• Polycarbonate Rod

Polycarbonate Rod

WeProFab polycarbonate rods are perfect for equipment enclosures, thermal insulations, greenhouses, and a lot more applications. Order your desired volume of polycarbonate rods. We can awesomely provide ahead of time.

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Rod to Delight Your Customers

As a professional polycarbonate rod manufacturer in China, we are able to supply worldwide. High impacts resistant are accessible, amazing machinability, etc. Scroll down, contact us, and select your ideal types of polycarbonate rods.

Clear Polycarbonate Rod

WeProFab clear polycarbonate rods are popular and negotiable because of the durability and elegance. This is a lightweight material effective for your project.

Custom Polycarbonate Rod

We have the capability to customize every customer’s designs features, styles, sizes, and many more. We offered it at lower rates.

Extruded Polycarbonate Rod

WeProFab offers extruded polycarbonate rods that are purchasable in different sizes. It is suitable for equipment enclosures, high voltage switches, etc.

Laser Cut Polycarbonate Rod

WeProFab is a leading fabricator of laser-cut polycarbonate rods. There are clear, decorative, bubbles, and many designs and styles to choose from.

Natural Polycarbonate Rod

In advance, we can offer natural polycarbonate rods. There are multi-color, square, round, or solid polycarbonate rods.

Polycarbonate Rod Manufacturer

If you are searching for a manufacturer of polycarbonate rods, WeProFab is a great choice. We can supply a wide variety of orders.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Rod Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture linked with WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. A one-stop solution to purchasing problems is perfectly guided by our friendly staff. WeProFab laser cuts, custom, cut-to-size, etc, polycarbonate rods perfect for your projects.

The raw material of polycarbonate rods makes it durable and versatile. We are anodizing, engraving, embossing, CNC machining, and more.

WeProFabis an ISO 9001 certified polycarbonate rods supplier from China. RoHS, REACH, and UL are strictly developing standards according to the customer’s request.

As one of China’s leading and professional suppliers and manufacturers of polycarbonate rods, we can supply lots of stocks. We awesomely fulfill all your needs.

Custom Polycarbonate Rod to Expand Your Brand

Multi-color Polycarbonate Rod

WeProFab manufactured unique multi-color of polycarbonate rods. WeProFab can customize your orders as well.

Round Polycarbonate Rod

More than thousands of round polycarbonate rods we’ve fabricated for full support. You can choose and get an affordable supply.

Solid Polycarbonate Rod

If you are searching for solid polycarbonate rods, WeProFab is supplying large volumes. We can fulfill your dreams of running a business.

Square Polycarbonate Rod

Our square polycarbonate rods are accessible in great quality. It is perfect for business purposes which helps you gain an outstanding profit.

Decorative Polycarbonate Rod

As a premier supplier of plastic fabrication, we are providing a negotiable yet acceptable cost for decorative polycarbonate rod requests.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Rod

WeProFab polycarbonate rods are engineering materials that are versatile with amazing dimensional stability. This material is a lesser moist absorption suitable for lots of applications.

Polycarbonate rods are durable and lightweight which is perfect for resilient materials. This is versatile for any application because of unbreakable ability.

WeProFab polycarbonate rods have an excellent Impact resistant and rigid.

It has a tough and excellent feature which surely customers love too.

Polycarbonate Rod

WeProFab is a leading and qualified supplier and manufacturer from China. We’re offering competitive prices for any plastic fabrication. We have suitable sizes, features, decorative, and customizations.

We are supplying the best quality polycarbonate rods in more than 20 years. We are professional and from supplying, customer service, shipping, etc.

For OEM/ODM customers, WeProFab is providing a one-stop solution. We can do heat resistant polycarbonate rods, bending, laser-cut, or cut-to-size.

We have UV resistant, translucent, and not translucent polycarbonate rods you could purchase. WeProFab high-tech machines can do unique and functional plastic fabrication such as this type of product.

Polycarbonate Rod

If you urgently need to have these polycarbonate rods, you can contact directly WeProFab. We can do quick actions and sustain your entire request. Our well-trained workers are working 24/7 for great support.

If you deal with us, we can cater to your request and ship it on-time. We will ensure you to supply awesome polycarbonate rods based on your order. We have polycarbonate rods suitable for high temp windows, sight glasses, and many more which are heat resistant, unbreakable, amazing thermal properties, and many more features.

Polycarbonate Rod

In searching polycarbonate rods, it’s not easy. But still, you have to be vigilant for the sake of your fast success. Find a partner who can focus on your request. We are manufacturing only plastic fabrication so we can ensure that your orders will be prioritized.

Send us your inquiries for more information. We will help you expand your business. Be one of our successful and big-time customers. They build a good relationship with us. Contact us now!


Polycarbonate Rod: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably wondering how a polycarbonate rod looks like.

Or, you would like to know the features, sizes, quality, or manufacturing process.

Well, you will find all that information right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Polycarbonate Rod?

These are rectangular, circular, hexagonal, or square rods made from polycarbonate material.

Unlike polycarbonate pipes, polycarbonate rods do not have a hollow section at the center.

They are mainly solid.

 Polycarbonate rod

polycarbonate rod

How Does Polycarbonate Rod Compare to Acrylic Rod?

Polycarbonate rods and acrylic rods are usually confused when it comes to their applications.

This is because they have almost similar characteristics and properties.

 Polycarbonate rod

Polycarbonate rod

Both acrylic rod and polycarbonate rod are stronger materials with very high impact resistance. Although they might look a bit similar, they do have their differences which includes:

  • Polycarbonate rod has a high impact resistance compared to the acrylic rod.
  • Polycarbonate rod is a stronger material compared to acrylic rod.
  • Compared to the acrylic rod, polycarbonate rod is used in applications that require or demand a high resistance level.
  • On the other hand, the acrylic rod has a high gloss finish making its aesthetic value higher than polycarbonate rods.
  • Polycarbonate rods scratch easily compared to acrylic rods.

On the other hand, acrylic rod breaks easily compared to polycarbonate rod.

  • In terms of cost, a polycarbonate rod is more expensive compared to an acrylic rod.
  • Polycarbonate rods are not easy to heat and mold into shape.

Acrylic rods are easy to heat and mold into different shapes and sizes while at the same time keeping their quality appearance.

Different colors of acrylic rod

 Different colors of acrylic rods

What Are The Uses Of Polycarbonate Rod?

You can fabricate and machine polycarbonate rods to make a range of components.

It will depend on your specific needs and requirement.

For instance, you can use it to make windows and other structural components.

What Are The Features Of Polycarbonate Rods?

Polycarbonate rods come in different features depending on their specific applications. Some of the features of polycarbonate rods include:

  • Withstand high temperature: polycarbonate rods have a continuous use temperature of around two hundred- and fifty degrees Fahrenheit.

Its toughness is about negative twenty degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Strength and impact: it has a high impact and strength compared to other thermoplastics.
  • Flame retardant; polycarbonate rods are flame retardants making them ideal in applications where heat may damage property.

Such as store displays.

  • Insulation: polycarbonate rods have a perfect electrical insulation capability.
  • Mechanical retention: even in extreme temperatures, polycarbonates have an extremely recommendable mechanical retention.
  • UV-stabilized: polycarbonate rods have excellent UV-ray blockage capabilities.

They are made and manufactured to meet international standards.

  • Light transmittance: most polycarbonate rods are transparent and transmit light perfectly.

They can have a light transmittance of up to 90%.

What Are the Performance Properties Of Polycarbonate Rods?

The properties of polycarbonate rods depend on specific applications.

Some of the standard performance properties of polycarbonate rods include;

  • Excellent impact resistance features
  • It is a high-strength thermoplastic
  • It has a low thermal expansion
  • You can use it for a range of applications
  • It is a slippery thermoplastic compared to the others, such as acrylic
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Has excellent electrical insulation capabilities
  • It is also preferred because of its low water absorption features
  • Has weather resistance features

Are Polycarbonate Rods Flexible?

Yes, you may find flexible polycarbonate rods. Polycarbonate rods can be categorized into two types solely depending on their flexibility.

The first type is the semi-rigid polycarbonate rod. This is a type of polycarbonate that can be bent to a certain degree.

The second type of polycarbonate rod is the rigid type of polycarbonate rod. This one is sturdy and strong and cannot be blended.

It is usually applied in applications that require strength and durability.

Are There Colored Polycarbonate Rods?

Yes, there are different color schemes for polycarbonate rods. Some of the colors that you may find include transparent, gray, opaque, or black.

The color can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Coloured polycabonate sheet

Colored polycarbonate rod

What Are the Physical Properties of Polycarbonate Rods?

The physical property of polycarbonate rods entails:

  1. Glass transition temperature ranging between 160 – 200 °c
  2. A fair sterilization resistance
  3. Water absorption 24 hours from 0.1 – 0.2%
  4. Density ranging from 1.15 – 1.2 g/cm3
  5. Shrinkage of 0.7 – 1%
  6. Good gamma radiation resistance.
  7. UV light resistance

What Are the Different Shapes Of Polycarbonate Rods?

You can find polycarbonate rods of different sizes and shapes in the market. It all depends on your specific requirement.

There is also room for customization to your requirements that fits your use of the polycarbonate rod. Some of the shapes of the polycarbonate rod include but are not limited to:

  • 90-degree angle polycarbonate rod.
  • Film
  • Rectangular tube polycarbonate rod
  • Rod and disc-shaped polycarbonate rod.
  • Round tube.
  • U-channel polycarbonate rod.
  • Square polycarbonate rod
  • Hexagonal polycarbonate rod

In short, the shapes and sizes of polycarbonate rods are unlimited.

Hexagonal polycarbonate rod

Hexagonal polycarbonate rod

Square polycarbonate rod

 Square polycarbonate rod

How Can You Cut Polycarbonate Rod to Size?

Much of the polycarbonate rods in the market have different sizes. The sizes depend on where you want to use the polycarbonate rod.

It is worth noting that the polycarbonate rod is measured in feet.

You must be aware of the exact diameter and length of the polycarbonate rod.

An example of measurement of a polycarbonate rod includes:

  • Diameters between 0.125 inches and 3 inches are available.
  • Polycarbonate Tubing – Inner diameter (ID) dimensions range from 0.125 inches to 11.75 inches. There is a variety of wall thicknesses available.
  • Diameters range from 0.125 inches outer diameter (OD) to 6 inches OD.
  • Diameters above 3inches are available.

You can also learn more about cutting polycarbonate.

Can You Bend Polycarbonate Rods?

Yes, there are some types of polycarbonate rods that you can bend. These are manufactured specifically to have flexibility capacities.

But it would be best to keep in mind that most polycarbonates are built for strength and durability.

It makes them not have flexible features except for customized ones.

You can also learn more about how to bend polycarbonate.

Bending polycarbonate rod

Bending polycarbonate rod

Will Polycarbonate Rod Yellow After Sometime?

Yes, polycarbonate rods can turn yellow sometimes. However, it is not all polycarbonate rods that turn yellow after installation.

The yellowing effect of polycarbonate rods solely depends on their exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

It is the UV rays that make polycarbonate rods turn yellow after a long period of exposure.

It means that polycarbonate rods that are installed outdoor will yellow faster than those installed indoors.

You can determine the rate of yellowing of the polycarbonate rod by carrying out a test that is known as the yellow index.

The yellow index test is critical, especially when determining the life cycle of the polycarbonate rod.

It guides you on when to change the polycarbonate rod.

That is if you will use it for a sensitive application.

The best part, nowadays, most polycarbonate rods have an anti-UV coating.

It prevents or slows down the rate of yellowing.

How Much Do Polycarbonate Rods Cost?

Many factors determine the price of polycarbonate rods in the market. There are no specific set prices for polycarbonate rods.

Factors such as MOQ, the material used, size, quality, quantity, color, shape, among other factors, determine the price of the polycarbonate rod.

You can get polycarbonate rods that start with as low as 1 dollar to thousands of dollars. It all depends on how you plan to use the polycarbonate rods.

What Are The Available Sizes Of Polycarbonate Rod?

Polycarbonate rods are available in different sizes depending on their use. Some of the sample sizes include:

  • Diameters range from 0.125 inches to 6 inches or more.
  • Standard rod lengths are 8 inches.

How Do You Manufacture Polycarbonate Rods?

Polycarbonate rods are manufactured through the extrusion manufacturing process.

Extrusion manufacturing of polycarbonate rods involves melting plastic raw materials and forming them into a continuous profile.

The melted polycarbonate rod is forced through a die where different shapes can be formed into shapes with a cross-section.

 Plastic extrusion process

Plastic extrusion process

It involves shaping the melted polycarbonate or resin into desirable shapes.

The extrusion process is the manufacturing process that is widely applicable in producing polycarbonate rods.

It is because it is a straightforward process compared to other alternative polycarbonate rod manufacturing processes.

Some of the advantages of using polycarbonate extrusion as a method of manufacturing polycarbonate rods include:

  • The extrusion process helps in manufacturing the best polycarbonate rods that have a high impact and temperature resistance.
  • The extrusion process also provides an array of options when it comes to polycarbonate rod manufacturing.

It is because you get to customize the process to manufacture desirable shapes and sizes.

  • The polycarbonate extrusion process is also one of the most efficient and fast in producing polycarbonate rods.
  • Compared to other methods of manufacturing polycarbonate rods, the extrusion method is considerably cheaper.
  • The best thing about the extrusion method is that it allows you to produce polycarbonate rods with complex and different shapes, thicknesses, and textures.
  • The polycarbonate extrusion manufacturing process allows you to integrate the polycarbonate with different additives.

The additives serve to increase the property of the polycarbonate rod.

  • The process also allows for easy post extrusion altercation of the polycarbonate rod.

Although the extrusion manufacturing process has many advantages, it also has its share of disadvantages that include:

  • The extrusion process has product limitations. This is because to make polycarbonate rods; you will need specific molds.
  • The process also has a possibility of product variance that can impact quality.

How Can You Test Quality of Polycarbonate Rods?

Some of the quality tests that you can carry out on polycarbonate rods include:

  • Color tests to determine the clarity of the polycarbonate rod
  • Density test that involves water-absorbing test such as saturation in air or water
  • Thermal property tests such as glass transition temperature, thermal conductivity, and coefficient of linear thermal expansion

Other thermal property test includes flammability and temperature of deflection.

  • Mechanical properties test such as tension test, compression test, creep test in tension, impact strength test, and hardness test.
  • Electrical properties tests include electrical strength tests, volume resistivity, relative permittivity, dielectric dissipation factor.

You can also use comparative tracking index tests.

Do Polycarbonate Rods Require Polishing?

Yes, you can polish polycarbonate rods to make them smooth and shiny. Polishing of polycarbonate rods is done through the finishing process.

Some of the finishing processes that can be used on polycarbonate rods include;

  • Sanding finishing process that can be either wet or dry sanding techniques
  • Joint planning involves smoothening of polycarbonate rod joints.
  • The solvent polishing finishing process involves the addition of MEK or methylene that gives glossy edges which are smooth.
  • Hot stamping can also be used to give clear, smooth, and visible details.
  • Painting is also another finishing option that can be used on polycarbonate rods.

Are Polycarbonate Rods Scratch Resistant?

No, polycarbonate rods are not scratch-resistant.

Through intricate manufacturing processes, polycarbonate can be strengthened to minimize scratching.

Can You Engrave Polycarbonate Rod?

Yes, you can engrave polycarbonate rods. There are various engraving methods you can use that include but are not limited to:

  • Hot stamping engraving method
  • Screen printing method.
  • Embossing the polycarbonate rod.
  • Debossing engraving method.
  • Hand engraving method.
  • You can also use machine engraving or diamond drag process.
  • Laser engraving or etching.
  • Another engraving method you can use on polycarbonates rods is sandblasting.
  • Gold stamping or foil stamping is also a method you can apply.

What Is the Difference Between Polycarbonate Rod and Polycarbonate Pipe?

Polycarbonate rods are solid materials that are used in various applications such as constructions.

Polycarbonate rod

Polycarbonate rod

They are sturdy, solid, and have immense strength.

On the other hand, polycarbonate pipes are solid pipes that are hollow inside.

They are usually used as conductors and applied in applications requiring durability.

 polycarbonate pipe

 Polycarbonate pipe

What Are the Benefits Of Polycarbonate Rod?

Polycarbonate rods have their pros and cons, just like any other thermoplastics in the market.

Some of the advantages of polycarbonate rods include;

  • Polycarbonate rod has greater strength compared to other thermoplastics.
  • It is a more flexible thermoplastic compared to other thermoplastics in the market.
  • Highly transparent. It offers light transmission as good as glass.
  • Polycarbonate rod can be exposed to high temperatures and is nonflammable.
  • It has properties that make it highly resistant to chemicals.
  • It offers good electrical insulation properties that are not influenced by water or temperature.
  • Polycarbonates are pretty tough and do not break easily.
  • Compared to other thermoplastics, polycarbonate rod has lighter weight.

Are There Limitations Of Polycarbonate Rods?

Some of the most common limitations of polycarbonate rods include:

  • Yellowing tendency post-exposure to UV.
  • Polycarbonate rod is known to scratch easily, making it a delicate thermoplastic.
  • Compared to other thermoplastic rods such as acrylic rod, polycarbonate rod is not easy to polish.
  • Easily attacked by hydrocarbons and bases.
  • It is also easy to dent a polycarbonate rod.
  • Post prolonged exposure to water at over 60°C, their mechanical properties start to degrade.
  • It is not transparent compared to other thermoplastics such as acrylic.
  • Can withstand repeated steam sterilizations.

How Do You Custom Polycarbonate Rod?

Polycarbonate rods can be customized to your specific business or personal use.

You can customize the polycarbonate rod according to factors such as:

  • Quality of the polycarbonate rod.
  • Shape
  • Diameter
  • Color
  • Other determinants as specified by you.

How Do Polycarbonate Rods Compare To Glass Rods?

First, polycarbonate rods are stronger compared to glass rods. They are two hundred times stronger compared to glass rods.

Polycarbonates rods are also lighter in weight compared to glass rods.

This is advantageous because it makes the installation of polycarbonate rods easy.

Polycarbonate rods are also vital in protecting against harmful UV radiation while at the same time being unbreakable.

For all your polycarbonate rods from China, contact WeProFab now.

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