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Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab is the largest manufacturer of smoked polycarbonate sheets in China. We have the full capability to manufacture the best smoked polycarbonate sheet. We are the best OEM manufacturers. All our products offer excellent services. Just send us your drawing. You will get an excellent product!

Get WeProFab Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet Delight Your Customers

As an excellent manufacturer, Weprofab is happy to manufacture an outstanding smoked polycarbonate sheet for satisfaction of your costumers.

6mm Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet

6mm smoked polycarbonate sheet in Weprofab is can be used in public areas. Get the best kind of 6mm smoked polycarbonate sheet in Weprofab.

Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

Weprofab is a experienced producer of all kinds of smoked polycarbonate sheet intended for your business. We make finest smoked polycarbonate sheets.

Waterproof Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet

Our waterproof smoked polycarbonate sheet are lightweight yet durable. Weprofab can able to custom waterproof smoked polycarbonate sheet according to your drawing.

Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet Cut-to-size

Weprofab also can cut smoked polycarbonate sheet with exact size depending on our clients required. We can help to avoid wasting materials and time.

Fireproof Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet

Fireproof smoked polycarbonate sheet in Weprofab is virtually unbreakable. We could offer you fireproof smoked polycarbonate sheet outstanding durability.

10mm Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet

WeProFab is one of the best 10mm smoked polycarbonate sheet manufacturers. Our full capacity on plastic fabrication can support OEM’s different kinds of smoked polycarbonate sheets.

WeProFab: Your Leading Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for fabrication.

WeProFab can OEM different kinds of smoked polycarbonate sheets for you. WeProFab is a one-stop solution OEM smoked polycarbonate sheets manufacturer.

We are one of the most trusted and reliable manufacturers and as a business partner. Send us an inquiry now, we will respond with the best product!

Custom Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

CC Smoked Multi-wall Polycarbonate Sheet

Our CC smoked multi-wall polycarbonate sheets are easy to work with and install using ordinary tools. WeProFab can custom graphic overlays with your design.

Flat Solid Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet

Wepro flat smoked polycarbonate offers wide service temperature range. WeProFab is also professional at manufacturing another smoked polycarbonate sheet, such as flat solid.

Bronze Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet

Bronze smoked polycarbonate sheet in Weprofab is superb thermal insulation and can save energy. You can get an amazing designs at Weprofab.

Smoked Curved Anti-Reflective Polycarbonate Sheet

The smoked curved anti-reflective polycarbonate sheet can be exposed to sunlight for a long time. It is coated with UV protection that effectively minimizes skin cancer and prevents aging.

Smoked Bullet-Proof Polycarbonate Sheet

The smoked bullet-proof polycarbonate sheet is 80 times more impact resistant than glass and 15 times acrylic. The sheet is high-quality, durable, and can last for 10 years.

Smoked Color Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

The smoked color polycarbonate hollow sheet has an anti-UV layer with various thicknesses.  It is made up of 100% virgin polycarbonate materials which produce high-quality sheets without defects.

Anti-Scratch Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-scratch smoked polycarbonate sheet is suitable for application such as swimming pool cover, curtain wall, riot shields, sound barrier, sliding doors, and many more. The surface of the sheet has UV protection and is anti-fog.

Cellular Twin-Wall Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet

Cellular twin-wall smoked polycarbonate sheet has the following features: sound insulation, fire retardant, impact-resistant, etc. Suitable for any outdoor applications, carport, awning, greenhouse, etc.

Dark Gray Smoke Color Polycarbonate Sheet

The dark gray smoke color polycarbonate sheet is durable. It has UV protection, allowing it to store in sunlight for a long time. Dark gray smoke color polycarbonate sheets can be available in different thicknesses.

Lexan Smoke Gray Polycarbonate Sheet

Lexan smoke gray polycarbonate sheet has the following features: good weather resistance, UV protection, light diffused, high impact strength, beautiful appearance, etc. This sheet is suitable for different applications like windows, roofs, walls, and many more.

Impact Resistant Smoke Polycarbonate Sheet

Impact-resistant smoke polycarbonate sheet is best for roofing skylights for department stores, office buildings, stadiums, hotels, schools, and many more.

Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet for Roofing

A smoked polycarbonate sheet for roofing integrates ultra-high impact resistance and clarity. It is an ideal choice for roofing applications. smoked polycarbonate sheet for roofing is virtually unbreakable.

Translucent Smoke Gray Polycarbonate Sheet

Translucent smoke gray polycarbonate sheet is ideal for skylights, barrel vault roofing, glazing, and architectural roofing. They are used in durable lightboxes.

Smoked Tinted Polycarbonate Sheet

Depending on its color, a smoked tinted polycarbonate sheet can reach a 12% to 82% light transmission rate. The sheet integrates sound insulation, fire retardant, and impact resistance.

Smoked Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

The smoked twin-wall polycarbonate sheet is lightweight. It can reach 80% to 92% of the light transmission rate for various thicknesses of clear color.

Smoked Polycarbonate Panel Roofing Sheet

The smoked polycarbonate panel roofing sheet is ideal for carport, stadium roofing, swimming pool roofing, greenhouse, bus station, awning, sound barrier, garage.

10mm Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet

10mm smoked polycarbonate sheet is available in different sizes and dimensions. The sheet can reach up to 80 to 92 percent light transmission.

2mm Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet for Canopy

12mm smoked polycarbonate sheet for canopy has the following characteristics: density, heat deflection temperature, combustion performance, tensile strength, impact falling dart, and many more.

6mm Carport Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet

The 6mm carport smoked polycarbonate sheet has good flexibility. It can be bent 180 degrees. It also has outstanding sound insulation, suitable for different applications.

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Why WeProFab Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet

Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet

Wepro smoked polycarbonate sheet is the most widely used engineering thermoplastics.

The structural strength of smoked polycarbonate sheet products is due to the bonds which exist between all these elements.

Smoked polycarbonate sheet falls into the polyester family of plastics.

It is available in a number of different grades depending on the application and processing method.

Our smoked polycarbonate sheet possesses impact resistance 250 times greater than that of glass while also exhibiting exceptional tensile strength.

It is also can be used in a variety of markets, most noticeably in the automotive, glazing, electronic, business machine, optical media, medical, lighting, and appliance markets.

Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet

WeProfab is one of the best manufacturers of smoked polycarbonate sheets in the whole world.

We have the capacity to provide the best and quality smoked polycarbonate sheets.

We will offer you a long-term and one-stop solution according to your application requirements.

If you are needing a smoked polycarbonate sheet manufacturer and supplier, Weprofab is the right one for you.

We give you the product you need in a timely and as much you need.

However, there are abrasive resistant forms of smoked polycarbonate sheets that are specifically designed to address this and give smoked polycarbonate sheet high abrasion resistance.

The smoked polycarbonate sheet is also fully recyclable and provides an excellent yield for plastic recycling facilities.

We also provide OEM and ODM solutions to our clients to meet their specific demands.

We do our best to provide the most durable smoked polycarbonate sheet which can truly give them satisfaction.

We are not only providing quality smoked polycarbonate sheets, we also care about our client business.

We have many years in fabricating industry.

I desire to have any of our products, just contact us and send your inquiry!

Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Today, I will answer all questions you have about smoked polycarbonate sheet.

From features, application, fabrication, surface finishes to alternative materials that can replace smoked polycarbonate sheet, amongst others.

Take a look:

What is Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet?

It refers to a type of polycarbonate thermoplastic panel tinted using specific shade on the entire surface material.

Smoked polycarbonate sheet

Smoked polycarbonate sheet

It offers high versatility and comes in different sizes, designs as well as shapes.

Smoked polycarbonate sheet is beneficial in a wide range of ways, particularly with its unique design.

How can you reduce the Size of Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet?

Essentially, size reduction of smoked polycarbonate panel implies cutting it to smaller pieces to match the dimensions of your structure or project.

Nowadays, you can use several techniques to cut polycarbonate sheet to size.

Some of the typical methods include the following;

Laser cutting – It is arguably one of the most reliable, fast, and accurate techniques you can use to cut this component.

This technique uses laser beams to slice this component by directing the output of high-power laser in most cases through optics.

CNC cutting – It refers to a hi-tech method, which utilizes preprogrammed computer software to cut this material into pieces.

It also offers high precision, fast, and smooth finish results on the surface material.

Sawing – It involves use of hand or power saws to cut the smoked polycarbonate sheet along or across the edges.

Sawing is a relatively slow technique compared to laser and CNC cutting.

It is, however, ideal for DIY projects as well as cutting pieces for small scale structures.

What are the available Designs of Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet?

The available designs for smoked polycarbonate panels are quite a number both standard and customized.

Also, the exact model is, however, dependent on the specific supplier you are purchasing from.

Ideally, each manufacturer can produce different design options based on various factors.

For instances, some of the common designs you can find at WeProFab, a leading supplier of this component in China, include the following;

  • 6mm smoked polycarbonate sheet – It is one of the common standardized designs of this panel in the market.

It has a thickness size of 6mm, just as the name suggests.

  • Flat solid smoked polycarbonate sheet– It is a design option, which is primarily plain but allows you to customize it to suit your requirements.
  • Waterproof smoked polycarbonate sheet – It is a design option of this type of polycarbonate sheet, which features reinforced water resistance. It is mostly suitable for different kinds of outdoor applications.
  • Fireproof smoked polycarbonate sheet – It refers to a design, which features elements enabling it to resist fire.

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects.

  • Bronze smoked polycarbonate sheet – It is a type, which looks more or less like a bronze.

It is engineered to provide excellent thermal insulation, thus fundamental in saving energy.

  • 10mm smoked polycarbonate sheet – It is another standard type of smoked polycarbonate panel with a thickness size of 10mm.

You can use it in applications, which require more impact and pressure resistance.

  • CC smoked multi-wall polycarbonate sheet – This is the type of customized smoked panel with a surface containing several layers of this sheet.

It is essential in outdoor applications, which require extra and reinforced stability and unfavorable conditions resistance.

What is the Suitable Color for Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet?

Smooker polycarbonate sheet

Smoked polycarbonate sheet

The suitability of smoked polycarbonate panel in regards to color shade is purely dependent on your preference and choice.

Of course, they come in a wide variety of colors, which can be a bit challenging to select the perfect one.

However, you need to evaluate all your needs from the perspective of color to ensure you make the right choice.

Some smoked polycarbonate sheets are also available in multicolored shades, which implies two or more colors on the surface material.

Also, the type of project or structure is another fundamental element as far as color choice is concerned.

In a nutshell, the suitable color for this component is wholly dependent on your liking and application as well.

Is there Size Limitation for Smoked Polycarbonate Sheets?

Not at all!

This component comes in different ranges of thickness sizes.

And in many cases, the ideal size is usually based on the specific project you are undertaking.

Some applications will definitely require relatively thick smoked polycarbonate sheets.

And this is as a result of more impact and pressure resistance it ought to offer for the structure.

At the same time, some projects may require comparatively thin sheets, depending on the projected weight and pressure of the project.

However, it is vital to understand different manufacturers can as well provide smoked polycarbonate sheets of varying thickness depending on customers’ needs.

Even so, the minimum recommended thickness for this type of component to use in any project is 3mm.

Where can you use Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet?

Smoked polycarbonate sheets are used in a wide range of applications in different commercial, industrial, and residential settings.

Some of the common areas you can use it include the following;

Automotive industry – It is largely used in this sector to manufacture windscreens and other optical components of an automobile.

Medical sector – You can use smoked polycarbonate sheet to incorporate in various types of medical appliances.

Glazing – It is used in wide-ranging building and construction to form glazing components such as walls and other related elements.

Business machines – This type of polycarbonate sheet is also vital in manufacturing different components of vending machines.

Electronics – You can as well use it to manufacture various types of electronic components such as refrigerators covers, among others.

Lighting appliances – Smoked polycarbonate sheet is also widely used in the manufacturing of various types of lighting and electrical equipment.

How can you Customize Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet?

Smoked solid polycarbonate sheet

Smoked solid polycarbonate sheet

Ideally, smoked polycarbonate sheet is available in a relatively large plain sheet with somewhat tinted surface material.

But it is critical to understand different applications or projects will require tailored designs to suit the specific requirements.

Since polycarbonate is a relatively pliable material, it becomes easier to fabricate this component to fit your needs.

And some of the techniques you can use to attain the same include the following;

Laminating – You can decide to apply another special coat on the surface material of this component.

In many cases, lamination is aimed at enhancing the aesthetics of the material and efficiency in terms of durability.

Drilling – It involves creating holes in the specific section of the surface material for a particular course.

Such holes are vital, especially for hanging or installing the smoked polycarbonate sheet since they give make it easy for you to do so.

Cutting to size – It primarily involves reducing the dimensions of the larger sheet by slicing it into perfect pieces.

You can use several methods to cut-it-to size such as laser cutting, sawing, and CNC cutting, among others.

Thermoforming – It involves heating of the sheet to a pliable forming temperature and molds it to a specific shape.

It is an ideal way to customize this panel and later trim to create a usable product.

Welding – It refers to a customization technique, which involves creating a bond between two smoked panels or any other compatible material.

It entails forming a molecular bond between these surfaces resulting in superior strength.

Can Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet Shatter?

Never at any point under ordinary circumstances.

Essentially, this type of panel is made using polycarbonate material.

And this material is derived and formed from natural raw materials in solid form.

The molecules forming the smoked polycarbonate sheet are relatively sturdy, particularly in solid form.

So this makes it difficult for the surface material to shatter irrespective of the form of impact or pressure it is subjected to.

Additionally, the manufacturing process also combines different mechanical additives to this component.

And this is vital since it guarantees better resistance to impact hence can never shatter, in the long run.

Does Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet Yellow in the Sun?

Not really!

The design and engineering process of smoked polycarbonate sheet is it is somehow tinted.

Therefore, it becomes difficult to notice whether or not it yellows irrespective of how long it is exposed to direct sunlight.

Ideally, the component used in smoking this type of polycarbonate sheet often incorporates UV stabilizing additive.

So it becomes difficult for the surface material of this sheet to yellow since the stabilizer prevents ultraviolet rays from attacking this panel.

In general, it would be difficult for smoked polycarbonate sheets to yellow in the sun, especially if it is perfectly processed high-grade material.

How do you Take Care of Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet?

Smoked multi wall polycarbonate sheet

Smoked polycarbonate sheet

The maintenance requirement for smoked polycarbonate sheet is essentially dependent on the specific type of application it is used on.

For instance, those used in medical appliances will require more in-depth care based on the manufacturer’s recommendation.

However, for other typical applications such as glazing, the basic maintenance requirement for this component is cleaning.

Even so, it does not require a special form of cleaning procedure as long as you are using the right detergents.

Basically, you need to wipe the surface of this material gently using a soft damp piece of cotton cloth.

Ensure you do this thoroughly to enable you to eliminate all the stubborn dirt and debris from this component.

Then rinse again using clean water and allow it to dry for a few minutes.

You will have a clean and sparkling surface of polycarbonate sheet.

What should you Consider when Buying Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet?

You always need to be particular when it comes to buying this type of polycarbonate sheet.

It is the only way of ensuring you get the best piece, which fits your specific requirements accordingly.

Some of the significant elements to consider when buying this component include the following;

Specific application – It is necessary to figure out the type of use for this component when buying it.

The essence of this is to enable you to get the most suitable one in terms of size, color, thickness, and other vital parameters.

Brand – It is an important consideration when buying a smoked polycarbonate sheet.

The market is currently flooded with different brands from different manufacturers, thus making it challenging to choose the best.

Even so, always ensure you go for a reliable brand, especially if you are a beginner in this sector.

Quality – Ideally, the quality of smoked polycarbonate sheet you are purchasing is what determines whether or not you’ll get value for your money.

A high-quality smoked sheet can withstand all harsh punishment irrespective of the duration it is exposed to the same.

Cost– It is an essential factor since it generally determines all the other elements revolving around this component.

You can shop around in different dealers to get the best deals.

Also, you need to ensure you understand all the terms, including warranty and return policy, if any.

Customization – If you are going for personalized design options, it would be necessary to check whether your preferred supplier can provide the same.

It helps significantly in reducing or preventing unnecessary inconveniences related to the same.

How long can a Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet Last?

It can last for as many years as possible, especially when subjected to ordinary conditions.

In this case, it implies a smoked polycarbonate can never degrade or distort if exposed to normal environmental, physical, and chemical elements.

Therefore, you can be guaranteed to use it for numerous years before thinking of replacing it.

Ideally, it can last for at least 20 years, but it can as well go beyond four decades.

How do you Manufacture Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet?

Polycarbonate sheet extrusion process

Polycarbonate sheet extrusion process

It is quite an involving process, which often takes place in hi-tech laboratories during manufacturing of this component.

Basically, though, there are several chemical substances, which are blended with molten polycarbonate using various applicable means.

During this time, all interventions are put in place to ensure the ratio of the mixture is ideal.

Failure to do can lead to overzealousness, and the smoking element may be in excess hence damaging the quality of surface material.

Once the mixture gets in place, the panel is undertaken to the normal processing procedures and conditions.

Once it cools, you end up with a well done smoked polycarbonate sheet

Can you Drill Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet?

Absolutely right!

Most of the structures, which utilize smoked polycarbonate sheet are always installed on different surfaces.

One installation technique commonly used for this type of sheet is by drilling through the surface.

The best thing with this component is it is pliable hence quite easy to drill without destroying nor cracking the surface.

The most important aspect of drilling this material in making sure you use a recommended drill bit depending on the size of the hole.

Also, you need to ensure you regulate the drilling speed appropriately.

The reason here is because faster speeds might melt the surface of this component.

Slower speeds might as well distort the edges of the holes you are creating.

How does Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet compare with Clear Polycarbonate Sheet?

Smoked polycarbonate sheet

Smoked polycarbonate sheet

Clear polycarbonate sheet

Clear polycarbonate sheet

Essentially, smoked polycarbonate sheet appears as a relatively tinted panel of different sizes and thicknesses.

You can use it on different surfaces and environmental conditions without exhibiting signs of degrading, discoloration, or distorting.

It is available in a wide range of color shades of up to more than 32 hues or beyond depending on the manufacturer.

Additionally, you can as well find some in multicolored varieties.

Clear polycarbonate sheet, on the other hand, is highly transparent, thus offering excellent optical clarity.

It is ideal for most applications, which require lighting or optical transparency since they do not bar any form of light to pass through them.

However, when subjected to extremely harsh conditions, a clear polycarbonate sheet might discolor or turn yellow depending on the grade of material.

Is there any Material which can Replace Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet?

Absolutely yes!

Nowadays, several plastic and thermoplastic products can be well molded, smoked, and used in various applications.

Glass is also another popular option many people often go for when looking for such a component.

However, it is worth noting none of most of the available options can match the quality and intrinsic features of polycarbonate exhibits.

So to get the most suitable alternative material, you need to go for one, which has almost similar features.

And in this case, the ideal material you can use in place of smoked polycarbonate sheet is acrylic.

For several years, many people have been using smoked acrylic panels in different applications, which polycarbonate could feature.

In fact, acrylic is often considered a “budget polycarbonate” since it offers almost the same quality only that it is relatively affordable compared to polycarbonate.

What is the difference between Smoked Polycarbonate and Glass Sheet?

The difference between these two components is crystal clear from the perspective of efficiency, performance, and quality.

Smoked polycarbonate sheet is extremely durable due to its intrinsic properties of resisting different elements, be it mechanical, chemical, or environmental.

Smoked glass sheet, on the other hand, is relatively prone to different harsh elements and cannot withstand them in their extreme.

It tends to break, crack, and shatter easily upon reasonable impact, thus making its lifespan somehow short.

Another core difference here is smoked polycarbonate is lightweight, easy to fabricate, and has a better thermal insulation property.

Smoked glass sheet, on the other hand, is almost double the weight of polycarbonate hence making it inconvenient to transport or install.

It is also brittle, thus making it difficult to customizer accordingly.

Furthermore, it also has relatively poor thermal insulation properties, thus unsuitable for certain applications.

Which Surface Treatment can you apply on Smoked Polycarbonate Sheet?

It depends on the applications and conditions the smoked polycarbonate sheet is exposed to.

For instance, you go for anti-scratch coating if you are using it on structures predisposed to high traffic or abrasive objects.

If your application is exposed to moisture most of the time, the ideal surface treatment for this component is an anti-fog coating.

It helps in reducing and preventing water or moisture from forming on the surface material.

Similarly, if you are using this component in areas where direct sunlight is imminent, the suitable surface treatment to seek would be UV coating.

It has a way of preventing ultraviolet rays from penetrating and attacking the surface of this material.

And most importantly, if you are using this component in applications surrounding manufacturing and processing plants, anti-corrosion coating would be suitable.

It helps to prevent chemical elements from attacking and destroying this material.

How much does Smoked Polycarbonate Cost?

The pricing model for this component is based on different elements.

For instance, the thickness, size, color, or design you are looking for are great determinants of the cost.

Additionally, the level of customization, which has become a norm in modern production of this component, is another factor determining the cost.

Smoked polycarbonate sheet

Smoked polycarbonate sheet

So, in a nutshell, there is no definite cost for a particular polycarbonate sheet.

They tend to vary based on various elements and factors affecting production and supply.

Which Standards doesSmoked Polycarbonate Conform to?

Smoked polycarbonate sheet conforms to various quality standards, which is critical, especially to the customers and the manufacturing industry in general.

In most instances, the quality standards are often certified national and international agencies.

Some of the common standards include ISO 9001, SGS, ASTM, CE, and UL, among others.

All these and many more quality standards enforce consistency in production of quality and safer components.

Also, the standards are approved after stringent scrutiny, testing, and verification; it attains the least requirements necessary for its purpose.

Finally, there you have it – all information you have been looking for about smoked polycarbonate sheet.

At WeProFab, we supply high quality and reliable smoked polycarbonate sheets.

For cut to size or custom sizes, contact WeProFab team now.

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