• Polycarbonate Screen

Polycarbonate Screen

Weprofab is your ultimate partner when needing a hand for the manufacturing process of the polycarbonate screen. We are experts in overall fabrication systems. We specialize in cutting polycarbonate screen into different sizes and molding it to form wonderfully-made polycarbonate screen. We customize and personalize your ideal polycarbonate screens and offer low ratings. When you are interested, we make faster-dealing transactions.

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Screen to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab manufacture numerous numbers of polycarbonate screen stocks. Here are the 6 main popular products offered by Weprofab. Select your favored style. We deliver good quality to your warehouse areas safely. When done choosing, contact us for a special service.

Hollow Polycarbonate Screen

Weprofab produce Hollow Polycarbonate Screen for business advantages. We also offers newest trend designs depending on your outgrow specifications.

Impromptu Full Polycarbonate Screen

Weprofab is your number 1 supportive partner when it comes to your Impromptu Full Polycarbonate Screen necessities. For smaller or big enterprises, we help them to have a profitable products to be added.

Polycarbonate Screen Cut-to-sizes

When you significantly needing Polycarbonate Screen that is completely Cut-to-sizes, you come to the right place. Weprofab is reliable manufacturer of any cut-to-sizes plastic based productivity.

Polycarbonate Workstation Screen

Searching for best quality Polycarbonate Workstation Screen? As professional manufacturer in China, we can provide you the standard you are searching for.

Printed Sticker Polycarbonate Screen

Weprofab is undeniably trusted when it comes to producing Polycarbonate Screen with free printed stickers. We are your leading partner in manufacturing industry.

Rectangular Polycarbonate Screen

Weprofab offers different shape of polycarbonate screen. Rectangular polycarbonate screen has offer for competitively prices.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Screen Manufacturer

Weprofab is endorsed by top leading companies all over the world. We are only the manufacturing masters which operated in China. Within years in serving, we knew specializing in all fabrication systems. We knew what you want.

Weprofab is very skilful when comes to coating, machining, integrating and manufacturing any products that is originated from durable plastics. To have us for your specified projects, hurry on contact us today!

Custom Polycarbonate Screen to Skyrocket Your Brand

Flexiform Polycarbonate Screen

This Weprofab Flexiform Polycarbonate Screen is very versatile for offices installments. Used as decorations, privacy, and many more.

Polycarbonate Desk Panel Screen

Weprofab professionally fabricates Polycarbonate Desk Panel Screen for the necessary need at industrial medical offices.

Polycarbonate screen pool enclosure

Polycarbonate screen pool enclosure from Weprofab has a strong UV resistance provider. Keeps your eyes and skin protected from direct sunlight.

2mm Polycarbonate Screen

Polycarbonate screens are available in different thicknesses such as 2mm and free stand styles. It is known as modular polycarbonate screens or partitions designed with different patterns.

5mm Polycarbonate Screen

5mm polycarbonate sheets are great for large applications. It has various dimensions, layers, and textures. It has smooth and patterned options perfect for business purposes. Affordable but high-quality polycarbonate screens.

Bulletproof Polycarbonate Screen

For industrial and commercial applications, polycarbonate screens provide bulletproof resistance, especially for barriers, Office or room partitions, DIY projects, and home decor. Easier to move and save space because of its lighter weight and thinner size.

Clear Polycarbonate Screen

Clear polycarbonate screens are made of certified materials 20 times stronger than glass. It has a clear, simple, but elegant appearance suitable for commercial and industrial buildings.

Colored Polycarbonate Screen

Clear polycarbonate screens are made of certified materials 20 times stronger than glass. It has a clear, simple, but elegant appearance suitable for commercial and industrial buildings.

Custom Shape Polycarbobate Screen

We can customize your ideal polycarbonate screens such as square, rectangular, horizontal, and vertical. Curved polycarbonate screens have many styles and finishes. It features high impact resistance, unlike glass materials.

Custom Surface Textures Polycarbonate Screen

There are different customized surface textures for your polycarbonate screen orders. You can also choose different patterns, styles, textures shapes, etc. It has different thickness options suitable for your business whether you handle retail, wholesale business, etc.

Free Standing Polycarbonate Screen

The polycarbonate screens are designed in free-standing styles. There are different styles such as floor-mounted, mobile, removable, and more. It has various frame designs and finishes according to your applications and demands.

Frosted Polycarbonate Screen

If you are looking for room or table partitions, frosted polycarbonate screens are one of the elegant and common customer selections. It has a great appearance and durable quality.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Screen

Polycarbonate screens are impact resistant and commonly used for mobile partitions, DIY projects, public areas, offices, and more. It has many styles and sizes options based on your business needs.

Ribbed Polycarbonate Screen

Ribbed polycarbonate screens are more durable than glass, providing an attractive appearance. Available in white, frosted, and clear options at different thicknesses, widely used for desktop dividers, counter barriers, office and table partitions, etc.

Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Screen

The Polycarbonate screens are scratch-resistant and used in different public areas such as hospitals, transportation terminals, and more. Cost-effective prices according to their sizes, styles, and designs. You can send your ideal polycarbonate screens and get the best price offer.

Shatter Proof Polycarbonate Screen

For any damage caused, polycarbonate screens have great shatter resistance. Freestanding and floor mounting styles are suitable for home décor, table dividers, counter barriers, and more.

Small Polycarbonate Screen

You can choose fixed and floor-screwed small polycarbonate screens. It can be permanent and removable screens with aluminum-finished frames. It has various surface textures and thicknesses based on your demands.

Solid Polycarbonate Screen

There are various applications for solid polycarbonate screens. It is widely used for commercial buildings, barriers, schools, hospitals, and more. Featuring high impact resistance and blocking UV rays from outdoor protection.

Sound Proof Polycarbonate Screen

Polycarbonate screens minimize noise and prevent employees from chattering. Double-layer and triple walls polycarbonate screens are widely used for framed mobile barriers and are available in different styles. Easier to place and assemble with a durable wheels.

Thick Polycarbonate Screen

A thick polycarbonate screen has great durability and effectiveness. Customized aluminum frames with frosted polycarbonate screens suitable for room and table dividers, hospital use, clinic, and more.

Tranparent Polycarbonate Screen

A transparent polycarbonate screen is used for office partitions, barriers, DIY projects, commercial facilities, prefab houses, and more. It has great transparency yet offers everyone privacy barriers. It also features bulletproofing and impacts resistance.

Translucent Polycarbonate Screen

Translucent polycarbonate screens have unique designs perfect to provide them lightly from the outside. It has great effects on daylight. Aside from frosted, there are also many color options of translucent polycarbonate sheets such as red, orange, yellow, etc.

Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Screen

Polycarbonate screen has numerous applications which offer great durability than glass materials. It has great resistance from scratches and impacts than glass so you can get the best quality but affordable polycarbonate screens, while your business gains the best profits.

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Why Choose WeProFab Polycarbonate Screen

Weprofab Polycarbonate (PC) screen has been originated from thermoplastic polymers.

These thermoplastic polymers are consist of carbonate material groups in chemical compositions.

When screens are made thoroughly with polycarbonate material, expect that these could be tough, strong, highly graded, and optically transparent.

A polycarbonate screen is easy to use and to install in different needed applications.

Polycarbonate Screen

It can be directly seen in most offices and other areas needed privacy.

Polycarbonate screen is molded and thermoformed from plastic materials.

And because of these, our polycarbonate screens are easily utilized and used for any related applications.

A unique product Weprofab can offer.

However, when do the manufacturing process of polycarbonate screens, we make sure it will be generated from durable and high-quality materials.

Our engineers do each best to support your provided drawings for your specific needs.

Further, our polycarbonate screen has excessive collision resistance provided and very low scratch proof contributors.

These are helpful for successive projects’ employment and long-term conditions.

Polycarbonate Screen

Surfaces of these Weprofab polycarbonate screens are truly shining and not prone to scratches that can destruct other people`s eyes.

This is also not prone to breaking or even just cracking.

A durable product that is not too difficult to manufacture because of Weprofab skillful manufacturers.

Solid polycarbonate materials are guaranteed in the highest grade.

So, when you have screen doors products, assumed that it will long-last even stocked up at storage rooms in a long period of time.

Polycarbonate Screen

Weprofab also operated manufacturing all screen products with firmed polycarbonate material used.

We make sure the good quality will be distributed to all global locations.

Our polycarbonate screens are also used in private or public swimming pools.

It helps prevent UV rays brings danger to anyone. These are usually used for giving a strong enclosure to pools.

With all Weprofab engineers and manufacturing efforts, we now become popular and high-rated manufacturing institutions responsible for all your plastic-based fabrication.

Modern or traditional forms, we make the best quality for your satisfaction level.

With any complex sizes, shapes, and compositions, Weprofab is ready to serve your in-demand polycarbonate screen necessities.

We can give guidance and prior assistance especially when you are still new with these kinds of dealing agreements.

For your business future, these profitable products are suitable for your intended applications.

To have us, as your trusted manufacturer in town, contact us immediately.

We have designated communication staff to give a satisfactory response to your concerns.

We are online on the Internet within working hours.

Polycarbonate Screen: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide answers all the questions you have been asking about polycarbonate screen.

It will help you understand and evaluate the vital parameters of polycarbonate screen such as features, applications, uses, cutting, and coating technologies, amongst others.

Let’s explore the details:

What is Polycarbonate Screen?

Foldable polycarbonate screen

Foldable polycarbonate screen

It refers to a strengthened thermoplastic sheet that is made from polycarbonate material designed for a wide range of applications in different settings.

Typically, polycarbonate screen is sturdy, and it is engineered to ensure that the users attain optimum visibility while enhancing the efficiency and functionality of the specific purpose.

It comes in different sizes, designs, thickness, and color shades, which makes the choice quite flexible depending on the users’ preference.

What is Polycarbonate Screen used for?

It is used in a wide range of applications in a commercial, residential and industrial setting.

However, some of the common uses include the following;

Office partitions – Modern offices are no longer divided using conventional walls or boards.

Instead, most offices use polycarbonate screen since it is lightweight and easy to fix when separating the spaces.

It is also clear and stylish, which makes it a better option when it comes to modern office space partitions.

Swimming pool enclosures – In most cases, you’ll notice that outdoor swimming pools nowadays incorporate some form of enclosure.

The material used for making such an enclosure is usually polycarbonate, and for obvious reasons such as clarity and tolerance to many environmental and physical elements.

Greenhouse structures – This component is also used for constructing greenhouses for several agricultural uses.

It is preferred for this application because it has excellent insulation features hence making it suitable for crop farming.

Shopping malls – Polycarbonate screen is also used widely in several shopping malls to act as walls or sidings.

Remember, this component provides better natural light, thus ideal for such large structures, which require natural light most of the time.

Backyard garden – You can also use it in your backyard to construct a small garden ideal for relaxing when you’re at home.

It helps in creating a relatively serene environment in such gardens or patios.

Workstation panel – In an open office, you can use polycarbonate screen as a desk workstation panel to help in separating workers.

It is ideal in this instance because it helps in enhancing individual privacy, albeit in an open office.

Doors and windows – You can as well use polycarbonate screens in sliding windows and doors in various structures.

Such applications help in enhancing visibility, privacy, security, and aesthetics of the particular structure.

Does Polycarbonate Screen Scratch easily?

Not necessarily.

What happens is that polycarbonate screen is typically made from polycarbonate, which has a soft surface.

It thus implies that it is more likely to scratch, especially when abrasion comes from a sharper object.

However, this is not necessarily the case because, in most instances, there is an anti-scratch surface treatment coating that is integrated on this material during manufacturing.

It is this surface coating that prevents polycarbonate screen from scratching easily.

And even when it scratches, it becomes easy to remove the marks from the surface of this component using simple techniques.

Which is better Polycarbonate Screen or Acrylic Screen?

 Acoustic polycarbonate screen

 Acoustic polycarbonate screen

There is always confusion when it comes to choosing the better option between polycarbonate screen and acrylic screen.

Of course, they are two of the most popular thermoplastics used in many applications.

Even so, they share quite a number of characteristics, making it somewhat challenging to choose the better one.

They are both lightweight, resistant to impact and exhibit high clarity, which means that it is easy to see through both of them.

Moreover, both acrylic screen and polycarbonate screen are easy to clean, display excellent extreme weather tolerance without material damage.

Nonetheless, acrylic screen and polycarbonate screen also have a few differences, which possibly makes it easy to determine the better option.

Polycarbonate can handle relatively higher temperatures and has better resistance to corrosion than acrylic.

Polycarbonate screen is also stiffer, which explains why you can drill it severally using standard drill bit without cracking.

Acrylic screen, on the other hand, is a bit brittle and can crack if excessive pressure is applied when drilling.

Polycarbonate also comes out as stronger than acrylic.

The former is 250 times stronger than glass compared to the former’s 17 times stronger than glass.

In a nutshell, both components can be used in similar applications and yield more or less the same results.

However, polycarbonate screen comes out as a better option, especially in applications that require more resilience, strength, and high-intensity pressure.

Is Polycarbonate Screen better than Glass Screen?

Glass screen partition

Glass screen partition

Absolutely yes! Polycarbonate screen offers a wide range of excellent features that the glass screen cannot necessarily match.

For instance, when it comes to strength, polycarbonate screen is 250 times stronger than the glass screen.

This explains why polycarbonate is ideal for applications, which need more resilience and high pressure.

Polycarbonate screen is also relatively lightweight than glass screen.

The former is approximately half the weight of glass.

And this is vital when it comes to handling, transporting as well as installing.

Additionally, polycarbonate sheet has better clarity than glass screen.

The former allows up to about 92% of light to pass through it.

The latter, on the other hand, allows up to about 84%.

And more importantly, polycarbonate screen has better durability than glass screen.

The fact that polycarbonate has excellent impact resistance and hence does not break adds to its better durability aspect.

Also, compared to glass scree, polycarbonate screen has better resistance to extreme weather conditions, corrosion, and easy to fabricate.

What is Polycarbonate Screen Protector?

It refers to a thermoplastic material made from polycarbonate that is placed, applied, or coated on a screen surface of a specific item.

Some of these items include a mobile phone, laptop, Television sets, windscreens, visors, and helmet lenses, among others.

The essence of a polycarbonate screen protector is to prevent the screen surface from numerous elements such as abrasion, moisture, UV rays, and light reflection, among others.

It also helps in enhancing the strength and impact resistance of such surface materials.

Polycarbonate screen protector

 Polycarbonate screen protector

Is Polycarbonate Screen as clear as Glass?

It is actually clearer than glass screen.

Polycarbonate screen has a light transmission of up to 92%, whereas glass screen has a light transmission of about 84%.

It thus implies that polycarbonate allows much light to pass through it, making it more transparent than glass screen.

And that is the reason polycarbonate screen is becoming popular day by day, particularly in applications where optical clarity is a fundamental concern.

Does Polycarbonate Screen absorb Moisture?

Not necessarily!

This component is often integrated with a surface treatment coating during manufacturing that prevents it from absorbing moisture.

This surface treatment even helps the component to self-clean, particularly when it rains.

And that is why polycarbonate screen is often used in many outdoor applications.

How do you remove Scratches from Polycarbonate Screen?

It is quite an easy process that you can as well do as a DIY project.

What’s important in this case is making sure that you have the right tools, and you are using recommended detergents.

Remember, the perfect technique is also contingent on the extent of scratches.

So the process first involves identifying the specific spots on the surface that have scratch marks.

Now apply a thin coat of toothpaste on the specific scratched areas on the material surface.

Scrub the toothpaste on the scratched surface continuously in a circular motion for close to 20 seconds or so.

Let it dry for a few minutes.

Then use a soft piece of cloth, which a bit damp and use it to wipe over the toothpaste.

Then take a separate piece of dry cloth and use it to dry the surface.

You’ll remove all the light scratches and have a sparkling polycarbonate screen.

This approach is suitable for light scratches.

However, if the scratches are somewhat deep, you would need a more advanced method in buffing.

Buffing utilizes a certain paste, which helps in blocking the deep scratches and restoring its shiny surface.

In this case, you’d possibly need a specialist, even though you can as well do it if you have the basic knowledge and the right tools.

Are there Size Limitations for Polycarbonate Screens?

Not necessarily.

Polycarbonate screens are used in a wide range of applications.

It thus means that they have to come in different sizes that would suit the specific application.

Ideally, there is always an option for going for a cut-to-size polycarbonate screen.

And this is what allows you to obtain the appropriate size of this material that suits your needs.

Contemporary polycarbonate screen

Contemporary polycarbonate screen

How do you Polish Polycarbonate Screen?

Several techniques can be used to polish this component.

However, the two major techniques commonly used in this process include the following;

Buffing Polycarbonate Screen

It is a polycarbonate screen polishing method, which involves leveling out residue as a way of enhancing the glossiness of a polycarbonate screen.

Often, buffing is done in conjunction with a specific paste that is applied on the surface of the material.

The work wheel of the buffing machine is then used in scrubbing the pasted on the surface of the polycarbonate screen evenly.

And the outcome will be a grainless finish of high luster of this particular material.

Vapor Polishing Polycarbonate Screen

It refers to a polishing technique that utilizes solvent vapor to flow on the surface of the polycarbonate screen.

It is an ideal method given that it helps in polishing both the interior and exterior sides of the polycarbonate screen.

And this makes it suitable for polishing large polycarbonate screen surfaces as a way to maintain the clarity and original status of this material.

What are the benefits of Polycarbonate Screen?

Polycarbonate screen is a unique item that offers a wide range of benefits, thus worth investing in. some of the benefits include the following;

It helps in saving energy – When you use polycarbonate screen on your structures, whether residential or commercial, you’ll be able to cut on power costs.

The reason is that this material permits natural light to get into space hence reducing the need for using electricity.

It also enhances insulation within such spaces, which is vital, especially during summer.

Stylish – Polycarbonate screen adds on to the aesthetics of the structure and subsequently making it appealing to the eyes.

It is lightweight – This is advantageous because it allows you to easily handle it, particularly during transportation, as well as installation.

Ideally, for a DIY project, you won’t necessarily need support to fix this material accordingly.

Excellent impact resistance – Generally, this material is solid. And this enables it to withstand all sorts of impact without breaking or cracking.

So you can use it with a guarantee that it will never shatter irrespective of how long it lasts.

Highly durable –  The fact that it is resistant to many physical and environmental elements is a clear indication that polycarbonate screen is durable.

It does not destroy, tolerate extreme temperatures, and has a better weatherability.

Easy to fabricate– Since the applications for this material vary, ease of fabrication becomes a necessity.

You can therefore bend, drill, thermoform, cut, coat, machine, and polish this material to your ideal requirements, among many more.

Eco-friendly – Polycarbonate screen is also friendly to the environment. It means that it does not react with such elements nor adversely affects them.

And it is for that reason it is mostly used even in greenhouses for growing crops and other plants.

Highly versatile – You can use a polycarbonate screen panel in a wide range of applications within the same setting.

And this is equally fundamental because it enables you to cut on unnecessary costs.

How can Polycarbonate Screen be Anti-reflective?

By integrating or applying the anti-glare coat on polycarbonate surface.

There is always an option for incorporating an anti-reflective coating when manufacturing the polycarbonate screen.

It is this coating that enables the surface of this material to reduce or eliminate excess light when necessary.

Secondly, you can opt for what is commonly referred to as secondary anti-reflective film coating.

This merely refers to applying a super-thin anti-glare film on the surface of this component.

Often, this is done after manufacturing and can be applied on either or both sides of this component.

Section of polycarbonate screen

 Section of polycarbonate screen

Can you cut Polycarbonate Screen to Size?

Absolutely yes! It is always easy to cut polycarbonate screen to size as a way of attaining the best results and efficiency in your application.

Cutting polycarbonate screen to size merely implies reducing the larger sheet to a suitable size, which fits your application.

You can choose to use several techniques to cut this component to screen.

One way is by using CNC machining, which guarantees high speed and accuracy.

You can as well use normal cutting, which involves use of power saws to cut the component to the required size.

Is Polycarbonate Screen Impact Resistant?

Most definitely!

The fact that it is solid, almost 250 times stronger than glass, is a clear indication that it is highly resistant to impact.

In other words, polycarbonate screen is nearly unbreakable, and should it break under any circumstance, it never shatters.

Several tests have also shown that polycarbonate screen has excellent resistance to impact.

And among the thermoplastic family, it is regarded as the strongest material.

Which is the best Surface Treatment for Polycarbonate Screen?

Ideally, the best surface treatment for this component is widely, dependent on a specific application.

For example, if your project experiences high traffic such as hallways and shopping malls, it would be ideal to use anti-scratch surface treatment.

If it is for a greenhouse project, anti UV surface coating would be perfect since it helps in preventing the plants from harmful UV rays.

In simple words, the most appropriate polycarbonate screen surface treatment depends on the specific application.

Can you apply Specialized Film on Polycarbonate Screen?

Protection film with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment

Protection film with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment

Definitely! Specialized film is applied on polycarbonate screen to enhance a particular function. And this, in most instances, is often dependent on the application of this item.

While at it, you need to ensure that you seek professional assistance when in need of fixing a specialized coat on polycarbonate screen.

What should you look for when Buying Polycarbonate Screen?

Application – undoubtedly, this is the first and most crucial aspect that you have to look into whenever you are purchasing a polycarbonate screen.

It guides you in making the right choice of this item that will ideally meet the requirements of your application.

Size and thickness – It is also critical to ensure that you consider the size and thickness of the polycarbonate screen you are purchasing.

The size and thickness often vary depending on many factors, including application.

If you’re uncertain, you can contact your technician to provide professional guidance.

Color – It is also necessary to ensure that you pick the right color shade ideal for your application.

For instance, hallways could be suitable with opaque polycarbonate screens, whereas greenhouses are ideal with a clear polycarbonate screen.

Budget – When shopping for this item, it is also important to consider the amount of money you want to spend on this item.

Your budget is what determines the size, thickness, color, and quantity of polycarbonate screens that you’ll acquire.

Customization needs – If you’re going for a personalized polycarbonate, you also need to know that it a fundamental factor to look into.

How do you check Quality of Polycarbonate Screens?

If you purchase this item from reputable suppliers such as WeProFab, you’ll need to be less concerned in terms of quality since it is guaranteed.

Nonetheless, there are specific quality marks, which demonstrate that the item meets the required standards.

Therefore, you need to ensure that the item has such quality marks, which include ISO, REACH, RoHS, CE, and ASTM, among others.

Are there Quality Standards for Polycarbonate Screens?

Definitely! ASTM, UL, ISO, REACH, CE, and RoHS are among the top quality standards for polycarbonate screens.

All these and many other standards define and authorize the specific quality measures that this item has to meet before it gets to the end-user.

And this is important because it helps in enhancing quality, which is a critical aspect in many applications revolving around the use of this item.

How can you Classify Types of Polycarbonate Screens?

It can be classified into three main categories, which include the following;

Hollow polycarbonate screen – This one contains aeration spaces between different layers of its material. It comes as twin or triple walls.

Solid polycarbonate screen – It is a high impact polycarbonate screen with high optical clarity. It is lightweight and does not contain aeration spaces between layers, unlike hollow polycarbonate screen.

Corrugated polycarbonate screen – it is a type that resembles conventional corrugated iron sheets, but these have high impact resistance, optical clarity and are non-corrosive.

Can you Print on Polycarbonate Screen?

Absolutely yes!

There are several techniques that you can use to print on a polycarbonate screen surface.

What you have to do is ensure that you are using the right printer and ink.

Polycarbonate screen printing is ideal for logos, branding, and customizing this item.

Additionally, you can design and print graphics and texts on this item that help in communicating a particular message to the target audience.

Will Polycarbonate Screen Yellow in the Sun?

To a certain extent. What happens is that the longer the polycarbonate screen stays exposed in direct sunlight, the more its molecules tend to weaken.

And when such particles become weaker, it implies that the surface of this material starts losing its clarity gradually, thus starts yellowing and fading.

What is Polycarbonate Safety Screen?

It refers to a thermoplastic material made of a polycarbonate sheet designed to protect the users from a wide range of possible debris or flying objects from hitting them.

They come in various designs depending on the specific application.

Is Polycarbonate Screen Soft?

Absolutely yes.

The molecules used for manufacturing polycarbonate screens are relatively soft.

For that reason, the surface of this material relatively soft.

It is also as a result of the same reason that renders polycarbonate quite sensitive to scratches when rubbed against both sharp and blunt objects.

Now, we would like to hear from you:

Are you looking for standard or custom made polycarbonate screen?

Well, talk to us here at WeProFab, for unparalleled solution on polycarbonate screens.

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