• PVC Gloves

PVC Gloves

WeProFab PVC gloves are attainable at different types and use. It is affordable and durable which is safe for any uses. We can custom PVC gloves orders whether personal business or any type of business purpose. Send your inquiries now!

Get WeProFab PVC Gloves to Delight Your Customers

At WeProFab, PVC gloves are accessible at many colors, types, and features that attract customers and delight their attentions. In fabricating, we follow different rules.

Chemical PVC Gloves

WeProFab PVC gloves for chemical protection are durable and effective to use. We have may colors of PVC gloves suitable for your needs. WeProFab is the best PVC gloves supplier.

Custom PVC Gloves

If you are looking for PVC gloves reliable suppliers and fabricators, WeProFab is certified to be trusted. WeProFab is customizing PVC gloves based on your purposes.

Heat Resistant PVC Gloves

We are manufacturing heat resistance PVC gloves to ensure the best quality of supplies. WeProFab easily fabricated PVC gloves through complete modern technology machines.

Heavy Duty PVC Gloves

We, WeProFab is a known supplier and manufacturer in China of different plastic products. WeProFab PVC gloves are one of our fabricated great quality products.

Industrial PVC Gloves

As a trusted manufacturer, we ensure to provide industrial PVC gloves. It suits any uses and purposes like business, retailing,  supplying, and even wholesaling purposes.

Medical PVC Gloves

Medical PVC glove is the most useful and negotiable from any place. We are supplying from different locations around the world with great quality that’s why they trusted us.

WeProFab: Your Leading PVC Gloves Manufacturer

As a professional PVC gloves supplier and manufacturer in China, We are offering one-stop solutions from around the world. We are certificated internationally. WeProFab is a joint-venture company of a WeeTect Material limited.

In searching for PVC gloves for any uses, WeProFab has awesome materials to offer. In fabricating, we follow standards and do different processes. WeProFab is an ISO 9001 certified PVC gloves supplier from China that provides all the needs.

We are certified through our PVC gloves with great quality and services. You can trust that we will provide what you demand.

Custom PVC Gloves to Boost Your Business

Colored PVC Gloves

WeProFab has many colors for PVC gloves to be purchase. We can supply what you desired PVC gloves colors and sizes. It is affordable to save cash or budget.

Dipped Oil PVC Gloves

Dipped oil PVC gloves are a shiny type of PVC gloves. It is available in many sizes like elbow-length, shoulder, and small type of PVC gloves.

Elbow Length PVC Gloves

If you’re searching for budget-saving PVC gloves, we are fabricating and supplying in many years. The best quality that makes us popular worldwide.

Shoulder Length PVC Gloves

Shoulder length PVC gloves are suitable for large operations like from the biggest company. If you are supplying or wholesaling, count on WeProFab.

Disposable PVC Gloves

We have PVC gloves that are disposable and prevent bacteria stay inside. We can custom PVC gloves you ordered as well.

Chemical Resistant PVC Gloves

Chemical-resistant PVC gloves are available in various compounds and styles. A completely chemical resistant product that offers protection against hazardous acids, caustics, and alcohols.

Cut Resistant PVC Gloves

Cut-resistant PVC gloves have a full-dip coating that guarantees a high level of protection. Made of an abrasion-resistant PVC that remains flexible for a long period of time. Perfect when working outdoors.

White PVC Gloves

White PVC gloves have a soft cotton lining and a rough textured coating. Highly functioning even in damp or greasy environments. Guarantees exquisite flexibility over time. Available in white color.

Blue PVC Gloves

Blue PVC gloves offer excellent abrasion resistance and are fully coated over the entire hand. Available in blue color in different sizes and styles. Guarantees optimum strength, flexibility, and comfort.

Low-Temperature Resistant PVC Gloves

Low temperature-resistant PVC gloves characterize a seamless soft-brushed fabric making them perfect for working in cold environments. Specifically designed for the handling of chemical residues and oils.

Lightweight Yellow PVC Coated Gloves

Lightweight yellow PVC coated gloves keep hands warm and dry. Crafted with a chemical and abrasion-resistant PVC with a yellow coating. Designed for long-term usage and has a lightweight structure.

Multi-Purpose PVC Gloves

Multi-purpose PVC gloves are developed using modern technology. Guarantees a comfortable fit with a smooth finish. Widely used in different industries such as in foodservice, industrial, and retail.

Surgical PVC Gloves

Surgical PVC gloves are typically used as surgical gloves and medical examination gloves. Tested and proven to meet high-quality standards. Individually packaged in pairs with a precise range of sizing.

Clear PVC Gloves

Clear PVC gloves feature a pull-on closure that is puncture and tearing free. commonly function as a barrier from chemicals, odors, etc. Guarantees a perfect fit with a soft-brushed surface.

Double-Dipped PVC Gloves

Double-dipped PVC gloves include a sandy palm finish and a chemical-resistant surface. Applications include the auto industry, mining, utilities, and refining. Provides full arm protection and puncture resistance.

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Why WeProFab PVC Gloves

WeProFab PVC gloves are also known as poly-vinyl chloride gloves. This is cost-effective and can be used in any type of works that perfectly protects hands from strong acids. It also protects everyone from wet, vibration, and also shocks. It is perfect to use when assembling small parts or fix cars and many more.

WeProFab has a lot of PVC gloves available that suited on your needs. We have a wide range of PVC gloves to move and ready to ship any time you need. You can deal with us anytime you need it.

PVC Gloves

WeProFab PVC gloves are cut resistance which is strong in any chemical solution.

WeProFab PVC gloves are perfect for contaminating foods and suitable to use for food processing, chemicals, salt, and more.

There are different types of PVC gloves like dotted or anti-slip gloves, half coated or full coated gloves, cut resistant, elbow length, and shoulder-length gloves. You can always design your PVC glove orders. Send us your glove designs

If you are looking for PVC gloves with an advantage cost, WeProFab is a great choice for many business owners in many years. We handle smooth and safe operations through our watchful and well-trained staff. They are experienced in handling different services.

PVC Gloves

WeProFab PVC gloves are applicable for medical uses, electrical, and many others.

There are many types that are perfect especially for this time of the pandemic. You need to wear gloves, especially when going outside to prevent the spread of the virus.

WeProFab PVC gloves can also protect hands from the cut, abrasion, and so on. We have many features and sizes of PVC gloves to offer for you to choose from.

If you choose WeProFab, we assure you that your business will supply standard quality PVC gloves. Whatever your purpose for purchasing PVC gloves, your needs will be fulfilled.

Looking for a supplier is not easy at all. In China, WeProFab is one of the superior PVC gloves distributors. Send them a message now!

PVC Gloves

Ultimate FAQ Guide To PVC Gloves

Also known as polyvinyl chloride gloves, PVC gloves provide a cost-effective and safe way to protect your hands from strong acids, vibrations, and shocks.

PVC Gloves

PVC Gloves

Choose from a wide variety of dotted and anti-slip gloves, cut-resistant, half-coated and fully-coated gloves.

You can get PVC gloves used in several other functions including assembling parts, processing food, fixing cars, and in applications that require frequent glove changes.

Read on for our ultimate FAQ guide to find out everything that you need to know about PVC gloves.

How Are PVC Gloves Made?

PVC Gloves Manufacture

PVC Gloves Manufacture

Synthetic materials are used in the manufacture of PVC gloves.

You first polymerize PVC monomers before adding the plasticizer to make the material more flexible.

· Producing PVC Gloves

The first step is to run hand-shaped formers made of ceramic through water.

They are bleached and cleaned to remove impurities.

Once these formers are dry, you dip them into a mixture of calcium nitrate and calcium carbonate to help the synthetic materials coagulate around them.

They are dried and dipped into PVC tanks.

On removing these formed gloves, they are exposed to either polymer coating or chlorination at high temperature.

Chlorination uses a gaseous or acid mixture of chlorine to make the gloves harder and smoother.

Polymer coating creates a layer of polymer over the heated gloves as they dry.

The stripping phase involves removing the gloves from their formers.

· PVC Gloves Quality Check

One of the most important tests for PVC gloves is the pinhole test.

In this test, you pour one liter of water into the glove to check if it leaks through pinholes formed during the manufacturing process.

These gloves are hung upside down for two minutes to check for leaks.

International acceptable quality limits (AQLs) are established to determine if PVC gloves pass the pinhole test.

You can watch this video to find out how PVC gloves are made.

Are There Guidelines For The Use Of PVC Gloves?

PVC Gloves Usage Guidelines

PVC Gloves Usage Guidelines

There are common sense rules that apply to the use of polyvinyl chloride gloves.

Basically, PVC gloves are used to handle organic acids like oxalic acid, inorganic acids like 70% perchloric acid and 70% phosphoric acid, alkalis like 70% potassium hydroxide and 70% sodium hydroxide, all kinds of salt solutions and hydrazine.

Consult the relevant material safety data sheet (MSDS) for complete details on the safety elements of PVC gloves.

For example, if you are allergic to latex, you may prefer to use PVC gloves.

Before you use these gloves, inspect the gloves for physical damages including shrinkage, swelling, discoloration, pin holes, and cracks.

Look for signs of chemical damage, especially if you are working with chemicals like hydrogen fluoride.

Choose the right PVC glove size. If it is too loose, you may experience dexterity problems.

If it is too tight, it may tear or cause discomfort.

Avoid direct contact with high temperature heat sources or direct flames.

You can always wash your PVC gloves with water to remove dirt and impurities while you’re working.

Never handle computer keyboards or telephones while you are working with these PVC gloves on.

Remove your gloves safely without the external surface of the glove touching your raw skin.

After you remove PVC gloves, wash your hands with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand rub.

Disposable gloves cannot be reused.

What Are The Different Types Of PVC Gloves?

· Chemical PVC Gloves

Chemical PVC Gloves

Chemical PVC Gloves

Made from chemical-resistant thermoplastic polymers of vinyl chloride, chemical PVC gloves are effective to use, durable, and one of most common pair of working gloves.

These flexible pair of gloves do not soften at temperatures below 82 ̊C.

Reinforced with good abrasive resistance, PVC gloves have good grip patterns for improved handling.

You can use them to handle most aqueous liquids, dilute acids and bases, and detergents.

· Custom PVC Gloves

Custom PVC Gloves

 Custom PVC Gloves

If you are looking for gloves with specific measurements, then custom PVC gloves are what you need.

You can get all sorts of PVC gloves up to the wrist or elbow and even covering your whole hand.

If you share basic measurements like hand circumference with a flat palm, biceps just below the armpit, elbow joint with straight arm, and height, you can get slim-fit PVC gloves to your exact measurements.

You can ask for BOA liners to keep your hands warm and protect them from injuries and shocks.

Thermal gloves allow you to work in conditions as low as -26 ̊C to 82 ̊C.

Extra-long chemical-resistant gloves can be 700 mm long to cover your entire lower arm.

Dedicated production lines are established to complete custom-made OEM/ODM orders.

· Heat Resistant PVC Gloves

Heat Resistant PVC Gloves

Heat Resistant PVC Gloves

Manufactured with technologically advanced machines, heat resistant PVC gloves are designed to be handling gloves with excellent mechanical and heat-protection capabilities.

These gloves are often coated with cut-resistant layers for additional protection.

You can ask for special polka-dotted heat resistant PVC gloves for better protection.

These handling gloves provide a strong grip and have high flexibility levels to handle different kinds of materials.

Heat-resistant PVC gloves are ideal for use in metal-fabrication and glass-handling industries where contact-heat conditions may exist.

PVC can also be reinforced to provide adequate abrasion, cut, puncture, and tear resistance.

· Heavy Duty PVC Gloves

Heavy Duty PVC Gloves

Heavy Duty PVC Gloves

Specially formulated for demanding applications, heavy duty PVC gloves are fully compliant with RoHS standards for use in working conditions that need good abrasive-resistant, heavy-duty gloves.

These gloves offer excellent resistance against chemicals and are pressure tested for leakages under different working conditions.

Customized to meet your requirements, several features are fabricated into the glove material including soft cotton interlock liners and sanitized layers to increase freshness, repel odors, and sustain hygienic working conditions.

Available in all standard sizes, these PVC gloves can handle 40% sodium hydroxide and 96% sulfuric acid.

From janitorial functions that need hygienic and water-resistant gloves to heavy-duty chemical handling and plating functions in petrochemical industries and refineries that need strong gloves, these heavy-duty PVC gloves provide safe handling solutions.

· Industrial PVC Gloves

Industrial PVC Gloves

 Industrial PVC Gloves

Manufactured with 100% nylon, industrial PVC gloves are dotted gloves with knitted wrists that are ideally used for delicate and precise tasks.

The PVC dotting over the palm and fingers provide high abrasion resistance and bond easily with the 100% 13-gauge nylon glove base material.

The close-fitting design makes provision for adequate additional ventilation and boosts dexterity levels to provide the perfect precision hold.

Available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes, these industrial PVC gloves can be used for assembly product protection, packing, light, and general handling purposes.

· Medical PVC Gloves

Medical PVC Gloves

Medical PVC Gloves

Top graded and cost-effective, medical PVC gloves are disposable gloves that can be used in many different kinds of examinations and procedures.

Customized to meet your type, size, and color requirements, medical PVC gloves use the best PVC raw materials that protect your hands from contaminations and hazardous drugs.

Fabricated with cost-effective PVC materials, these medical gloves can generate a great deal of profits for retail, supply chain, and wholesale businesses.

These medical PVC gloves are soft and comfortable to wear and are considered standard gloves for use in chemical-processing medical labs.

Medical gloves supplied by qualified distributors meet national and international certification standards.

· Colored PVC Gloves

Colored PVC Gloves

Colored PVC Gloves

Affordable and available in different colors and sizes, colored PVC gloves are eco-friendly, wearable, and highly durable cleaning gloves.

Effective against slipping, these colored gloves have a unique non-slip spiral texture design that help increase the holding force.

Colored PVC gloves are thickened to increase their inherent waterproof, explosion-proof, anti-aging, high-temperature, and oil-resistant features.

You can use these colored gloves in temperatures as low as -20 ̊Centigrade for household cleaning and gardening purposes.

· Dipped Oil PVC Gloves

Dipped Oil PVC Gloves

 Dipped Oil PVC Gloves

Stocked in the wrist-, elbow-, and shoulder-length sizes, dipped oil PVC gloves are soft and flexible gloves with shiny surfaces.

You can get these PVC gloves made of liners that are single-, double-, or triple-dipped into PVC to create protective gloves for different working conditions.

Single-dipped oil PVC gloves offer some resistance to chemicals, grease, and oil.

Double-dipped PVC gloves offer more protection from grease, oil, and chemicals, while also providing good abrasion ad puncture resistance.

Triple-dipped oil PVC gloves are more flexible and can absorb perspiration.

You can comfortably wear these gloves for extended periods of time.

These dipped oil PVC gloves are extensively used in agriculture, manufacturing, chemical, oil and gas, municipal services, and several other industries.

· Elbow Length PVC Gloves

Elbow Length PVC Gloves

Elbow Length PVC Gloves

Extending to around 19 inches in length, elbow length PVC gloves are beautifully crafted faux leather wet look gloves that are suitable for all occasions.

These are used by ladies for clubwear, Halloween, and other functions that demand the use of stylish long gloves.

Smooth, soft, and comfortable to wear, elbow length PVC gloves have an attractive look that adds more value and class to evening dress wear.

Though black PVC gloves up to elbow length are very popular, you can also get PVC gloves in white and custom colors.

One-size-fits-most kind of elbow-length PVC gloves can be hand washed and drip dried.

· Shoulder Length PVC Gloves

Shoulder Length PVC Gloves

Shoulder Length PVC Gloves

Available in red and yellow colors, shoulder length PVC gloves are standard-sized gloves with synthetic coatings applied on cotton interlocked liners.

They provide excellent resistance to petroleum hydrocarbons, oils, fats, most acids, and caustic materials.

Especially useful in handling glycol ethers and alcohols, CE ratings specify levels of exposure for these shoulder-length PVC gloves.

Use these gloves in wet or dry conditions to test their outstanding abrasion resistance capabilities.

· Disposable PVC Gloves

Disposable PVC Gloves

Disposable PVC Gloves

Powder and latex-free, disposable PVC gloves offers a loose fit that is ideal for frequent glove changes.

Available in small, medium, and large sizes, these PVC gloves are ideal for those who are allergic to natural rubber latex and need disposable latex-free gloves for regular use.

Made of environmentally friendly and safe PVC material, disposable PVC gloves have soft textures and good elasticity.

These gloves are incredibly tough and protect your hands against pesticides, gasoline, grease, and a large number of chemicals.

Use these disposable PVC gloves for medical procedures, in restaurants, beauty salons, and for cleaning purposes at home.

What Are The Differences Between PVC Gloves and Nitrile Gloves?

Though both PVC and nitrile gloves replace standard latex gloves, there are some basic difference between the two based on the functions they perform.

While standard PVC gloves are essentially used for janitorial and housekeeping functions, they can also be used in the food industry.

Special coatings are applied to increase their functions in medical settings.

On the other hand, nitrile gloves are specifically made for laboratory and healthcare workers who deal with bloodborne pathogens.

PVC and nitrile gloves are both available in disposable and reusable varieties.

Lighter varieties of PVC gloves are used in the food service industry, while the heavy-duty PVC gloves are used to handle caustics, solvents, and different kinds of acids.

Nitrile gloves are used by surgeons who are allergic to natural rubber latex but need to perform surgical procedures.

In comparison, PVC gloves are used for other procedures.

What Are The Benefits Offered By PVC Gloves?

  1. They are the least expensive option for less durable disposable gloves that offer ease of use. PVC gloves are extensively used in the food industry.
  2. Most people can wear these latex-free gloves.
  3. PVC gloves are available in all standard and custom sizes. Therefore, they are a great fit for most users.
  4. Tasks that need accuracy are often attempted with PVC gloves, as your hands can move freely and with great agility.
  5. These gloves are manufactured in a way that they can be stretched and hold up well against punctures.
  6. Because they are anti-static, PVC gloves are useful when working with cords and wires.
  7. PVC prevents cross contaminations that are likely to occur during the preparation of food.
  8. All kinds of PVC gloves for low-risk activities are readily available.
  9. They can be used for both urgent and delicate surgical procedures as well as applications that demand added strength and durability.

You can watch this video to find out the applications of PVC gloves.

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