• Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

Weprofab is your most trusted recycled polycarbonate panels supplier and manufacturer. We’re a China-based company, always willing to support your custom requirements. We offer one of our leading products which is recycled polycarbonate panels. For your recycled polycarbonate panels custom request, contact us!

Get WeProFab Recycled Polycarbonate Panels to Attract Your Customers

Weprofab is a company containing professional staff to accommodate your recycled polycarbonate panels needs. This product is available in a custom color, size, and design to suit your intended use. Below, we show you the best selections of recycled polycarbonate panels for your choices. But if ever you have your own designs for this product, we can consider them for you.

Colorful Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

In Weprofab, you can find the best quality, colorful recycled polycarbonate panels. It is available in different features, shapes, sizes, and colors.

Cost-Effective Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

We will support your needs when it comes to cost-effective recycled polycarbonate panels. We can custom-cut the said product to meet your size requirement.

Customized Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

Customized recycled polycarbonate panels are available in custom sizes, colors, and textures. The colors available are transparent, green, black, blue, etc.

High-Quality Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

We have an excellent ability to provide high-quality recycled polycarbonate panels. The sheet is available in custom shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and colors.

UV-Protected Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

When used outdoor, UV-protected recycled polycarbonate panels are ideal. The UV protection can prevent the colors from fading.

Recycled Polycarbonate Panels for Roofing

Weprofab recycled polycarbonate panels for roofing have efficient, excellent quality, and durable features. It is the best choice for all roofing uses.

WeProFab: Your Trusted Recycled Polycarbonate Panels Mannufacturer

Weprofab gained great history and rich experience in recycled polycarbonate panels production. We offer recycled polycarbonate panels in different colors, textures, shapes, sizes, and designs. And also, you can get our recycled polycarbonate panels according to your desired specifications.

As the premier plastic manufacturing firm, Weprofab offers you a one-stop solution for recycled polycarbonate panels. We are equipped with the latest manufacturing equipment and machines which lead to a fast, smoother production process for your orders. Please send us your inquiries about our services and products!

Custom Polycarbonate Sheets to Grow Your Business

6MM Clear Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

Our 6mm clear recycled polycarbonate panels promise high quality. Its reliability and durable properties can surely meet your standards.

Finest Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

We offer the finest recycled polycarbonate panels. They have the strongest and thickest form, suitable for greenhouse and roofing applications.

Fivewall Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

Our fivewall recycled polycarbonate panels are applicable for indoor and outdoor roofing uses. It has amazing textures, color options, and custom measurements.

Heat Insulation Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

Our heat insulation recycled polycarbonate panels are feature high-impact, UV resistant, and very lightweight. They are best used as roofing panels.

Modular Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

Weprofab modular recycled polycarbonate panels are available in custom cut, colors, and thickness. The colors option includes blue, red, green, transparent, etc.

Plastic Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

We can manufacture plastic recycled polycarbonate panels in different sizes, textures, colors, and designs. It is offered at a competitive cost.

Recycled Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels

Our recycled polycarbonate greenhouse panels are used in greenhouse roofings and construction. If you have custom requests regarding this type, discuss them with us.

Recycled Honeycomb Polycarbonate Panels

The recycled honeycomb polycarbonate panels are available in different thicknesses and sizes. It is durable, high strength, and UV-proof.

Twinwall Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

Our twinwall recycled polycarbonate panels are available in customized construction. It is perfect for wide roofing applications.

Hard-Coated Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

The hard-coated recycled polycarbonate panels have excellent versatility, making them easy to process and form. The polycarbonate panels are eco-friendly and non-toxic. They are available in transparent, milky white, sapphire blue, tan, or customized colors that customers desire.

Rigid Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

The rigid recycled polycarbonate panels are high-quality materials suitable for commercial buildings, stadium roofs, exterior, and curtain walls. Their thicknesses and shades are customizable as per customers’ requirement applications. They feature rigidity that lasts for a long time.

Hollow Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

Hollow recycled polycarbonate panels are ideal for roofing applications, like skylights, carports, greenhouses, sheds, and more. Their structures, colors, and level of thicknesses are customizable. They have an unlimited length that is easy to cut and process for customers’ orders.

Recycled Exterior Polycarbonate Panels

Recycled exterior polycarbonate panels have minimalist designs that suit various applications, such as awnings, roofing, exterior hotel walls, and more. These panels can be twinwall, triple walls, four walls, honeycomb, and other structures. Different colors provide various levels of transparency.

Extruded Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

The extruded recycled polycarbonate panels are typically used for office facilities, sheds, greenhouses, and other roofing. They are accessible in 4mm to 12mm or customized thicknesses. These panels provide suitable light transmission, save energy, and have lighter weight.

Anti-Vibration Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

Anti-vibration recycled polycarbonate panels have excellent impact strength and good insulation features. These polycarbonate panels have UV protection and anti-fogging coatings. They are lighter than glass, making them convenient to install and handle.

Solid Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

The solid recycled polycarbonate panels feature versatility, formability, and machinability. These polycarbonate panels can withstand wide temperature ranges. They are virtually unbreakable with good acoustic insulation and weather resistance. These panels are suitable for glazing and signboards.

Industrial Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

Industrial recycled polycarbonate panels are for entertainment facilities and public building applications. These high-quality panels provide appropriate light transmittance and save energy. They give natural lights and coolness to the surroundings. Their specific colors are provided as requested.

Anti-Scratch Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

Anti-scratch recycled polycarbonate panels are perfect for installing on bathrooms as shower panels. They are available in various structures, including double walls, triple walls, honeycomb, x-structures, and more. These panels feature an anti-scratch, making them maintain a glassy look.

Flexible Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

The flexible recycled polycarbonate panels are ideal for installing on sports venues, skylight roofing, carports, and more. They feature fire retardancy, impact resistance, and sound insulation. These polycarbonate panels are available with opal, clear, blue, red, green, or as customers’ choice.

Recycled Sandwich Insulation Polycarbonate Panels

Recycled sandwich insulation polycarbonate panels are available with anodized foil decoration, PE coated, mirrored, printing, and more surface treatments. These polycarbonate panels feature anti-bacterial, mold resistance, anti-static, and fireproof properties.

Compact Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

The compact recycled polycarbonate panels are perfect for partitions, outdoor, roofing, sign panels, and more. These polycarbonate panels are accessible in a flat, embossed, frosted, light diffuser surface appearance. They are 200 times more impact resistant than typical glass.

Recycled Granules Polycarbonate Panels

Recycled granules polycarbonate panels are suitable for farmhouses and other architectural applications. These panels have a small bending radius, making them convenient to transport. They provide about 88% light transmittance, perfect for greenhouses. 

Corrugated Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

The corrugated recycled polycarbonate panels have a traditional design, making them suitable for skylights, awnings, carports, outdoor, and other roofing usages. They have customizable colors, thicknesses, and unlimited lengths to cut for customers’ orders. 

Embossed Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

Embosses recycled polycarbonate panels are ISO9001-2015 / SGS / CE certified approved. Their polycarbonate composition makes them lighter, easy to install, have anti-fogging and flame retardant features. There are more than 300 colors available to suit specific applications.

Translucent Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

The translucent recycled polycarbonate panels feature robustness and a high-quality appearance. These polycarbonate panels are practical for various utilization, like subway exits, rain tents, bus stops, swimming pool covers, and more. They have easy to install and transport.

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Weprofab Recycled Polycarbonate Panels

Weprofab is the trusted recycled polycarbonate panels manufacturer in China. We have extensive experience in this industry. We know every customer’s needs when it comes to recycled polycarbonate panels. Weprofab is the manufacturing company you can trust always. We provide the best and most qualities recycled polycarbonate panels.

Our recycled polycarbonate panels are manufactured using 100% recycled polycarbonate resin. This is a sheet with a regrind material base. Comes in a wide range of dimensions, shapes, sizes, features, and specifications.

Weprofab Recycled Polycarbonate Panels Features:

  • super lightweight
  • high impact strength
  • high-temperature resistance
  • easy to cut
  • excellent UV absorbent
  • fading and yellowing resistant
  • creative designs
  • weatherable
  • break-resistant
  • high thermal insulation

With complete features, our recycled polycarbonate panels are perfect for industrial applications, domestic applications, aerospace, automotive, and wide huge-scale prototyping uses.

We also ensure our recycled polycarbonate panels have an excellent UV coating on both sides. It will protect the recycled polycarbonate panels from discoloration or yellowing when exposed to sunlight. You will get recycled polycarbonate panels with the satisfying quality you need at Weprofab.

Weprofab gained many years of experience in manufacturing recycled polycarbonate panels. Please rely on us for your next purchase.

Not just recycled polycarbonate panels, but Weprofab is also a supplier of anti-reflective polycarbonate sheets, switchboard polycarbonate sheets, structured polycarbonate panels, insulated polycarbonate panels, greenhouse polycarbonate panels, polycarbonate gate sheets, polycarbonate sheet windows, and so on.

Weprofab is the manufacturer that stands out in China in terms of manufacturing recycled polycarbonate panels. We guarantee the best pricing to help you save more money. Each quality of our products is 100% tested and proven by many.

Let us support you. Contact us today!


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