• Smoke Acrylic Sheet

Smoke Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab smoke acrylic sheet is very applicable to all have business needs and for business progression. We have fabricated smoke acrylic sheet that is perfect for everyone’s desire since it has many types like a universal fit smoke acrylic sheet, 3mm smoke acrylic sheet, UV smoke acrylic sheet, and a lot more.

Get WeProFab Smoke Acrylic Sheet to Delight Your Customers

Since WeProFab is one of the entrusting producers in China, we are glad to offer our very affordable and high-quality product. It can be personalized or for business needs.

3mm Smoke Acrylic Sheet

If you are looking for a specific measurement, WeProFab can offer you a 3mm smoke acrylic sheet. It can be accessible in high-quality and durability products.

Cut-to-size Smoke Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab offers a cut-to-size smoke acrylic sheet and can be fabricated in any size demand. It is perfect for business needs and can be purchased at high-quality and affordable costs.

Frosted Smoke Acrylic Sheet

In WeProFab, the frosted smoke acrylic sheet is perfect for designing in big establishments or other personal needs and business purposes. It is obtainable in high-quality material.

Smoke Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

Since WeProFab is the best fabricator in China, we can provide all customer’s needs whether it is personal use, customized, and business demand.

Universal Fit Smoke Acrylic Sheet

At WeProFab, the universal fit smoke acrylic sheet is the most demand in the industry. We are glad to offer you a very ideal product since it can be used for all purposes.

UV Smoke Acrylic Sheet

We fabricate UV smoke acrylic sheets for everyone’s needs since it can resist sunlight and it can be resistant. It is perfect for business progression.

WeProFab: Your Leading Smoke Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

As a joint-venture of Chinese local fabrication and WeeTech Limited manufacturer, we offer you a great solution to your business needs. Either personalized or for business purposes, you can count on us!

We are experienced and qualified in more than 20 years. In this industry, WeProFab has lots of watchful and helpful team which can support your whole operation. We have complete security to make sure your products will be safe.

We also assure our customers have the satisfaction of the ordered products when purchasing.

Get in touch with us now!

Custom Smoke Acrylic Sheet to Expand Your Brand

Mirrored Smoked Acrylic Sheet

We manufacture a very ideal and high-quality mirrored smoked acrylic sheet since it can be an alternative for glass mirrors and it can be a necessity in business demand.

See-thru Smoke Acrylic Sheet

It is very ideal for your business progress since WeProFab manufacture it in a high-quality product and affordable costs.

Smoke Black Tinted Acrylic Sheet

If you’re wanted to have a black tinted variation of color in your smoke acrylic sheet, WeProFab provides you a lot of options.

Tinted Smoke Acrylic Sheet

If you’re desire is to customize color for your smoke acrylic sheet, WeProFab is your best alternative.

Bullet Proof Smoke Acrylic Sheet

If you’re looking for a protection in opposition to the projectiles the same as small caliber, handgun bullets, and more.

Solid Smoke Acrylic Sheet

Solid smoke acrylic sheet is made up of strong, lightweight, and high impact-resistant acrylic. A great window replacement and protects against dust and debris. Offers smoke effects with a solid surface.

Multi-Wall Smoke Acrylic Sheet

Multiwall smoke acrylic sheet is widely used in the interior of furniture, lid lights, office partisan, etc. Has a multi-wall structure and is well known for its unmatched properties over a long period.

3mm Smoke Acrylic Sheet

3mm smoke acrylic sheet is widely used in construction and allied industries. Comes with a 3mm thickness and is widely appreciated for its excellent impact resistance. Available in different colors, sizes, and styles.

Light Diffuser Smoker Acrylic Sheet

Light diffuser smoker acrylic sheet diffuses harsh led lights. Applicable in various industrial, commercial and residential segments. Provided with high efficacy and efficiency when it comes to its functionality.

White Smoke Acrylic Sheet

White smoke acrylic sheet manufactured using premium quality material. Quality-tested and guarantees excellent durability. Widely applied in the gifts industry, event management, and architecture.

Grey Smoke Acrylic Sheet

Grey smoke acrylic sheets can be customized when it comes to designs, shapes, and dimensions. Acknowledged for having excellent dimensional accuracy, heat resistance, and aesthetic appeal.

Impact Resistant Smoke Acrylic Sheet

Impact-resistant smoke acrylic sheet is commonly used in a wide range of industries including infrastructure, construction, and interior decoration. Strictly complies with the industry guidelines and parameters.

Smoke Acrylic Roofing Sheet

Smoke acrylic roofing sheet is widely used in various commercial and residential sectors. Made available in a wide range of textures, sizes, and colors. Offers excellent weather and UV resistance.

Smoke Acrylic Paneling Sheet

A smoke acrylic paneling sheet has high thickness tolerance and optimum durability. Widely used for partition, ceilings, windows, and furniture. Can be cut to size and includes various drilled hole options.

Bulletproof Smoke Acrylic Sheet

A bulletproof smoke acrylic sheet is available with an abrasion-resistant coating. Offers better damage resistance and superior optical clarity. The design provides a ballistic protective capability. Useful in a variety of applications involving small firearms.

Smoke Brown Acrylic Sheet

A smoke brown acrylic sheet is ideal for various purposes including hotels, malls, and offices. Acknowledged for having a lightweight and crystal-clear characteristic. Offers a smooth finish which resists scratches.

UV Resistant Smoke Acrylic Sheet

UV resistant smoke acrylic sheet is installed in passages, wall drops, and corridors. Created to offer a broad range of colors with a great aesthetic appeal. Made with sturdy and UV-resistant acrylic.

8mm Smoke Acrylic Sheet

8mm smoke acrylic sheet provides a luxurious perception and is enhanced by a polished surface texture. Arrives with an 8mm thickness that is commonly used in bathrooms, toilets, and bedrooms.

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Why WeProFab Smoke Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab smoke acrylic sheet is the most ideal acrylic sheet in the industry. It can be accessible in many types since WeProFab manufacture the best and high-quality smoke acrylic sheet and WeProFab is one of the entrust fabricators in China exceeding 20 years.

WeProFab smoke acrylic sheet attainable in many kinds that includes frosted smoke acrylic sheet, universal fit acrylic smoke, UV smoke acrylic sheet, and a lot more. We fabricate a smoke acrylic sheet that can be used in general, perfect for your personal needs and for your business demand.

Smoke Acrylic Sheet

Our smoke acrylic sheet is very useful in everyone’s needs. Since the WeProFab smoke acrylic sheet can be applied in offices, at home, and big establishments. It can be used for making walls, windows, windshields, mirrors, and more.

It can also customize in any design you desire and it can also fabricate in any sizes, shapes, and color since WeProFab accepts customize designs.

WeProFab smoke acrylic sheet is very ideal for everyone’s business needs. WeProFab guarantees you the best high-quality product, very resistant, and can be purchase at affordable prices.

WeProFab can fabricate all types of smoke acrylic sheet, we guarantee you that our product can be not easily fragmented since it has UV protection.

WeProFab assures you the product quality since our smoke acrylic sheet is made of 100% acrylic material and it is manufacture in high-quality materials. WeProFab has plenty of options since we conduct product procedures like bonding, thermoforming, CNC cutting, and a lot more.

Smoke Acrylic Sheet

If you’re looking for a smoke acrylic sheet or another acrylic sheet for your business progress, WeProFab assures you the best, high-quality product and offers you excellent services.

At WeProFab, the services we have are to gain customer satisfaction aside from the product purchased we also make exceed our services to our dear customer.

We strictly manage our services in order to make delivery since we transport the ordered product on a scheduled date. We also assure the product quality we transport is in high-quality since we fabricate our product with our newest technology equipment.

Feel less tricky in purchasing WeProFab acrylic sheet products since we manage our services in a good way.

Smoke Acrylic Sheet

Besides from our smoke acrylic sheet, WeProFab also fabricates an acrylic product that includes acrylic sheet, acrylic mirror sheet, extruded acrylic sheet, clear acrylic sheet, colored acrylic sheet, and a lot more.

If you have some inquiries with regard to our smoke acrylic sheet or other acrylic sheet products, you can free to send us a message. Choosing WeProFab can be worth it.

What is Smoke Acrylic Sheet?

The smoke acrylic sheet is also called a tinted acrylic sheet. This is a very versatile plastic material with excellent impact strength.

A smoke acrylic sheet allows the passing through of light into the material, making it become see-through.

This plastic material can be drilled, sawed, pre-cut, laser-cut, silkscreened, formed, and even painted to fit your purpose.

What are Smoke Acrylic Sheet Features?

The smoke acrylic sheet offers numerous features, making it popular in the international market. The following below are the smoke acrylic sheet features:

  • Safer, cost-effective, and easier to work with
  • High transparency, yet creates a smoked effect
  • Lightweight, durable, and strong material
  • Wide variety of applications
  • Ultimate impact strength
  • Extreme versatility
  • Fire resistance
  • Inexpensive
  • Matte surface finish
  • Nonglare
What Sizes of Smoke Acrylic Sheet are Available?

You can purchase smoke acrylic sheet in various sizes. They are available in 5′ x 8′, 8′ x 4′, 6′ x 4′, 2m x 3m, or customize.

What are Smoke Acrylic Sheet Applications?

The smoke acrylic sheet can be used for a large number of applications and projects. These are perfect for:

  • displays
  • signage
  • custom computer cases
  • aquarium tanks

A smoke acrylic sheet is useful where a transparent material can make an incredible effect.

Is Smoke Acrylic Sheet Toxic?

No. Under OSHA regulations, this smoke acrylic sheet has been labeled as a non-toxic material.

When used properly and in diffusive temperatures, smoke acrylic sheets do not cause harmful effects to everyone’s health.

Do Smoke Acrylic Sheets Burn?

Smoke acrylic sheets cannot be installed or located in places where sparks, fires, or high temperatures can happen.

These are inflammable, therefore, when exposed to sparks or high temperature this will cause the material to burn slowly.

Can Smoke Acrylic Sheets Withstand Heat?

The smoke acrylic sheets will melt when exposed to direct flames or placed at high temperatures area.

The melting extremity for smoke acrylic sheets is 160 degrees C. Therefore, they cannot withstand heat or high temperatures.

What are Smoke Acrylic Sheet Available Colors?

When you avail smoke acrylic sheet, you can choose from different colors. You can choose from:

  • neutral colors
  • clear transparent
  • blue
  • yellow
  • white
  • black
  • red
  • green
  • or customize
What are Smoke Acrylic Sheet Advantages?

A smoke acrylic sheet offers numerous advantages when used. Here are the following advantages:


This material is resistant to standard hydrocarbons and extinct chemicals. Anyway, exposure to organic solids may cause crazing, swelling, or breaking.


A smoke acrylic sheet has a specific 1.19 gravity making it lower in weight. Compared to inorganic glass, it is less than half the weight.


This is roughly 8 to 10X more resistant to shock or impact than ordinary sheets.


Smoke acrylic sheets can be routed, saw cut, laser cut, drilled, machines, polished, strip bent, and solvent cemented easily.


Smoke acrylic sheet has surface toughness almost similar to aluminum-made sheets. It has higher strength and is tougher compared to other plastic sheeting.

It is tougher yet a bit softer than glass. That is why the smoke acrylic sheet is prone to scratches.


A smoke acrylic sheet is a superb thermoplastic material, so it may be thermoformed.

How Do You Clean Smoke Acrylic Sheets?

The smoke acrylic sheet is easy to clean and maintain.

Only use water and mild soap mixture together with a soft cleaning cloth.

While cleaning, avoid using ammonia-based cleaning solutions on the material. This will eat into the sheet, resulting to surface cracking.

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