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LanZhuang -Your #1 Protective Overall Manufacturer

LanZhuang is one of the leading manufacturers of protection overall in China. WeProFab represents as the oversea sales department of LanZhuang.  All our protective coveralls have passed the CE and FDA certifications, we manufacture all types of protection overall with quick lead time and delivery time.

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Get LanZhuang Protective Overall to Delight Your Customers

We manufacture protective overalls made from high-quality materials and design features. As a professional manufacturer, LanZhuang introduces the latest, high-performance protective coverall to protect all workers.

Chemical Protective Coverall

In LanZhuang, we have variety of chemical protective coverall, different configurations. LanZhuang is a professional chemical protective coverall manufacturer in China you can lean on.

Protective Overall Type-4

Protective overall type-4 from LanZhuang keeps away all harmful elements. LanZhuang, as a premier supplier in China, we have full capabilities to design new and innovative equipment.

Personal Protective Equipment Overall

As one of the leading OEM factory, LanZhuangb offers personal protective equipment overall suit your requirements. It is light and flexible to wear.

Protective Overall with Hood

LanZhuang protective overall with hood allows you to protect yourself in your workplace by staying clean. Additional features hood provide added protection. This protective equipment is available in different sizes.

White Protective Overall

White protective overall made by LanZhuang available at affordable factory prices. This white protective overall is available in different designs and sizes. LanZhuang is a professional manufacturer in China you can rely on.

Protective Coverall for Virus

If you are looking for protective coverall that can block off exposure to the virus, LanZhuang protective coverall for viruses right for you. As premier factory, we have a range of quality equipment for your needs.

LanZhuang: Your Professional Protective Overall Manufacturer

Protective Overall factory

LanZhuang is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and metal fabrication.

LanZhuang protective overall that is high quality and innovative. We design all kinds of protective overall such as protective overall for chemical, protective overall for welding, protective overall for viruses and more.

As the leading manufacturer of a protective overall, LanZhuang offers protective overall following the safety and standard measures.

We can be your one-stop solution providing all your needs and assistance. Send us an inquiry, we will definitely give you the latest products.

Custom Protective Overall to Skyrocket Your Brand

Disposable Protective Coverall

LanZhuang disposable protective coverall is made of a high quality microporous laminated material. LanZhuang offers a range of this product that can be customized to your own technical specifications.

Medical Protective Coverall

Medical protective coverall is lightweight, easy to use and easy to maintain. LanZhuang has a range of protective equipment for you to choose from.

White Protective Overall

White protective overall is commonly made from high-density and liquid-tight polyethylene to prevent leakage. Specially designed for health workers and guarantees protection against liquid chemicals. Includes ultimate tensile strength.

Unisex Protective Overall

Unisex protective overall is formed into a non-woven fabric that allows avoiding liquids and aerosols. Features burst strength, moisture permeability, and particulate filtration efficiency. Provides excellent hydrostatic pressure.

Waterproof Protective Overall

Waterproof protective overall is designed for reduced heat stress and premium wearer comfort all day. Features waterproof, breathable, lightweight, and durable construction. Made from high-quality material.

Small Protective Overall

Small protective overall is suitable for any outdoor places and activities. Ensures a durable and breathable fit. Perfect for most heights and weights. Provides economical and hygienic security.

Reusable Protective Overall

Reusable protective overall is specially made of respectable fabrics and materials. Manufactured with improved durability and is breathable. Lightweight enough for long-time use. Ensure productivity and efficiency in most industries.

Non-Slip Protective Overall

Non-slip protective overall has been tested to stay dry throughout the entire work day. Breathable and leads moisture away from the body. An obvious choice for outerwear and the design ensures a complete, functional solution.

Medium Protective Overall

Medium protective overall is offered with no harm to the skin. Light-weight, breathable, elastic, and adjustable for user comfort. Available in medium size and is highly suitable for both men and women.

Lightweight Protective Overall

Lightweight protective overall is offered in many different styles and choices. Provided with practicality and comfort. Capable to work under the sun for a long time. Typically worn by international flight logistics workers.

Large Protective Overall

Large protective overall provides comfortable, reliable, and economical protection. Provides a barrier between hazardous substances and skin. Applicable when working close to hazardous chemicals and critical conditions.

Kids Protective Overall

Kids protective overall is characterized by its tear resistance, bacteriophage penetration, and suture strength. Suppresses the scattering of fiber waste and is resistant to pulling. Guarantees excellent toughness and flexibility.

Hooded Protective Overall

Hooded protective overall includes a completely liquid-tight seam. Guarantees enhanced protection against harmful pathogens that endanger human life. Features outstanding breathability of the fabric and carefully designed zipper closure.

Heavy Duty Protective Overall

Heavy-duty protective overall is specifically worn by practitioners for blade production. Made from a non-woven fabric that offers superior protection. Characterized by its elastic wrists, ankles, and hood.

General Purpose Protective Overall

General-purpose protective overall is a chemical resistant clothing apparel. Available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs. Assure the safety of people who work on the road or construction sites.

Elastic Protective Overall

Elastic protective overall is produced from lightweight microporous fabric. Elastic enough to provide extra protection against contamination. More resilient yet elastic enough to help works move freely.

Disposable Medical Protective Overall

Disposable medical protective overall improves moisture transmission rate with a resealable storm flap. Features ultimate tensile strength made using impervious stitching technology. Works as a shield against chemical penetration.

Collar Protective Overall

Collar protective overall provides admirable resistance to the intrusion of fine dust, tearing, and rubbing. Guarantees improved shielding effect against hazardous elements. Provides both powder protection and mist protection.

Chemical Resistant Protective Overall

Chemical resistant protective overall is designed to offer protection against hazardous materials. Produced from lightweight and breathable material for increased comfort and freedom of movement.

Anti-Dust Protective Overall

Anti-dust protective overall is a versatile solution for anyone who works outdoors. Features a comfortable and functional overall that guarantees extensive protection against dust particles. Ensure excellent water resistance.

2-Way Zipper Protective Overal

2-way zipper protective overall is more stretchable, durable, and heavy-duty than any other option. The two-way zipper ensures the convenience of doffing and maximizes the resistance against chemical splashes.

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FDA certification for Protective Overall

Protective Overall CE certification

Why LanZhuang Protective Overall



LanZhuang specializes in designing and manufacturing protective overalls/ coveralls for many years. With quality and performance clothing solutions, a high risk of exposure to harmful substances will be eliminated. For your requirements of protective overall clothing, LanZhuang is your one-stop solution.

We manage to offer a comprehensive range of protective overall fit for different areas. We have protective overall for chemical, protective overall for welding.., protective overall for viruses. In any workplace, hospitals, nuclear sites, research labs, LanZhuang protective overall suit meet your needs.

Protective Overall factory

On the other hand, we all know that today we are facing a global health crisis, front-liners greatly need equipment which protects them. LanZhuang protective overall create all you need today.

We create protective overall from high-quality materials that it is durable. Plus, the cloth is not heavy. It is breathable and comfortable. High level of performance ensured.


Whether you need overall clothing for your business or workers protection, LanZhuang protective overall is right for you.

LanZhuang as a professional manufacturer in China, we can build high-quality, innovative protective coveralls based on your requirements. The know-how of LanZhuang allowed you to discuss any demand in your environment.

We engineered protective coveralls following standard safety measures. The right level of protection against all hazardous particles assured. You can choose from a variety of overalls with design features that perfectly fit your demand.

Protective Overall manufacturer

LanZhuang is one of the reliable factories and suppliers you can rely on. Owing to rich industry experience, we ensure to satisfy your technical requirements in all possible manners. In short, we will offer you amazing quality, easy to use and easy to maintain protective overall. Quality will never be a problem. LanZhuang protective overall keep you protected.

Wherever workplace you might belong, whatever harmful substance you are exposed to, with quality protective overalls from LanZhuang, know that you’re in a good place. For some situations, we can help you sort out the best protective clothing for you.


Our expert R&D team and QC team will join together to produce new designs and technology. Undoubtedly, LanZhuang is the manufacturer in China to complete your needs. LanZhuang is your one-stop solution for ODM/ OEM requirements.

Protective Overall blue

We have full capabilities, from designing to distribution, LanZhuang can support 100%. In LanZhuang, we made it easy for you to satisfy any of your requirements.

With us, you get the best competitive price in the industry with high-quality protective overall. LanZhuang is dedicated to building a good relationship with our customers.

Save time, save money and avoid stressful purchasing experience. LanZhuang, as a top-leading manufacturer, you can certainly get better service support.

If you are interested in LanZhuang protective overall, please feel free to contact us. We’re always here for you. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Protective Overalls

From specialized treatments for enhanced biohazard protection to a choice of fabrics that increase comfort for your work force, you can find protective overalls that are suited to your environment.

When a high level of protection is needed to fend off pandemics like the coronavirus, it is best to wear protective overalls that create effective barriers against pathogens and body fluids.

If you ever had a question about protective overalls, read on for the ultimate FAQ guide to answer all of your questions.

What Roles Do Protective Overalls Play?

Protective Coveralls

Protective Overalls

You can choose different materials and constructions for your protective overalls based on whether the application is hazardous or nonhazardous.

If your workforce needs protection against micro-organisms, then protective overalls are customized to protect wearers who perform health tests.

They are designed to fulfill the protective standards of increasing resistance to biological assays and viral penetration under pressure

You will find they also prevent penetration of bacteria-containing aerosols and penetration of synthetic blood under pressure.

They increase resistance against dry microbial penetration and prevent penetration of wet bacteria on physical contact.

For protection in hazardous applications, protective overalls must offer protection from liquid jets, limited liquid splash protection, liquid spray protection, particle protection, non-gas protection, and gas protection.

Protective overalls can be customized to offer protection in your specialized applications.

You can watch this video to find out how to wear a protective overall.


How Do You Decide Which Materials To Choose For Your Protective Overalls?

Protective Coveralls Material

Protective Overalls Material

Decide whether you need protection against particles or liquids, against hazardous contaminants, or if additional breathability is important for your protective overalls.

The following materials are used in the manufacture of protective overalls to achieve different penetration protection standards.

· PE (Polyethylene) Laminate

The PE laminate material is designed to offer you an effective barrier against non-hazardous liquids and some protection against non-hazardous dust and liquids.

· Non-Microporous PE Laminate

You will find that this material is especially good in liquid sprays and splashes, and other hazardous particles.

· Microporous PE Laminate

This laminate creates an effective barrier against hazardous particles and liquid splashes to some extent.

Micropores in the PE laminate allow flow of air through the material.

· Multi-Layer Non-Microporous PE Laminate

The multi-layer non-microporous PE laminate presents an excellent barrier against sprays, jets, certain types of liquid splashes, and hazardous particles.

· Polypropylene

Polypropylene works to prevent non-hazardous particles, dust, and liquids from penetrating your protective overalls.

· SMS (Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond Tri Laminate) Non-Woven Fabric

SMS is a 50gsm robust breathable fabric that acts as an effective barrier against hazardous particles and certain types of liquid splashes.

· SMMS Non-Woven Fabric

This 54gsm multi-layered SMMS fabric is designed to create an effective barrier for you against limited liquid splashes and hazardous particles while increasing breathability.

· SMMMS Non-Woven Fabric

Made of special SMMMS fabric, the 43gsm SMMMS material is an effective barrier against limited liquid splash and hazardous particles.

You will find it also has a focus on increased breathability.

· SSMMS Non-Woven Fabric

This highly breathable 52gsm SSMMS material treated with oil- and alcohol-repelling coats offers you a good barrier against hazardous particles and certain liquid splashes.

How Do You Decide On Barrier Properties For Your Protective Overalls?

Evaluate the risk of exposure by microorganisms that try to penetrate your protective overalls.

Consider the size, shape, motility, morphology, and adaptation characteristics of the microorganisms in extreme environmental conditions when deciding on your protective overalls.

You should also take into account the viscosity, surface tension, and volume of the carriers.

External factors like thermal, physical, and chemical stresses should not be left out.

Consider the pore size, thickness, repellency, and other chemical and physical properties of the fabric.

What Are The Features Available For Your Protective Overalls?

Choose from the following features for your protective overalls.

You can always combine these and other features for your custom protective overalls.

· Body Structure Design And Fit

Choose from different designs and fits to create customized protective overalls for optimal wear, comfort, and coverage.

· Hoods With 3 Panels

If compatibility with other personal protective equipment (PPE) is important, then the 3-panel hood is an ideal choice.

This feature also improves the overall fit.

· Sealable Two-Way Zips

The two-way zip is designed with a fully sealable storm flap that is convenient and offers additional protection against contaminants.

· Back Panels With Additional Breathability

By using breathable back panels, you reduce the risk of heat stress when exposed to hot atmospheric conditions.

· Knitted Cuffs

Use knitted cuffs to remain comfortable in watery conditions so you will not get wet under the overalls.

What Are The Different Types Of Protective Overalls For Medical Use?

Protective overalls for medical use are made to protect users from biological hazards, epidemics, and pandemics caused by disease-carrying bacteria and viruses.

You can get reusable protective overalls and disposable protective overalls with specialized materials to protect the user from pathogens and body fluids in and outside hospital settings.

· Protective Overalls For Coronavirus Exposure

Protective Coveralls For Coronavirus Exposure

 Protective Overalls For Coronavirus Exposure

The World Health Organization (WHO) has offered specific coronavirus (COVID-19) related guidelines for healthcare workers.

They must wear clean, non-sterile, and long-sleeved gowns to prevent and control infection in areas where the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (Novel-nCoV) is investigated.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines indicate that healthcare professionals should wear clean isolation gowns whenever they come in close contact with patients in quarantine and patient rooms.

You can decide on the type of protective overalls based on risk-assessment reports conducted by qualified personnel for specific regions.

Consider the environmental and work conditions, potential exposure to the virus, and accessibility to decontamination facilities before you choose your protective overalls for coronavirus exposure.

· Protective Overalls Type-3

Protective Coveralls Type-3

Protective Overalls Type-3

The type-3 protective overalls are treated with coatings that are impermeable to jet-tight connections and liquids in compliance with EN ISO 17491-4.

Besides offering high-barrier protection against many inorganic chemicals, these protective overalls offer protection against bird flu virus A/H5N1, Ebola, Mexico Flu A/H1N1, and other biological agents.

Choose hoods or elasticated hoods for your protective overalls fitted with double zipper flaps.

Thumb loops provide the optimum fit for this particle-tight non-sterile fabric.

· Protective Overalls Type-4

Protective Coveralls Type-4

Protective Overalls Type-4

Use the type-4 protective overalls when you handle different chemicals, cytostatic and other CMR drugs, and biological substances.

You can get type 4, 4B, 5, and 6 clothing with over-taped and stitched seams for spray-tight protection in compliance with EN 14126 (biological protection).

These protective overalls are made of soft, well-draping laminated material and are fitted with perfectly-shaped hoods to accommodate full face respirators.

Choose from sterile and non-sterile fabric with elasticated cuffs on the arms and legs.

The 3-panel hood design complements the standard PPE design.

You can get two-way zippers reinforced with fully sealable storm flaps for added protection and convenience.

· Reusable Protective Overalls

Reusable Protective Coveralls

Reusable Protective Overalls

Extremely comfortable, these reusable protective overalls are made of breathable, lightweight polyester that can be used in different situations and environments.

You can easily adjust the two-piece hood over your head for added protection.

Made in different sizes and colors, these reusable protective overalls with anti-static coatings can be used in areas showing evidence of static discharge.

This coverall allows you to work in a kneeling position with its integrated knee pads.

Front and back pockets are available.

You get protected comfort-fit knitted cuffs.

Hook and loop fasteners are provided at the ankles to help you adjust your protective overalls over your footwear.

· Disposable Protective Overalls

Disposal Protective Coveralls

Disposable Protective Overalls

Essentially made to protect healthcare workers directly involved in monitoring and controlling contagious diseases, disposable protective overalls are designed for user convenience.

You can get your disposable overalls constructed with high-quality, low-linting microporous laminated material with two-way zippers and storm flaps for added protection and increased convenience.

Increased breathability and freedom of movement make these disposable protective overalls popular with healthcare professionals that wear them for long periods of time.

These overalls are highly effective in preventing penetration of hazardous dusts, light liquid sprays and splashes, biological contaminants, and radioactive particles.

They reduce static build-up with their anti-static coatings.

Disposable protective overalls do not contain silicone or natural rubber latex, so you can wear these overalls without developing allergies or other sensitivity complications.

Consult your manufacturer for your customized disposable protective overalls that meet your own technical specifications.

· 3M Protective Overalls

3M Protective Coveralls

3M Protective Overalls

If you need enhanced wearing comfort and added protection with specialized treatments, then make your choice from a range of high-quality 3M protective overalls.

These are cost-effective PPEs that come fitted with standard accessories like elasticized waist, hood, cuffs, and ankles.

3M protective overalls can be customized to protect users from exposure to hazardous substances in your location.

Establish a good balance between protection and comfort by choosing microporous PE laminate materials in front of increased protection and large breathable back panels for added comfort.

Your supplier can work with safety professionals to help you comply with country legislations and select the right PPEs for your particular situation.

· Biological Protective Overalls

Biological Protective Coveralls

 Biological Protective Overalls

Meeting Europeans Norms (EN) and Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) requirements, biological protective overalls are designed to be disposable overalls.

From protection against infective agents in unknown hazardous environments to additional protection against radioactive particles, you can get biological protective overalls to meet your specific requirements.

You can get EN-approved white biological overalls, type 5 and 6 B (biological) laminated overalls with hoods, premium overalls with radio-active protection, microporous laminated overalls with over boots that meet type 4, 5, and 6 requirements, and other custom biological protective overalls.

You can choose from a range of ergonomically designed overalls for additional breathability, comfort, and unrestricted movement.

· Decontamination Protective Overalls

Decontamination Protective Coveralls

Decontamination Protective Overalls

You can get disposable decontamination protective overalls made of polypropylene in different colors.

Usually made of 55gsm high-quality microporous laminated fabric, these disposable decontamination protective overalls meet Category III type 5 and 6 requirements.

These overalls are especially useful in conditions where you need high levels of protection against liquid chemical splashes in environments devoid of bacterial contamination.

Non-linted, anti-static, and eco-friendly fabrics are used to design these decontamination protective overalls for a wide range of applications.

· Military Hazmat Protective Overalls

Made of popular Tyvck materials, military hazmat protective overalls fulfill a broad spectrum of needs.

The hazmat suits protect your users from light liquid splashes, a wide variety of warfare agents, and other hazards.

· Tyvck-9000 Protective Overalls

Tyvck-9000 Protective Coveralls

 Tyvck-9000 Protective Overalls

Made of high-visibility yellow high-tech flash spun polyethylene fabric reinforced with over-taped seams, Tyvck-9000 protective overalls meet the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1994 standard on protective ensembles for first responders to CBRN terrorism incidents.

You can get butyl gloves that cover inner gloves for increased physical and mechanical durability.

These protective overalls are fitted with two exhaust valves that release pressure developing inside the garment, thus preventing atmospheric vapors that enter the overalls from spreading within.

· Tyvck-10000 Protective Overalls

Tyvck-10000 Protective Coveralls

 Tyvck-10000 Protective Overalls

Tyvck-10000 protective overalls are made of high-visibility lime yellow fabric that meet Level A design requirements.

Some styles also meet the NFPA 1994 standard.

You can get expanded face shields with 220-degree viewing angles, front-entry design for partial entry into the garment, and expanded back to hold your breathing apparatus.

Get attached flaps that cover your boots to prevent liquid intrusion.

How Do You Wear Protective Overalls?

How you wear your protective overalls will determine how it performs under testing conditions.

Wear your protective overalls in a contamination-free changing room.

Remove your shoes in a seated position.

Place your feet into the legs of the overalls, one foot at a time.

Put on and secure your protective shoes.

Put on your pair of inner gloves.

Stand up and pull the protective overalls up to your waist.

Slip your hands, one by one, into the sleeves of the overalls.

Cover your face with the required mask or face shield ensuring there are no gaps.

Pull the hood over your head.

Pull the overalls until it reaches the head comfortably.

Zip the overalls at the very top and push the zip down into its lock position.

Put on your pair of outer gloves over the inner gloves making sure they cover the wrist and sleeves of the protective overalls.

Cover all evident gaps in the overalls with adhesive tape.

Ask your colleague to check if you have worn the protective overalls correctly.

This video shows you step by step how to wear protective overalls.

How Do You Remove Your Protective Overalls?

Remove your protective overalls in a way that prevents infectious waste from contaminating the doffing area.

Disposable overalls go into infectious waste containers.

Reusable overalls go into separate containers.

Follow hand hygiene over your gloves.

Unzip and pull down your protective overalls. Do not touch the front portion.

Follow hand hygiene over your gloves before you complete each of the following steps.

Remove the hood.

Remove your outer pair of gloves.

Remove the face shield, if you wore one.

Remove the face mask and dispose of it safely.

Follow hand hygiene over your gloves, decontaminate and clean your protective shoes or remove them and wear clean shoes before leaving the doffing area.

Remove and dispose of your gloves safely.

This video shows you step by step how to remove your protective overalls.

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