• Radiation Protective Clothing

Radiation Protective Clothing

WeProFab designs and manufactures radiation protective clothing to protect individuals from exposure to radiation. We offer all types of radiation protection apparel that meet and exceed modern industry standards. We can also custom design suit according to your specifications.

Custom your radiation protective clothing now.

Use WeProFab Radiation Protective Clothing to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab radiation protective clothing provides protection against UV, electromagnetic, nuclear, microwave, and other hazards. As a professional radiation protective clothing manufacturer, we can supply high-quality radiation protection suits to you.

Nuclear radiation protective clothing

Weprofab produces nuclear radiation protective clothing with strong properties to provide protection against nuclear risk. We have a wide variety of suits for you to choose from.

Radiation protection suit XXL

Weprofab radiation protection suits XXL-size ideal for industrial and scientific applications. Besides, we have other sizes to suits every individual, from Small to XXL.

Anti-contamination protection suit

Weprofab is dedicated to manufacturing anti-contamination protection suits for over 20 years. It is durable and comfortable to wear.

EMF radiation protective clothing

This EMF radiation protective clothing can be avail at more competitive price. It is functional and effective to use with at least 50% shielding capacity.

Full body radiation protective suit

Our full-body radiation protective suit features full chemical-resistant properties. Weprofab offer complete range of suit with good rates.

Electromagnetic radiation protection clothing

Weprofab electromagnetic radiation protection clothing is made of woven fabric. The price and other details of the suit may vary based on size and color.

WeProFab: Your Leading Radiation Protective Clothing Manufacturer

WeProFab specializes in manufacturing radiation protective clothing for more than 20 years. We design and manufacture a wide range of protective suits, full-comply advanced industry standards. It is typically used for general maintenance, plant decommissioning, annual outages, and other special purposes.

We offer full protective suit solutions for you. Also, WeProFab is an ISO9001 certified company, we control the quality of radiation protective clothing strictly. If you need a reliable partner for a protection suit, WeProFab is your ultimate choice. Contact us today!

Custom Radiation Protective Clothing to Skyrocket Your Brand

Polymer tungsten radiation protection suit

This polymer tungsten radiation protection suit can be custom-made according to your desired size, color, and other specifications.

X-ray radiation protective clothing

Weprofab manufacture X-ray radiation protective clothing into the advanced production process. We are fully capable to provide you a one-stop solution.

Full body radiation protection suit

Weprofab offer full-body radiation protection suit providing at least 50% shielding. It comes in all sizes, from S-XXL.

Yellow nuclear suit

Weprofab yellow nuclear suit provide maximum protection from hazardous materials and other substances. Providing optimum safety and security due to high visibility.

X-ray protective apron clothing

This X-ray protective apron clothing is tough, easy-to-clean, chemical, abrasion, and aging resistant. We have all types of clothing for you.

Lead radiation protective suits

These lead radiation protective suits fit from light to heavy individual. It is super comfortable to wear. The minimum order requirement will be discussed by our team.

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WeProFab Radiation Protective Clothing

Weprofab is a professional manufacturer of radiation protective clothing. We manufacture all types of radiation protective clothing., in various styles, designs, sizes, and other specifications.

It is designed to cover or protect the user from radiation in power plants, chemicals, and medical procedures. Our radiation protective clothing is heavy duty and has an advanced visor for undistorted vision.

This product is ISO9001 and CE certified. It is leak-free and has 360 degrees adjustable belt inside to adjust in any size comfortable for the users. This product is capable of protecting the users from any contamination.

Weprofab radiation protective clothing can be provided with emergency breather attachment and button fastenings. This product is perfect for all types of radiation fields.

We can modify or upgrade our radiation protective clothing to fit your customer’s demands. Weprofab offers all the customization you need for this product.

Weprofab radiation protective clothing has gone through our advanced manufacturing system. We ensure that it has the most advanced technology features and excellent quality.

At Weprofab, we always aim to provide products that have world-class quality with great deals and satisfactory services. We are not only giving high-quality products but also give all the support and solutions you need to boost your company and brand in the market.

With our radiation protective clothing, you can increase your market sales internationally.

Weprofab has been manufacturing radiation protective clothing for over 20 years. We have gained enough knowledge to keep our products latest and one of a kind.

Not only that, Weprofab is composed of expert workers including professional engineers ensure the durability, sustainability, and performance of each product we produce. You are always welcome to send your inquiries to us anytime you want.

If you are looking for the most reliable provider of radiation protective clothing and other premium quality products, Weprofab is your best choice.

For more info, please feel free to contact us now!

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