• Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab is the largest provider of the Ribbed Acrylic Sheet in China. We have the capability of producing numerous amount of ribbed acrylic sheet orders. If you have own design sketches, let us manufacture them.

Get WeProFab Ribbed Acrylic Sheet to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab offers numerous range of Ribbed Acrylic Sheets designs in different sheeting applications. We offer satisfying finishes for your option.

Corrugated Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab is leading corrugated ribbed acrylic sheet origins in China. You can find a lot of options here that is useful for roofing, partitioning, and any intended applications.

Ribbed Acrylic Sheet Cut-to-size

If you want to cut-to-size ribbed acrylic sheets, you`re in the right place! Weprofab specializes in cutting them into different sizes. We manufacture them to fit well with your applications.

Ribbed Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

Are you going to purchase ribbed acrylic sheets for your next projects? Weprofab is the right manufacturer for you. We can manufacture your ribbed acrylic sheets with ideal designs.

Ribbed Acrylic Sheet Rubber Matting

Not sure what fits well for your roofing applications? Then no worries. Weprofab manufacture ribbed acrylic sheet rubber matting with 2X durability. They can contribute a lot for your business.

Solid Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

If you are searching the most appealing yet UV sunlight-protected sheeting, a solid ribbed acrylic sheet works great on your applications. Weprofab offers affordable fabrication services.

Textured Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

In Weprofab you can find textured ribbed acrylic sheet with full protections. So, if you`re not satisfied with past purchase experiences, switch to Weprofab. We know what is right for you!

WeProFab: Your Leading Ribbed Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

Weprofab has over 20 years of manufacturing committed services. We always offer direct shop solutions for metal and plastics fabrication finishes.

So, if you`re a distributor, local supplier, or retailer, Weprofab services will satisfy you! Our complete pack of services is helpful to boom your business all of a sudden.

So what are you waiting for? Better hurry and contact us if you have any concerns.

Custom Ribbed Acrylic Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Patterned Ribbed acrylic sheet

If you are in need of a patterned ribbed acrylic sheet, Weprofab can surely supply. We can supply you with a lot of stocks for your business sufficient needs.

Fine Ribbed Acrylic Sheet Roofing

Looking for a fine ribbed acrylic sheet roofing to add on business? You can find what you`re looking for in the Weprofab market. We have all product sources you need.

Grey Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

If you`re needing grey ribbed acrylic sheet for important applications, then you run to the right provider! WeProFab has overall solutions for your business booming!

2mm Transparent Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

2mm transparent ribbed acrylic sheet guarantees optimum impact resistance and higher strength. Arrives with 2mm thickness and is made up of crystal-clear acrylic. Easy to fabricate and can be easily formed.

Bulletproof Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Bulletproof ribbed acrylic sheet has outstanding resistance to excessive sunlight and weathering. Offers excellent optical properties and good electrical resistivity. Applicable in banks, armored cars, etc.

Frosted Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Frosted ribbed acrylic sheet is unusually strong and the best solution for structural glazing. Features bold and fashionable appearance making it useful for a variety of designers and other industry professionals.

Glossy Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Glossy ribbed acrylic sheet is available in single-side or double-side coats. Comes with a glossy surface and is great for windows shadow boxes, display cases, and more. Protects the material from dirt and dust.

Heat Resistant Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Heat-resistant ribbed acrylic sheet is accessible in a variety of shapes, colors sizes, and textures. Offers admirable heat resistance. Commonly applicable in automotive components, medical equipment, and lighting fixtures.

Impact Resistant Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Impact-resistant ribbed acrylic sheet is widely used in skylights, picture framing, signs & exhibits, and boat parts. Made with strong, lightweight, and impact-resistant acrylic. Comes with a variety of surface textures.

Lightweight 5mm Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

A lightweight 5mm ribbed acrylic sheet is an ideal glass replacement. Features a lightweight, sturdy and transparent construction. Comes with a 5mm thickness and can withstand high temperatures.

One Sided Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

One-sided ribbed acrylic sheet lets in plenty of light and the textured surface provides obscurity and privacy. Only one side is ribbed and the other side is just plain. Widely used in privacy screens and partitions.

Scratchproof Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Scratchproof ribbed acrylic sheet functions well in a wide range of applications including headlamp lenses, and plastic lenses in eyewear, and telecommunications. Engineered with durable and scratchproof acrylic.

Two-Sided Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

The two-sided ribbed acrylic sheet is shatter-resistant and weather resistant. Perfect in a wide range of indoor and outdoor commercial applications. Comes with double sides and ensures a high level of accuracy.

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Why WeProFab Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Whether you need a ribbed acrylic sheet for a business, Weprofab can provide a solution.

Weprofab can provide fashionable and bold designs that allow great possibilities for industry professionals and designers.

At Weprofab, we can assist you to help the most suitable materials for any upcoming projects.

Grey Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab manufactured ribbed acrylic sheet with 68.3% Light transmission capacity, UV-proof, and unbreakable.

Whether you`re searching for an outdoor or indoor sheet solution, Weprofab ribbed acrylic sheet is ready for any task awaits.

Thanks for ribbed acrylic sheet weprofab has offering, these can bring huge impact for you, and your business!

Weprofab can highly custom ribbed acrylic sheet into different thickness, width, and length, depending on your necessary fittings.

This has rounded edges or routed edges as premier additions to the ribbed acrylic sheets.

Weprofab is specialized on a cut-to-size ribbed acrylic sheet. The cut-to-size process may take about 1-2 working days.

Also, you can freely visit our market located in China, Weprofab can custom your orders within 5 min. or less, from start-finish.

If you ever need advices what the best design to choose, Weprofab also offers assistance.

Our ribbed acrylic sheet is competitively offered.  This fits well on various applications.

Weprofab manufactures them with total imaginable designs, trendy, classic, attractive for customers` eyes. This is great for any business inclusions.

Corrugated Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

With a great price, we are hopeful of working with you. For your prior concerns, our friendly staff gladly assists you in the whole process.

Plus, Weprofab made them so sturdy makes perfect for greenhouses, outdoor areas fittings, decks, or any setting needs quality roofing materials.

Weprofab is the number one source of ribbed acrylic sheet.

For more projects await, Weprofab Ribbed Acrylic Sheet plays an important role. Order now and get the quality materials you need.

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Unbreakable and UV-proof, the ribbed acrylic sheet is an indoor and outdoor sheet solution that transmits nearly 69% of the light falling on it.

Ribbed acrylic sheets are trendy, attractive, classic, and comes in a range of designer sheets that are great as value-added business inclusions.

The professional acrylic sheet manufacturer can help you arrive at bold and fashionable designs for all your upcoming shower enclosure, privacy screen and other projects.

Read on to find out everything that you need to know about ribbed acrylic sheets.

What Is The Ribbed Acrylic Sheet Pattern?

Ribbed Acrylic Sheet Pattern

Ribbed Acrylic Sheet Pattern

The ribbed acrylic sheet has a discreet and light surface pattern with one side ribbed over a textured or standard flat acrylic sheet.

The uneven ribbed surface with its peaks and valleys is able to diffuse light to create a sense of privacy and obscurity.

In this pattern, the total thickness of the ribbed acrylic sheet is 1/8 inch measured from the peak of the ribbed surface to the flat surface.

The ribbing length is 0.07 inches measured from one ribbing peak to another.

The valley depth is 0.026 inches.

What Are The Advantages Of The Ribbed Acrylic Sheet?

The ribbed acrylic sheet offers many advantages that make it a versatile sheet used in unique applications.

You can get several patterns with the ribbing including wood, cracked ice, marble, and brick slip patterns.

You can also use this patterned sheet in homes, offices, boutiques, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, and other establishments.

Based on your fittings, the ribbed acrylic sheet is cut into different lengths, widths, and thicknesses.

They are available in different colors.

They are robust and resistant to impact, making them sturdy enough to be used in outdoor fittings, greenhouses, and decks.

Special tools are not required to make the ribbed acrylic sheet, as this sheet is assembled during the extrusion process.

Therefore, this turns out to be an affordable acrylic solution.

The flat panel can have single or multiple layers of textures or patterns.

You can decide on additional surface coats based on your budget.

How Is The Ribbed Acrylic Sheet Cut To Size?

The best way to cut the ribbed acrylic sheet to size is to use high-speed circular saws with mounted, unset, multi-toothed carbide-tip blades.

Before you start, clamp the ribbed acrylic sheet to prevent it from moving during the cutting operation.

Establish the stop point to prevent jamming of the saw and to prevent the sheet from tearing.

You need to make sure to avoid abrasive disks to prevent sheet damage.

This video shows you how to cut your ribbed acrylic sheet.

How Do You Drill Into The Ribbed Acrylic Sheet?

Conical Drilling Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Conically Drilling Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

A conical drill is used to drill holes into the ribbed acrylic sheet.

Drilling a slightly larger hole into the flat panel, you move on and drill a hole into the ribbed surface ensuring the hole is 90 degrees to the horizontal.

How Is The Ribbed Acrylic Sheet Fastened To Its Supporting Structure?

If the ribbed acrylic sheet is to be fastened to a ceiling, it is done at the peak of the ribbing

On a vertical plane or wall, the sheet can be fastened at the valley.

A slightly larger drill hole will ensure the expansion and contraction of the acrylic sheet will not affect the union between the screw and the vertical wall or ceiling.

Commercial self-tapping screws can be used to penetrate the peak of the ribbing.

A conventional aluminum calotte covered with an elastic coating can be placed below the screw’s head to prevent its exposure and to evenly distribute the pressure on the screw.

You can watch this video that demonstrates how a ribbed acrylic sheet is fastened to its structure.

What Are The Different Types Of Ribbed Acrylic Sheets?

· Corrugated Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Corrugated Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Corrugated Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Useful for partitioning and roofing, the corrugated ribbed acrylic sheet is an impact-resistant acrylic sheet that you get in clear, tinted and colored shades.

These corrugated sheets are reinforced with yellowing-resistance and UV-proof features.

They are lightweight, have excellent load-relevance capacities, and built-in rigidity making them extremely safe for handlers to move them to remote locations.

Professional acrylic sheet manufacturers offer high-quality corrugated ribbed acrylic sheets that are applicable for patios, greenhouses, and windscreens.

· Cut-To-Size Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

 Cut-To-Size Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Cut-To-Size Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Cut to the exact size you need for a specific application, the cut-to-size ribbed acrylic sheet helps you minimize wastage while fulfilling your application demands.

Established fabrication methods like laser cutting ensure dimensional stability is sustained over the entire sheet and over repeated production runs.

Acrylic manufacturers can create simple and complex shapes for your cut-to-size ribbed acrylic sheet at a much faster pace, as compared to other fabrication methods.

Depending on your application, tools like hack saws, non-melting table saw blades, and fine-toothed saws are used to mass produce these cut-to-size ribbed acrylic sheets.

Cut-to-size acrylic sheet edges can be sanded, scraped, and flame polished for smooth finished edges.

· Ribbed Acrylic Sheet Rubber Matting

Ribbed Acrylic Sheet Rubber Matting

Ribbed Acrylic Sheet Rubber Matting

Designed to fit well on roofing applications, the ribbed acrylic sheet rubber matting has two times the durability of a standard acrylic sheet.

Standard acrylic sheets are coated with rubber matting to improve their functionality over longer periods of time.

The ribbed acrylic sheet with rubber matting is chemically inert and also demonstrates moderate gasoline and oil resistance.

The rubber coat is resistant to flex cracking and abrasion, and it has better adhesion to metals and fabric.

Ribbed acrylic sheets with rubbing matting can be used on the floor and in applications that require resistance against chemicals, ozone, and sunlight.

· Solid Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Solid Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

 Solid Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Considered one of the most appealing UV-protected sheets, the solid ribbed acrylic sheet is an affordable acrylic option that works great on all your applications.

Solid acrylic sheets can be custom cut to exact sizes and offer endless design possibilities.

The solid ribbed acrylic sheet integrates with other surfaces like granite, glass, and tiles to create unique atmospheres that reflect your personal styles.

You can use it on outdoor furniture, countertops, window sills, backsplashes, tabletops, and other applications.

· Textured Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Textured Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Textured Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Aesthetical and highly resistant to scratches, the textured ribbed acrylic sheet has many options that you can choose from in different colors, designs, shapes, and sizes.

This sheet is designed as a smart and cost-effective solution for all your project improvements and upgrades.

While its textured surface obscures the view creating a sense of privacy, the textured ribbed acrylic sheet is fully capable of high light transmission.

You can choose from additional enhancements and features based on your unique designs.

Some features that work great with textured ribbed acrylic sheets include rounded edges, radius corners, routed edges, and holes.

· Patterned Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Patterned Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Patterned Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Customized to your exact design, the patterned ribbed acrylic sheet comes with discreet surface patterns that protect you from inquisitive and unwanted eyes.

Patterned acrylic sheets meet IPQC, IQC, OQC, and other international standards to support your unique projects in affordable ways that also reduce the chances of application failure.

Eye-pleasing patterns are created using accurate etching processes including flow, dunk, chemical etching, and supplementary processes.

Professional pattern makers are able to duplicate unknown patterns and incorporate them into regular production runs to create consistent and very similar end-user products.

Whether it’s a privacy panel, shower door, table top, or any other unique application, this durable, lightweight and shatter-resistant patterned ribbed acrylic sheet offers you innumerable opportunities to innovate.

· Roofing Fine Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Roofing Fine Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Roofing Fine Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Designed to combat vulnerability to scratches in flat acrylic sheets, the roofing fine ribbed acrylic sheet can effectively handle a great deal of loading and storage.

This fine ribbed sheet comes with a protective film and is customized to meet your design requirements.

Order cut-to-size sheets, or slowly cut this roofing fine ribbed acrylic sheet on site with a fine tooth saw.

You can use a conical drill bit to drill holes into this sheet quite easily.

Cleaning roofing fine-ribbed acrylic sheets is easy with non-abrasive cloth dipped in soap and water.

Use these fine-ribbed acrylic sheets for custom roofing solutions, partitions, and other applications.

· Grey Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Grey Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

 Grey Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

With its high resistance to fading and wear and tear, the grey ribbed acrylic sheet can withstand tough indoor and outdoor conditions and varying temperatures.

This grey acrylic sheet is designed for your important applications in the bathroom, kitchen, and even hospital where uncontaminated atmospheres are needed.

Grey ribbed acrylic sheets can be used to store food items and are extremely easy to clean.

Acrylic is less than half the weight of glass, so you can move it to remote locations without much hindrance.

Additionally, the grey ribbed acrylic sheet has excellent resistance to chemicals, so you can use it in outdoor locations to protect chemicals.

· Clear Diffuser Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Ribbed Clear Diffuser Panels

Clear Diffuser Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Enhanced with UV resistance and great light transmission properties, the clear diffuser ribbed acrylic sheet is in great demand in the fluorescent and LED diffused lighting industry.

These clear diffuser acrylic sheets are designed to provide soothing visual comfort, pinpoint brightness, and reduce glare.

You will find that the clear diffuser ribbed acrylic sheet is the preferred lighting source in work environments, as custom cut-to-size sheets are available to fit unique lighting fixtures.

This ribbed acrylic sheet not only eliminates glare but also allows you to control brightness in the direct glare zone.

With its rigid structural characteristics and high impact strength, the clear diffuser ribbed acrylic sheet retains a flawless flat appearance even when fitted into extra-long luminaires.

· Ribbed Acrylic Sheet For Wardrobe

Ribbed Acrylic Sheet For Wardrobe

Ribbed Acrylic Sheet For Wardrobe

Reinforced with high surface hardness, the ribbed acrylic sheet for wardrobes comes in standard and custom thicknesses to meet unique wardrobe designs.

Choose from 1250 X 1850 to 2050 X 3050 standard sizes or specify custom cut-to-size sizes.

You can get sheets with thicknesses ranging from 1.8mm to 25.4mm and other thicknesses that match your design requirements.

The ribbed acrylic sheet for wardrobes comes to you in clear, fluorescent, glitter, opaque, mirror, marble, frosted, and custom colors.

This is a bubble-free, durable acrylic sheet that meets CE and SGS standards.

It does not lose its original color or turn yellow over time.

· Holographic Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Holographic Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

 Holographic Ribbed Acrylic Sheet

Made of 100% virgin MMA material, the holographic ribbed acrylic sheet is available in different sizes and thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 300mm.

It demonstrates good UV light resistance and excellent mechanical performances in indoor and outdoor applications.

Laser cut into solid holographic pieces as per your design, this holographic ribbed acrylic sheet is available in more than 100 colors that do not fade even after 8 to 10 years.

Customize these holographic ribbed acrylic sheets from Plexiglass, Perspex, and PMMA sheet material for unique applications.

How Are Unknown Ribbing Patterns Duplicated On The Ribbed Acrylic Sheet?

If you need a unique ribbed pattern on your ribbed acrylic sheet, then supplementary processes are initiated to arrive at the chosen pattern.

Professional pattern makers are able to duplicate these ribbed patterns and create the prototype tooling for future runs.

You are likely to get dimensional and color stable acrylic sheets according to your design over several consignments.

What Factors Affect The Cost Of Making The Ribbed Acrylic Sheet?

· Ribbing And Pattern

The type of ribbing and pattern you select for your ribbed acrylic sheet will determine the cost.

With endless designs and patterns available, the manufacturer may need more time to be process ready.

New colors and textures may require extra labor, additional processes, or expert pattern makers.

· Size, Thickness, Shape

The size, thickness and shape you choose will have a direct impact on the price.

For example, etching over several layers is likely to increase the price of the ribbed acrylic sheet.

· Tools And Molds

Tools and molds will vary depending on the selected designs.

If a new mold or tool is machined to accommodate a new ribbing pattern, then the cost of expert pattern making must be included.

The professional acrylic sheet maker offers value-added, affordable acrylic solutions by keeping popular and standard ribbed acrylic sheets in stock.

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