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Weprofab is your trusted spray mask manufacturer in China. We offer the best condition and excellent quality spray mask in different types, sizes, colors, designs, and features. Our spray mask will provide safety in users and you can experience clean breathing air during long-term vulnerability to paint fumes. Stay protected with our high-quality but cost-effective products! Message us directly.


Use WeProFab Spray Mask to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab has a large stock of spray masks to satisfy your needs. All are manufactured using top-rated raw materials that will surely provide long-lasting use. Always trust us because we are your one-stop solution for your spray mask requirements.

Air Purifying Respirator Mask

A kind of personal protective equipment that helps people against harmful atmosphere related to aerosols, vapors, gases, etc.  Weprofab is your perfect manufacturer for these products.

Full face respirator

Weprofab full-face respirator is a high-quality spray mask that covers the whole face when operating. It offers overall protection. Weprofab provide a wide range of full-face respirator for you.

Half face respirator

Weprofab half-face respirator covers only the nose and mouth of the user. It offers excellent respiratory functions. Weprofab carefully designed irreplaceable types of spray masks to skyrocket your business.

Powered air purifying respirators

Weprofab powered air-purifying respirators utilized a battery-operated blower to force the air through canisters or respiratory filters. It is also suitable for painting, powder coating, industry workers, pharma manufacturing, etc.

Self contained breathing apparatus

Weprofab self-contained breathing apparatus is also known as Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus or CABA. Weprofab is excellent for many years in manufacturing your self-contained breathing apparatus needs.

Supplied air respirator

Weprofab supplied-air respirator is also called an airline supplied respirator or airline respirator. It is manufactured efficiently, effectively and comfortable in mind.

WeProFab: Your Premier Spray Masks Manufacturer

Whether you’re a supplier, distributor, or trading company, Weprofab is the perfect choice when you’re sourcing great products like spray masks. At Weprofab, you can guarantee a safe, reliable, and highest quality spray mask available anytime in any quantity you requets.

As a professional and certified company, WeProFab follows strict quality controls in manufacturing from OQC, IQC, IPQC, and after-sales. We also offer custom production with your own design and idea to boom your brand. In many cases, we can also support the enhanced designs of products that can save you cost and reduce failures.

Many customers around the world choose WeProFab as their irreplaceable manufacturer and supplier. Be one of them, contact us immediately!

Custom Spray Masks to Skyrocket Your Brand

Maintenance Free Spray Mask

Our maintenance-free spray mask is manufactured simple and ready-to-use respirator mask with a consolidated and quality cartridge and filters. Weprofab can custom your spray mask based on your requirements and applications.

Disposable Spray Mask

Weprofab disposable spray mask respirator is an economical, low-maintenance spray mask for your business. It is extremely lightweight and simple to handle.

Large Spray Mask

Weprofab can fabricate large spray masks that can definitely protect workers in their spray painting job or any applications. It is made to last longer, comfortable, and resists daily wear and tear.

Silicon Spray Mask

Weprofab silicon spray mask is carefully manufactured with compact designs.  It offers superior protection against dust, gases, vapors, etc.

Professionally Made Spray Mask

All our spray masks are made professionally by our experts. It is a ready-to-use respiratory that contains a half mask, ideal for paint spraying.

Best Protection Spray Mask

You can ensure the best protection with our full facepiece reusable respirator mask. Combined with the right filters or cartridges, it can help provide protection against gases and vapor.


Multi-purpose Spray Mask

We designed a multi-purpose spray mask for a variety of workplace applications. It can protect you from all types of organic gases and vapors, carbon dioxide, etc.

Rugged Spray Mask

Our rugged spray mask has an adjustable strap that can fit comfortably. Weprofab rugged spray mask`s design minimizes the essential to fix and adjust while working.

Medium Spray Mask

Even for your large orders of spray masks, WeProFab can help you with that. Whether you need small, medium, and large spray masks, it’s all here in WeProfab. It offers exceptionally high levels of comfort suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

Black Spray Mask

A black spray mask is widely used when painting in an enclosed space. Equipped with disposable cartridges making it perfect for a wide range of spray paint projects. Available in black color.

Gray Spray Mask

A gray spray mask is designed for maximum convenience. Features adjustable nose bridges for a closer fit and a three-dimensional mesh filtering. Arrives with valved designs in gray color. Washable and reusable.

Anti-Dust Spray Mask

Anti-dust spray mask is built to fit all users with a full range of protection. Avoids dust and fine particles and is comfortable to wear. Includes an elastic and flexible ribbon and it effectively filters the air.

Adjustable Strap Spray Mask

The adjustable strap spray mask is equipped with an extra-wide sealing area for added comfortability. Characterizes a compact and adjustable design that complements well in a variety of head sizes.

Reusable Spray Mask

Reusable spray mask compliance is built to offer admirable convenience and time savings. Widely used as an oil-free paint spray. Arrives with a sleek and lightweight design for increased worker acceptance.

Disposable Spray Mask

A disposable spray mask is specially designed for professionals. Offered with a balanced design and swept-back cartridges. Guarantees improved visibility and excellent filter efficiency against organic vapors.

Double Respirator Spray Mask

A double respirator spray mask is designed to last and resist all periods of exposure. Highly efficient in reducing aerosols and available in a range of standard colors. Includes several fitting options.

Single Respirator Spray Mask

A single respirator spray mask is made of superior quality, durable, and non-toxic material. Includes adjustable straps and an efficient filtration system. Features a single cartridge design making it easy to use and clean.

Spray Mask with Full Face Shield

A spray mask with a full face shield works in a variety of workplace applications. Equipped with a full-face cover that fits almost all head sizes. Designed to prevent harmful vapors and has a compact appearance.

Anti-Bacterial Industrial Spray Mask

Anti-bacterial industrial spray mask is beneficial in a wide range of applications. Comes with a large lens, soft gasket, and cartridge. Easy to install and disassemble. Typically utilized as an anti-bacterial solution.

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Why WeProFab Spray Masks

Are you in need of safe and excellent quality spray masks in China? WeProFab got you covered. We are an ISO9001 certified company with vast experience in spray mask production. We offer extensive lines of spray masks at a very economical rate.

Using our Weprofab spray masks when working, your customers will be protected from any types of organic gases and vapors, carbon dioxide, etc.

Weprofab spray masks provide high levels of wearer comfort. It is also a good fit across a wide range of face sizes and shapes. These are ideal for a broad range of commercial and industrial applications.

Spray mask

Weprofab spray mask is widely utilized in paint, chemical experiments, oil extraction, chemicals, polish, pesticide spraying, welding, mining, and metallurgy, etc.

As a trusted supplier, Weprofab manufactured it with a professional efficient filtration system. It has a durable inhalation and exhalation valve to functionally filter toxic gases, chlorine benzene, alcohols, vapors and guarantee smooth breathing. You will feel the softness while maintaining the durability, and non-toxic features.

And of course, it is maintenance-free with a simple design and extremely lightweight. Our professional-grade Weprofab spray masks are ready-to-use respirators with an advanced quality cartridge and filters. Your customers will definitely feel comfortable and safe when using it.

Spray mask

On the other hand, the rubber gasket kit, inhalation valve disc, exhalation valve cover, cartridge dispenser, exhalation valve flap, and other parts of our Weprofab spray masks are made from high-class materials that ensure 100% guaranteed products.

Our production team really assured you that you received the finest quality spray masks. Every spray mask is manufactured using the highest quality materials to satisfy your requirements.

So, when you are outsourcing the best spray mask, always rely on the Weprofab brand. For many years of history and development, we are capable to produce a broad range of spray masks. We have a large stock of Weprofab spray masks ready to ship anytime, anywhere.

Owing to our mature technologies, advanced machinery equipment, and strong workforce, we become famous for manufacturing spray masks in China. As a professional supplier, we received different international certifications such as CE, SGS, ISO 9001, etc. We also follow IQC, IPQC, OQC control quality. In a word, Weprofab is a trusted manufacturer when it comes to spray mask production.

We can provide all your needs in effective protection masks in China. For your huge orders of Weprofab spray masks, we can provide a free sample for you to check the quality.

Spray mask

Whether you choose air purifying spray masks, powered air-purifying spray masks, full face spray mask, respirator half spray mask, you can count on Weprofab, your one-stop solution provider.

Whether you are a spray mask distributor, supplier, or trading company, Weprofab can definitely help your business grow. Many clients are satisfied worldwide, will you be the next?

If you`re interested, please let our team know for more details about our spray masks. We have a 24/7 cooperative sales and service team to assist you. For your next spray masks orders, we will never disappoint your expectations.

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