.

Ambient Temperature

All apparatus in hazard areas have a temperature span and comply with its limits.

Breather/Drain Plug

They are allowing condensation or moisture to flow.


The types of equipment must be labeled on the level of protection. 


The polycarbonate junction box is a mounted type, ejectable door.

The door is hinged type design.

What are the Benefits of Polycarbonate Junction Box?

Using polycarbonate junction boxes in different applications provides multiple benefits, including:

  • High-Durability

A polycarbonate junction box has extreme heat resistance from -40C up to 120C.

  • Lightweight

The polycarbonate junction box is handy and easy to install.

  • Easy to Modify

If customizing is needed, the polycarbonate junction box is also accessible for adding cutouts.

  • Inexpensive

Aside from good quality material, a polycarbonate junction box also has an affordable price-perfect for plant manufacturers and contractors.

  • Prevention from corrosion, intense temperature, and dust

NEMA 4X supports the polycarbonate junction box to prevent corrosion, water, dust.

  • Fire Resistant

It is designed for self-extinguishing to resist abnormal heat about 960 degrees celsius.

Does the Polycarbonate Junction Box NEC Approve?

The polycarbonate junction box reaches NEC standards such as:

  • Unwiring splices outside
  • It consists of two or more cable circuits.
  • Adequate size for wiring connections
  • Shape standards.
  • Removable type
  • Weatherproof design

What is the Risk Issue for Polycarbonate Junction Box?

Below is the typical risk issue for the polycarbonate junction box.

  1. Explosion
  2. Stagnating Water
  3. Condensation
  4. Overheating

Does Polycarbonate Junction Box Need to Be Secured?

Polycarbonate junction box

Secured Polycarbonate Junction Box

Yes, it is. The polycarbonate junction box is recommended 12 inches secured inside the box.

What are the Uses of Polycarbonate Junction Box?

The polycarbonate junction box is helpful in every part of location applications, which includes:

  • Securing electrical wire from harm
  • Avoid shocks
  • Blocks the sparks from catching closer burnable materials 

What are the Things Needed for Installing Polycarbonate Junction Box?

Tools are needed to perform polycarbonate junction box installation, including:

  • Hammer
  • Brackets
  • Scrap wire
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood screws
  • A voltage or current tester
  • Wire strippers
  • Junction box
  • Wire nuts

How to Install the Polycarbonate Junction Box?

Steps on installing polycarbonate junction boxes are divided into three parts.

Part 1. Safety Precautions

Step 1: Wear Safety Gears

  •  Rubber gloves and eye goggles are recommended for hand and eye installation protection.

Step 2: Choose Proper Polycarbonate Junction Box

  • Select the right polycarbonate junction box size and style according to your application.

Step 3: Turn-Off Main Power

  • Turning off the main power prevent accidents when doing an operation.

Step 4: Ensure Wires without Currents

  • Use a voltage tester to ensure wires are not carrying currents for safe installation.

Part 2. Set-Up Box and Wires

Step 1: Polycarbonate Junction Box Mounting

  • Screw the junction box using the designated holes for secure mounting.

Step 2: Pull the Cables

Step 3: Strip the Wires

  • Use wire strippers for stripping every wire into the junction box.

Part 3. Wire Connecting and Sealing

Step 1: Twist Matched- Colored Wires Together

  • Twist matched colored wires in a clockwise direction.
  • Use lineman pliers for such operations.

Polycarbonate Junction-Box

Twisting Matched-Color Wires

Step 2: Connect Multiple Wires

  • Use exact wire nut size for connecting more than two wires.
  • Make sure they connect firmly.

Step 3: Push Wire into the Box

Polycarbonate Junction-Box

Pushing Wires into the Box

Step 4:Seal the Polycarbonate Junction Box

Can You Add a Polycarbonate Junction Box to Extent Wirings?

Yes, it is. Start the operation by switching off the power. 

Check the location and cut its needed openings.

Make sure the wires are precisely positioned. 

Then put the junction box and connect wires. 


Considering educational information about polycarbonate junction boxes is vital for safety and excellent current operations.

After reading this article, you indeed have a conclusion if it is practical to purchase a polycarbonate junction box for your specific application.

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