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Polycarbonate Kayak

Weprofab focuses on polycarbonate kayak manufacturing for over two decades. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers operating in China. Sustaining capabilities and qualities to create a world-class polycarbonate kayak, Weprofab becomes the most reliable factory inChina. If you need a specific polycarbonate kayak for your projects or business, choose Weporfab as your main supplier. Send us your inquiries today and get an instant quote!

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Kayak to Rocket Your Business

As your one-stop polycarbonate kayak supplier, Weprofab offers an extensive line of polycarbonate kayaks in different sizes, styles, designs, and accessories. You can delight your customers with our excellent polycarbonate kayak.

1 Seater Polycarbonate Kayak

Weprofab is an expert when it comes to polycarb0nate kayak production. It comes at an affordable cost.

Custom Clear Polycarbonate Kayak

For your custom clear polycarbonate kayak request, we are your premier choice. This is available in different sizes, styles, or customized.

Full Polycarbonate Kayak Manufacturer

We offer full polycarbonate kayaks for competitive prices. Weprofab is the one-stop provider and trusted manufacturer you can totally rely on.

New Design Polycarbonate Kayak

We are experts in manufacturing new design polycarbonate kayaks for you. We make sure all kayaks are 100% quality and reliable.

OEM Polycarbonate Kayak

You can give your trust to Weprofab anytime you need precise OEM polycarbonate kayaks. We are dedicated to this industry for 20+ years.

See-Through Polycarbonate Kayak

We are always using top-qualtiy materials to produce see-through polycarbonate kayaks. It is available in transparent or colored design.

WeProFab: Your Trusted Polycarbonate Kayak Manufacturer

Weprofab is a China-based joint-venture enterprise among local fabrication manufacturers and Weetect Material Limited. We are experts in providing total solutions for your polycarbonate kayak needs. We are the main leading source of high-qualtiy polycarbonate kayaks made according to your requirements. Thus, we are ISO 9001 certificated manufacturer; then, you rest assured you can get outstanding performance and quality polycarbonate kayak.

We are in this industry for more than 20 years. We will produce a polycarbonate kayak using polycarbonate raw materials. The sizes, colors, and thickness may vary as requested. Here, you will definitely save more time and money.

Please send us your polycarbonate kayak orders, allow us to help you grow your business!

Custom Polycarbonate Kayak to Boost Your Brand

Aqua Sport Polycarbonate Kayak

Our aqua sport polycarbonate kayak has innovative designs and performs with quality. Its upgraded designs will surely attract customers.

High Quality Polycarbonate Kayak

Weprofab only manufactures high-quality polycarbonate kayaks. We are using superior quality materials during the production.

High Transparency Polycarbonate Kayak

We are offering a high transparency polycarbonate kayak that will be great if you have a kayak-related business. The sizes and colors are customizable.

Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate Kayak

Weprofab has complete lines of impact-resistant polycarbonate kayaks. This is available in different styles, sizes, and designs.

Motorized Polycarbonate Kayak

You can find affordable yet quality guaranteed motorized polycarbonate kayaks at Weprofab. We will help you increase your business sales.

Polycarbonate Kayak with Oars

Polycarbonate kayak with oars has also seats and paddles included. It has the quality and performance you need to boom your company.

Polycarbonate Kayak with Porthole

Our polycarbonate kayak with porthole can be designed with unique features and glow. It is more available at more competitive prices.

Single Seater Polycarbonate Kayak

Weprofab is your great source of single-seater polycarbonate kayaks. It is made from 100% virgin polycarbonate resin material that ensures quality.

Waterproof Polycarbonate Kayak

We are providing a cost-effective, reliable, and quality waterproof polycarbonate kayak. The size, shape, and more specs are customizable.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Kayak

Polycarbonate Kayak Supplier

Allow Weprofab to supply and custom your polycarbonate kayak requirements. In China, Weprofab is recognized as a leading kayak supplier and factory. We make different kayaks especially from polycarbonate plastic material to ensure reliability. If you are now wondering to get a high-quality polycarbonate kayak, Weprofab is your perfect source.

As specialists for over 20 years in the industry, we are making different types and quality polycarbonate kayaks. We use 100% virgin polycarbonate resin material since it provides incredible impact resistance and durability. Thus, the quality of polycarbonate kayaks is better than kayaks made of other materials.

Weprofab polycarbonate kayak features a lightweight removable anodized aluminum frame system, enabling the user to reduce space consumption. It also makes the storage and transporting of multiple units convenient and easier. For your specific polycarbonate kayak needs, go to a reliable direct supplier. Choose us today and allow us to find out how we can help you.

Standard specifications of Weprofab polycarbonate kayaks are:

  • Flotation bags, seats, and paddles all included
  • Size: 3350mm length X 910mm width X 350mm height
  • Weight: 21Kgs/PC
  • Weight capacity: 200Kgs

But however, if you want a customized polycarbonate kayak, we will need your exact shape and size requirement, material, weight capacity, and other ideal features. And each price will depend on how lightweight the polycarbonate kayak is.


  • Improves fishing game
  • Brings a whole new level of exploration
  • More lightweight than a regular kayak

All the benefits mentioned making our polycarbonate kayaks stand out from others.  Weprofab can produce reliable, durable polycarbonate kayaks. In making this happens, we combine superior coating technology and one-step molding technology. We are experts since two decades ago.

Weprofab also has a professional design and research team to help you design your products and skyrocket your brand. For customization OEM service, send us your designs today, and lets us make them for you.

Contact us now and see what we can do for you!

What is a Polycarbonate Kayak?

Polycarbonate Kayak

Polycarbonate Kayak

The polycarbonate kayak is suitable for outdoor relief activities. 

Polycarbonate kayak is a lightweight boat used for snorkeling. 

It is a watercraft where apparatus and masks are not required.

Where can We Use the Polycarbonate Kayak?

The polycarbonate kayak is used for anglers, recreation, family fun, and see-through bottom. 

It is also ideal for fishing, as a rescue boat, and sports.

What are the Advantages of Polycarbonate Kayak?

Below are the distinct advantages of polycarbonate kayak.

Ideal Appearance

It has ideal transparency to appreciate more sea view under kayak boat.


The polycarbonate kayak is easy to carry and move smoothly.

Resist Impact

Polycarbonate kayaks are strong, durable, and not easy to break.

Secured Design

Its polycarbonate feature makes it more secure in every application.


The polycarbonate kayak is protected from yellowing due to overtime utilization.

Flame Resistance

They can resist flames. It has about 630ºC burning point.


Polycarbonate-made kayaks guarantee lasting service.

Great Light Transmission

It has about 80% light transmission. 

What Sizes of Polycarbonate Kayak are Available?

There are a lot of available sizes for polycarbonate kayaks, including 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150m width standard sizes.

What are the Added Accessories for a Polycarbonate Kayak?

The polycarbonate kayak has several accessories, including:

  • Foldable carrier
  • Kayak trolley
  • Clear kayak canopy
  • Kayak paddle
  • Comfortable back seat
  • Fishing rod holder

What are the Features of a Polycarbonate Kayak?

The polycarbonate kayak usually has an aluminum frame and stabilizing rudder.

It is designed with two orange floats, paddles, and seats.

A polycarbonate kayak is ideal for tourist spots entertainment.

The kayak made of polycarbonate material is easy to clean and handle.

The polycarbonate-made kayak is easy to fabricate with various shapes.

What are the Main Parts of Polycarbonate Kayaks?

The image below determines the polycarbonate kayak’s leading parts and components.

Polycarbonate Kayak

Kayak Paddle –  paddle is the tool utilized to push kayak against water.

It helps control a polycarbonate kayak and explore places above or view under the water.

Kayak Motor- a kayak motor offers paddling work-free. 

The motor helps achieve smooth and quiet water sailing.

It also helps you concentrate more on views and fun, not only on kayak directions.

Kayak Seats- the polycarbonate kayak has seats where you can comfortably sit for how many hours.

It supports your legs and back while paddling or sailing.

Polycarbonate kayak seats may be built-in or removable.

You can also adjust its height and position.

Kayak Frame- a frame is the skeleton of the kayak.

It is available in two types, the SOT and sit-in frame.

Kayak Hull- The hull refers to the polycarbonate kayak body, including the sides, craft deck, and bottom.

You can have it as a displacement hull or planning hull.

Kayak Airbag- Airbags provide safety sailing on the water. 

A kayak airbag helps the vessel to float when it capsizes.

Balance Float- the kayak balance float is helpful when capsizing occurs, and you’ll need to get back into the boat.

It is a floatation device that offers inconsistent vessel stability.

Removable Rudder- This is a long, narrow, and looks like the fin blade of a polycarbonate kayak.

It helps with kayak direction changes.

The removable rudder can control the kayak, especially in rough conditions.

Kayak Roof- The kayak roof protects you from bad weather conditions including, sun radiation and rainy weather.

You can also fold the kayak roof it is not used.

How Long Will the Polycarbonate Kayak Last?

The polycarbonate kayak lasts about 12 to 15 years.

Their service will last longer according to how you maintain it.

What are the Things Needed for Cleaning Polycarbonate Kayak?

Complete the materials needed to achieve a desirable appearance in polycarbonate kayak cleaning.

Things needed includes:

  1. Running water
  2. Mild soap
  3. Microfiber cloth
  4. Clean and even area
  5. Warm water

What are the Steps for Cleaning a Polycarbonate Kayak?

Below are in order steps for cleaning polycarbonate kayak.

Step 1: Look for an even and clean area for cleaning operation. You can also work on clean and grassy lawns.

Polycarbonate Kayak

Step 2: Wash-off specks of dirt from the kayak. Washing dirt off prevents severe scratches.

Step 3: Drench soft cloth to the water with medium detergent or soap. 

Using harsh cleaner or ammonia chemicals can cause severe damages.

Step 4: In one direction, rub the soft cloth over the wet hull. 

Rubbing dry kayak creates scratch marks. 

Step 5: Do the same steps on the other side and bottom part of the kayak.

Step 6: Wiping off the water with a soft dry cloth prevents water drop marks.

You can also do these steps on other regulated kayak types.

Always remember, the polycarbonate-made kayak is liable to scratches.

How to Maintain a Polycarbonate Kayak?

Below are some tips on how to maintain a polycarbonate kayak.

Tip 1: It is recommended to follow maintenance instructions from manufacturers.

Tip 2: Do not just store your polycarbonate kayak for a long time. It causes damages.

Tip 3: When cleaning, never use ammonia cleaners and strong chemicals.

Polycarbonate sheet only requires mild soaps or solution.

Tip 4: When moving, do not drag the polycarbonate kayak. Use kayak cart.

Dragging can form scratches or holes in the bottom.

Tip 5: Regularly clean your polycarbonate kayak.

Cleaning extends the polycarbonate kayak lifespan and enhances its appearance.

How to Safely Store the Polycarbonate Kayak for Offseason?

Before storing a polycarbonate kayak, make sure you clean it properly. 

Cover it properly. Secure from animals and insects scratches.

Make sure you store polycarbonate kayaks to the place where no sunlight exposure.

Does the Polycarbonate Kayak Certified Approve?

Yes, it is. The polycarbonate kayaks reach the ISO and CE standards.

What are the Factors to Consider When Purchasing Polycarbonate Kayak?

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a polycarbonate kayak for your applications.

Below are the standard criteria for selecting a polycarbonate kayak.

  • Shape and Size

It is crucial to consider the shape and size of the polycarbonate kayak to determine speed and stability.

Longer kayak efficiently cruises and requires more extensive storage space.

  • Materials

Make sure polycarbonate-made kayaks achieve durable, UV and corrosion resistant, anti-yellowing, and lightweight advantages.

  • Weight Capabilities

Always check if your chosen polycarbonate kayak can carry you, itself, and your gear total weights.

The overloaded polycarbonate kayak affects its paddle capability.

  • Features

Choose polycarbonate kayaks with great features.

The best polycarbonate kayaks include rudders, seats, extra paddles, tacking fins, and skeg accessories.

  • Price

The kayak price depends upon its accessories, features, and even materials.

Lightweight materials like polycarbonate are more high-priced than others.

The cost will also increase depending on your added accessories.

  • Warranty

Always choose polycarbonate kayaks with a 5-year warranty hull and two years on other parts.

What Activities Can You Do with Polycarbonate Kayak?

A lot of activities you can explore using a polycarbonate kayak, which includes:

Whitewater Rafting

A fun sport during summer with family and friends.

Polycarbonate kayak adds enjoyment when exploring white water.


Using a transparent polycarbonate kayak with high clarity transmission gives unique underwater shots.

It offers chances to capture aquatic life and surroundings.


Using a transparent polycarbonate kayak while fishing helps you hit or catch the target easily.

It allows you to see the fishes around you are shooting.

Water Racing

Any kayak, including polycarbonate kayak, is utilized for racing- the outstanding form of exercise.

You can do it with your family member or friends.

Surf Kayaking

If you are a nature lover or sports enthusiast, surf kayaking is ideal for you.

And polycarbonate kayak helps you enjoy and challenge while conquering sea waves.

Does Sailing Polycarbonate Kayak Need to have Sailing Skill?

Not really. 

To sail a polycarbonate kayak, you can paddle and control it on the water.

But it is recommended to sail with experienced kayak users for safe activity.


Choosing an appropriate polycarbonate kayak helps you enjoy its benefits and service.

The above information surely helps you decide on worthy purchasing polycarbonate kayaks.

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