PTFE Extruded Tubing

PTFE Extruded Tubing

PTFE extruded tubing is made through the extrusion process. Both paste extrusion and ram extrusion can process virgin, modified, or filled PTFE material. The two processes produce PTFE extruded tubing with superior thermal and chemical resistance. Furthermore, the PTFE extruded tubes have a low coefficient of friction, hence the best non-slip properties.

How PTFE Tubing Extrusion Works

Paste Extrusion Process

For successful PTFE tube extrusion, you will mix polytetrafluoroethylene powder with lubricant to form a preform. The preform is pushed through an extrusion die, resulting in extruded PTFE tubing. This technique is common among many OEM PTFE extruded tubing suppliers.

ptfe extruded tubing
ptfe extruded tubing

Ram Extruding PTFE Tubing

To extrude PTFE tubing, you will fill the cylindrical extrusion pope with PTFE powder, and sinter then force it through the die. With ram extrusion, you can make custom PTFE extruded tubing.

You can use these PTFE tubes for industrial equipment, medical devices, machines, monitoring instruments, airplane parts, and automotive components, just to mention a few.

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