• Safety Helmet

Safety Helmet

Weprofab is a certified manufacturer and supplier which specialized in providing high-quality safety helmets. We supply not only quality products but comprehensive services to customers worldwide. With many years of experience, we have the knowledge in manufacturing safety helmets that can satisfy your expectations. Choose from our extensive range of safety helmets available for you!


Get WeProfab Safety Helmet to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab offer excellent quality helmets manufactured in accordance with many certifications like CE, ANSI, ISO and more. These products undergo strict quality testing before moving process to make sure they exceed your requirements.

Blue Safety Helmet

This colour code helmet manufacture by Weprofab is intended for Electricians and carpenters used. It is tough and durable.

Red Safety Helmet

Weprofab Red Safety Helmet is used for firefighters. It is lightweight manufactured from a high-impact ABS shell. Weprofab can custom your safety helmet needs for your business.

Gray Safety Helmet

Weprofab Gray Safety Helmet is often issued to visitors on the worksite. This product is robust and capable to withstand high temperatures.

Crazy Safety Helmet

Through our advanced technology, we can create unique safety helmets including Crazy Safety Helmet. Suitable use for skateboard, skates, scooters, bikes, tricycle, etc.


Baby Safety Helmet

If you`re worried about the safety and protection of your kids, Weprofab Baby Safety Helmet is the best option to make them secure. We manufacture a wide range of Baby Safety Helmet.


Motorcycle Safety Helmet

All products from Weprofab are certified from CE, ANSI, ISO, etc. It is comfortable to use and designed with many advantages.

WeProFab: Your Leading Safety Helmet Manufacturer

In China, WeProFab is known as a professional safety helmet manufacturer and supplier worldwide. We specifically manufacture safety helmets to meet the requirements of our valued customers. Plus, we offer personalized safety helmet production at any quantity, design, size, feature, etc.

For many years, we have gained a large experience in producing Fiberglass safety helmets, ABS safety helmets, Fire safety helmets, Cold-proof safety helmets, Welding helmets, and many more.  In order to provide the best product and services, we employ experienced workers expert in this domain and equipped the most advanced manufacturing line. Many companies and factories trust our process, will you be the next? Enquire now!

Custom Safety Helmet to Boost Your Business

White Safety Helmet

Weprofab White Safety Helmet usually worn by anyone in a supervisory position, architects, engineers, managers, and supervisors. Weprofab is your trusted designer for any types of safety helmets.

Yellow Safety Helmet

Weprofab Yellow Safety Helmet is usually preferred by workers who operate heavy machinery or workers doing general construction labor. Weprofab can provide safety helmets at any quantity you require.


Safety Helmet with Visor

Get a high-quality Safety Helmet with Visor from Weprofab. When using it, you will be safe because it is designed with excellent impact resistance which will not fall off rapidly even in low temperature.


Brown Safety Helmet

Brown Safety Helmet colour code is utilized by the employees who do any form of welding or high heat jobs. You can find the best Brown Safety Helmet only at Weprofab.

Safety Helmet for Kids

A safety helmet for kids is safe for biking and skateboarding. Specifically built for kids and available in a variety of styles. Well-known for its stylish structure which provides security and offers full protection.

Adult Safety Helmet

Adult safety helmet offers a more organic fit. Equipped with a microperforated foam making it a comfortable headgear for adults. Facilitates breathability and convenience that can withstand significant impacts.

Custom Color Safety Helmet

A custom color safety helmet is capable of a full custom color logo and image printing. Structured using a high-quality, long-lasting, and weather-proof material. Applicable for any kind of purpose.

Adjustable Safety Helmet

An adjustable safety helmet is equipped with a chin strap that can be adjusted quickly and easily. Includes a lightweight and balanced structure that can sustain everyday usage. Guarantees heavy-duty protection.

Construction Safety Helmet

The construction safety helmet is equipped with adjustable chin straps making it perfect for everyday use at job sites worldwide. Includes ear protection and other safety features. Primarily used for construction purposes.

Biker Safety Helmet

A biker safety helmet is generally light in weight with proper ventilation. Arrives with an aerodynamic design making it suitable for mountain biking. Includes a front visor for added protection and safety.

PPE Safety Helmet

PPE safety helmet offers adjustable sizing and a lightweight structure. A budget-friendly option that is available in various sizes, colors, and designs. Features an adjustable dial to provide the best possible fit.

Safety Helmet with Removable Visor

A safety helmet with a removable visor provides a clear and wide view without blind spots. Characterizes a magnetic design and provides multiple wearing ways. Features a removable visor and can resist high impacts.

Safety Helmet with Camera Holder

A safety helmet with the camera is offered with many options. Made of top-quality and standardized materials. Provides an environmentally friendly solution with a safe design. Offered with a camera holder.

Solar Power Fan Safety Helmet

Solar power fan safety helmet generally fits construction workers and sanitation workers. Provides environmental protection and energy-saving solutions. Comes with a
solar powered fan to prevent sweat.

Impact Resistant Safety Helmet

Impact-resistant safety helmet is available in various sizes. Primarily designed for toddlers and youths as it offers exceptional impact resistance. Ensures a multi-directional impact protection system.

Ear Protection Safety Helmet

An ear protection safety helmet provides extra ventilation in the paddings with a soft base layer. Specially formulated to provide vigorous protection. Offers full-coverage security for ears to prevent damage cause from construction noise.

Motorcycle Safety Helmet

A motorcycle safety helmet is designed to provide an individualized fit. Available in a variety of fun prints and styles. Primarily built for motorcycle riders to provide exceptional head protection.

Transparent Safety Helmet

A transparent safety helmet is built with comfort and safety in mind. Equipped with an adjustable strap making it perfect for racing and long-distance rides. Provided with extra ventilation and excellent visibility.

UV Block Safety Helmet

UV block safety helmet is equipped with a pinch guard chin strap. Can be customized with company names, logos, and more. Available in an array of bright colors and is UV coated. Built with breathable vents and is designed for safety purposes.

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Why Choose WeProFab Safety Helmet

Safety Helmet

If you`re looking for the best provider of any kind of safety helmets, Weprofab is a perfect choice. We are an ISO9001 certified manufacturer and supplier always ready to support your business.

Whether in sports or in work, safety is the most important thing to consider. Weprofab safety helmets are urgently needed to wear if you are working in a risky environment like experiencing electrical shocks, encountering falling or glancing objects, etc.

Weprofab safety helmets are a type of headgear intended for anyone including construction workers, small children, extreme sports enthusiasts, agriculture, construction, electric utility, and various applications. Weprofab designed to secure the wearer’s skull or brain and soft tissue of the face from electrical shocks, falling debris, bad weather, objects, etc.

Safety Helmet

Here in WeProfab, you can find various types, colors, and styles of safety helmets for your specific requirements. We are specialists in manufacturing safety helmet products with CE, ANSI, ISO certifications.

Our products include welding safety helmets, fire safety helmets, cold-proof safety helmets, pc safety helmets, and many more. As a professional provider, we can custom your safety helmets with your own design and sample.

Why choose Weprofab safety helmets:

  • Strong and robust
  • Capable to withstand high temperature
  • High durability
  • Great Designs
  • High impact resistance
  • Dimensional stability
  • Perfect to be used in areas where heat-proof safety helmet
  • Cost-effective, etc.

Aside from safety helmets, we also manufacture a wide range of products including medical safety glasses, polycarbonate and acrylic products, safety helmets with visors, and more. We are your #1 manufacturer and supplier in China.

Over the years of reliable experience, WeProFab has been dedicated to providing excellent products and service. Through delivering competitive prices quality products and on time, we gained a great reputation among clients worldwide.

Crazy Safety Helmet

We provide our customers with unique and high-performance safety helmets that exceed the right specifications. Our knowledgeable team of experts works closely with excellent designers and engineers in creating your ideas into reality.

For more information about our Weprofab safety helmets, please don’t hesitate to message us directly. We have friendly customer service available 24/7 to support your needs.



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