• Polycarbonate Tube

Polycarbonate Tube

Weprofab is one of the greatest producers of polycarbonate tube in the manufacturing industry. We keep pursuing in giving quality polycarbonate tube products for your business need. Send us your desired design layout today!

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Tube to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab polycarbonate tube is made from high-performance polycarbonate sheet with excellent material properties. We fabricated all classes of polycarbonate tubes with FDA approval.

Transparent Round Polycarbonate Hard Tube

Weprofab produces polycarbonate tube made from solid polcarbonate sheet to guaranteed its quality that lasts longer compared to ordinary tubes. We made polycarbonate product to use it comfortably with great mechanical strength.

Polycarbonate LED Tube

If you are in need of a polycarbonate LED tube, Weprofab is your one great solution. We specialize in providing different polycarbonate tubes with ISO certification.

Colored Polycarbonate Tube

Weprofab serve various types of colored polycarbonate tube that used in several industries. We create and innovate to meet your specifications.

Clear Thick Polycarbonate Tube

Weprofab provides a clear thick polycarbonate tube that can withstand various conditions. All of our polycarbonate tube is made from durable and tough materials.

Square Polycarbonate Tube

Square polycarbonate tube suited for several applications with great strength. Weprofab has a large selection of polycarbonate tube intended for your business.

Extruded Polycarbonate Tube

If you are looking for a polycarbonate tube, you can check on Weprofab. We have all the polycarbonate tube products that you want.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Tube Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also metal fabrication.

Being the well-known manufacturer of a polycarbonate tube, we have full capabilities in producing world-class polycarbonate products to supply the demand of your business.

Send us your concerns and we will give prompt feedback.

Custom Polycarbonate Tube to Skyrocket Your Brand

Milky Polycarbonate Tube

Weprofab milky polycarbonate tube is perfect in the building industry that gives beautiful facet. In case you are needing a polycarbonate tube, Weprofab is the best option.

Polycarbonate Tube with 8 to 200mm Outer Diameter

Weprofab provides outstanding polycarbonate tube depending on clients preferred sizes.

Polycarbonate Centrifuge Tube

Weprofab polycarbonate centrifuge tube has a corrosion resistant and shallow temperature that best for biochemistry research.

Plastic Polycarbonate Tube

Weprofab offer assistance if you are needing a polycarbonate supplier. We supply vast number of polycarbonate products according to your request.

Clear Pipe Polycarbonate Tube

Clear Pipe Polycarbonate Tube features stable performance, good light transmission, wear-resistant, and insulation materials with 2-5mm thickness.

Polycarbonate Tube For Cosmetic

Its excellent use for high and low temperature has good tensile strength, and its widely used in medical treatments, home electronics, aerospace, and more.

Granules Pellets Polycarbonate Tube

It has excellent light transmission temperature resistance and has excellent dimensional stableness. Its widely used for light equipment, bulbs, and other application.

Polycarbonate Colorful Tube

Polycarbonate Colorful Tube uses high-quality materials that have non-standard criteria. Its specification is customizable with an ISO9001 certificate.

Polycarbonate Diffusive Led Strip Light Tube

It is mostly used for LED light strips with milk-white, transparent, or personalized. It has 1-5mm thickness with CE certificates.

Light Diffusing Frosted Polycarbonate Tube

Its working temperature is 120℃  with 5-400mm standard size. The transparency of it is higher than 85%. Its color and length are customizable.

High Quality Transparent Polycarbonate Tube

It features high transparency, is not easy to deform, and has good heat resistance. Its size is customizable and transparent with 2-5mm thickness.

Extrusion Polycarbonate Tube

Its mostly used for irrigation that accepts OEM service with ISO9001:2008 certificate standard. Its color, size, thickness, and length are customizable.

Frosted Extrudate Polycarbonate Tube

It is applied for LED lampshades, crafts, packaging tubes, and more. It is extremely strong, with a temperature resistance of 160 degrees and cold tolerance of -60 degrees.

Transparent Polycarbonate Tube

Weprofab Transparent Polycarbonate Tube features a 1mm to 5mm thickness with a 35mm max diameter. It is ideal for medical parts application.

Co-Extruded Polycarbonate Tube

Weprofab Co-Extruded Polycarbonate Tube has a round shape with a 1mm thickness. It is ideal for the LED illumination lighting/decoration application field.

Opal Milky Polycarbonate Tube

Weprofab Opal Milky Polycarbonate Tube allows a very light diffusion. It also has a brilliant surface and transmits light smoothly.

Medical Polycarbonate Tube

Weprofab Medical Polycarbonate Tube has a 0.6mm to 5mm thickness and 100mm above length. It features toughness, rigidity, strength, and steam sterilization.

High Transparent Polycarbonate Tube

Weprofab High Transparent Polycarbonate Tube has a milky or clear color and round shape with customized thickness and sizes. It is excellent for planting applications.

Flexible Large Polycarbonate Tube

Weprofab Flexible Large Polycarbonate Tube is a lay-flat hose/pipe type with a 1mm to 4mm thickness and 20mm to 1200mm size. It is a watering irrigation usage.

Customized Polycarbonate Tube

Weprofab Customized Polycarbonate Tube features a 1mm to 4mm thickness and 20mm to 60mm specification. It also has a butt fusion connection.

Square Polycarbonate Extrusion Tube

Weprofab Square Polycarbonate Extrusion Tube features a high clarity, mirror polish finishing, and is lightweight. It can be used as an LED light tube, electronic cigarette tube, etc.

Clear Polycarbonate Pipe Tube

Weprofab Clear Polycarbonate Pipe Tube has superior impact resistance and good mechanical performance. It is a sturdy, durable, and non-toxic polycarbonate tube.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Tube

Weprofab polycarbonate tube is designed for medical tubing applications which in need of superb high collision-resistant, and excessive light dissemination.

All of our polycarbonate tube is acceptable for any electrical applications.

Polycarbonate Tub

Weprofab polycarbonate tube has a magnificent  heat resistant and flame resistant.

Made from flexible and authentic materials.

It provides outstanding insulation and all of our polycarbonate tube can be carve, rips, divide, drilled, and easily attaches with solvents and adhesive.

Most of our polycarbonate tube is ideal for several applications such as in the architectural industry, automotive industry, and many more.

Weprofab polycarbonate tube has great feature elements.

It is transparent like glass with different colors.

With fantastic strength, 250 times stronger compared to glass, can hold approximately -30˚ Fahrenheit.

Polycarbonate tube is lightweight, easy to transfer and move, water-resistant, scratch-resistant.

It is not easy to break, as clear as glass, and can sustain even at a high temperature.

 Polycarbonate Tube

As the leading manufacturer of polycarbonate in China, we provide one of a kind polycarbonate products that suited perfectly for your business.

We have an incredible capacity in producing all kinds o polycarbonate tube that can be used in various industries.

At Weprofab, we work entirely with a high quality of polycarbonate that offers excellent product qualities. Offering one great solution for all your polycarbonate tube needs.

We also offer customization in all types of polycarbonate products based o customer’s requirements.

 Polycarbonate Tube

We are in the manufacturing industry for many years.

We ensure that you receive high-quality and safe products.

In weprofab, together with our skilled and expert engineers, we continue to develop polycarbonate tubes and other products.

In order to fill the demands of your business and also in the marketplace.

If you are interested in polycarbonate tube products and services, please feel free to contact us.

We will give amazing products that you definitely deserve!

Polycarbonate Tube: The Complete FAQ Guide

Today’s guide will help understand everything you have been asking about polycarbonate tube.

So, if you want to be an expert in polycarbonate tubes, here is all information you have been looking for.

What is Polycarbonate Tube?

It refers to an elongated, hollow, and strong component engineered from polycarbonate thermoplastic material with space inside.

Besides, it is widely used in different applications revolving around holding or transporting different substances, especially liquids and gases.

Moreover, it comes in various designs, shapes, color and sizes depending on different requirements of specific application or customers’ preference.

Polycabonate tube

Polycarbonate tube

How Clear is Polycarbonate Tube?

It is unquestionably the leading type of thermoplastic when it comes to optical clarity.

The material is a naturally a transparent amorphous thermoplastic.

Polycarbonate tube allows up to about 94% of light to pass through it.

This makes it highly transparent than other materials such as glass or even acrylic.

Commercially, this component is available in a wide range of colors.

However, the raw materials for this component make it possible for high internal transmission of light.

In a nutshell, polycarbonate tube has excellent clarity ideal for various applications.

How does Polycarbonate Tube compare with Acrylic Tube?

Acrylic tube

Acrylic tube

Polycarbonate tube

Polycarbonate tube

There is always a thin line between polycarbonate and acrylic tube.

Both these materials exhibit almost similar features making it a bit challenging to pick one.

Many people often substitute one for the other when the need arises since they provide close to similar solutions.

However, the difference between polycarbonate and acrylic tube tends to be reasonably negligible.

The former appears slightly superior to the latter.

For instance, when it comes to optical clarity, polycarbonate allows up to about 94% of internal light transmission, whereas acrylic tube allows up to about 92% of the same.

Another comparison is in terms of strength. Polycarbonate tube is relatively stronger than acrylic tube.

In most instances, polycarbonate is always regarded as unbreakable, with better resistance to impact than acrylic tube.

Polycarbonate never breaks unlike acrylic, which in extreme circumstances can break.

When it comes to resistance and resilience to different types of environmental and physical conditions, polycarbonate tube comes out as a better option.

It can withstand corrosion, extreme temperatures, and ultraviolet radiation better than acrylic tube.

Also, it doesn’t, however, imply acrylic has inferior resistance to such conditions.

When it comes to scratch resistance, acrylic tube seemingly stands out as a better option compared to polycarbonate tube.

The surface of polycarbonate tube is softer than acrylic’s hence making it more susceptible to scratches than the latter.

And most significantly, polycarbonate tube is regarded to be relatively costly than acrylic tube.

Of course, this is a result of its more superior features.

Many people always consider acrylic tube as an affordable alternative to polycarbonate tube in various projects.

Is Polycarbonate Tube expensive?

Generally, compared to other types of thermoplastic tubing solutions, polycarbonate tube comes out as a relatively expensive unit.

And the cost is, of course, as a result of the excellent features and high quality it offers.

Secondly, expensive is somehow relative because this is a component, which comes in different shapes, designs, and sizes.

And all these are factors, which determine the precise cost of this particular item.

In other words, the cost of a polycarbonate tube can be expensive or affordable, depending on many elements.

Additionally, the exact type of polycarbonate material used for making this tube is also a great aspect in determining whether it is expensive or not.

Some are manufactured using reasonably, low-grade, whereas others use high-grade polycarbonate material.

So in a nutshell, polycarbonate tube is typically expensive.

However, the exact cost is quite dependent on a wide range of factors, as described above.

PC Tube

PC tube

Does Polycarbonate Tube Scratch Easily?

Polycarbonate material, is naturally, known for its high impact resistance and excellent strength.

However, the material has a softer surface, which makes it relatively more susceptible to scratch.

When rubbed against abrasive items, it scratches quite easily leaving different types and depth of unpleasant marks on its surface.

However, most polycarbonate tube manufactures nowadays, ensure they incorporate a scratch-resistant layer on the surface of this material.

It helps to prevent it from such abrasives components, especially if highly exposed to them.

This coating can be applied during manufacturing of this component or after depending on particular needs.

What are Advantages of Polycarbonate Tube?

Polycarbonate is highly used for applications, which require strength and high impact resistance since it offers highly incredible results.

Some of the benefits of this component include the following;

  • It is unbreakable and shatterproof. It has sturdy molecules together with a solid construction, making it impossible to break nor shatter.

This is advantageous since it guarantees you of excellent reliability.

  • It is lightweight; hence you can fix it in a broad range of DIY projects without the need for extra support.

The lightweight nature also makes it easy for you to move around with the item from one point to another, effortlessly.

  • It is highly moldable, thus making it easy fabricate.

This is a beneficial aspect of this item given it is mostly used in applications, which require numerous modifications.

It thus makes it easy for you to use it in such instances rather than buying different tubes for each task, which is quite hectic.

  • It has excellent resistance and tolerance to a wide variety of environmental and physical elements.

For example, it is impact, corrosion, heat and UV resistance, enhancing its durability. And ultimately, this enables you to cut on replacement costs.

  • It has high optical clarity and comes in various types of colors hence enhancing the aesthetic value, especially if used in open decoration spaces.

Where can you Use Polycarbonate Tube?

Polycarbonate tube is used in varied applications in an industrial, commercial, and residential setting.

The specific application also determines the precise type of polycarbonate tubing solution you’ll require.

Some of the common areas where you can use this material include the following;

Round and square polycarbonate tube

Round and square polycarbonate tube

Medical field – It is used for manufacturing a wide range of medical apparatus such as test tubes and centrifuge tubes, among others.

Construction – You can use polycarbonate tube to make window panels/frames, floor baseboards, and deck railing.

It provides suitable solutions for all these in a wide range of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.

Bathroom – You can use it to make shower booths, which people use for bathing. Many of the modern shower rooms or cubicles always use polycarbonate tube for shower stalls.

General plumbing – You can use polycarbonate for a wide range of general plumbing applications.

For instance, it is suitable for tubing, pipes and pipe joints in various piping systems, which connect numerous sections of the unit.

Fencing – You can as well use polycarbonate tube in numerous fencing solutions for both residential and commercial establishments. It makes quite attractive fences, which are also strong and highly durable.

Lighting – Polycarbonate tubes are used as LED lighting system cases due to the high optical clarity feature they exhibit. They are also used as diffusers in lighting systems.

Sporting equipment – This component comes in handy in creating clear tubes for several types of sport equipment prototypes.

Can you Thermoform Polycarbonate Tube?

Most definitely!

It is actually one of the most popular techniques for fabricating a polycarbonate tube.

It is an ideal process for attaining the necessary shape and size of this component as desired.

Since polycarbonate tube is an amorphous material, it makes it easy to thermoform it, even at varying temperatures.

It means this component responds well to heat and becomes liquid at melting point, and also cools down without substantial degradation.

You can as well thermoform this product, and it will not necessarily exhibit any form of ordered characteristics of crystalline solids.

And being a copolymer material, it becomes easy to thermoform it since it is made of different numerous monomer types combined.

What Types of Polycarbonate Tubes are available?

They are available in a broad range of designs, suit for different types of applications.

It is also important to understand you can find polycarbonate tubes in standard and customized designs depending on your needs.

Some of the typical designs available especially at WeProFab include the following;

Transparent round polycarbonate tube – It is a clear, long, hollow, and cylindrical type of polycarbonate tube.

Its design incorporates great mechanical strength, comfort, and aesthetic appeal ideal for various applications.

Square polycarbonate tube – It is an elongated, hollow square-shaped polycarbonate tube with space inside it.

Also, it also features solid construction, appealing optical clarity, and ideal for a wide range of applications in the building sector.

LED polycarbonate tube–An elongated, polycarbonate tube with space inside and come in different shapes.

Besides, it is used as a diffuser and LED lighting fixtures since it helps in illuminating light.

Colored polycarbonate tube – It is a type of polycarbonate tube, which comes in different color shades ideal for applications in different decoration, building, and construction industries.

Extrudedpolycarbonate tube – It is a type of polycarbonate tube reinforced to provide additional design and strength requirements ideal for a particular application.

Clear thick polycarbonate tube – It refers to a type of polycarbonate tube with an extra thickness suitable for applications, which require more stability.

Is there Thickness Limitation for Polycarbonate Tube?

Not necessarily.

It entirely depends on the specific application for the polycarbonate tube.

Some require relatively small thickness, whereas others require much thickness.

What is important is always to ensure you use consistent thickness for your application to guarantee best results.

However, as much as there is no actual limitation for this type of tubing solution, it is always recommended to use one, which is at least 3mm thick.

Square polycarbonate tube

Square polycarbonate tube

How is Polycarbonate Tube Manufactured?

The process of manufacturing polycarbonate tube is quite involving and in most instances takes place in hi-tech industrial laboratories.

It starts with the distillation of hydrocarbon fuels into fractions.

Some of these fractions are also combined with several catalysts to produce this thermoplastic through polymerization and poly-condensation.

The condensation polymerization is often between Bisphenol A and diphenyl carbonate or carbonyl chloride.

After the reaction and counteractions, the polycarbonate attained is held in solution in organic layer.

This solution is then run off from the aqueous layer and is evaporated to form polymer granules.

Alternatively, ethanol is added to facilitate precipitation of the solid polymer.

The excess reactants, including phenol, are then eliminated by distillation under less-intense pressure.

Besides, the polycarbonate melt is the pressed via fine nozzles to help in forming elongated threads, which cool down and granulate.

Then the polycarbonate is taken through various thermoforming or extrusion techniques.

This is to help in molding it to the ideal shape. Once the ideal shape is attained, you allow it to cool down.

Can you Bend Polycarbonate Tube?

Absolutely 100%, right.

Polycarbonate tube is a flexible material since making it easy to bend it for when need arises.

And it is even easier since you can bend it without necessarily heating it.

However, it is vital to ensure you look into some crucial factors as well as follow the ideal recommendations for ultimate best results.

Some of the elements you have to consider when bending polycarbonate tube include angle of bending, tooling, and thickness of the tube.

What is the Best Surface Coating Treatment for Polycarbonate Tube?

You can use several types of surface coating treatments on polycarbonate tubes.

However, the most appropriate one is dependent on a broad range of factors.

One is the possible weather, environmental and physical conditions it will be subjected to.

Another factor is the specific type of application where you’ll be using the polycarbonate tube.

Nonetheless, some of the common surface coating treatment you might consider for polycarbonate tube include the following;

UV surface coating to prevent it from scorching sun, which might make it turn yellow, discolor or fade.

Anti-scratch surface coating to prevent abrasive materials from leaving marks of the surface of the component.

Anti-fog surface coating to prevent moisture from forming and accumulating on the surface of this material.

And this is particularly for the ones designed for lighting systems and decorative features.

Is Polycarbonate Tube Eco-friendly?

Matte polycarbonate tube

Matte polycarbonate tube

Absolutely correct!

The chemical and mechanical units forming this material makes it possible for it to easily breakdown or biodegrade.

It is a highly biodegradable material through actions of pure enzymes or whole bacterial cells.

Additionally, with all its intrinsic features, it can still be recovered, recycled as well as disposed of safely.

And this is a clear indication it is a sustainable material with minimal impact on the environment hence making it eco-friendly.

Does Polycarbonate Tube discolor?

Colored polycarbonate tube

Colored polycarbonate tube

Generally, polycarbonate tubes tend to be extremely durable and resistant to many elements, which could lead to discoloration.

It can thus last for as many years as possible without fading or showing signs of discoloring.

However, this is also subject to the conditions it subjected to, and the precise type of polycarbonate grade used.

In some cases, especially prolonged exposure of this component to extreme conditions, it might start to discolor.

It is also the same thing with low-grade polycarbonate tube, which might start exhibiting a few visual symptoms of discoloration.

How do you Determine Best Supplier for Polycarbonate Tube?

When looking for polycarbonate tubes to purchase, especially importing in bulk, it is always fundamental to research the ideal supplier.

In China, for example, many manufacturers produce this component. Hence, making it difficult for you to select an ideal one.

You can use several ways to determine the appropriate supplier for this item by looking into the following aspects;

Reliability – It is a critical element you must always ensure your preferred suppliers’ guarantees before deciding to business.

They should demonstrate high level of transparency and trustworthiness in their trade.

Knowledgeable workforce – An ideal supplier must always have a conversant and experienced workforce in regards to production and supply of polycarbonate tubes.

It helps, especially when it comes to manufacturing of complicated customized components.

Adequate capacity – This merely refers to the ability of the supplier to produce and supply polycarbonate tubes irrespective of the quantity.

This is in addition to supplying to the customer within the shortest deadline possible.

Professionalism – This is from the perspective of how the suppliers handle or deal with the customer from inception to the end of the deal.

It communicates a piece of crucial information since it determines whether or not it is worth buying from the supplier.

Affordability– Understandably, each supplier often price their polycarbonate tube products differently, depending on several factors.

This could be a result of brand positioning, production cost, and many others.

So it is necessary to ensure you look into other sides of the bargain for a better offer.

Can you Cut Polycarbonate Tube to Size?

Most definitely!

Polycarbonate tube is a relatively soft-surfaced material making it easy to cut-to-size using ordinary hand and power tools.

What’s important here is making sure you cut it appropriately to prevent it from melting or leaving scratchy edges.

Is Polycarbonate Tube BPA-free?

Generally, they tend to vary and come in two categories.

The first category is those, which might have a few traces of BPA since this element can always be released during hydrolysis.

And this is also as a result of the fact that many types of polycarbonate emanate from a combination of BPA and COCl2.

The other BPA-free polycarbonate tube is one specifically, designed for applications revolving around food or water.

These are absolutely BPA-free and highly safe.

How does China enforce Production of Quality Polycarbonate Tubes?

For a long time, China has always enforced production of high-quality polycarbonate tubes just like any other products.

The government has put in place several interventions and policies to ensure there is always consistency in quality production.

Additionally, such measures also help in cushioning the clients in several aspects when engaging in this trade.

So in China, every supplier has to conform to specific quality standard measures ratified, be it national or international.

And all manufacturers must get approval for the Chinese agency before embarking on production of this component.

The government, through its established and approved agencies, also regulate the source of raw materials for production of these tools.

Of course, this is essential since it helps to ensure only quality raw materials are used for production process of polycarbonate tubes.

All the machines and other related equipment for the production of these materials also undergo regular maintenance and upgrade if necessary.

This is to make sure the consistency of quality production is maintained at any specific time.

And most importantly, the personnel working in such firms must always have relevant training in various aspects of production.

Besides, they also undergo further training periodically to learn and equip themselves with relevant knowledge.

So generally, the Chinese government, through its various enforcing agencies, do quite a lot to ensure quality production of polycarbonate tubes.

And this is the same thing also in other spheres of production and manufacturing sectors.

What are the Disadvantages of Polycarbonate Tube?

The most apparent shortcoming of this component is it is relatively costly.

This is in comparison to other materials such as acrylic, which can as well offer similar solutions.

It tends to scratch easily, particularly if exposed to scratchy materials.

Also, this is disadvantageous because it tends to distort its clarity and subsequently degrading its quality.

Some tend to come with BPA, hence it can be hazardous if at all it is not identified and discarded accordingly.

When exposed to extreme conditions for a prolonged period, it seems to degrade it’s quality in different aspects, albeit gradually.

Can Polycarbonate Tube Break?

Not at all!

Polycarbonate tube is made from a material, which is naturally sturdy.

The mechanical and chemical properties of this component are solid, making it difficult for it to break.

Ideally, it is approximately 250 times stronger than glass, a clear indication it can never break easily.

Polycarbonate tube has an ultimate tensile strength of about 9500 psi.

Therefore, it can withstand extreme pressure and impact before breaking.

So in a nutshell, for use in normal applications, it can never break.

Can you Repair Polycarbonate Tube?


Polycarbonate tube has excellent pliability, thus making it easy to repair in the event it deforms.

And in most instances, the common deformations you’re likely to repair from this component are scratches, fogginess, and discoloration.

All these possible deformities on polycarbonate tube are easy to repair and restore to original state.

For instance, if it is scratch, you can use toothpaste, apply it on the scratched spot, and scrub for about 20 seconds, continuously.

Then get warm water to dampen a piece of cotton and use it to wipe off the toothpaste.

And that’s how you’ll have a glossy spotless polycarbonate tube surface.

If it is fogginess, the ideal way to eliminate it is by using an anti-fog surface coating.

It should be able to prevent moisture from gathering on the surface of this particular material.

And if it about fading, the ideal technique would be to polish the surface material of this particular component.

The ideal polishing method would depend on the design of the tube, but the commonly used technique would be vapor polishing.

The bottom line is you can repair the surface of polycarbonate tube if it suffers from any form of deformity.

And most significantly, is that all the repair techniques are quite DIY procedures.

Clearly, there are many aspects you should consider when choosing a polycarbonate tube.

You should consider polycarbonate grade, size, price, surface finish and specification amongst others.

However, if you have more questions you want to ask about polycarbonate tube, contact us now.

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