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Polycarbonate Windshield

WeProFab is one of the best ECE R43 polycarbonate windshield manufacturers. Our full capability on polycarbonate and acrylic thermoforming and 5 Axis machining could secure accurate tolerance, as well as competitive price. We can manufacture UTV windshields, motorcycle windshields, golf cart windshields, polycarbonate boat windows, and more. Send us your drawing now!

Dual curved ECE R43 abrasion resistant PC windshield, light scatter not exceeding 10% after 500 cycles on both sides, optical clear, impact resistant. Also offer thermoformable PC sheet.

OEM ECE R43 Polycarbonate Windshield to Delight Your Customer

Why should you OEM polycarbonate windshield from WeProFab? Simply because polycarbonate is the strongest plastic for the windshield. And, WeProFab is the polycarbonate windshield manufacturer who could offer you one-stop solution. We have full capacity on silkscreen, bending, thermoforming, 5 Axis machining, polishing, and assembly. At the same time, WeProFab can also coat anti-fog and super abrasion resistant on your polycarbonate windshield.

Polycarbonate Cut to Size

WeProFab can cut to size from standard or anti-scratch polycarbonate sheet according to your polycarbonate windshield drawing. It can avoid waste for raw material and save time for further processing.

Screen Printing Polycarbonate Windshield

Many polycarbonate windshields have graphics, such as Memphis shades motorcycle windshields. WeProFab could do screen printing on your polycarbonate windscreen before forming.

Bending Polycarbonate Windshield

WeProFab can cold bend or thermo-bend your polycarbonate windshields such as UTV windscreen and golf cart windscreen. Our flexible anti-scratch coating could offer your polycarbonate windshield outstanding durability.

Thermoforming Polycarbonate Windshield

Most polycarbonate motorcycle windshields are 3D dimensional. Some of the Lexan front windows are curved. WeProFab holds the technology of thermoforming which can custom your polycarbonate windshield.

5 Axis Machining Polycarbonate Windshield

To keep tolerance for mounting holes and shape, WeProFab offers 5 Axis machining for your Lexan windshield after thermoforming with on-time clamping.

Polycarbonate Windshield Assembly

Your polycarbonate windshield may have a frame or other accessories. WeProFab is glad to assemble your polycarbonate windshield and offer you a one-stop solution.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Windshield Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and metal fabrication.

WeProFab can OEM a different kind of polycarbonate windshields for you. Those polycarbonate windshields include UTV windshield, motorcycle windshield, Memphis shades motorcycle windshields, tinted golf cart windshield, club car sunshade, Lexan car windows, polycarbonate boat windows and more.

Some customers may choose the acrylic windshield due to better optical visibility and better scratch resistance. WeProFab could also OEM acrylic windshield for you.

In advance, WeProFab could add super abrasion resistant coating on your polycarbonate windshield, which can improve your plastic windshield durability significantly.

As an ISO 9001 certified polycarbonate windshield manufacturer, WeProFab controls the manufacturing processes strictly. We can follow up with different standards such as RoHS, REACH, and UL according to your demands.

In one word, WeProFab is a one-stop solution OEM polycarbonate windshield manufacturer. We can offer you custom Lexan windshield, custom UTV windshield, custom motorcycle windshield, custom golf cart windshield, and custom acrylic windshield so you can focus on how to deliver value to your customers. Send us an inquiry now; we will respond with a perfect product for you.

OEM Polycarbonate Windshield to Skyrocket Your Brand

Custom UTV Windshields

WeProFab can custom UTV windshields with super abrasion resistant for you. The cheap UTV windshields include universal UTV windshield, UTV folding windshield, UTV half windshield, etc.

Polycarbonate Motorcycle Windshields

WeProFab is one of the best motorcycle windshield manufacturers. Our full capacity on plastic fabrication can support to OEM different kind of custom motorcycle windshields include Memphis shades motorcycle windshields.

Custom Golf Cart Windshield

WeProFab is also professional at manufacturing another plastic windshield, such as golf cart windshield. They include universal golf cart windshield, golf cart half windshield, tinted golf cart windshield, and others.

Flip-down Polycarbonate Windshield

Weprofab is the #1 reliable source and custom expert of flip-down polycarbonate windshields. These kinds of windshields are easy to close and quickly opened when you desired. It also provides protection from winds.

Hardcoated Polycarbonate Windshield

Hardcoated polycarbonate windshields have an optical clear appearance, perfect to use as motorcycle windshields. There are wide range selections here in Weprofab for fantastic and competitive costs.

Polycarbonate Flip-up Windshield

Polycarbonate is the best material to create amazing flip-up windshields. It has the ability to flip up the windshields to allow an exact amount of air. They are available in locked and closed positions.

Polycarbonate Pivoting Windshield

Weprofab pivoting windshields come from standard coated formulations. These allow the increase of airflow. Weprofab designed polycarbonate pivoting windshields with optical class constructions and hard coatings.

Polycarbonate Rear Windshield

Weprofab has huge stock numbers of polycarbonate rear windshields. Unlike other types, these polycarbonate rear windshields are quick to install with riv-nuts and rivets.

Polycarbonate Vented Windshield

Polycarbonate vented windshields from Weprofab is manufactured intentionally for automotive applications. It featured optically clear and hard-coated surfaces. Obtainable for fantastic rates.

Polycarbonate Windshield with Quick Straps

We highly suggest polycarbonate windshields with quick straps be added to your trade industries. It is hardly coated for tough scratch resistance purposes. Ideal for automotive applications.

Quantum Coated Polycarbonate Windshield

If you`re business also in demand of quantum coated polycarbonate windshield, great news! Weprofab has various selections effective to used in business enlarging missions.

Versa Fold Polycarbonate Front Windshield

Weprofab Versa folds polycarbonate front windshields are customized in sizes and thicknesses. They are used for open-air driving applications. It is automotive-grade and has full perimeter seal designs to offer.


Tinted Polycarbonate Windshield

There are a lot of polycarbonate windshield options in Weprofab, such as tinted designs. So if you want a trusted and responsible polycarbonate windshield provider, don`t hassle yourself to go somewhere. Weprofab is the best provider you can truly rely upon.

Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Windshield

The scratch-resistant polycarbonate windshield is built for use in rough conditions. The toughest windshield available minimizes scratching and marring. Strong, provide optical clarity, and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Windshield

Impact-resistant polycarbonate windshields can last a long time without cracking or breaking. Ideal material for motorcycle windshields providing more impact resistance. Available in various thicknesses.

Bulletproof Polycarbonate Windshield

A bulletproof polycarbonate windshield is good for both interior and exterior applications. Provides excellent light transmission and is easier to maintain. Applicable in armored cars and many more.

See Through Polycarbonate Windshield

See-through polycarbonate windshield can withstand massive amounts of force and pressure. Made with a crystal-clear polycarbonate that allows for a see-through experience. Offers more light transmission than glass.

Polycarbonate Windshield with Wiper

Polycarbonate windshield with wiper is perfectly suited for security windows, glass in vehicles, and outdoor features. Includes wiper and installation instructions. Has high impact strength, and dimensional stability.

UV Block Polycarbonate Windshield

UV block polycarbonate windshield offers properties such as optical clarity and printability. Arrives with a polycarbonate film which offers high-temperature resistance. Applicable in any automotive instrument and decoration.

Waterproof Polycarbonate Windshield

The waterproof polycarbonate windshield is impact resistant and durable. Can also be bent to accommodate any size and shape of the vehicle. Possess glass-like clarity and advanced waterproof properties.

Moist Resistant Polycarbonate Windshield

Moist-resistant polycarbonate windshield minimizes the effects of harmful UV rays. Offers superior durability and low moisture absorption. Perfect for enclosures, window glazing, and safety guards.

5mm Polycarbonate Windshield

5mm polycarbonate windshield is easy to paint and comes in various colors, textures, and sizes. Comes with 5mm thickness with extreme durability and resistance to harsh conditions.

Black Tinted Polycarbonate Windshield

A Black tinted polycarbonate windshield is available in numerous colors, thicknesses, and dimensions. Commonly used as impact-resistant windows. Offers enhanced physical properties.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Windshield

It’s not easy to find a reliable polycarbonate windshield manufacturer with a reasonable price; WeProFab is the right one for you.

Polycarbonate windshields are popularly used in different kind of applications. They are intended to protect users from wind, bugs,  and other flyers.

From application aspects, polycarbonate windshield can be categorized into UTV windshield, motorcycle windshield, golf car windshield, race care Lexan windshield, and more.

golf car windshield
golf car windshield

You may ask why I should choose polycarbonate windshields for my vehicles. This is because polycarbonate has a very high impact resistance to protect your customers, it’s cost-effective, under high optical clarity. In advance, WeProFab could do super abrasion resistant coating on your polycarbonate windshields to improve its durability. This way, your Lexan windshields will not be as soft as others.

You could also choose the acrylic windshield if you require even higher optical clarity with even better scratch resistance. WeProFab can custom acrylic windshields for you with our full capability on plastic fabrication.

WeProFab, one of the professional polycarbonate windshield manufacturers, is always here to support you to make your own designed high-quality polycarbonate windscreen. We will offer you a long term and one-stop solution according to your application requirements.

Polycarbonate Windshield: The Complete FAQ Guide

Do you want to start polycarbonate windshield OEM business?

Or you want to import custom polycarbonate windshield for wholesale?

Today’s guide walks you through basic to fundamental aspects of windshields made from polycarbonate.

Let’s get started to learn more.

What is Polycarbonate Windshield?

It refers to a front window of a car, aircraft, tram, motorbike or bus made of polycarbonate material and designed to provide visibility from the occupants from numerous elements.

It some instances, it is also referred to as polycarbonate windscreen.

The design of this object is to ensure that the users attain optimum visibility and at the same time protecting them from elements including wind, flying debris and as well as UV radiation, among others.

Polycarbonate windshield

Polycarbonate windshield

Why Choose Polycarbonate Windshield?

Windshields provide numerous advantageous reasons including the following;

  • It critically helps in strengthening the structure of your car, motorbike, aircraft or tram, among others.

Polycarbonate is naturally a lightweight material.

It thus means that in any event of a rollover, especially in cars, there are minimal chances of it getting crushed.

In the case of an automobile, the windshield also keeps you inside when you would otherwise have been ejected.

  • Polycarbonate windshields in automobiles also enhance fuel efficiency. Typically, the design for these objects is to be aerodynamic.

Thus in many instances, they will enable you and your automobile to move efficiently through the wind.

If the surface of the polycarbonate windshield is smooth and consistent, it implies that it will possibly cut the wind better than all the other exposed parts of the vehicle or motorbike which can break up wind unsystematically.

  • Polycarbonate windshield also helps in enhancing the durability of the interior parts of your automobile.

It protects such features from a wide range of outside elements such as bugs and weather, which would ordinarily cause damage to the interior parts in case the windshield is missing.

  • The polycarbonate windshield is also safe to use in automobiles and other elements as far as incidents revolving around accidents are concerned. The design for this type of windshield is in a manner that allows for a high level of safety.

This type of windscreen consists of different pieces of laminated plastics, so in case of any accidents, it does not harm you or any other occupants.

  • The design of a polycarbonate windshield is in a manner that prevents you from getting fatigued. It is because it also integrates a wide range of surface treatments such as UV protection and anti-glare elements.

This shows that you will not strain to have visibility through this type of windshield hence reducing fatigue during and after the journey.

  • You might as well need to choose this type of windshield because it is readily available and affordable. This implies that you can quickly obtain and use it on your automobile even when you have a tight budget.

Are there Disadvantages of using Polycarbonate Windshield?

Polycarbonate windshield

  • Polycarbonate windshields do not necessarily provide the same level of undistorted visibility, particularly over time.

With time, polycarbonate material tends to start yellowing.

This one reduces the visibility of the windshield significantly hence compromising the quality and efficiency of the object.

  • This type of windshield also has higher chances of causing injuries and damages in the event of an accident.

The reason is that the energy resulting from polycarbonate’s added strength would instead prevent it from breaking and dissipating but instead absorbed through the occupant’s body.

This, therefore, makes it susceptible to severe injuries and damages.

  • The installation technique and process for polycarbonate windshield is relatively challenging, especially in motor-vehicles. This is from the perspective that such windscreens have to be secured to a pinchweld by using the countersunk screws. Of course, this makes the object for a secure fit.

However, this technique doesn’t always make for airtight or waterproof installation.

Where are Polycarbonate Windshields used?

They are used in different elements such as;

  • Motor-vehicles as the main front and rear windows. They can as well be used as the side windows.
  • Aircraft as the main front windows and side windows
  • Water vessels such as machine boats as main and side windows
  • Motor-cycles as the front shield.
  • Trams as the main front and side windows.

Jet Windshield

 Jet windshield

Is Polycarbonate Windshield Scratch Resistant?


During manufacturing of polycarbonate windshield, there are a number of anti-scratch additives that you would usually opt to integrate as a way of producing a high-quality anti-scratch resistant polycarbonate windshield.

Of course, without a hard coating, polycarbonate windshield tends to scratch relatively easily.

This is, however, different when you integrate it with an anti-scratch coating when manufacturing the material.

How does Polycarbonate Windshield compare to Acrylic Windshield?

Both materials make some of the best and highly sought-after windshields for different moving vessels such as automobiles, trams, aircraft, and motorbikes, among others.

However, it would be fundamental to understand that they also portray some variance in different ways.

For instance, when it comes to strength, polycarbonate tends to be relatively stronger than the acrylic windshield.

Of course, acrylic is also sturdy and can take some substantial impacts without essentially breaking.

However, this doesn’t imply that it is indestructible.

And in many instances, acrylic is never tempered or laminated.

Therefore, it can quickly shatter when it breaks.

Polycarbonate, on the other hand, is about 25 times stronger than acrylic.

So we can say that it is indestructible hence no obstacle that would necessarily break a polycarbonate windshield.

From the perspective of scratch resistance, acrylic windshield displays higher scratch resistance than polycarbonate windshield.

Acrylic is seemingly a harder material compared to polycarbonate hence making it difficult for objects to scratch it quickly.

Polycarbonate windshields, on the other hand, requires a hard coating as a way of enhancing its scratch-resistance ability.

In terms of clarity, the acrylic windshield appears to be clearer than the polycarbonate windshield.

Acrylic allows up to about 92% light transmission.

On the other hand, polycarbonate allows up to about 89% of light transmission thus appears slightly darker compared to acrylic.

Is Polycarbonate Windshield Fog Resistant?


There is an anti-fog coating that is applied to the polycarbonate windshield during manufacturing which makes it highly resistant to fog.

anti-fog coating
anti-fog coating

It is however recommended that you seek such services specifically from leading suppliers such as WeProFab for the best and reliable results.

How do you Clean Polycarbonate Windshield?

Polycarbonate is a sensitive material hence the need for ensuring that you follow all the necessary instructions when cleaning its windshield.

For one, for you to have guaranteed safety and enjoyment of this type of windshield, you have to understand ways of cleaning it.

So primarily, some tips for cleaning a polycarbonate windshield include the following;

  • Thoroughly rinsing the windshield to wet the surface as well as to float off any unwanted material such as dirt and mud.
  • You have to use a microfiber cloth or damp cloth to clean the polycarbonate windshield side to side using warm water and a recommended detergent such as liquid dish soap.
  • Then rinse the polycarbonate surface using clean water thoroughly.
  • And finally, use a moist cellulose sponge to or chamois to blot the windshield dry as a way of preventing water spots on the surface of the windshield.

Can you Print on Polycarbonate Windshield?

Absolutely yes.

Polycarbonate material allows for printing of various elements such as signage, and graphics.

However, this should only be the extent that the prints do not appear in any way, obstruct the visibility of the user.

In fact, in many countries, there’s a regulation to the extent of prints that you can have on a polycarbonate windshield, or any other for that matter.

How do you Install Polycarbonate Windshield?

It is quite different from the technique you would use to fix any other type of windshield.

Polycarbonate is a unique material hence needs high levels of expertise and experience in fixing it on any moving vessel.

Typically, it is secured to a pinchweld by using countersunk screws.

This is unlike other windshields such as acrylic and glass that are often glued to the automobiles with a urethane.

What Coating Treatment can you add on Polycarbonate Windshield?

Car windshield

Car windshield

Typically, polycarbonate and many other thermoplastic materials have surfaces that are chemically inert and non-porous with low surface tensions.

It thus means that they are non-receptive to bonding with a wide range of substrates.

Of course, the particular type of coating treatment for a polycarbonate windshield depends on various variables.

Some of the conventional coating treatments you can opt for include the following;

Anti-scratch coating- Polycarbonate windshield is highly susceptible to scratches and abrasion.

Any light rubbing leads to some serious scratches on the surface of the windshield.

This can compromise the quality and efficiency of the windscreen as far as visibility and safety are concerned.

Therefore, an anti-scratch coating often helps in making this object highly resistant to scratches at all times.

Anti-fog coating – It is also another critical polycarbonate windshield pretreatment technique.

It helps in enhancing the resistance of the windshield to fogs.

This helps in increasing reliability and efficiency of visibility even in foggy, rainy or moist surroundings.

UV Coating – The essence of this coating treatment approach is to ensure that the polycarbonate windscreen resists the direct UV rays accordingly.

Plasma coating – It involves the coating of the polycarbonate windshield by feeding the material onto a plasma jet where it melts and sprays over the substrate that you are coating.

Flame coating – It is also another common polycarbonate windshield coating technique wherein the melted substrate is sprayed onto a surface.

In this technique, the coating precursor is heated by electrical or combustion flame.

Can you Polish Polycarbonate Windshield?


Typically, polycarbonate windshield is the commonly and easily polished transparent thermoplastic.

You can use several approaches to polish this particular type of windshield using recommended substances such as baking soda.

You can as well use vapor polishing, which utilizes solvent vapor which in turn produces both interior and polished exterior surfaces.

How do you Manufacture Polycarbonate Windshield?

This feature is made of a laminated multi-layered tempered plastic, which is durable and tends to bend slightly upon impact hence preventing shattering.

Its manufacturing involves a wide range of different components, with the main ingredient being silica.

Ideally, the manufacturing process for this product is relatively long and involves several stages including the following;

Polycarbonate windshield

 Polycarbonate windshield

i. All the ingredients and raw materials are weighed in correct proportions and then mixed a reasonable amount of water in a refractory tank.

ii. The mixture is then heated to a particular temperature then moved to the next tank commonly known as the float chamber. It is a relatively large tank.

iii. The molten plastic is then transferred into another chamber using rollers. It is a special furnace where the heated polycarbonate cools gradually.

iv. Then the next step involves cutting and tempering. In this case, once you get the raw polycarbonate, it is cut into appropriate dimensions using a sharp tool. Then it is broken into based on the specific marked lines. In most cases, the cutting is often automatically done and monitored by cameras as well as the optoelectronic measuring systems. The cut polycarbonate sheet is then placed into a refractory material to form the desired shape. Then heating of the cut sheet continues in the furnace to enable it to sag to the specific configuration of the mold. Once the polycarbonate attains the desired shape, it is hardened, a process is usually known as tempering. It allows the material to toughen by creating tension on the inner parts and compressing the outer surface.

v. The next step is what we call laminating. It primarily involves bonding of two sheets of polycarbonate material with a layer of different plastic material in the middle. It is a process which takes place inside a special oven referred to as an autoclave. Here, both heat and pressure are injected as a way of forming a single substantial unit that may be resistant to a wide range of elements. It is also at this stage where all the other additives can be added.

vi. Then the next stage involves assembling. Once you are done with lamination, you assemble a windshield so that it gets fixed in the specific application. It is a process known as polycarbonate encapsulation where a peripheral section of the windscreen is attached in a predetermined position in a mold cavity.

Does WeProFab provide Cut to Size Polycarbonate Windshield?

Of course, yes.

WeProFab has all the necessary tools, equipment, and facilities that make it possible for all the types of polycarbonate windshields to be cut in size.

All you need to do is ensure that you provide the specifics revolving around the size that you require for your application, and we shall be good to go.

Cut to size polycarbonate windshield

 Cut to size polycarbonate windshield

How does WeProFab Support OEM Polycarbonate Windshield Business?

It ensures that it purchases the original tools and equipment which goes a long way of making sure that the manufacture and supply high-quality products.

WeProFab also ensures that they provide a warranty for their products, which is an ideal approach.

In this case, should any client receive their products with any defects, the company shall be able to solve the matter within the shortest time possible.

Additionally, it also supports OEM from the perspective of value and lifespan.

What happens is that this company buys machines from OEM which ensures like for like replacement.

It is, therefore, an indication of improved performance with little or no degradation.

Which Polycarbonate Windshield Tinting Options are available?

First of all, it is vital to understand that polycarbonate material is generally resistant to tints.

So for you to attain the best results, in this case, you have to tint the scratch coating.

You can use several techniques to tint a polycarbonate windshield which includes the following;

Tinted polycarbonate windshield

Tinted polycarbonate windshield

· Coloring with a Permanent Marker

This is often a relatively complicated technique since it implies that you have to identify the particular marker and inject it in the material.

It is usually done at the lamination stage of manufacturing process of this product.

This way, it will be able to spread hence providing ultimate best tint results uniformly.

· Applying Window Tinting Film

This technique is usually done manually.

What happens is that you get a film and apply it on the surface of the polycarbonate windshield.

The type and color of film you choose to apply is dependent on your preference, given that they are available in quite a number.

Once the film is evenly spread on the surface of the windshield, it is allowed to dry as a way of making it adhere permanently or semi-permanently on the surface.

· Dying using a Clothing Dye

It is also a relatively common technique which often requires the use of a specific recommended type of dye in applying to the polycarbonate windshield.

While undertaking this technique, you have to be particular and pay attention to details since the overall outcome has to be even and consistent.

· Spray Painting

This is regarded as the least technical approach for tinting polycarbonate windshield.

It generally requires obtaining the ideal type of spray then spread it all over the surface of the windshield.

In most instances, it is often done by hobbyists and are available in a wide range of colors and styles.

Nonetheless, in this case, you also have to ensure that you are using spray paints which are categorically designed for polycarbonate windshield.

Which Types of Polycarbonate Windshields do WeProFab Manufacture?

As a leading Polycarbonate windshield supplier, WeProFab ensures that it provides a wide range of high-quality windshield that suits different applications for its clientele.

Some of the significant types of windshields that we manufacture include the following;

· Custom Gold Cart Windshield

We provide various types of golf cart polycarbonate windshields, including tinted, half and universal windshields.

The good thing with WeProFab is that you can get customized tints cart windshield made of polycarbonate material that suits your needs, and specifications.

· Custom UTV Windshield

WeProFab also produces a wide range of customized UTV polycarbonate windshields at relatively affordable rates.

Some of these windshields include; UTV half windshield, universal UTV windshield, and UTV folding windshield.

· Polycarbonate Motorcycle Windshields

This is arguably the best company as far as manufacturing the motorcycle windshields is concerned.

We have full capacity on the fabrication of plastic, which tends to support OEM various types of custom motorcycle windshield.

We also provide motor-cycle polycarbonate windshields that have different tints that suit your needs and preferences.

· Racecar Polycarbonate Windshields

WeProFab is also known as the leading manufacturer of customized polycarbonate windshields for race cars.

Remember, in this case; it is always essential to have a particular windshield that meets the safety standards and requirements of the game.

As a leading producer and supplier of this object, we ensure that we provide windscreens for race cars that meet all the necessary requirements.

What are the Benefits of Screen Printing on Polycarbonate Windshield?

It creates unique visual results given that the inks used for the purpose are somewhat durable, and the prints extremely vivid specifically for applications that do not require restriction.

It helps in creating a unique identity for a particular element, whether automobile, motorcycle or any other vessel hence giving it an identity.

This technique is also relatively affordable, especially when it comes to mass production.

If you want to print several sheets of polycarbonate windshield, screen printing becomes the affordable option to undertake.

You can remove the prints whenever you feel like doing so, which is essential, especially when it comes to designing or replacing with new screen-prints.

What is Polycarbonate Windshield Thermoforming?

It refers to a manufacturing process which involves heating of a polycarbonate plastic material to a level where it softens and forms a specific desirable shape in or over mold by using a vacuum which is sheared to generate a usable product.

Polycarbonate windshield thermoforming involves a wide range of steps including, design, processing, production as well as finishing.

How do you Assemble Polycarbonate Windshield?

Polycarbonate windshield

Polycarbonate windshield

There are some instances where you’ll need to buy a windshield that comes with different types of accessories and other features.

It thus means that you’ll need to have all of them assembled together as a single unit.

Therefore, it becomes easier for the product to be installed in a car, tram, motorbike or aircraft among others.

The assembling process primarily involves determining all the necessary components and fixing them on the polycarbonate windshield accordingly.

All you need to do is ensure that you get the elements such as frames that aptly fit the windshield.

At WeProFab, we provide that we assemble for you this item hence guaranteeing a one-stop solution.

How do you Bend Polycarbonate Windshield?

Ideally, there are several ways that you can use to bend polycarbonate windshield.

Bending polycarbonate

Bending polycarbonate

Of course, the actual technique to use will highly depend on the particular application for this item.

Among the available options, you can choose any of the following;

  • Brake bending- This technique involves bending the polycarbonate windshield to an angle of about 90° in gauges ≤100”. While using this technique, it is advisable to ensure that you prevent bending heavier gauges since it can result in breakage or cracks as a result of high levels of stress within the bend area.
  • Cold bending- It is also another approach that you can use to bend a polycarbonate windshield. However, the minimum radius has to be based on the thickness of the sheet.
  • Thermoforming – It is a technique which involves bending a polycarbonate windshield on a piece of standard equipment. Some of the mostly used processes in thermoforming include; free-blown forming, vacuum forming and line bending.

Generally, as far as bending polycarbonate windshield is concerned, it is crucial to understand that vital process modifications particular to polycarbonate are integrated.

This is to ensure that you obtain consistent and repeatable formed parts.

Are Polycarbonate Windshields Legal?

Well, this one depends on the specific country.

For instance, in the US, polycarbonate windshields are not necessarily street-legal.

However, depending on a particular state, they are designed to be used in off-road in most instances.

You’ll also find that in many countries, laminated safety plate glass is the only type of windshield that is legal.

How can you Remove Scratches from Polycarbonate Windshield?

It is quite easy to remove scratches from a polycarbonate windshield as long as you have the substances and a basic idea of how to do it.

Well, the technique you use to remove scratches is also dependent on the level of severity of the scratch.

But for simple scratches, you can follow the following steps;

  • Get a regular toothpaste many soft cotton clothes, cold water and black wax China marker.
  • Squeeze a little bit of the regular toothpaste onto one of the soft cotton cloths. Now rub the toothpaste on a scratched area of the polycarbonate windshield and do this in a circular motion to about 30 seconds.
  • Now get another piece of cloth and dampen it in cold water. Check whether or not the scratch is completely gone. If the scratches are deep or multiple, you’ll need to repeat this procedure severally on the scratched surface. However, if you do not obtain satisfactory results from this procedure, you may then choose to go to the next step.
  • Apply wax from a black china marker to the whole surface of the and on both sides of the scratched surface. Once you do this, wipe off the wax immediately using a soft clean piece of cotton cloth.

An essential point in this aspect is always to ensure that you only attempt to remove the scratches if the severity is not necessarily severe.

If it is dangerous, you may choose to seek professional assistance or better still acquire another piece.

Do Polycarbonate Windshields turn Yellow on Sun?

Yes, they do but only for the polycarbonate windshields that do not have UV protection.

If you treat it with UV coating, this material will hardly yellow, and even if it has to, it will take quite some years.

What is the Service Lifespan of Polycarbonate Windshield?

The service lifespan is dependent on a wide range of factors including the usage, exposure to weather, and chemicals, among others.

However, in most instances, the minimum life expectancy of this material is 10 years.

How much does Polycarbonate Windshield Cost?

The cost depends on numerous factors such as size, application, treatment method, and thickness, among others.

Therefore, there is no absolute cost attached to it.

How does Polycarbonate Windshield compare to Glass Windshield?

In terms of strength, polycarbonate appears to be quite stronger than glass, almost 250 times more durable, making it virtually indestructible.

It is difficult to find an obstacle that breaks a polycarbonate windshield.

Glass windshield, on the other hand, is easily broken, and this fragility implies that it requires bulky frame keep it rigid and in place.

Ultimately, this restricts visibility as well as increasing weight.

In terms of resistance to scratch, glass polycarbonate is far the hardest making it a better scratch-resistant than polycarbonate windshield.

And even if it slightly scratches, it is easy to repair, and the scratches will not necessarily affect the clarity of the visibility.

On the other hand, polycarbonate windshield is least scratch-resistant and thus requires a hard coating which makes it resistant to scratches.

In terms of clarity, glass windshield transmits up to about 86% the visible light.

Polycarbonate windshield, on the other hand, transmits up to 89% of visible light, which means that the latter is clearer than the former.

In terms of heat resistance, polycarbonate windshield can withstand extreme high temperatures without compromising its quality or damaging it as opposed to glass windshield.

In other words, you can expose polycarbonate to a temperature of 277°C for several hours and 1166°C of sudden bursts, and it won’t get distorted or break or absorb heat.

Glass, however, cannot withstand such level of heat.

In general, polycarbonate windshield has a longer life span compared to glass windshield.

What is Hard Coated Polycarbonate Windshield?

Polycarbonate windshield

 Polycarbonate windshield

It refers to the type of polycarbonate windshield which has a coating or layer that prevents it from scratches.

It is basically a layer that gives this type of windshield the ability to resist scratches.

What is the Average Thickness of Polycarbonate Windshield?

As a typically durable material, the average thickness for this type of windshield is 1/8 inches.

Polycarbonate Windshield Should Regulatory Compliance Standards?

i. Polycarbonate windshield should always be intact without any scratches and defects that might possibly deter the visibility of the user especially on public roads

ii. A motor vehicle with polycarbonate windshield operating on a public highway must transmit at least 70% of light.

iii. Damaged polycarbonate windscreens must be replaced before the users are allowed back to the public road.

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