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PVC Rods

WeProFab is the supreme PVC rods fabricator in China. Our PVC rods had a wide range of building and construction applications. It also ideal for commercial pipe solutions and you can select our finished products or customized your PVC rods. Contact us now!

Get WeProFab PVC Rods to Delight Your Customers

We can offer abs, waterproof, anti-static, solid, and customized for your PVC rods or you can select finished products in our PVC rods. It can be accessible in high-quality products and economical.


At WeProFab, the ABS PVC rods are used in thermoforming applications where heat-induced versatility and physical occurrence are preferred. It gives very good electrical insulation and it is easy to form a bond and machine.

Anti-static PVC Rods

Our anti-static PVC rods are created to manage static electricity for a wide range of end applications. It is applicable in clean rooms, server rooms, and other areas that should be kept safe from electrical charges.

Custom PVC Rods

WeProFab offers to customize for your PVC rods which can be obtained in high-quality and inexpensive. We can assure you to produce the exact customer’s desire for PVC rods and have satisfaction with the products.

PVC Rods Manufacturer

WeProFab is the one entrust PVC rods fabricator in China. We have plenty of experience and full capabilities to produce finished PVC rods or customized PVC rods. Just message your desire colors and dimensions to us.

Solid PVC Rods

At WeProFab, the solid PVC rod provides fine toughness and mechanical properties with high chemical resistance. It has excellent dimensional stability, good ductile, and has self-extinguishing characteristics.

Waterproof PVC Rods

At WeProFab, the waterproof PVC rods are ideal for all types of construction because of its water-resistant. It has a superior strength-weight-ratio and has excellent flame resistance.

WeProFab: Your Leading PVC Rides Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture corporation between Weetech Material Limited and a Chinese local plastic fabrication manufacturer who tends to give the best solution. Regarding constructing and building, WeProFab provides a one-stop-shop. Our PVC rods are ideal materials for constructing and building projects.

We have plenty of types in our PCV rods that are suitable for constructing applications. You can select 300mm, white, black, round, 3D for your PCV rods or you can customize your PCV rods base on your specifications. We can thermoform, injection-molded, and bond processes for your PCV rods.

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Custom PVC Rods to Expand Your Brand

3D PVC Rods

We can provide you 3D PVC rods since we have plenty of experiences in producing PVC rods and it can be obtained in superior electrical insulation.

300mm PVC Rods

If 300mm is your exact measurements for having PCV rods, we can produce base on your specifications. PVC rods are available in lower price.

Black PVC Rods

WeProFab offers black color for your PVC rods that is suitable for everyone’s necessity and has good chemical resistance. We can custom your request.

Round PVC Rods

WeProFab can provide quality machining shapes for your PCV rods to suits your most applications in projects. WeProFab will offer a friendly cost.

White PVC Rods

Having a white color for your PVC rods are your concern, WeProFab can provide it for you. It is accessible in fine overall physical properties.

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Why WeProFab PVC Rods

Looking for the best rods for your construction and building? WeProFab PVC rods also known as polyvinyl chloride are perfect for you. We are delegate in fabricating PVC products in China since we have plenty of experience and we have full capabilities.

We have various types of PVC rods that are suitable for your necessity. We have anti-static, waterproof, solid, ABS PVC rods, and many more. Our ABS PVC rods are used in thermoforming applications since it is easy to form, machine, weld, and bond.

PVC Rods

Our PVC rods are best for building and constructing uses. It is frequently fabricated into bell mounts, chemical apparatus, gaskets, bearing cages, valve bodies, acid tanks, battery boxes, fitting and piping systems, water treatment plant tanks and components, pipework and lightly stressed mechanical components, chemical processing tanks, pump components, and insulator for electrical applications.

We can provide a high-quality and economical with excellent impact resistance and machinability PVC rods for you. Our PVC rods had good stiffness and mechanical properties.

WeProFab PVC rods have good moisture resistance, have very high chemical resistance, have good dimensional firmness, and have exceptional electrical insulating properties. It also easily bondable and an exceptional engineering plastic for welding, it is self-extinguishing, and economical.

PVC Rods

Most of our PVC rods products are long-lasting because PVC is resistant to oxidation and degradation. It also innate chlorine content provides its superior fire resistance.

WeProFab PVC rods offer the optimal machine stock for everything from thumbscrew to valve components. WeProFab can provide customized PCV rods for your businesses and constructions. You can select your colors and dimensions base on your demand or you can pick from our finished PCV rods product such as 300mm, white, black, round, and 3D.

If you are a PVC rods dealer or a personalize PVC rods, you can count on WeProFab. We perform product procedure that includes thermoforming, injection-molded, and bonding so we can assure our customer’s to have satisfaction with the finished or custom-made PVC rod products.

As an ISO certified, we strictly manage the quality of our PCV rod products before transporting to our purchaser. For more questions regarding our PVC rod products, please message us now.

PVC Rods

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