• Polycarbonate Pipe

Polycarbonate Pipe

WeProFab is your best supplier for having a durable and long-lasts polycarbonate pipe. We fabricate different types of polycarbonate pipe that is suitable for every application. We can provide finished and custom-made polycarbonate pipes for you. Send an instant quotes!

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Pipe to Delight Your Customers

Our polycarbonate pipe products are applicable for a wide range of applications since it has an impact-resistance, ultraviolet resistance, and economical. It can delight customers.

Clear Polycarbonate Pipe

Our clear polycarbonate pipe is made of strong plastic that sustains its toughness, superior impact resistance, and dimensional stability. It is frequently used as a lightweight and has the clarity of glass.

Custom Polycarbonate Pipe

In WeProFab, we provide custom polycarbonate base on what’s customers prefer. We can fabricate the exact customer’s specification since we perform thermoforming, CNC routing, and plastic welding processes.

Polycarbonate Pipe Manufacturer

WeProFab is the main polycarbonate pipe manufacturer in China. We can fabricate made-to-order and custom-made orders since we do product procedures and we utilize standard equipment in fabrication.

Resistance Polycarbonate Pipe

Our resistance polycarbonate pipe is vandal-proof, fire retardant, and excellent impact-resistant over a wide temperature range. It can be applied to create instrument gauge covers and display racks.

Thermoforming Polycarbonate Pipe

WeProFab performs product process in our polycarbonate pipe that can be formed using a high-frequency field to establish the required heat. Our polycarbonate pipe thermoformed according to fabrication are used.

UV Resistant Polycarbonate Pipe

At WeProFab, the UV resistant polycarbonate pipe has superior toughness, low-moisture absorption, excellent electrical properties, radiation resistance, and has ultraviolet stabilization. It is best for outdoor applications.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Pipe Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture between WeeTech Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We can provide the best one-stop-solution for your plastic fabrication. Our polycarbonate pipe is great for different types of applications and it can be best for high-pressure air and water uses.

WeProFab polycarbonate pipe has plenty of types that includes clear polycarbonate pipe, UV resistant polycarbonate pipe, round polycarbonate pipe, large polycarbonate pipe, and square polycarbonate pipe.

We also customize your polycarbonate pipe in which you can select your dimensions, shapes, and colors. WeProFab performs production procedures such as thermoforming, CNC routing, and so on.

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Custom Polycarbonate Pipe to Expand Your Brand

Colored Polycarbonate Pipe

In WeProFab, we offer different brilliant colors for your polycarbonate pipe. You can select clear, white, or other colors that you desired.

Large Diameter Polycarbonate Pipe

WeProFab produces different sizes for your polycarbonate pipe and we can have a large diameter to suits your wide range of applications.

Round Polycarbonate Pipe

At WeProFab, the polycarbonate pipe is easy to machine, cut, and shape as desired. It is lightweight, impact-resistance, and scratch resistance.

Square Polycarbonate Pipe

WeProFab can mold polycarbonate pipes into different shapes that include square shape. It has superior dimensional stability.

White Polycarbonate Pipe

WeProFab also provides white color for polycarbonate pipe that has high-impact strength over a wide range of temperatures.

Black Polycarbonate Pipe

Black polycarbonate pipes are available in small to large sizes according to its purpose. Great chemical resistance for any instrument chemical applications available in any diameters and sizes. Custom with any black color like black frosted, solid black, and more.

Blue Polycarbonate Pipe

You can choose solid color blue, frosted, transparent, and more for your ideal applications. Blue polycarbonate pipes are widely used in water pipe lines applicable for industrial and residential installations such as ground.

Chemical Resistant Polycarbonate Pipe

Polycarbonate pipes are also used for scientific research, instructional, and instrument equipment that highly designed chemical resistance. Designed with different sizes and thicknesses based on its applications. You can choose from 5mm to 250mm diameters according to your project requirement.

Clear Polycarbonate Pipe

Clear polycarbonate pipes are available in different thicknesses and applications. Made with high chemical and impact resistance strong for industrial and commercial applications. We offer the lowest prices but longer life span pipes and help boost your business.

High Pressure Industrial Polycarbonate Pipe

Industrial polycarbonate pipes are designed for high-pressure applications. Available in different diameters to carry huge capacity and perform long term. You can choose different colors for your customer’s options and provide for different uses.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Pipe

Get an affordable price polycarbonate pipe featuring impact resistance. Widely use for undergrounds piping, wiring, and more. Available in a variety of diameters, sizes, lengths, and more.

Lightweight Clear Polycarbonate Pipe

For any type of polycarbonate pipe uses you need, polycarbonate is a lightweight material. Clear polycarbonate pipes are available from 5mm to large diameters. Highest quality pipes but affordable perfect for your project needs.

Medium Pressure Polycarbonate Pipe

Medium pressure polycarbonate pipes are widely use for chemicals, water piping, and more. It has small diameters that carry medium-capacity available in different thickness.

Orange Polycarbonate Electrical Pipes

Orange polycarbonate pipes are widely used for water piping and electrical wiring installations. Comes in various lengths and diameters accessible in the lowest price but with high-quality products.

Polycarbonate Cable Pipes

There are different types of polycarbonate pipes for cable and wiring applications. Available in different pipe shapes, colors, sizes, and more. Made of high-class and verified materials for a longer life span.

Polycarbonate Corrugated Drainage Pipe

Corrugated drainage pipes are made of high-quality polycarbonate materials that offer a longer life span. Durable and strong for underground use for industrial, commercial, and residential purposes. Impact-resistant which avoids leakage, less maintenance, and is easier to install.

Polycarbonate Water Pipe

Polycarbonate water pipes are available in various sizes, diameters, lengths, colors, and more. It has perfect performance in heat and cold water, underground and off-ground installations, and outdoor and indoor uses.

Transparent Color Polycarbonate Pipe

For any instrumental and LED lighting purposes, transparent color polycarbonate pipes is one of the common use. Provide great property of resistance perfect for industrial and commercial use accessible in small to large diameters.

UV Resistant Polycarbonate Pipe

Polycarbonate pipes have a great property of resistance, especially from heat. Durable for outdoor applications available in round and square shapes perfect for wiring, instrumental, and more.

White Polycarbonate Pipe

Choose the right white polycarbonate pipes for your project needs. Great use for crafts, aquarium exhibits, and more. Accessible in various sizes, thickness, and more color options such as milky white, frosted white, solid, and more.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Pipe

If you want to have a durable and long-lasting pipe for your different types of uses, the WeProFab polycarbonate pipe is your best selection.

WeProFab can fabricate high-quality polycarbonate pipe since we are over 20 years in the industry. We have fabricated different types in our polycarbonate pipe that includes UV resistance polycarbonate pipe, resistance polycarbonate pipe, and so on.

Polycarbonate Pipe

Our clear polycarbonate pipe has superior toughness, transparent, high-temperature resistance, and has good ultraviolet resistance. It is applicable in various types of uses that include medical devices, electronics packaging, flow lines, LED tubing, and sight glasses. It can also be applied in crafting, product displays, advertising, hobbies, signs, and many more.

WeProFab polycarbonate pipe can handle high-pressure air and water applications due to its high durability. Our polycarbonate pipe can be applied to create instrument gauge covers and display racks. It can also be used as tubular quartz, electric ceramic, and more.

WeProFab polycarbonate pipe has the clarity of glass, has high-impact strength even at low temperatures, has high-tensile strength over a wide temperature range, flame-resistant, and self-extinguishing. It also provides ultraviolet resistant, superior high-temperature resistance, and contains BPA (bisphenol A).

Polycarbonate Pipe

The most outstanding characteristics of polycarbonate pipe are its machinability, corrosion resistance, lightweight, hardness, typically fine thermal and electrical insulating properties.

Our polycarbonate pipe is a strong plastic that offers dimensional stability and excellent impact-resistant substitute to glass.

WeProFab performs product processing like thermoforming to meet customer’s expectations with our polycarbonate pipe products.

We can form different kinds of polycarbonate pipe and it has an end result to have a better product. We can provide finished products like round, square, white, and large selection.

Polycarbonate Pipe

WeProFab offers custom-made for your polycarbonate in which you can choose your size, shapes, and colors. We can provide different brilliant colors for your polycarbonate pipe. Our polycarbonate pipe can be also machined, cut, and sawed to have a better product for your custom polycarbonate pipe.

If you want to have a polycarbonate pipe for your business and construction, WeProFab is your best supplier.

We can produce the best quality polycarbonate pipe products since we utilize standard equipment in fabrication. For further information or questions, you can free to message us and we can respond to you quickly.

Polycarbonate Pipes

If you have any question about polycarbonate pipes, you will find the answer right here.

So if you want to learn more about polycarbonate sheet, read this guide.

What Are Polycarbonate Pipes?

Polycarbonate pipes are hollow, elongated tubes made from thermoplastic polycarbonate material.

Polycarbonate pipes are heat resistant, water resistant, light weight and have high impact resistant.

Polycarbonate Pipes Of Different Sizes

Polycarbonate Pipes Of Different Sizes

Is There Difference Between Polycarbonate Pipes And Polycarbonate Tubes?

There is a distinct difference between polycarbonate pipes and polycarbonate tubes. Poly carbonate pipes are simply round and cylindrical.

The important dimensions of a polycarbonate pipe are the wall thickness, outer and inner diameter.

You can determine the inner diameter by subtracting 2 times the wall thickness from the wall thickness.

Polycarbonate tubes however, can be round, rectangular, squared or oval shaped.

The dimensions for polycarbonate tubes are wall thickness and outer diameter. You can indicate these either in inches or millimeters.

Polycarbonate Tube

Polycarbonate Tube

What Are The Uses Of Polycarbonate Pipes?

Following its amazing features like:

  • Glass like transparency
  • Flame resistance
  • Maintains a high tensile strength over broad temperature range
  • Resistant to UV
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • It is easily joined with adhesives
  • It can be cut, sawed and even drilled.

Poly carbonate pipes can be used in the following applications:

  • Medical containers and tubes
  • LED tubing-light tubes and diffusers
  • Flowlines
  • Tubes for sports equipment prototypes.
  • Irrigation
  • Plumbing
  • High temperature and pressure manufacturing processes
  • Compressed air systems
  • The petroleum industry
  • Construction projects.

LED Tube Light Made From Polycarbonate

LED Tube Light Made With Polycarbonate

What Are The Benefits Of Polycarbonate Pipes?

Benefits of using polycarbonate pipes are as follows:

  • They are lightweight- compare to glass, polycarbonate pipes are twice as light. This makes them easy to handle, move around and transport.
  • They do not age fast- polycarbonate pipes are UV resistant and hence do not suffer any altercations caused the sun or other atmospheric conditions.
  • Minimum maintenance cost- polycarbonate pipes require very little to no maintenance. Their resistance to a lot of harsh conditions makes them useful for a long time without maintenance.
  • Durable- polycarbonate pipes have very long lifespans even when used outdoors or under high temperatures and humidity. Polycarbonate pipes can serve their purpose for up to 25 years or more
  • Can be recycled- once done with their intended purpose, polycarbonate pipes can be repurposed into other uses. Polycarbonate pipes are thermoplastics so they can melt without quality degradation and recycled into other uses.
  • They have a smooth, attractive and pleasant finish. Also, their surface is not porous which makes it hard for algae and fungi to breed.
  • They can easily be joined to other materials by an adhesive. This makes it very easy to join them with fittings or other solvents.
  • They have a high resistant to impact- Because of this feature they do not break, dent or bend easily. This makes polycarbonate pipes perfect for outdoor projects that could be open to vandalism or other interferences.
  • Fire resistant- polycarbonate pipes are actually self-extinguishing and do not burn in an open flame.
  • Easy to process- polycarbonate pipes are very strong that the risk of braking or melting when working on them is almost null. Polycarbonate pipes can be cut, sawed, drilled, engraved, etc.
  • Polycarbonate pipes are insulating. This makes them ideal for applications that require heat to be retained.
  • High quality- polycarbonate pipes offer excellent quality since they are made from high quality, strong and durable material.
  • Bullet proof- polycarbonate pipes are bullet resistant. This means that if a bullet was to be fired at a polycarbonate pipe, it would not cause any damage at all.

Polycarbonate Pipes Are Light In Weight Hence Suitable For Use As Roofing Material

Polycarbonate Pipes Are Light Weight Hence Suitable For Use As Roofing Materials

Are There Limitations Of Polycarbonate Pipes?

Some limitations of polycarbonate pipes include:

  • Prone to scratches- polycarbonate pipes are not resistant to scratches. This can ruin their nice, clear and smooth finish. Because of this you may require a special cleaning agent which most likely will reduce the quality of your pipes with time.
  • Expansion- the rate at which polycarbonate pipes expand is 0.065 per meter per degree Celsius. When working with polycarbonate pipes you must work around this fact and leave allowance for it. Also, any adhesive or sealant used on polycarbonate pipes should be tensile.
  • Toxic- most polycarbonate pipes are not BPA free. It is best to avoid using them in food or water related applications.
  • Expensive- polycarbonate pipes are highly pricy compared to their acrylic or glass counterparts. This is because they are costly to produce and manufacture.
  • Low chemical resistance- polycarbonate pipes exhibit low resistance to chemicals and solvents. This means that long time exposure could cause their quality to deteriorate drastically.
  • The manufacturing process for polycarbonate pipes require very high temperatures. Phosgene is also required in this process and it poses environmental pollution and could be harmful to the workers.
  • Polycarbonate pipes might ‘yellow’ with time- continued exposure to UV light might cause the clarity of polycarbonate pipes to diminish.

How Does Polycarbonate Pipes And Glass Pipes Compare?

Polycarbonate pipes are made from very strong and resilient material. They are 250 times stronger than glass.

Glass pipes are easily breakable. They have a very low impact resistance. They shatter and break easily when an external force is applied.

Polycarbonate pipes on the other have a high impact resistance making them harder to break or even bend.

Glass pipes have better resistance to scratches than polycarbonate pipes. While polycarbonate pipes may need an extra protective coat against scratching, glass pipes might not.

Glass pipes have superior clarity. This makes them suitable for applications that require transparency and precision clarity.

Polycarbonate pipes are clear as well but they can not beat the clarity of glass. Although they make a good replacement for glass.

Polycarbonate Also Offer Clarity Though Not As Much As Glass

Polycarbonate Pipes Also Offer Clarity Though Not As Much As Glass

Although stronger than glass pipes, polycarbonate pipes are lighter. Glass pipes are quite heavy making them harder to transport or move around.

Glass pipes have very low resistance to UV light unlike polycarbonate pipes which offer very high UV light resistance.

To make glass pipes UV resistant, a special UV coating is applied.

Both glass and polycarbonate pipes can withstand sudden temperature changes. They are able to endure extremely hot or cold temperatures.

Polycarbonate pipes are more expensive than glass pipes. This has to do with the manufacturing process.

Polycarbonate pipes require very high temperatures during the production process which can be very costly. This translates to high prices to the end product.

Glass Like Polycarbonate Can Withstand Temperature Changes

Glass Like Polycarbonate Can Withstand Temperature Change

How Do You Manufacture Polycarbonate Pipes?

The process of manufacturing polycarbonate pipes is referred to as extrusion. This process uses a number of components;

  • A conveyance channel- this hosts a screw mechanism and the heating elements
  • A hopper- this one is suspended overhead and it is the one that holds the unprocessed material.
  • Die- this is situated at the tail of the conveyance channel and it is the one that shapes the pipes into tube like form.

During the initial steps of the manufacturing process, the raw material is unloaded from the hopper to and put into the conveyance channel.

Heat and friction are then applied into the channel by the heating elements and screw mechanisms respectively. This is done in order to turn the raw material into its molten state.

The screw mechanism lets the molten material out through the die, where it is formed into a tubular shape.

It is then cooled and set aside for distribution or shipping to customers as is or retained for extra processing and modification.

Are There Standard Polycarbonate Pipes Sizes?

Polycarbonate pipes are available in standard sizes of 1000mm and 2000 mm, and a range of outer diameters from 10mm all the way to 250mm.

The standard thickness for polycarbonate ranges between 0.5 to 5 mm.

‘Cut to size’ polycarbonate pipes are also available and you can get your pipes in whatever custom size you would like.

Are There Different Grades Of Polycarbonate Pipes?

The following are the available grades for polycarbonate pipes:

  • Standard Grade- this are just normal polycarbonate pipes that have not gone through any modification to enhance their original features.

Standard Grade Polycarbonate Pipes

Standard Grade Polycarbonate Pipes

  • The flame retardant grade- these have been enhanced to possess flame retardant properties. This grade of polycarbonate pipes is mostly used in electrical applications and they offer good electoral insulation.
  • The hard coated grade- standard grade polycarbonate pipes are usually not scratch resistant. A hard coat is applied on them to make them resistant to scratching and any other interference that could ruin the finish.
  • Anti-static grade- the standard polycarbonate pipes are coated with a special coat to enhance their resistivity.

What Are the Available Colors of Polycarbonate Pipes?

Polycarbonate pipes are available in clear or transparent and milky white also referred to as frosted colors only.

How Does Clear Polycarbonate Pipe Compare To Frosted Polycarbonate Pipes

Clear polycarbonate pipes are transparent and you can be able to see through them.

On the other hand, frosted polycarbonate pipes are quite opaque and you can not be able to see right through them.

Clear Polycarbonate Pipes

Clear Polycarbonate Pipes/Tubes

Frosted pipes are a bit more expensive than the clear ones.

This maybe due to the fact that frosted polycarbonate pipes need an extra coating for them to achieve that look.

Clear polycarbonate pipes are suitable for applications that need you to see through them.

Frosted pipes can be used in areas where they need to be covered up and transparency does not really matter.

Frosted Pipes

Frosted Pipes

Poly carbonate pipes are generally light-weight. However, frosted ones tend to be a bit heavier than the clear pipes.

Frosted polycarbonate pipes share the same properties as the clear ones. Be it resistance to heat, impact resistance, UV resistance, high tensile strength etc.

How Do You Cut Polycarbonate Tube?

The most appropriate way to cut a polycarbonate pipe is using a table saw that has been fitted with a special blade. The blade is specially made to cut polycarbonate pipes.

Arrange the pipes in a straight line and proceed to cut maintaining the straightness.

Ensure to maintain steadiness and a slow pace to minimize the chance of breaking and spilling of chips.

Can You Bend Polycarbonate Pipes?

It is possible to bend polycarbonate pipes. You can achieve this in the following ways:

  1. Considering its thermoplastic properties, hot line bending a polycarbonate pipe involves:
  • Softening it up by applying heat on it. You can use an electric heater or a hot wire.
  • Depending on the thickness of the pipe, heat one or both sides.
  • Between 155 and 165 Degrees, the polycarbonate pipe will have softened enough to be bent to whatever angle you require.
  1. Using a heat gun- this process is similar to the hotline bending only that here an operator moves the heat gun along the bend line. They keep repeating and flipping over each side for the heat to reach both sides.
    After it heats up you can bend the polycarbonate pipe to your preferred angle.
  2. Hydraulic Press Brake- this is an electric press which uses hydraulic force to bend polycarbonate pipes.
    For it to bend polycarbonate pipes, the press moves downwards at a particular force. This results into bending of the polycarbonate pipe.
  3. Manual press brake- an operator applies physical force manually just as the name suggests.
    The operator needs to manually adjust the bending parameters such as the angle of bending.
    To bend the polycarbonate pipe, the operator uses levels to which they apply force.
  4. Cold line bending- in this method you bend the polycarbonate pipe without applying any heat.

Bent Polycarbonate Pipe

Bent Polycarbonate Pipe

Are Polycarbonate Pipes Flexible?

Compared to other materials such as glass and acrylic, polycarbonate pipes are more flexible.

They can be bent, cut, arched, drilled, machined, etc.  Polycarbonates pipes are easily modifiable and changeable without altering the original quality.

Polycarbonate pipes are easier to work on and with compared to other plastics.

Are Polycarbonate Pipes Resistant To High Temperature?

Polycarbonate pipes can endure high temperatures of up to 270 Degrees for a couple of hours without them breaking, distorting or absorbing heat.

They can also withstand sudden rise in temperature of up to 1116 Degrees without doing any of those things.

Being resistant to high temperature allows polycarbonate pipes to be heat resistant as well. This means they do not burn in an open flame and are self-extinguishing.

This feature of polycarbonate pipes makes it safe to use in application that deal with extreme temperatures or sudden temperature rises.

What Is The Lifespan Of Polycarbonate Pipes?

One of the advantages of polycarbonate pipes is durability. The average lifespan for polycarbonate pipes is 10 to 25 years.

Polycarbonate pipes can achieve and exceed their life expectancy if:

  • You properly take care of them
  • You minimize exposure to harmful chemicals
  • They are regularly maintained and coated with UV protection
  • You minimize exposure to extreme weather conditions.
  • You regularly clean them

How Much Do Polycarbonate Pipes Cost?

Averagely small polycarbonate pipes retail at about 10$ to 100$.

The cost of polycarbonate pipes is dependent on a couple of factors:

  • The grade
  • Whether clear or frosted
  • The size (bigger sizes cost more) etc.

Are Polycarbonate Pipes Biodegradable?

Polycarbonate pipes are made from plastic and just like majority of plastics polycarbonate pipes are not biodegradable.

Biodegradable items require a short time to decompose. In order for polycarbonate pipes to biodegrade it would take over a century.

Besides, polycarbonate pipes are not susceptible to microorganisms that are responsible for decomposition.

Can You Recycle Polycarbonate Pipe?

It is possible to recycle polycarbonate pipes. We can conserve further protect the environment by reusing and re-purposing polycarbonate pipes.

The material used to make polycarbonate pipes allows them to be melted without them losing their value.

It therefore easier to recycle or make totally new object from old polycarbonate pipes instead of just disposing them.

How Does Polycarbonate Pipes Compare To PVC Pipes?

PVC pipes are made of the PVC plastic which is the polymer of vinyl chloride monomer.

Polycarbonate pipes are made of a plastic which is formed as a result of the reaction between Bisphenol A and phosgene.

PVC pipes are more popular and more commonly used. They are less expensive than polycarbonate pipes.

Polycarbonate pipes are heat and UV resistant while PVC pipes are not. PVC pipes fade over and get heat damage with exposure to high temperatures or the sun.

PVC pipes have a melting point of about 212 Degrees Celsius whereas polycarbonate pipes have a melting point of 225 Degrees Celsius.

PVC pipes have lower impact resistance as compared to polycarbonate pipes. PVC are easier to bend and break when external force is applied.

Polycarbonate pipes on the other hand are tougher to break and have a higher impact resistance.

Both PVC and polycarbonate pipes do not have a scratch resistance.

This can however be fixed by applying a special protective coat.

The glass transition temperature for polycarbonate pipes is 147 Degrees Celsius while that of PVC pipes stands at 81 degrees.

Which Types of Polycarbonate Pipe Fittings Do You Have?

Available types of polycarbonate pipe fitting are as follows:

  • Polycarbonate socket
  • Polycarbonate elbow
  • Polycarbonate tee
  • Polycarbonate end cap
  • Polycarbonate plug
  • Polycarbonate p/t socket
  • Polycarbonate p/t elbow
  • Polycarbonate p/t tee
  • Polycarbonate reducing socket
  • Polycarbonate tank connector
  • Polycarbonate valve socket
  • Nipple
  • Bush etc.

How Does Polycarbonate Pipe Compare To Acrylic Pipe?

Acrylic pipes are scratch resistant while polycarbonate pipes are sensitive to scratches.

It easier to fabricate polycarbonate pipes than it is acrylic pipes.

Acrylic pipes have lower impact strength as compared to polycarbonate pipes.

Polycarbonate pipes are more expensive than acrylic pipes.

Acrylic pipes have a natural resistance to UV light. Polycarbonate pipes have lower resistance although there are different grades that have a high UV resistant.

Polycarbonate pipes have better clarity. This means they have a higher transparency than acrylic pipes.

Acrylic pipes are difficult to work compared to polycarbonate pipes which are easier to manipulate and work with.

How Do You Test Quality of Polycarbonate Pipe?

There are several tests done on polycarbonate to determine the quality. They are as follows:

  • Resistance to heat- this test is done by exposing the polycarbonate pipes to temperatures of about 150 Degrees Celsius at a specific time. This test ensures that the heat does not cause any defects to the pipe.
  • Traction resistance and ultimate elongation- a sample size of the polycarbonate is subjected to stretching up to its breaking point. The traction resistance is done with a dynamometer with the speed of supervised elongation.
    If it breaks, both the effort and the elongation are noted down. The final data is compared to the original size and if it meets the parameters, it passes the test.
  • Impact resistance- you do this test by subjecting the pipes to external force. If the impact from the force causes any sort of distortion or bending, then the polycarbonate pipes will have not passed the test.
  • Temperature at which it softens- this test involves you exposing the polycarbonate pipes to a determined temperature at taking note of the temperature at which it starts to soften.
  • Density- this done is done according to the Archimedes’ technique. It is so accurate with a precision of 0.0001 gr. The density of the raw material and that of the polycarbonate pipe are overseen.
  • Internal pressure resistance- this test consists of you overseeing how the polycarbonate pipe’s internal pressure changes as it contracts and expands at a constant temperature.
  • Stability according to dimensions- this test involves cutting out a piece of the polycarbonate pipe. Then marking two lines on it at a particular distance. After it is immersed in water that is 150 Degrees Celsius during a set time. After the time elapses, the distance between the markings is taken and the difference (positive or negative) is noted down in percentage.
  • Dimensional control- this test done is carried out occasionally throughout the manufacturing procedure.it involves supervising the dimensions of the polycarbonate pipes and their fittings by controlling parameters such as:
  1. Wall thickness
  2. Length
  3. Medium outer diameter
  4. Ovulation
  5. Length of the cut polycarbonate
  • Aspect- the outer and inner aspect of the pipes are inspected to ensure there are no pores, bubbles or leaks.
  • Ring stiffness test-you can determine the ring stiffness by measuring the force and deflection while deflecting the polycarbonate pipe at a constant speed.

This test is for determining the ring softness, ring stiffness and compression of the polycarbonate pipe.

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