Round Acrylic Block

Round Acrylic Block

Expert in Customizing Round Acrylic Block

As a heartwarming and innovative tool to share happy memories, our round acrylic block can decorate your family and other places. Round acrylic blocks can symbolize love and capture life’s most precious moments. It is easy to see through and handle our round acrylic blocks because of the transparency and durability.

Moreover, with competitive price, our round acrylic block can offer the most suitable choice for your decoration. In addition, there are various customized round acrylic blocks in our product website. Additionally, our website can offer you all kinds of customized products.

We can provide personalized specifications, including different base type, weight, diameter, material, thickness and screen backing. After purchasing our unique round acrylic blocks, you can develop your own creativity to share what you want.

Now enter our website and experience our extraordinary photo blocks to decorate your life.

Please see the following chart for details:

Diameter2.5cm, 3.5mm, 4cm, 5cm, 6cm, cm, 7.5cm, 8cm, 9cn, 10cm
Thickness7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm
Edge FinishPolished Edge, Grip Edge, Shaped edge, Drilled Edge, Beveled Edge, Rounded Edge, Cut Edge, Frosted Edge, UV Bonded Edge, Painted Edge
Surface FinishClear, Vivid, Metallic, Glossy, Matte, Frosted, Textured, Mirror, Custom Printed
Weight (g)30, 60, 90, 120, 150, 160, 200, 250, 300, 350, 380
Crafting ProcessGrit finish, UV printing, Laser Cutting, Heat Bending
Screen Backingblack, white, sepia tones, Gold/Silver, clear, colored
Base TypeFlat Base, Riser Base, LED Base, Rotating Base, Custom Base
Materialopaque Acrylic, translucent Acrylic

Benefits for Utilizing Round Acrylic Block

Celebrating happy things in your daily life, round acrylic blocks present numerous benefits for people who employ these high-quality tools. Our round acrylic blocks can be transparent and durable. All of these benefits can enable clients to apply and clean our round acrylic blocks in the most convenient way.
The benefits brought round acrylic blocks can meet your requirements. Hence, our products can be utilized in various areas. Because of acrylic’s advantages, our photo blocks have great resistance to abrasive, shatter and tough conditions.Compared with other kinds of acrylic blocks, round acrylic blocks,with ultrasound frames, can directly print images onto the surface and have the capacity to capture all of the happy details of daily life.
For the price, our products are the best value right now for your selection. As a great decorative thing, our round acrylic blocks can be utilized by any crafter or artist who works with acrylic or rubber stamps. What’s more, in our product website, you can purchase all kinds of customized round acrylic blocks, with different diameter, thickness, weight, base type and so on.

Benefits for Utilizing Round Acrylic Block
Maintenance Suggestion for Your Round Acrylic block

Maintenance Suggestion for Your Round Acrylic block

Notably, our maintenance suggestions will offer you detailed procedures to care for your round acrylic blocks.
To begin with, you should take care of the surface of your round acrylic blocks.
To begin with, it is important to maintain the surface of round acrylic blocks. Hence, all of the chemical cleaners and abrasive cloth are forbidden for cleaning acrylic blocks.
Baby wipes are recommended to clean your round acrylic block, which are easy to employ and have a modest price. If you don’t want to waste too much, you can also choose something more organic and environmentally friendly. Then, soal, warm water and soft cloth are also available for cleaning your round acrylic block.
Note: For long-time service-life, you should not scrub and brush round acrylic blocks.

Wide application of Round Acrylic block in various aspects

Wide application of Round Acrylic block in various aspects
Wide application of Round Acrylic block in various aspects

Round acrylic blocks can be useful in many different fields and scenarios due to their transparency, durability, and diverse customization options. For example, round acrylic blocks can serve as perfect announcement gifts for birthdays and anniversaries, which can symbolize your deep love. In addition, we can employ round acrylic blocks in high-end exhibitions. In the high-end exhibition, our products can display cosmetics, jewelry and watches. They can find applications in advertising and promotion to be printed as signage and display rack. Moreover, round acrylic blocks can play a significant role in embellishing your living room and office. In the technology and engineering area, our round acrylic blocks can play an important role in Sci-tech exhibition, model production, engineering prototype and other fields. In addition, round acrylic blocks can also be used as trophies and awards for award ceremonies such as sports competitions and corporate events. For education and research, our round acrylic block can be utilized to make experimental models, display exhibits, and help teaching and research work. Besides these application areas, our round acrylic blocks can remind you of happy memories. When you take our round acrylic blocks as a perfect souvenir, your love and affections will have a medium to convey.

How to choose round acrylic blocks?

There are some helpful suggestions in the following paragraphs. You can be guided to select and purchase round acrylic blocks.
First of all, you should know that this product is made of opaque or translucent acrylic, with round shape. Therefore, transparency, diameter, thickness and quality are main specifications for your selection. For transparency, you can choose acrylic materials with different transparency according to your needs to ensure the display effect. For diameter and thickness, you can choose the appropriate diameter and thickness according to the application scenario and requirements.

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