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  • Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

WeProFab is the top powder-free nitrile gloves manufacturer. We can fabricate powder-free gloves base on your specification that suits your needs. It is ideal for nowadays since it provides full protection and safety for everyone’s health. Get in touch with us now!

Get WeProFab Powder Free Nitrile Gloves to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab powder-free nitrile gloves are perfect for many types of industry applications. It is accessible in high-quality, durable, and economical.

Anti-static Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

At WeProFab, the anti-static powder-free nitrile gloves offer a high level of protection against bacteriological contaminants and chemicals. It is also approved for food handling.

Disposable Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

Our disposable powder-free nitrile gloves are perfect for single-use but very comfortable to work. It provides safety from allergy, has good resistance to chemical substances.

Medical Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

Our medical powder-free nitrile gloves are ideal to use in areas where there is a risk contact with blood-borne illness or environmental contamination. Also, it meets the specification guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration.

Non-customized Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

At WeProFab, the non-customized powder-free nitrile gloves are long-lasting durability and strength. It provides a superior ability for multiple use applications. There is no customization available.

Non-sterilized Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

At WeProFab, the non-sterilized powder-free nitrile gloves offer maximum protection against harmful abrasions and chemicals. It is in demand since it provides barrier protection from viruses and bacteria.

Powder Free Nitrile Gloves Manufacturer

As WeProFab is one of the trusted manufacturers of powder-free nitrile gloves, we can produce high-quality and safe powder-free nitrile gloves. You can free to choose different colors and sizes and WeProFab provides it.

WeProFab: Your Leading Powder Free Nitrile Gloves Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture between Chinese Local fabrication and WeeTect Limited Material manufacturer. We offer you to have the best solution for every fabrication needs, especially on these pandemic days. Our powder-free nitrile gloves are ideal for plenty of applications like medical treatment, dental, health, beauty salon, and food procedure industry.

You can choose from our powder-free nitrile gloves products like anti-static, medical, non-sterile, non-customized, disposable, and you can also select different colors such as blue, white, and multi-color. Also, we fabricate base on your size so free to choose from our small or large sizes. All of the powder-free nitrile gloves products can be accessible in high-quality and heavy-duty strength.

Our powder-free nitrile gloves are comfortable to wear since it has allergy resistance. As ISO 9001 certified, we manage and control the quality of our products before delivering them to you. Message us now!

Custom Powder Free Nitrile Gloves to Expand Your Brand

Blue Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

Our blue powder-free nitrile gloves are ideal for medical examination and food preparation since it provides an excellent level of protection and hygiene.

Large Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

In WeProFab, you can also select your desire sizes between small or large sizes since we can produce it base on your specifications.

Multi Color Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

In WeProFab, you can free to select your desire colors for your powder-free nitrile gloves since we offer lots of different kinds of colors.

Small Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

If you want to have a small size for your powder-free nitrile gloves, WeProFab is your best supplier since we can provide the exact size for you.

White Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

WeProFab white powder-free nitrile gloves provide excellent strength and comfort. Its appearance offer slip-resistance in dry or wet conditions.

Black Powder Free Nitrile Glove

WeProFab powder-free nitrile gloves are available in a variety of colors including black, blue, white, and more. Black customizable based on your orders.

Blue Powder Free Nitrile Glove

One of the popular colors for powder-free nitrile gloves is blue. It has a soft and durable texture that prevents tears or leaks. Featuring chemical resistance and most medical use.

Chemical Resistant Powder Free Nitrile Glove

100% nitrile gloves are heavy duty. It has great palm textures which provide a perfect grip. An excellent powder free nitrile gloves protect any type of skin from irritation. Passed all the quality tests which guarantee the best for your business.

Large Powder Free Nitrile Glove

Large powder-free nitrile gloves are featured an excellent property of resistance to any hazardous chemicals, water, oil, and more. Excellent flexibility and durability at a lower price offer.

Latex Free Black Powder Free Nitrile Glove

Powder-free black nitrile gloves have excellent durability and property resistance. Safe from oil, chemicals, water, and more because of tear resistance ability.

Medium Powder Free Nitrile Glove

If you need one size of powder-free nitrile gloves, you can rely on WeProFab. You can choose bulk orders of medium powder-free nitrile gloves at a competitive price offer.

Powder Free Green Nitrile Glove

Powder-free nitrile gloves are accessible in green color. You can choose free sizes, small to large sizes, and more options to meet your customer’s needs. Commonly used by medical and cleaning industries.

Powder Free Nitrile Medical Glove

WeProFab powder-free nitrile gloves are suitable for medical, examination, etc. Excellent quality with puncture-resistant and corrosive chemical nitrile gloves. Get a competitive price and save your money for your business.

Small Powder Free Nitrile Glove

WeProFab powder-free nitrile gloves are accessible in small size. Unique for medical environment excellent of a multitude of uses. It has excellent potential in any hazardous offered at a friendly rate.

Sterile Powder Free Nitrile Glove

WeProFab powder-free nitrile gloves are available in sterile and non-sterile options. Available in a variety of colors, sizes, and features to meet your business needs. Choosing the best selections is a competitive price.

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Why WeProFab Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

If you have irritable and uncomfortable gloves at your work, don’t wait to get an allergy to it. WeProFab has the best solution for you, we can assure you to have the best and high-quality products since we are the one trusted fabricator in China for over 20 years. Our powder-free nitrile gloves are ideal to use in many industrial applications.

WeProFab powder-free nitrile gloves have a different type such as non-sterile powder-free nitrile gloves, non-customized powder-free nitrile gloves, anti-static powder-free nitrile gloves, medical powder-free nitrile gloves, and so on.

Our powder-free nitrile gloves are ideal for medical, dental offices, hospitals, clean rooms, laboratories, food, light chemical, industrial applications. Our powder-free nitrile gloves can be applied also in the community where there’s a risk of contact with environmental contaminants or blood-borne pathogens.

Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

Our powder-free nitrile gloves are ideal for applications that involve handling harsh chemicals and solvents. It can be applied in automotive, janitorial, food services, and more. It offers a high level of puncture resistance.

WeProFab powder-free nitrile gloves offer high protection against bacteriological contaminants and chemicals. It also protects medical personnel from disease present in blood and other body fluids to keep everyone safe. Our powder-free nitrile gloves are preventing the spread of transmittable diseases like well-known coronavirus disease.

Our powder-free nitrile gloves provide higher barrier protection from exposure to chemicals and feel comfortable when worn. It has higher chemical, liquid, gas protection and has heavy-duty strength. WeProFab powder-free nitrile gloves are excellent alternatives for those suffering from allergies.

Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

WeProFab powder-free nitrile gloves are available in white and blue colors, so you can free to choose what is your desire color since both of them gives high protection from disease. We also have small and large sizes for your powder-free nitrile gloves and you can also pick from our products that suit your necessity.

WeProFab cares about everyone’s health and assures the great protection since we produce best and high-quality powder-free nitrile gloves. We use our advanced types of equipment in fabricating so we can assure and meet the product standards. WeProFab is your best fabricator for powder-free nitrile gloves and you can sure to find powder-free nitrile gloves that suit your needs.

For further discussions or have questions about our powder-free nitrile gloves product, you can message us to have a quick response.

Ultimate FAQ Guide ToPowder-Free Nitrile Gloves

Are you thinking of making your workplace safer for all your employees?

Gloves are a must-have for companies that work with chemicals or disease-transmitting pathogens.

In fact, many industries have made the use of gloves compulsory to protect against contamination.

When choosing a glove, most industries prescribe powder-free nitrile gloves due to their superior quality and durable features.

Read on for our ultimate FAQ guide to quell all your doubts and find out more about powder-free nitrile gloves.

What Are The Benefits Of Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves?

You can use these gloves in industries where protection gear is needed due to the various properties that make them superior.

Powder-free Nitrile Gloves

Powder-free Nitrile Gloves

Listed below are the benefits of using powder-free nitrile gloves.

· Latex Free

Latex allergies are very common and if you are allergic to latex, you may not be able to comfortably wear latex gloves for long periods of time.

Powder-free nitrile gloves are a good alternative to latex gloves, and its strength and barrier protection make it more efficient as well.

Its latex-free property makes them slightly more expensive, but they’re reliable and safe to use for many applications.

· Resistance to Static and Friction

Since you may use nitrile gloves as disposable gloves, and many industries require you to continuously change your gloves, they need to be easy to put on and take off.

While the gloves in themselves have static and friction resistance, you can also treat them with special solutions.

These solutions make them softer and incredibly easy to don on and off.

The powder-free component of the gloves also adds to its grip and makes the job less messy as you don’t need to worry about excess components from the gloves becoming a hazard.

· Durable

The powder-free nitrile gloves are FDA approved for use in both the medical and food industries.

They are extremely durable and five times more puncture resistant than latex gloves.

When you buy powder-free nitrile gloves, you can work with chemical substances, blood, or other contagions while ensuring your hands are protected.

Therefore, they are useful for the tattoo industry, laboratories, food industry, and even hospitals.

· Chemical Resistant

When you are working in industries where you are constantly exposing yourself to chemicals, it is important to keep yourself safe.

These industries also make gloves compulsory, especially powder-free nitrile gloves, as they are highly chemical resistant.

The gloves are approved for usage when exposed to 67% of chemicals, which is higher than the approved rating for latex and vinyl.

This property makes it beneficial for use in manufacturing industries and automobile or laboratory use.

· Comfort

Unlike latex or vinyl, nitrile gloves have high elasticity and can easily adapt to any kind of work that needs to be done.

Powder-free nitrile gloves are especially unique as they react to body heat and fit snugly to your hands.

Hence, using these gloves gives you a better grip and a more comfortable fit that gives way to a smooth workflow.

Where Can You Use These Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves?

The properties of powder-free nitrile gloves make it acceptable for use in many environments and industries.

Some of the industries where the gloves are considered the best choice are the following.

· Medical Settings

Powder-free nitrile gloves are industry-approved for medical use.

This is because the gloves are durable and ensure that the staff will be protected from disease or pathogens when examining their patients.

You will find that most hospitals prescribe a set of powder-free nitrile gloves to all staff.

This includes nurses, surgeons, medical examiners, and first responders.

Medical Use of Gloves

Medical Use of Gloves

· Laboratories

Since powder-free nitrile gloves are chemical resistant, they make the perfect companion for you for laboratory use.

Scientists and lab technicians may need to work with dangerous chemicals without coming in contact with the specimen.

The gloves prevent accidents from occurring and allow a certain level of protection even if chemicals get on the gloves.

Lab Use of Gloves

 Lab Use of Gloves

· Tattoo Artists

The synthetic fiber of nitrile is five times more puncture resistant than latex.

The durability, along with its barrier protection, makes it perfect for tattoo artists who deal with blood and ink during their working hours.

Similarly, tattoo artists also need a steady hand and easy-grip on their equipment to work without accidents for hours.

The powder-free property of the nitrile gloves allows you to have snug comfort and grip.

Gloves Worn By Tattoo Artists

Gloves Worn By Tattoo Artists

· Food Processing and Handling

Since food processors and handlers are responsible for catering to a large audience, they need to take extreme caution when making or delivering food.

Due to this, you must use gloves to prevent contamination if you work in the food industry.

Using powder-free nitrile gloves allows those who handle poultry, dairy, or even processed food to be safe and protected from diseases.

Gloves Used In Food Industry

Gloves Used In Food Industry

· Mechanics and Automobile

Mechanics and individuals involved in the automobile industry make use of these gloves when working with heavy-duty machinery.

You will find that the gloves fit snugly, giving good grip and allowing you to work with minimum accidents.

Gloves also prevent dangers such as like electrocution or contact with harmful chemicals.

Auto Industry and Glove Usage

 Auto Industry and Glove Usage

· Painters and Plumbers

Painters and plumbers are exposed to a certain level of fumes and chemicals that react badly if exposed to the skin.

Due to this, using powder-free nitrile gloves is extremely important.

Nitrile gloves allow you to work without hindrance while also keeping you safe from the inherent risk that their jobs include.

Plumber Using Nitrile Gloves

Plumber Using Nitrile Gloves

· Mortuary

Mortuary or funeral homes have to handle dead bodies daily.

To prevent any disease or contamination while examining the bodies, you must keep your skin covered and not come in contact with them.

The gloves provide an excellent barrier between the examiner and the body and seal any risk of disease transfer.

How Are Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves Manufactured?

Manufacturing powder-free nitrile gloves is a process that requires precision and a certain level of professionalism.

This process makes use of industrial-grade machinery, and each glove is individually tested to prove quality.

The steps involved in the manufacture of the gloves are as follows.

Step 1: Cleaning Formers

The formers are what make the mold of the glove.

During the cleaning process, you rinse them thoroughly with both water and acid.

This and the drying process remove any residue or liquids that are left behind.

Step 2: Preparing Formers

To prepare for the addition of the nitrile material, you can introduce calcium carbonate and calcium nitrate to the former.

This helps the nitrile solidify and take shape.

Step 3: Dipping Nitrile

The dripping process is the main component of the process.

In this step, the NBR compound that contains chemicals to make the gloves durable is dripped unto the former.

You can introduce other colors and chemicals in this stage.

Manufacture of Nitrile Gloves

Manufacture of Nitrile Gloves

Step 4: Heating Nitrile Rubber

During this stage, you expose the rubber to heat at high temperatures so that the rubber can solidify and dry.

Step 5: Leaching Gloves

Leaching is most important for medical and food-grade gloves.

This is because the process involves dipping the gloves in water to remove all excess residue and chemicals.

Step 6: Beading Cuffs

The beading process helps in rolling the gloves to make it easier to wear and remove it conveniently.

You can repeat the leaching process after the beading is complete.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

The powder-free nitrile gloves are dipped into various solutions during the finishing touches.

Since they tend to be rougher around the edges, you can dip them in chlorine, which makes them hard and slick.

Next, manufacturers achieve lubrication by adding a polymer coating and giving it its final polish.

Step 8: Stripping Process

The stripping process simply includes the separating of the form with the actual glove.

After this process, the glove must pass several tests and quality standards before being sold.

How Can You Dispose Of The Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves Safely?

Glove removal and disposal or doffing are as important as actually using them.

When removing the glove, ensure that you do not touch the outside of the gloves with your bare hands.

Pinch one end of the glove and remove it till it’s inside out and off your hand.

Repeat the gesture with the other hand and dispose of it in a bin.

Depending on the industry and company, there may be separate bins allotted for glove disposal.

Ensure that you thoroughly disinfect your hand afterward to be safe.

You can practice this method with non-contaminated gloves until you know the action perfectly and are confident in your doffing abilities.

How Can You Choose The Right Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves For Your Industry?

Choosing the right glove according to your industry and the type of work you engage in is very important.

You can try out your gloves to find out if it’s the right fit for you.

There are three things that you must pay attention to first and foremost when you are choosing the gloves.

· Color

Many industries use color-coding of the gloves to differentiate individuals responsible for multiple tasks.

These colors may determine the kind of task you are performing so that you do not cross-contaminate the items you are working on.

Hence, while you are buying the gloves, you may need to keep your company’s and industry’s color-coding system in mind so that it doesn’t create confusion.

· Thickness

Powder-free nitrile gloves have different thicknesses available.

This is because not every glove user will prefer the same thickness as it may hinder work.

For example, those working with instruments like mechanics or artists prefer thick gloves as they are at more risk of tearing the gloves.

On the other hand, those working long hours would prefer a thinner glove to make it more agile and reduce discomfort.

· Fit and Form

The fit and form of your powder-free nitrile gloves are highly important.

Since you will always have the gloves on when working, they mustn’t hinder your process.

For this reason, choose a glove in your size and ensure that it is not too long or not too short.

What Is The Color-Coding System For Gloves?

Color Coding System

Color Coding System

Color-coding is a method that the food industry uses for hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP).

This helps reduce the contamination of food through color-coding gloves used for different uses.

Color-coding helps in identifying if a worker is in the right area and in dividing the tasks accordingly.

For example, in some countries, if you see someone wearing blue powder-free nitrile gloves, it means they’re handling poultry.

Red may be for handling raw meat, whereas green may stand for those working with processed or cooked food.

What Is The Difference Between Powder And Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves?

Powdered gloves have added corn starch, which lubricates the material.

This ensures that the gloves are easier to put on and don’t stick together in any way.

However, due to rising concerns of allergies and contamination caused by powder in the gloves, the FDA banned its use in the food and medical industry.

This gave rise to the demand for powder-free nitrile gloves.

These gloves are tough to cut and undergo a process of chlorination and polymer coating.

This helps them lubricate and provide a softer touch and improve their tackiness.

Today, in most industries, powder-free nitrile gloves are more popular for workers who have to wear them for a longer time.

Do The Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves Have To Go Through Testing?

The gloves have to go through several testing processes before being sold in the market.

Listed below are some of the processes.

· Tensile Strength

Powder-free nitrile gloves need to have a high tensile strength to fit your hand without tearing.

The tensile strength that industry-standard disposable gloves must demonstrate is 14 mega Pascal (MPa).

The lower the tensile strength, the lower quality of the gloves, and the easier they tear.

· Thickness

The standard thickness of these gloves can vary from 8 to 15 mils (1mil = 0.001of an inch).

General-purpose gloves are as thick as 4mil and not more.

The dipping phase during the manufacturing process is when the thickness of the glove is controlled.

Every industry has a different preference for the thickness depending on the work they do, so when you buy the gloves, you must ensure that you check your industry standard.

· Pinhole Leak Test

Pinhole Leak Test

Pinhole Leak Test

This test is the most popular for checking the quality of the glove.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) performs the test, whereas the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates it.

Water is filled inside a glove and held upside down for 2 minutes to check its quality limits.

Depending on the number of gloves that pass the test in a batch, the total quality is determined.

This makes it easy to reject or approve a batch of powder-free nitrile gloves.

What Quality Standards And Regulations Should The Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves Adhere To?

The powder-free nitrile gloves have to go through standard testing.

Along with this, there are certain regulations for usage in the food industry and the medical industry.

Regardless, all regulations state that proper documentation proving approval of the regulatory authorities is required upon inspection.

· Medical Industry

The FDA regulates medical gloves in the United States and has the authority to regulate medical devices.

These gloves are divided into classes based on their usage and the kind of standards they must pass to qualify.

Class I: Least regulatory controls

Class II: Higher risk and greater regulatory controls

Class III: Greatest risk and control

These gloves must have prior approval before entering the market.

· Food Industry

The gloves have to follow national regulations before and after they enter the marketplace.

· The FDA 2013 Code

This code states that all gloves must have a single use.

This means that you cannot use one glove for both processed and raw meat.

The code also gives specific instructions on disposal.

It instructs that you must dispose of all gloves if there is any interruption in the workflow.

· Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004

This regulation applies to businesses in the European Union and focuses on marketing of the use of all the gloves for different tasks.

· Guide To Food Safety

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency regulates the use of gloves in Canada and protects the contamination of food through improper usage of gloves.

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