• Solid Acrylic Sheet

Solid Acrylic Sheet

Solid acrylic sheets are processed acrylic sheets used in various applications. This sheet has an eco-friendly feature. WeProFab customizes shapes of solid acrylic sheets according to your needs. We also make possible wide color sheet selections that suit your specific applications. The said acrylic sheet is commonly used for indoor decorations. You can get your desired designs and thickness from WeProFab offers.

Get WeProFab Solid Acrylic Sheet to Delight Your Customers

Choosing WeProfab as your trusted supplier will surely delight your customers. We are a kind manufacturer that always ensures excellent quality product offers. Your customers will surely keep on ordering your supplies from WeProFab. Knowing solid acrylic sheet high-standard features, you can purchase them at reasonable costs.

Solid Engraved Acrylic Sheet

The solid engraved acrylic sheet has the anti-UV feature. This acrylic sheet is perfect for advertising, lightboxes, displays, and more. They are also available in various colors you desire.

Transparent Solid Acrylic Sheet

The transparent solid acrylic sheet has about 93% transparency. WeProFab provides cutting, printing, custom logo, etc. service.

Attractive Design Solid Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab customized thickness, sizes, and colors you want for this attractive design solid acrylic sheet. These are durable and easy to paint and engraved.

Cut-To-Size Solid Acrylic Sheet

The cut-to-size solid acrylic sheets are ideal for furniture, bending, printing, and clothing template. They have waterproof and fireproof features.

Artificial Stone Solid Acrylic Sheet

The artificial stone acrylic sheet is designed for home furniture and decorations. 9mm to 18mm acrylic thicknesses are available.

Stone Marble Solid Acrylic Sheet

Stone marble solid acrylic sheet has excellent mechanical performance, bending, printing, and cutting. These acrylic sheets are accessible in 2.5mm-15mm thickness.

WeProFab: Your Expert Solid Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer in China

WeProFab is your reliable solid acrylic sheet manufacturer and supplier in China. We can be your constant provider to have a productive business. Our company has complete equipment to provide your requested solid acrylic sheets. WeProFab allows your required specifications during production.

If you are looking for outstanding quality yet economical cost solid acrylic sheet, check on WeProFab lists. Trust the satisfying assistance and services of our team. Manufacturing and customizing acrylic sheets are our expertise. We have been in the industry for more than two decades. Check below custom solid acrylic sheets for specific applications.

Custom Solid Acrylic Sheet to Build Up Your Brand

Solid LED Acrylic Light Sheet

The solid LED acrylic sheet has about 0.5-2.0mm thickness. The sheet’s shape can be square or customized according to your specific applications.

Virgin Colored Solid Acrylic Sheet

Virgin colored solid acrylic sheets guarantee 8 to 10 years of non-fading appearance. These acrylic sheets are valuable for nameplates, signage, plaques, and information board applications.

Pure White Solid Acrylic Sheet

The pure white solid acrylic sheets are CE, ISO9001, DE certified approved. These acrylic sheets are used for partitions, advertising displays, and constructions.

3D Texture Solid Acrylic Sheet

The 3D texture solid acrylic sheets are applicable for windows, doors, ceilings, and home furniture. This sheet is available in various colors.

Solid Star Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Solid star glitter acrylic sheets are ideal for hospitals, buildings, canteens, decoration, etc. applications. These sheets are available in 1mm to 20mm thicknesses.

Colored Solid Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab produces colored solid acrylic sheets with more than 200 various colors. They are perfect for indoor or outdoor usage.

Advertising Solid Acrylic Sheet

The solid acrylic sheets used for advertising have a lightweight feature. WeProfab customize your requested size that suits your particular applications.

Solid Polished Acrylic Sheet

Solid polished acrylic sheets are eco-friendly. They are available in different colors and sizes. WeProFab provides cutting and molding processing services.

Solid Insulation Acrylic Sheet

The solid isolation acrylic sheet has about 93% light transmission. It withstands any harsh weather conditions. This acrylic sheet has outstanding electrical insulation.

3mm Solid Acrylic Sheet

3mm solid acrylic sheets have complete selections from different colors and surface textures. It is available in embossed, marble, frosted, and more. High impact resistant perfect for table or counter tops, aneling, and other ideal applications.

6mm Acrylic Glitter Solid Sheet

6mm acrylic glitter solid sheets are ideal for furniture and kitchen use. It has different glitter shapes and colors featuring impact resistance and anti-color aging. perfect use for table and countertops, and kitchen.

8mm Solid Acrylic Sheet

8mm acrylic solid sheets are designed for plenty of applications and fabrication. It is widely used for construction, furniture, etc, excellent use for industrial and commercial.

Acrylic Marble Solid Sheet

Acrylic marble solid sheets are great patterns customizable based on your ideas. It has attractive colors that match its patterns. Available in complete dimensions and thickness perfect use for flooring, outdoor tables, etc. High heat and colo aging resistance.

Acrylic Mirror Solid Sheet

The acrylic mirror solid sheets are applicable for large applications. Suitable for any type of surface used for homes, hotels, and other establishments. Available from smallest thickness fine finishes, and more. Durable and unbreakable acrylic mirror sheets.

Colored Solid Acrylic Sheet

acrylic solid sheets are available in a variety of colors in marble, embossed, plain acrylic, patterns, and more. It is available in milky white, glossy colors, matte black, etc applicable for roofing, partitions, tabletops, etc.

Countertop Acrylic Solid Sheet

Countertop acrylic solid sheets are durable because of itsimpact resistance. Acrylics are popular in its durability and longevity proven in many industries worldwide.

Embossed Solid Acrylic Sheet

Embossed solid acrylic sheets are applicable for any room dividers or partitions, windows, doors, roofing, and more. It has great application effectiveness and durability featuring the property of resistance. Available in all thickness.

Frosted Color Acrylic Solid Sheet

The frosted color acrylic solid sheets are attainable in various dimensions and thicknesses. It is widely used for building construction, fabrications, and more which offer high resistance. Easier to fabricate and lightweight acrylic material and high recommendable.

Glitter Acrylic Solid Sheet

Glitter acrylic solid sheets have an attractive appearance. Different glitter shapes, colors, and glitter sizes are available in any sheet’s thickness. It can be used for any product fabrication, construction materials, furniture, and other industrial applications.

Hard Coated Acrylic Solid Sheet

Hard coated acrylic solid sheets are highly durable and long-lasting for any application. It has high scratch and heat resistance available in any size and color. It is applicable for panels, roofing, and product fabrication.

Hardened Transparent Acrylic Solid Sheet

Transparent solid acrylic sheets are hardened available in different coatings and thicknesses. It is applicable for constructions, fabrication, etc used for different industries. Durable and easier to fabricate acrylic solid sheets.

High Gloss Acrylic Solid Sheet

Acrylic solid sheets are available with a high-gloss and attractive appearance. It is widely used for kitchen table tops, chairs, and more. It has a durable and excellent appearance designed with different patterns and glitters.

Marble Stone Acrylic Solid Sheets

marble stone acrylic solid sheets are available from 5mm. unbreakable and scratch-resistant use for wall decorating, tabletops, and use for kitchenware fabrication. 250 stronger material than glass which offers a cheap rate.

Matte Acrylic Solid Sheet

matte acrylic solid sheets are available in black. red. orange, white, and more custom colors. Easier to drill, laser-cut, and mold offer a faster fabrication process. It has high impact and temperature resistance which suits roofing applications.

Opal Solid Acrylic Sheet

Opal solid acrylic sheets are widely used for partitions and paneling. It has attractive colors and the right thickness available from 2mm to 15mm. It has great light transmission perfect to use for building constructions. It is also used for lightboxes fabrication.

Solid Acrylic Glitter Sheet

Solid acrylic sheets are available in different glitter shapes and dimensions. It has a hard coating that protects from scratches and high temperatures. Acrylic sheets are lightweight and easy to shape and cut, unlike glass. It is shatterproof and does not break easily.

Solid Acrylic Sheets for Table Tops

Solid acrylic sheets are a popular material for tables and countertops. It has high impact resistance and a perfect appearance because of ideal patterns. Designed with matte, glossy, glitters, and more selections.

Texture Pattern Acrylic Solid Sheet

Textured acrylic solid sheets are designed with different patterns. It has great tensile strength, ideal dimensions, and features. Lightweight and durable to be glued solid sheets. Easier for replacing sheets, installing division, and more.

Translucent Solid Acrylic Sheet

TRanslucent solid acrylic sheets have great light transmission perfect for light enclosure fabrication. Easier to shape and cut, drill, etc, which provides perfect polishing. Highest quality yet cost-effective acrylic material.

White Acrylic Solid Sheets

White acrylic solid sheets are available in different finishes, coatings, dimensions, and more. Available in matte, frosted, glossy, which accessible from 2mm thickness. Chemical resistant, shatterproof, and more ideal property of resistance.

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Why WeProFab Solid Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab is your solid acrylic sheet professional source. We are your ultimate solution for starting your business. Our immense acrylic sheet production assures continuous supplies for your business. Purchase more for more customers selections.

As your responsible business partners, we ensure on-time delivery and secure transporting orders. In WeProFab services, you will never get stressed ordering bulky products. We are professional enough to handle such serious negotiations.

According to our great experience, you are always be entertained by a friendly service team and employees. All our acrylic sheet products, including solid acrylic sheets, are undergoing strict quality inspections before releasing. The best finishes and well0manufactured acrylic sheets are what you can get from WeProFab.

Our offered solid acrylic sheets have multiple applications depending on their designs. The applications include:

  • Furniture
  • Advertising
  • Fashions
  • Lightboxes
  • Building
  • Crafts
  • Decorations
  • Signs
  • Construction
  • Knife handles
  • Hotel supplies
  • more

Many business owners purchase solid acrylic sheets as it offers various applications. The solid acrylic sheet is the perfect alternative to glass decorations or furniture. Aside from manufacturing, we also allow fabrication, coatings, and designing your desired product made from acrylic sheets.

Solid acrylic sheets give more advantages than glass products. You can have them for a long time compared to glass. It is an acrylic sheet available in various textures, thicknesses, shapes that suit your usages.

Our expert designers and manufacturers are always willing to provide your requested custom acrylic sheets. The solid acrylic sheets are manufactured with comprehensive features, such as follows:

  • Available in various colors
  • UV-resistance
  • Easy to shape
  • Weather resistance
  • High-impact strength
  • High durable
  • Easy to paint and engrave
  • Multiple dimension options

You will never regret replacing glass products with solid acrylic sheet-made products. Including them in your business is what you can do to achieve a productive business. You will indeed have a well-known brand using our offered high-quality acrylic products.

We provide OEM orders according to your needs. We are open 24/7 for your anytime queries. Our enthusiastic sales staff is waiting for your calls and emails. You will indeed have a gratifying and quick response from our company.

Hence, all of us in WeProFab are skilled and well-trained. So if you want to achieve a successful business, choose WeProFab! A High-quality, cost-effective, advantageous, and well-packed solid acrylic sheet is what you can expect.

Don’t hesitate to call or email us right here for more information!

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