• Safety Face Shield

Safety Face Shield

WeProFab is known as the leading safety face shield reliable supplier around the world. We handle different processes to create many styles and customizations for the quality face shield. Send your drawings!

Get WeProFab Safety Face Shield to Delight Your Customers

As a professional safety face shield producer, WeProFab is popular in customizing every customer’s demands. We follow standards in fabricating safety face shields to ensure that we can fulfill your needs.

Clear Safety Face Shield

WeProFab clear safety face shields are available for medical uses with many types and styles. We are the leading supplier who can provide your needs.

Full Visor Safety Face Shield

We have full visor safety face shields in different types of face shields. We can offer the best quality and customizations effective for any uses.

Hard Hat Safety Face Shield

We, WeProFab have different hard hat safety face shields. If you choose a hard hat safety face shield, we have many processes so it will perfectly fit your needs.

Industrial Safety Face Shield

WeProFab industrial safety face shield is in competitive rates offer. We created this to match your needs and support any businesses.

Polycarbonate Safety Face Shield

If polycarbonate safety face shield is your need for your business, a great choice because polycarbonate is durable and versatile for this fabrication.

Reusable Safety Face Shield

Aside from disposable, we also have a reusable safety face shield available. It is attainable in universal types which suited in any uses.

WeProFab: Your Leading Safety Face Shield Manufacturer

WeProFab is an experienced distributor in more than 20 years. As a professional distributor, WeProFab always ensures to create an effective safety face shields.

As a professional supplier and manufacturer of safety face shields, we are also certified with ISO 9001. We passed lots of certification international or local.

If you now choose WeProFab as your partner in finding safety face shields, we assure you to get an awesome safety face shields.

Custom Safety Face Shield to Expand Your Business

Chemical Safety Face Shield

WeProFab also has safety face shields for chemical exposure. This has many features and types that you can choose for a personal or business matters.

Construction Safety Face Shield

For construction safety face shields, WeProFab has many types to supply and offer. We can let you design your own safety face shield orders as well.

Disposable Safety Face Shield

We have disposable safety face shields to prevent the virus. You can draw any type of your desired disposable safety face shields.

Medical Safety Face Shield

These days, medical safety face shields are very useful. A person needs an affordable yet quality face shield to protect their selves.

Safety Face Shield Hat

WeProFab safety face shields are applicable for children and even adults for a comfortable feeling. This type of face shield is affordable than any type of protection.

Hard Hat Safety Face Shield

A hard hat safety face shield meets a diverse spectrum of needs. A perfect solution for working in elevated temperatures. Structured using consistently reliable and user-friendly materials. Helps to reduce the potential for injury.

Frameless Safety Face Shield

A frameless safety face shield offers protection against foreign aggression, saliva, splash, and dust. Equipped with soft and comfortable silicone and an adjustable elastic band. Simple and reliable in design.

Framed Safety Face Shield

Framed safety face shield is an effective safety protection that is a well-designed product. Suitable for covering the faces of both indoor and outdoor personnel. Engineered using high quality and super clear material.

Tinted Safety Face Shield

The tinted safety face shield is lightweight, sturdy and suitable for industrial use. Guarantees undeniable protection for the eyes from harmful UV radiation. Features a tinted and fully adjustable headgear.

Clear Safety Face Shield

A clear safety face shield is known for offering all-around face protection. Features an impact-resistant, anti-fog, and anti-scratch visor. Commonly used as heavy-duty personal safety equipment.

Full Face Safety Face Shield

Full face safety face shield is made with rigid, scratch-resistant, and clear plastic. Available in various forms, dimensions, and thicknesses. Provides better optical clarity and optimal protection against harmful elements.

Fashion Half Safety Face Shield

The fashion half safety face shield characterizes an iconic monogram design with a visor that extends down to the shoulders. Features a luxury fashion and a photochromic lens. Specifically designed design for the luxury fashion retailers.

Removable Visor Safety Face Shield

A removable visor safety face shield is applicable for outdoor sports festivals. Equipped with reusable and adjustable breathing valve filters. The visor has a removable configuration with a filter pocket.

Adjustable Strap Safety Face Shield

The adjustable strap safety face shield extends up from the neck and the design allows for more flexibility. Frequently used as work and safety gear. Designed with comfort and utility in mind. Features an adjustable strap.

Hard Visor Safety Face Shield

A hard visor safety face shield is a lightweight and flexible material that offers good vision while working. Includes a thin plastic to bend and captivate the energy. Made with strong and durable material that won’t break over time.

Anti-Fog Safety Face Shield

Anti-fog safety face shield complies with longevity and care requirements. Characterizes highly flexible lenses and removable filter design that is easy to set. Guarantees an anti-fog, comfortable, and secure solution.

Scratch Resistant Safety Face Shield

Scratch-resistant safety face shield includes a one-piece nose bridge frame design. Widely appliable in educational facilities, offices, and other public places. Comfortable to wear without any discomfort.

Custom Safety Face Shield

A custom safety face shield is great for grinding, woodworking, hospital, and medical work. Perfect for men and women. Arrives with customized features that can be worn for long periods without damage.

Green Safety Face Shield

The green safety face shield features anti-slip padding and is easy to clean. Provides excellent optics and increased visibility. Available in green color with an anti-fog and ergonomic design for extended use.

Safety Wide Face Shield

Safety wide face shield features a washable and reusable black filter and a cotton mouth cover. Made of environmentally friendly materials which are soft and comfortable. Easy to wear and protects against dust.

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Why WeProFab Safety Face Shield

Safety Face Shield

WeProFab safety face shields are designed to protect the face from contamination. There are also types of safety face shields used for any type of work such as welding, sanding, or any medical operations.

At the time of the pandemic, safety face shields are very useful and effective to use. These safety face shields are today’s recommended for every one of us. It will be perfect for business purposes since lots of people and most of them are finding affordable and quality.

Whether you are supplying, wholesaling, retailing, or distributing safety face shields, WeProFab has many stocks. We can supply your demand styles, sizes, and customizations.

Safety Face Shield

For medical, WeProFab safety face shields are more comfortable and safe to wear. It prevents the transfer virus from you or to you.

We are distributing safety face shields in affordable yet accessible at a friendly cost. For business, it will surely save and grow your business.

In searching for quality features and customizations, we have easy to wear safety face shields. Also safety face shield helmet, safety face shield hat, disposable safety face shields, chemical safety face shields, and many more with amazing resistance.

There are lots of benefits of safety face shields. Because viruses can be passed into mouth, nose, eyes, and many more, it is not enough to wear a mask. Safety face shields are perfect and surely protect from any uses.

Safety Face Shield

WeProFab has created different safety protection like safety face shield with many colors and styles which is attractive yet functional.

If you prioritizing supplying safety face shields for any purposes, WeProFab will help you through. Selecting WeProFab as your partner in finding tested and proven safety face shields is a great choice.

We, WeProFab has a large amount of safety face shields to supply for you. We will secure the operations and processes and make them ahead of time. Send your message now!

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