• Polycarbonate Machine Guards

Polycarbonate Machine Guards

WeProFab is one of the professional polycarbonate machine guards’ manufacturers. We can manufacture lathe chuck guard, milling machine guards, drill press chuck guard, and other polycarbonate guards. Send us your drawing and specifications; you will get awesome products.

Custom Polycarbonate Machine Guards to Save Your Customer

WeProFab can cut to size from standard or anti-scratch polycarbonate sheet according to your polycarbonate machine guards drawing. It could be normal cutting or accurate CNC with tolerance +/- 0.1mm.

Polycarbonate Cut to Size

WeProFab can cut to size from standard or anti-scratch polycarbonate sheet according to your polycarbonate machine guards drawing. It could be normal cutting or accurate CNC with tolerance +/- 0.1mm.

Machining Polycarbonate Machine Guards

WeProFab has 5-axis machining capability. We can machine your polycarbonate guards with one time clamping to keep tolerance.

Drilling Polycarbonate Machine Guards

Polycarbonate machine guards normally have different size holes for mounting. WeProFab can drill holes neatly according to your drawings or specifications.

Polishing Polycarbonate Machine Guards

Polycarbonate is a rigid and sticky plastic, not easy for polishing to have a good looking. WeProFab has full experience to polish the edges. So your polycarbonate guards will have beautiful appearances.

Bending Polycarbonate Machine Guards

WeProFab can cold bend or thermo-bend your polycarbonate machine guards. Our flexible anti-scratch coating could offer your Perspex machine guards outstanding durability.

Polycarbonate Machine Guards Assembly

You may have a frameless or framework supporting the design of your polycarbonate machine guards. WeProFab is good at one-stop solutions. We can assemble your polycarbonate machine guards with frames made from aluminum, steel, or stainless steel.

WeProFab: Your Leading Plastic Machine Guards Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you one-stop solutions for plastic fabrication and metal fabrication.

WeProFab can manufacture a different kind of polycarbonate machine guards for you. Those polycarbonate guards include milling machine guards, lathe guards, drill press guard, grinding machine guard, polycarbonate corner guards, acrylic machine guards, laboratory safety screen and other plastic machine guards.

The raw material of your machine guards could be polycarbonate, PETG, acrylic, and other clear plastic. Polycarbonate is the most common one. It can be a general-purpose, FDA or UL94-V0 flame retardant. PETG is normally used for chemical resistant applications. Acrylic is suitable for low impact environments but needs high abrasion resistance.

You can choose frameworks according to your applications. WeProFab is glad to offer you a one-stop solution no matter if you use frameless machine guards, or plastic machine guards with aluminum, steel or stainless steel frames.

As an ISO 9001 certified machine guards’ manufacturer, WeProFab controls the manufacturing process of machine guards strictly. We can follow up with different standards such as RoHS, REACH, and UL according to your demands.

As one of the professional machine guards suppliers, WeProFab could support you to make high-end plastic machine guards based on your application. Our full capacity for plastic fabrication and metal fabrication can give you a one-stop solution. So you can focus on how to deliver value to your customers. Send us an inquiry now, and we will respond with a perfect product for you.

Custom Polycarbonate Machine Guards to Skyrocket Your Brand

Lathe Chuck Guard

A reliable chuck guard is crucial for your lathes or your workers. WeProFab can custom your lathe chuck guard to protect your customers or your workers from hazards.

Milling Machine Guards

Milling machines always have flying chips, which cause serious injuries to workers’ eyes, faces, and bodies. WeProFab can make strong milling machine chip guard for you.

Polycarbonate Corner Guards

WeProFab is also a professional at manufacturing other polycarbonate guards for you. These could be polycarbonate corner guards, laboratory safety screen, magnetic machine guards, and more.

10mm Polycarbonate Machine Guards

10mm polycarbonate machine guards are most commonly used in all types of manufacturing and production environments. Widely used due to its optical characteristics. Available in varying grades and shades.

30mm Polycarbonate Machine Guards

30mm polycarbonate machine guards are compatible with basic, strong, and green fast systems. Guarantees easy assembly with a self-supporting and lightweight version available. Offers high impact and temperature resistance.

50mm Polycarbonate Machine Guards

50mm polycarbonate machine guards feature optical clarity and close tolerance machinability. Available in varying tints to suit client requirements. Ensures flexibility in fabrication making it suitable in the food industry.

120mm Polycarbonate Machine Guards

120mm polycarbonate machine guards offer close tolerance machinability, transparency, and toughness. Perfect for applications where chemical resistance is a priority. Specially designed for worker safety and hygiene.

Anti-Static Polycarbonate Machine Guards

Anti-static polycarbonate machine guards offer resistance to chemical solvents and shock resistance. Designed with excellent anti-static function and admirable surface resistance value. Offers an excellent appearance.

Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate Machine Guards

Bullet-resistant polycarbonate machine guards are built with excellent surface hardness and high light transmission rate. Guarantees the excellent quality of processing production and is made of the optical base material.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Machine Guards

Impact-resistant polycarbonate machine guards have an innovative coating ability that makes material quality excellent. Offers good weather resistance and long-term effective protection in outdoor use.

Scratch Proof Polycarbonate Machine Guards

Scratch-proof polycarbonate machine guards provide good impact resistance and a safety feature designed to protect from hazardous elements. Suitable for safety managers, industrial designers, and engineers.

Soundproof Polycarbonate Machine Guards

Soundproof polycarbonate machine guards are safety features to protect operators in the industry. Capable to withstand the varied rigors of industrial use. Commonly used for many purposes in machinery and equipment.

UV Proof Polycarbonate Machine Guards

UV proof polycarbonate machine guards are frequently used for a variety of industries including materials handling, engineering, and assembly lines. Provides a special UV coating on both sides and can surely last a long time.

Adjustable Polycarbonate Machine Guards

Adjustable polycarbonate machine guards are available in a range of sizes and are put together using unique fixings. Impact resistant, tested, and proven for the simplicity of assembly. Any size of the profiles and infills can be requested.

Fixed Polycarbonate Machine Guards

Fixed polycarbonate machine guards are built using impact-rated polycarbonate panels that have received certification. These can be made in any size and shape to provide more precise perimeter protection.

Interlocked Polycarbonate Machine Guards

Interlocked polycarbonate machine guards are made to be easily accessed by employees. Modified to tightly encircle dangerous machines. Provides simple shield panel removal for upkeep.

Medium Aluminum Frame Polycarbonate Machine Guards

Medium aluminum frame polycarbonate machine guards are offered in a huge range of sizes. Contains polycarbonate panels that are blast and impact resistant and tailored to meet any particular application needs.

Removable Large Polycarbonate Machine Guards

Removable large polycarbonate machine guards offer defense against projectiles from engines, centrifuges, and other spinning machinery. Designed to defend against blasts caused by dangerous explosives.

Rotating Polycarbonate Machine Guards

Rotating polycarbonate machine guards allow for simple panel replacement and machine maintenance entry. Intended to give passage to the machine controls while fitting against sodium hypochlorite generators.

Self-adjusting Polycarbonate Machine Guards

Self-adjusting polycarbonate machine guards provide a modular, transparent frame system. Allows for any size and form to be created. Enables simple panel replacement, relocation, and installation.

Small Fixed Adjustable Drilling Polycarbonate Machine Guards

Small fixed adjustable drilling polycarbonate machine guards have undergone extensive testing to guarantee trustworthy defense. Without sacrificing their ability to provide impact, blast, and ballistic protection, they offer a clear view of machine operations.

Small Polycarbonate Machine Guards

Small polycarbonate machine guards provide whole perimeter security without necessitating building improvements. Guarantees accurate force shielding levels and is committed to safety. Simple to install and order.

Transversing Polycarbonate Machine Guards

Transversing polycarbonate machine guards are accessible in a variety of force protection levels to satisfy all shielding requirements. Intended to stop possibly hazardous interaction. Offer the benefit of simplicity in several areas.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Machine Guards

It’s not easy to find reliable machine guards manufacturers with a reasonable price; WeProFab is the right one for you.

Polycarbonate machine guards are common in different kind of applications. They are intended to protect operators from flying debris, ejected material, or even broken mold. It’s also a good way to eliminate contamination on your products during manufacturing processes.

There are also other machine guards made from Acrylic, Clear PVC or PETG. Those plastic machine guards could be frameless or be framed into aluminum, painted steel, or stainless steel.

All production machines or equipment which may cause potential injury to operators should have machine guards. For application aspect, machine guards can be categorized to milling machine guards, lathe machine guards, drill press safety guard, grinding machine guard, polycarbonate corner guards, laboratory safety screen, polycarbonate guards for machinery, etc.

There are also some smartly designed machine guards such as magnetic machine guards, sliding machine guards.

WeProFab, one of the professional machine guard’s manufacturers, is always here to support you, to make your own designed high-quality machine guards. We will offer you a long term and one-stop solution according to your own application requirements.

Polycarbonate Machine Guards: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What are Polycarbonate Machine Guards?

They refer to protective devices made of plastic material used for covering the moving pieces, parts, and components of the machinery that poses a danger to users or workers.

Ideally, machinery with moving parts and pieces tends to raise a great threat to the users or operators.

Flying debris in such operations are also likely to affect persons or other items within the vicinity.

So the design of this device is to ensure that they protect employees and operators from possible impacts of material ejection or broken tooling.

Moreover, these guards also help in protecting the products from contamination, especially during the production process.

 Polycarbonatemachine guard

 Polycarbonate machine guard

What are the Best Surface Treatments for Polycarbonate Machine Guards?

They are quite a several including the following;

UV coating treatment – This helps in preventing UV rays from compromising the quality of the polycarbonate guard, especially for outdoor machines.

Anti-scratch coating treatment – It helps in preventing or reducing abrasions from the surface of the polycarbonate machine guards.

This is vital since it helps in maintaining the visual appeal of the item as well as enhancing its efficiency too.

Plasma surface treatment – It is also another common surface coating for polycarbonate machine guards.

This treatment is essential in the removal of foreign contaminants that would be present on the material, thus making it ideal for further processing.

This treatment is suitable for guards used in food and beverage processing machines.

Can WeProFab Customize Polycarbonate Machine Guards?

Most definitely!

WeProFab is arguably one of the leading polycarbonate machine guards in the world.

It thus implies that they have the unrivaled experience, expertise, and machinery for making a wide range of these items.

Additionally, given that machine guards are designed for different applications, this company can customize your design to suit the specific application.

Also you need to do is send an inquiry or the design of your machine guard.

Can you Machine Polycarbonate Machine Guards?

Yes, you can machine polycarbonate.

It is quite possible as long as you have all the necessary expertise, equipment, and experience.

In fact, a company such as WeProFab provides a 5-axis machining capability.

Additionally, they can machine your polycarbonate machine guard with a single clamping as a way of maintaining tolerance.

You can also thermo bend of cold bend this particular product depending on your needs and the prevailing factors.

Besides, you can as well cut the polycarbonate machine guard to size from standard sheets.

This, of course, will be dependent on your drawings of your machine guards.

You can cut it to size in a reasonable way or better still use the CNC method to attain high accuracy.

It is also possible to drill polycarbonate machine guard often require different holes necessary for attaching on the machines.

It thus means that such holes have to be drilled on the surface.

This is something that WeProFab can quickly do and, at the same time, ensure that they are neat in line with your design or specifications.

Why do you Polish Polycarbonate Machine Guards?

Ideally, polycarbonate machine guards tend to have relatively sticky and rigid surfaces.

As much as its purpose is to offer protection from hazardous moving parts and flying objects, it also needs to have some aesthetic value.

So polishing polycarbonateis one way of enhancing the surface appearance of this item.

It is also essential to polish polycarbonate machine guards to remove blemishes, scratches.

Polishing also helps in enhancing the durability of the machine guard since the coating prevents the surface from elements such as chemicals, and abrasion, among others.

Why is Polycarbonate the Best Material for Machine Guards?

Polycarbonate material is arguably one of the best and most preferred materials for machine guards because of its unique properties.

It is the best material for these items as a result of the following features;

2 PC Machine guard

PC Machine guard

· High Impact Resistance

Typically, a machine guard has to be impact resistant or tough. Of course, not all of these items house moving components.

However, the purpose of the guards is to prevent projectiles from harming operators.

Polycarbonate thus has a high impact resistance making it the best material for manufacturing quality and durable machine guards for a wide range of applications.

· Stiffness

Polycarbonate is naturally stiff, which implies that it has a high resistance to deformation from any particular applied load.

It thus means that this material is not easily bendable, a property commonly referred to as higher flexural modulus.

The essence of high flexural modulus in manufacturing machine guard is that it prevents the product from sagging hence maintaining structural integrity.

· Optical Clarity

Light transmittance is a critical aspect of operating a machine.

It enables the operators to have a clear view of the internal components of the device.

So polycarbonate is ideal because it is transparent hence allowing you to monitor operations inside the machine easily.

· High Chemical Resistance

Polycarbonate is also resistant to a wide range of chemicals.

Therefore, you can be guaranteed that this material won’t erode as a result of a chemical reaction.

It is thus vital,primarily when you are operating a machine that processes chemicals or related elements.

· High Thermal Resistance

Polycarbonate is generally resistant to high temperatures and often rated as slow-burning.

This property makes it ideal for machine guards because you’re sure it won’t melt, given that it can withstand up to more than 135°C.

What is the Function of Polycarbonate Machine Guards?

Polycarbonate machine guard

 Polycarbonate machine guard

They are used to offer protection to the machine operator and other people within the surrounding.

This is by virtue of standing as an operator’s last line of defense.

These guards also help in providing physical barriers hence preventing your body or any part of it from the apparent danger zone during the cycle of machine’s operations.

Polycarbonate machine guards are used for preventing contact that could possibly lead to contamination of products, especially during the production process.

What are the Features of the Best Polycarbonate Machine Guards?

  • Should never create interference – an ideal polycarbonate machine guard should always allow you or the operator of the machine to work comfortably and effectively. Otherwise, it beats logic.
  • Must be secure – Of course, the essence of fixing a polycarbonate machine guard in the machine is to provide security from moving parts and flying debris. So, it has to be secure and offer any element of protection, well fixed, and challenging to remove.
  • Allows for safe maintenance –ideally, polycarbonate machine guards need to be designed in a manner that provides access to the machine for minor maintenance. And this should be done without removing or detaching the guards from the machine.
  • Should never create new hazardsIt beats logic to have a polycarbonate machine guard but still poses as a threat to your safety. This could be issues such as sharp edges. Always ensure that the guards are always fixed in a safe manner that eliminates any new threat.

Are there other Materials that can Replace Polycarbonate Machine Guards?

Of course, they are quite a number, and the suitability of each material is dependent on several factors, including application.

Some of these materials include;

Polycarbonate machine guard

Polycarbonate machine guard

Acrylic – also referred to as plexiglass or PMMA. It is an amorphous thermoplastic which happens to be optically transparent.

This material is also ideal for manufacturing machine guards since it is hardly affected by moisture and offers relatively high strength to weight ration.

PVC – Polyvinyl chloride refers to a type of plastic which is a synthetic polymer.

It is flexible and rigid material, naturally brittle hence you can add other plasticizers when using it for manufacturing machine guards.

PETG – This is also another ideal material that you can use as an alternative for polycarbonate as far as manufacturing machine guards is concerned.

It is a transparent amorphous thermoplastic material with high impact resistance, high stiffness, and comparatively reasonably durable.

Polycarbonate Machine Guards should conform to which Quality Standards?

ISO 9001 – This quality standard covers a wide range of aspects concerning polycarbonate machine guards, including design, manufacture as well as installation of these items.

It thus means that any process surrounding the design, production, and installation of a polycarbonate machine guard should meet the requirements of the end-users.

IEC 60601-1 – Polycarbonate machine guards have to comply with this particular standard.

In that case, it implies that the product provides the most suitable safety levels and requirements for all the subjects and operators of the machine.

CE Mark – This refers to a quality standard that only allows for mandatory conformity of the polycarbonate machine guards sold or used within the European region.

This quality standard verifies compliance with the stringent European rules.

The essence of this is to ensure that they attain free movement and sale of this item, among others, all over the EEA.

ANSI/ASSE Z590.3 – It is a quality standard which ensures compliance of the polycarbonate machine guards from the design, redesign, manufacturing, and installation of the guards.

RoHS – It is also another quality compliance standard that reiterates the essence of using tested components only as a way of enhancing using hazardous substances.

The most important thing when looking into quality standards for machine guards is ensuring that

How do Acrylic Machine Guards compare to Polycarbonate Machine Guards?

Polycarbonate machine guard

Polycarbonate machine guard

Well, these are the two most suitable thermoplastics commonly used in manufacturing machine guards.

They both have outstanding properties making them ideal for these items.

However, these properties do vary, especially when it comes to the manufacturing of these products.

For instance, acrylic polycarbonate guards are comparatively easier to machine than polycarbonate machine guards.

You can also easily polish the acrylic surface both for clean edges and scratches.

It shines more, and it is also less expensive than polycarbonate machine guard by as much as 35%

On the other hand, polycarbonate machine guards have a comparatively high strength than acrylic ones.

They are more flexible, hence easily shaped even at room temperature, and can as well be exposed to high temperatures.

Additionally, polycarbonate machine guards are non-flammable, highly resistant to chemicals, comparatively lightweight than acrylic, and can easily be drilled without cracking.

What are the Benefits of Clear Polycarbonate Machine Guards?

  • They make it easy for the operator to conveniently monitor the internal operations of the machine if need be.
  • They are durable hence can be used even in machines that tend to use a lot of pressure during the processing.
  • They are relatively flexible, which implies that you can easily customize them to suit the particular application and requirements accordingly.
  • These guards are also highly resistant to chemicals, making them the best option for using in machines that have high contact with varied chemical elements.
  • Polycarbonate machine guards are also highly resistant to high temperatures, thus assuring you of convenient and efficient service throughout the machine operation.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain compared to a wide range of other materials hence ideal particularly for the essence of efficiency.

How do you Specify Polycarbonate Machine Guards?

Of course, the term polycarbonate is generic, which means that several it is a type of plastic that comes in different forms or types.

So when selecting a polycarbonate machine guard, it is always vital to ensure that you specify the particular polycarbonate material it is made of.

They are quite several, but some of the major types you’re likely to come across in the market include the following;

  • Clear polycarbonate machine guard
  • Tinted polycarbonate machine guard
  • Abrasion-resistant polycarbonate machine guard
  • Flame retardant polycarbonate machine guard

Is there Recommended Polycarbonate Machine Guards Thickness?

The particular thickness varies from application to application, as well as the specific type of polycarbonate material that is used in manufacturing the machine guard.

However, in most instances, the standard thickness for polycarbonate machine guards often range between 3mm to 12.7mm.

Are there Design Considerations for Polycarbonate Machine Guards?

Most definitely. When manufacturing polycarbonate machine guards, it is always vital to ensure that you look into some of the critical design considerations.

It helps in producing high-quality products that meet your requirements and industry standards too.

Some of the design considerations to take into account include the following;

 Machine Guard made from Polycarbonate

Machine guard made from polycarbonate sheet

  • If the machine guards are designed for food handling or related machines, dirt traps must be avoided entirely. This helps in preventing the guards from compromising the hygiene requirements of the final product.
  • The thickness of the polycarbonate machine guard should be appropriate as a way of enhancing the overall efficiency of the tool during machine processing.
  • Since most of the machines often use or integrate electricity in one way or another, it is vital to ensure that earthing is done adequately on the guards. This is an ideal way of preventing hazardous build-up of static electricity.
  • If the machines require a complete enclosure, it would be ideal for designing guards that can emit fumes or extract heat from the machine.
  • The design should also ensure that guard fasteners are of correct specification because they help in enhancing impact resistance.

How do you Manufacture Polycarbonate Machine Guards?

The entire process is dependent on your specific application requirements.

Different polycarbonate machine guards are manufactured depending on the type of machine they are designed to guard.

In various instances, these guards can be fabricated as frameless bonded constructions, or better still as supporting frameworks.

Manufacturers of these items always depend highly either on the existing samples or customized samples from the customers.

Facilities for manufacturing polycarbonate guards can form, bend, weld, bond as well as polish the different designs, whether simple or complex.

Do Polycarbonate Machine Guards Break Easily?

Not necessarily. Polycarbonate is naturally a material with high tensile strength.

It thus does not break easily, given that it is approximately 250 times stronger than most materials, including glass.

Therefore, it would be quite difficult for a genuine high-grade polycarbonate machine guard to break easily.

Is Polycarbonate Machine Guard a Mandatory Safety Measure?


It is a legal requirement that all machines in any industrial setting that pose a danger to operators, and employees must have guards.

It is a fundamental aspect of safety given that these items guard moving parts of the machine,thus preventing imminent injuries that might result in amputations or, in the worst case, deaths.

It is also a health safety measure, particularly in food processing industries, since it prevents the food and beverage items from coming into contact with possible contaminating agents during processing.

How do you Choose a Polycarbonate Machine Guard?

When looking for an ideal polycarbonate machine guard, it would be essential to ensure that you look into the following elements;

Type of guard – in most cases, you’ll find four common types of this guard in the market, which include; fixed, interlocking, self-adjusting, and adjustable.

Now, it’s upon you to ensure that you consider the specific type that would ideally fit your application.

Type of polycarbonate material – As earlier stated, polycarbonate comes in a wide range of materials.

Therefore, it would be appropriate to ensure that you choose the particular type of material that would necessarily suit your needs.

Thickness – It is also another critical aspect that you have to factor in when looking for a suitable polycarbonate machine guard.

Thickness often varies depending on the particular application.

And in most instances, the thickness for this specific type of guard would range from between 3mm to 12.7mm.

Fabrication needs – It is essential to consider whether or not there would be a need for fabricating the polycarbonate machine guard upon purchasing.

This ensures that you determine the best approach to undertake as far as fabrication is requirement hence enhancing the efficiency of the guard.

Color – Polycarbonate come in various shades, tinted, transparent, and translucent, among others.

So depending on your needs, you would need to consider the ideal one for you accordingly.

Cost– Of course, the factors mentioned above determine the overall value of the polycarbonate machine guard of your choice.

Nevertheless, it would be vital to ensure that you look into the cost whenever you’re purchasing this item.

How much does Polycarbonate Machine Guard Cost?

The cost of a polycarbonate machine guard depends on a wide range of factors.

Therefore there isn’t any fixed amount for this component.

All you need to do is shop for it from various dealers and suppliers such as WeProFab and determine one that is within your budget and, at the same time, suit your requirements accordingly.

How Much Heat Can Polycarbonate Machine Guard Withstand?

Well, polycarbonate is the only thermoplastic than can withstand extreme temperatures, thus making it an ideal choice for many applications, including guarding high-intensity machines.

You can expose polycarbonate machine guards to a heat of about 270°C for several hours, and it will be able to withstand it.

Also, you can expose it to sudden bursts of the temperature of about 1166°C, and it will never absorb heat, break or distort.

Are Polycarbonate Machine Guards Chemical Resistant?


In fact, at room temperature, a polycarbonate machine guard portrays high resistance to chemicals, including a variety of dilute organic and inorganic acids.

This is essential, especially in an industrial setting where chemicals are the main elements in machine processing.

It guarantees you of high durability.

What is the best Frame for Polycarbonate Machine Guards?

The best frame for a polycarbonate machine guard is dependent on the particular application.

For instance, some applications do not require framed machine guards.

You can opt for the frameless bonded designs.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the most suitable frame for this guard is aluminum.

On the other hand, stainless steel would be preferable for applications surrounding the production of food and beverage products.

Typically, stainless steel frames would be suitable for wet production settings.

Nonetheless, when you’re looking for the best polycarbonate machine guard frame for perimeter guarding, mid-steel or painted steel would be the preferred option.

So as you can see, the ideal framing material for this item is entirely dependent on the type of application.

Why Trust WeProFab Polycarbonate Machine Guards?

This is a professional entity that manufactures and supplies quality and reliable polycarbonate machine guards.

You can trust us for these items because we produce a wide range of them including, milling machine guards, lathe chuck guard, drill press chuck guard, among other types of polycarbonate guards.

WeProFab also manufactures customized polycarbonate machine guards, which is vital, especially when it comes to suitability of your specific needs.

As an experienced company in this industry, we also have hi-tech facilities for cutting these items to size, machining, drilling, bending, polishing as well as assembling these guards accordingly.

Additionally, this company also offers a one-stop solution for all your polycarbonate machine guards, irrespective of your framing needs.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, you can also rely on us.

We ensure that we provide quality guards that guarantee efficiency during machine processing.

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