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Polycarbonate Windows

WeProFab is one of the leading OEM polycarbonate window manufacturers in China. We have the complete capability to manufacture products through our state of the art production equipment. We can accommodate custom products and provide excellent solutions. Send us your idea today!

OEM WeProFab Polycarbonate Windows to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab with broad production experienced and knowledge you can guarantee a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer to handle your orders. We are equipped with modern and most advanced production equipment such as thermoforming, bending, 5 Axis machining, and more.

Polycarbonate Cut to Size

WeProFab can cut to size polycarbonate sheets into desired dimensions as per the application of equipment. No more time and material wasted as the sheet is precisely cut with high tech components.

Screen Printing Polycarbonate Windows

For special applications, WeProFab can do screen printing in your polycarbonate windows. We will based our operation according to your drawing and specifications.

Bending Polycarbonate Windows

Bending polycarbonate windows can be executed with our advanced and technologically tested equipment. WeProFab could offer you outstanding durability and robustness in polycarbonate windows.

Polycarbonate Windows Assembly

If you want original, unique and innovative polycarbonate windows, WeProFab can pre-assemble devices and building accessories. We can offer you a one-stop solution to your polycarbonate windows.

Thermoforming Polycarbonate Windows

WeProFab has state of the art thermoforming technology allowing custom-shapes your polycarbonate windows. If you want a curved, triangular-shaped and other design, WeProFab is glad to work with you.


5 Axis Machining Polycarbonate Windows

WeProFab provides 5 axis machining for your polycarbonate windows. Additional accessories and mounting options such as shapes and holes can be done efficiently.

WeProFab: Your Professional Polycarbonate Windows Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and metal fabrication.

WeProFab can OEM various types of polycarbonate windows based on your needs. We can offer a complete solution as we hold different kinds of advanced technology and state of the art components where the fabrication undergoes.

As a professional polycarbonate windows manufacturer, We strictly adhere to the ISO9001 management system. Our polycarbonate window products meet and exceed standard including Rohs and UL. All in all, WeProFab is your reliable and one-stop solution where you can custom polycarbonate windows.

Email us an inquiry now; we will respond right away.

OEM Polycarbonate Windows to Skyrocket Your Brand

Polycarbonate Shatterproof Shed Windows

Polycarbonate shatterproof shed windows in WeProFab offered multiple times stronger than glasses. WeProFab is confident to deliver you precise design and high-quality product suit your budget.

Polycarbonate Vertical Slider Windows

WeProFab high-quality polycarbonate vertical slider windows can be custom-engineer to meet specific requirements. As one of the reliable manufacturers, we can do the easiest way to meet your goal.

Industrial Polycarbonate Windows

WeProFab industrial polycarbonate windows offered dependable yet lightweight features. These are made from high-grade materials; built to last longer. We can custom-design industrial polycarbonate windows for you at favorable prices.

Automotive Polycarbonate Windows

Weprofab is proud to offer automotive polycarbonate windows with a chick and on-trend designs. Unlike glass, automotive windows that are made from polycarbonate are more impact-resistant.

Bronze Polycarbonate Window Awning

Not only bronze, but you can also avail custom colors for polycarbonate window awnings such as clear, blue, and green. In Weprofab, there are largest polycarbonate window selections offered at very competitive costs.

Clear Polycarbonate Shed Window

Weprofab is offering a one-stop solution for clear polycarbonate shed windows to your business. Weprofab is a highly respected polycarbonate windows provider working in China.

Polycarbonate Boat Windows

Weprofab originated polycarbonate boat windows that give a chance to boom your business! It is made to last-longer and unbreakable, unlike glass. There are various colors for polycarbonate boat windows available up to this time. Choose yours now.

Polycarbonate Front Door Window

Weprofab Polycarbonate front door window will not only enhance the beauty of your properties, but they are also used to protect windows against rainfall. They can be purchased for inexpensive rates.

Polycarbonate PVC Window

Weprofab used polycarbonate to create PVC windows. Polycarbonate material is the best substitute for glasses. They are sturdy, durable and has high transparency for various window systems.

Polycarbonate Skylight Dome Windows

Weprofab formulates skylight dome windows to block UV rays. They are available with custom thicknesses, sizes, and designs. The thicker the skylight dome windows, the more efficient your home and windows constructions will be.

Polycarbonate Sun Shade Window Awning

Weprofab polycarbonate sunshade window awning is commonly placed in outdoor areas, whether at the balcony or roof. They provide protection against the UV rains. Weprofab is continuously supply the best product for your business benefits.


Polycarbonate Window Cover

Weprofab Polycarbonate window cover is suitable for a wide variety of open-air applications. They are universal covers that fit all polycarbonate windows. They are featured resistant from cracking, discoloration, UV rays, and hazing.

Polycarbonate Windows with Slider Kit

Weprofab creates Polycarbonate windows with a slider kit that perfectly fits any car. Weprofab is your trusted provider that will forever satisfy your personal or business necessities.

Polycarbonate Casement Window

The polycarbonate casement windows are suitable for apartments, hotels, hospitals, villas, schools, and more. They can be powder-coated or anodized surface treatments.

Polycarbonate Swing Arch Windows

The polycarbonate swing arch windows usually have light green colors. But available for more hues that suit your taste. They have high-impact strength to withstand hurricanes.

Clear Solid Polycarbonate Windows

Clear solid polycarbonate windows feature soundproof and heat-proof properties. They are made with UV protective layers with about 88% light transmission level.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Windows

The impact-resistant polycarbonate windows are available in various color options, like lake blue, red, bronze, light smoke grey, and more.

Polycarbonate Windows with Decorative Bracket

Polycarbonate window awnings are designed with decorative brackets. These polycarbonate windows can overcome about 12 levels of hurricanes and snowstorms.

Industrial Polycarbonate Windows

The industrial polycarbonate windows are practical for office buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, and more. The flat, embossed, colorful, and anti-fog polycarbonate sheets suits such applications.

Explosion Proof Polycarbonate Windows

Explosion-proof polycarbonate windows are suitable for the mall and medical applications. They feature fire-retardant, anti-fog, and anti-static capacities.

Polycarbonate Sliding Windows

The polycarbonate sliding windows are applicable for residential, hotel, hospitals, and commercial utilization. This window is secured with locks with folding or magnetic screens.

Camper Round Polycarbonate Windows

Camper round polycarbonate windows are made from double-layer polycarbonate materials. They are available in round or straight corner types with high-quality aluminum frames.

Unbreakable Polycarbonate Windows

The unbreakable polycarbonate windows have an adjustable sliding design. They are unbreakable, making them suitable for industrial building offices applications.

Lockers Polycarbonate Windows

The lockers’ polycarbonate windows are aesthetically pleasing and immediately modernize the overall space. They are also practical, hygienic, and stronger than other materials.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Windows

WeProFab polycarbonate windows are manufactured with excellent ability than glass windows. Our polycarbonate windows are applicable in different purposes such as roof windows, storm windows, boat windows, and house windows. WeProFab also manufactures and distributes polycarbonate fence and clear polycarbonate glazing.

Polycarbonate Window9

WeProFab polycarbonate windows offer extraordinary impact durability and resistance. We devoted ourselves to providing high-quality polycarbonate windows that surpass customers’ expectations. Our polycarbonate windows are manufactured using advanced technology machine thus meets the market standards.

Weprofab provides polycarbonate storm windows that will surely protect the interior of home, buildings or even stadiums from severe weather. We provide both interior and exterior polycarbonate windows. We make sure that our polycarbonate storm windows are unbreakable, lightweight, cold-resistant and stand against UV radiation.

Our clear polycarbonate windows are tested in toughness, excellent transparency and low absorption of moisture. Our glazing can be used in safety guards, security glazing and any other purposes. We make sure that our clear polycarbonate glazing will strengthen convenience stores, prisons, guard booths, hockey rink surrounds and more. We provide different finishes for clear polycarbonate windows as the customers and clients’ requirements.

Polycarbonate Window10

Weprofab strives to provide polycarbonate windows with excellence and improve our distributing process. We aim to the premier manufacturer and distributor of polycarbonates all around the world. We run a well-ordered operation to give you the most outstanding quality at low-cost prices. Weprofab manufacture and provide polycarbonate roof windows. We design, check and build roof windows to make sure that it meets your expectations. We provide a wide range of roof windows that comes in contemporary, classic and customized designs and styles. You can choose your own designs and specifications for your chosen polycarbonate roof window type. We offer roof windows that suit different purposes and tastes.

Weprofab has made its mark in the polycarbonate industry. We manufacture high quality but affordable polycarbonate windows in both the wholesale and retail markets. Weporofab grew along with our contented clients and customers and has gained success. We maintain our agility in providing all our customers’ needs. Also, Weprofab manufactures polycarbonate fences that are in demand in our marketing industry. These kinds of fences are upgrades of basic fences such as wood and metal and much safer when used. Our polycarbonate fences are pretty nice with a cost that is based on standard structures. We make sure that our products are equipped with modern innovations and creativity.

Polycarbonate Window11

Weprofab engineering teams maintain and develop world-class polycarbonate windows that make our customers’ dreams into actuality. With the help of our drive for sustainable and profitable growth, we pride ourselves on serving and providing our customers and business partners.

We hope that our whole-heart efforts will meet all your specifications and expectations. If you consent to contact us, we provide all info regarding in designs, installations, and cost of our products. We continuously develop new designs and patents for our products every year.

We hope to be your trusted manufacturer and distributor for all kinds of polycarbonate windows.

Contact us today!

Polycarbonate Windows: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you invest in polycarbonate windows, here are a few insights that will help you choose a suitable option.

Whether you want to know the properties, dimensions, benefits or any other feature, they are all here.

Here is everything you need to know:

What is a Polycarbonate Window?

This is a window made from polycarbonate alongside other materials as frames.

For instance, you may have a frame made from wood or metal with a polycarbonate pane.

It, therefore, implies that the polycarbonate replaces traditional glass panes or any other material.

Using polycarbonate is becoming popular in modern architectural designs.

Polycarbonate window

 Polycarbonate window

· How does Polycarbonate Window compare to Glass Window?

Polycarbonate window is more advantageous compared to glass window; some of the advantages include;

Polycarbonate windows is nearly 250 times stronger than glass windows therefore it can withstand higher magnitude of impact.

Polycarbonate is shattered resistant.

Broken glass window

Broken glass window

It can also withstand low, high and fluctuating temperature conditions.

Even with this, it does not lose its inherent properties.

Furthermore, polycarbonate is dimensionally stable so the fluctuation in temperature will not affect it in any way.

Polycarbonate windows are also lighter compared to glasses hence making it easy to install.

Besides, the walls will not require a lot of reinforcement that will add to the construction cost.

In very cold weather conditions, polycarbonate offers better insulation than normal glass.

Polycarbonate windows give architects greater flexibility in design and customization.

Modern polycarbonate windows have UV protection.

Besides, when you use them as skylights they offer better light diffusion.

Polycarbonate also guarantees better light transmission and they are available in a range of colors.

What is the Cost of Polycarbonate Window?

The cost of a polycarbonate window is slightly higher than that of glass.

However, there are additional factors that determine the cost of polycarbonate window such as:

  • Thickness of polycarbonate
  • Design and shape of polycarbonate
  • Size of polycarbonate window
  • Surface treatment and coating

What are the Benefits of Polycarbonate Window?

Polycarbonate windows has the following benefits;

  1. Impact resistant- Polycarbonate is 250 times stronger than glasses and it is unbreakable. Therefore it can withstand the high magnitude of impact.
  2. Resistant to heat- It can withstand extremely low, high and fluctuating temperature conditions without losing its inherent properties. It neither absorb nor breaks on exposure to extreme heat.
  3. Durability- Due to its nature of being strong, it does not easily break therefore saving on the replacement cost. Its nature of being resistant to both impacts and heat also makes it to have a longer lifespan.
  4. Easy to install- The twin-wall and the multi-wall polycarbonates, the ones preferred for roofing projects are normally light hence saving on time during the installation exercise.

Other benefits include better light diffusion, excellent UV protection and better insulation.

Do Polycarbonate Windows have Limitations?

Of course but a few;

In the production of polycarbonate, high temperature is required especially during processing making it more costly to manufacture.

Polycarbonate are also fairly resistant to chemicals.

That is, it is not resistant to all chemicals.

Are there Tinted Polycarbonate Windows?

Tinted Polycarbonate window

Tinted polycarbonate window

Yes, you can get tinted polycarbonate windows.

The degree of tint on polycarbonate window will depend on light transmission requirements, color type, applications, and design requirements amongst others.

In most cases, the tint is virtually permanent and neither fades nor discolors.

In fact, most polycarbonate window manufacturers offer over 10 year’s warranty.

What is the Average Thickness of Polycarbonate Windows?

It varies depending on the range customize but the most used range of thickness is from 3mm up to 12mm. In private glazing thickness of 6mm is used as the obscure grade.

Can you Cut Polycarbonate Windows to Size?

Yes, it can be cut by using either a utility knife, circular saw or laser cutter.

A utility knife is used to cut thinner sheets while a circular saw is used to cut thicker sheets.

Depending on the specific requirements of your windows, you can cut polycarbonate to size.

Why is Polycarbonate Windows Unbreakable?

Polycarbonate windows is over 200 times impact resistant compared to standard glass window.

Therefore, it offers protection against burglaries and weather-related disasters.

Of course, this strength is due to the inherent properties of the polycarbonate material.

Apart from Glass which other Material can Replace Polycarbonate Windows?

Acrylic window

 Acrylic window

Acrylic sheet is a perfect substitute to polycarbonate windows.

Acrylic windows have nearly the same physical and chemical properties just like the polycarbonate sheet.

They offer resistance to sunlight since it can withstand exposure to high magnitude of UV light.

It can also withstand low, high and fluctuating temperature condition without losing its inherent properties.

They offer a better optical clarity, better resistance to chemicals, and high resistance to impacts amongst others.

Besides, it is more affordable than polycarbonate windows.

What is the best Material for Polycarbonate Window Frame?

Aluminum frame is the best since it is a durable material hence it can last for approximately 45 years.

Unlike other metals, aluminum does not rust therefore one should not be worried about window frame having unsightly patches of rust in future.

Aluminum is also much stronger compared to other materials i.e. uPVC

Steel frame is also one of the building techniques used.

It is normally constructed in a rectangular grid mainly to provide support to the other parts of the house attached to the frame i.e. floor, roof, building wall, etc.

Mostly, it is used in industrial buildings and warehouse building because of its ability to create a larger span spaces at a minimum cost.

Wood frame is also preferred since it does not have a negative impact to the environment.

They also come in different designs thereby enabling customers to have a variety of choices to choose from.

Where can you Use Polycarbonate Window?

Mostly it is used in places that require window material with high resistance to impact, flexibly designed and structural strength.

Some of these places include; schools, subways, bus shelters, industries, etc.

Are Polycarbonate Windows as Clear as Glass Windows?

Polycarbonate is just as clear as glass but more transparent to visible light.

They are also better light transmitters compared to glass.

Clear polycarbonate window

Clear polycarbonate window

Do Polycarbonate Windows Turn Yellow?

Only substandard polycarbonate windows will turn yellow.

Such polycarbonate windows change overtime especially when constantly exposed to UV rays.

The UV rays destroy its inherent properties making it to change the color and starts becoming yellow.

However, high quality polycarbonate windows have anti-UV treatment. Implying, they can maintain their color for many years.

In case of any possible degradation (charging to yellow), it will be noticeable after over 10 years, Of course, there are those that last for over 20 years plus.

Are Polycarbonate Windows Scratch Resistant?

Despite being resistant to impacts, polycarbonate is susceptible to scratching.

Therefore, a goo polycarbonate window should have anti-scratch coating or treatment.

It will make the surface scratch resistant.

Which other Coating can be used on Polycarbonate Windows?

There are a range of coatings you can apply on polycarbonate windows.

The type of coating will depend on the where you want to use the polycarbonate window.

For instance, you can apply anti-scratch coating, anti-reflective coating, anti-fog coating, anti-finger print coating, etc.

So, before you choose any coating, you can talk to a polycarbonate coating specialist.

How do you Install Polycarbonate Window?

Installation is normally easy and faster due to its nature of being lighter. Installation requires the following steps;

  • Measure the size of the window where you intend to install polycarbonate and record.
  • Using the measurements, cut polycarbonate to size depending on the size of the window using a circular saw or any other cutting tool.
  • Insert the polycarbonate to window frame. This process will vary depending on the design of the window
  • Secure the polycarbonate window with fasteners (for polycarbonate with holes), or adhesive
  • Clean the polycarbonate window after installation.

Why trust WeProFab as the Leading Polycarbonate Manufacture in China?

At WeProFab, we are trusted manufacturers due to our high quality polycarbonate windows.

They come in both standard and custom designs.

We have high potential in manufacturing any kind of polycarbonate windows i.e. product molding, machining, polishing etc.

It will, therefore, depend on the design you wish to customize.

Moreover, we have the capability to comfortably support all OEM customer needs.

How is Polycarbonate Windows compared to Acrylic Windows?

Polycarbonate is more impact resistance compared acrylic since it is roughly 250 times stronger than standard glass while acrylic is 17 times which is so low.

Acrylic window cracks easily compared to polycarbonate which does not easily crack since it has good resistance to heat.

In terms of cost, acrylic is less expensive compared to polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate is easy to scratch compared to acrylic which is somehow resistant to scratches.

In most cases the acrylic sheets are normally manufactured with a scratch resistant coating on one or both sides.

How do you Clean Polycarbonate Windows?

Polycarbonate window

Polycarbonate window

Window frame

  • Here use can use a soft cloth or sponge.
  • Wash with a non-abrasive cleaner. Never use a gas or paint thinner.

Polycarbonate Surface

  • In cleaning a polycarbonate, thermo-pane or single; you can still use a soft cloth or sponge with a mild detergent or the soap you use to wash to cars.
  • Use homemade water and a vinegar mixture for cleaning.
  • Here do not apply the abrasive cleaner as it may scratch the polycarbonate.

· Are Polycarbonate Windows UV Protected?

Most definitely!

This protects it from constantly being attacked by UV rays.

The UV rays cause degradation which changes the inherent properties of polycarbonate material.

As a result, the polycarbonate will start becoming yellow.

Can you Drill Holes on Polycarbonate Windows?

Of course, the standard working drilling bits are normally preferred to drill holes on polycarbonate.

It is normally recommended that you start by drilling small pilot holes on the polycarbonate to help locate the drill.

Never use a center punch on polycarbonate panel since it may cause damage to the panel.

You can also use screw to drill holes.

The type of instrument to be used will only depend on the size of hole you want to make on the polycarbonate.

Can you Print on Polycarbonate Window?


Whether you want to display some information on polycarbonate window or use it for adverts, it is very possible.

In fact, screen printing on polycarbonate windows is a common technique these days.

How do you Repair Scratches on Polycarbonates Windows?

If there is a scratch on polycarbonate windows, you must first clean it using a cleaning agent (Rain-X or Windex) that contains small amount of ammonia or alcohol.

After that apply a buffing compound and it should be a first grade which is safer for plastics.

Remove the compound and wash the buffing compound using warm water and water.

You can also remove scratches from polycarbonate by rubbing toothpaste on the surface that has been scratched in a circular motion for ten to twenty seconds.

What is the Insulation Properties of Polycarbonate Windows?

It is a good thermal insulator and resistant to heat.

However, the R-value will depend on the thickness of the polycarbonate sheet.

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