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Weprofab offering a complete comfort sterile mask with excellent filtration efficiency. For your sterile mask needs, always rely on Weprofab. Weprofab is the leading sterile mask manufacturer in China. We fabricate the largest range of sterile masks for your business needs. We can help you boom your business unexpectedly!

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Weprofab is now presenting different types of sterile masks. We are a leading manufacturer that provides an authentic-made sterile mask.

Sterile Face Mask with Soft Ties

Weprofab is your number one supplier of sterile face mask with soft ties in China. This is a type of cost-effective mask gives 99.9 security against harmful disease.

Sterile Face Mask with Knitted Earloops

Weprofab offers all kinds of the sterile masks with special skin-friendly designs. It is comfortable to wear, great for dealing with everyday activities.

Sterile Pouch Mask

Weprofab sterile pouch mask is manufactured from our state-of-the-art technologies. Obtainable in different types for competitive rates.

Sterile Visor Mask

Weproab has the complete, most advanced fabrication machines for sterile visor mask production.

Sterile Four Tie Face Mask

Weprofab sterile four tie face mask is manufactured to medical applications. They broadly use to hospitals because of their anti-allergenic substances.

Sterile Four Tie Wide Mask

Sterile four ties wide mask from Weprofab is completely guaranteed because of its great-quality features and characteristics. We can help you find the perfect one for you.

WeProFab: Your Leading Sterile Mask Manufacturer

We are serving our valued customers for around 20+ years now. We are equipped with skillful designers and manufacturers. Our team is fully dedicated and only focuses on manufacturing the detailed requirements of every customer.

Weprofab has a wide range of sterile mask which is perfect add-ons in your business necessities. We are the perfect manufacturer for your sterile mask. We have rich experience in every manufacturing process.

So, when you need the right sterile mask for your business, call our team to assist you!

Custom Sterile Mask to Skyrocket Your Brand

Cone Style Sterile Mask
N95 Particulate Respirator Face Mask
Sterile Mask Manufacturer
3-Ply Sterile Mask

A 3-ply sterile mask is known for providing a universal comfort fit and full protection. Made of 3 ply non-woven and breathable material. Typically used for general personal protection. Includes an adjustable nose seal.

White Sterile Mask

The white sterile mask offers high bacterial filtration efficiency and ultrasonically sealed edges. Built with enhanced features and comfort. Equipped with a fully enclosed, malleable noseband for improved fit.

Tie Back Sterile Mask

Tie back sterile mask feature soft, adjustable nose clips to ensure the perfect fit. Features high-elastic flat ear bands that promote all-day wear. Guarantees excellent contamination control with a strong, reliable bond.

Surgical Sterile Mask

A surgical sterile mask is easy for users to put on without cross-contamination. Primarily designed for reliable daily protection from hazards. Suitable for both commercial and industrial sectors.

Medical 5-Ply Sterile Mask

A Medical 5-ply sterile mask is effective against a wide range of dangerous health hazards. Creates a comfortable and complete seal around the mouth. Includes five-layer construction that includes melt-blown fabrics.

Foldable Sterile Mask

The foldable sterile mask can be removed and reused several times without affecting its integrity. Guarantees improved breathability and durability. Includes a foldable design that is appropriate for various uses.

Elastic Ear Loop Sterile Mask

Elastic ear loop sterile mask features high strength and excellent oil absorption. Highly made with a latex-free material supplied with elastic cord for ear loop. soft to the touch and velvety on the skin.

Disposable Sterile Mask

The disposable sterile mask offers high-temperature resistance, UV resistance, and so on. This cloth has good filtration, heat insulation, and shielding. Designed for single use only with good aging resistance.

4 Layer Sterile Mask

The 4-layer sterile mask comes with a built-in adjustable nose bar that is comfortable even for long wear. Suitable for most face shapes that effectively protect both physical and mental health. Sturdy and durable.

5-Ply Sterile Mask

The 5-ply sterile mask is produced for better breathing protection. Features a 5-layer filter system to filter over 95% of airborne particles. The inner layer of the mask is made of non-irritating material and is odorless.

Black Sterile Mask

A black sterile mask covers the mouth, nose, and chin safely. Offered with an adjustable nose clip that provides better protection and comfort. Guarantees improved high elasticity and effectively reduces ear fatigue.

Colored Sterile Mask

A colored sterile mask does not require an additional valve and it can be used everywhere. Compatible with goggles or glasses. Features adjustable soft-foam nosepiece, elastic ear loops, and high filtration rate.

Customized Sterile Mask

A customized sterile mask is woven using a hypoallergenic, soft, and comfortable fabric. Allows for perfect fitting and excellent resistance to breathing. Available with or without an exhalation valve. Features a highly customizable solution.

Disposable Sterile Face Mask

The disposable sterile face mask is made with a skin-friendly material. Features a disposable respirator to protect against inhalation of harmful droplets and particles. Ensures custom fit to increase wearer’s comfort.

Elastic Ear Loops Sterile Mask

Elastic ear loops sterile mask is typically designed for long-term wearing and providing higher comfort. Features highly elastic ear-loop to increase wearing comfort. Guarantees protection against dust and mists.

Foldable Sterile Mask

The foldable sterile mask includes an adaptable nose bar that reduces fogging due to the contoured design. Arrives with an exhalation valve for increased comfort and the seal avoids an open layer around the edges.

Micro Dust Sterile Mask

Micro dust sterile mask is suitable in a wide variety of industrial applications and other hazardous environments. Offers reliable, effective protection against higher levels of fine dust, and metal fume.

Nose Wire Sterile Mask

The nose wire sterile mask features an ingenious 3-panel design that is perfect for a wide variety of industrial applications. Includes a sculpted nose panel for improved compatibility with eyewear. Accommodates greater facial movement

Sterile Adult Mask

The sterile adult mask provides comfort and style without compromising performance. Designed to offer an excellent fit and is available with numerous colors to choose from. Protects against dust and mists in various work situations.

Sterile Medical Mask

A sterile medical mask features a flexible nose clip that is coated with aluminum. Supplied with premium quality straps to ensure stability on the face. Manufactured with a soft material that makes the wearing more comfortable.

Sterile Protective Mask

The sterile protective mask includes an adjustable nose clip for a better fit. Features a valved respirator providing less moisture and heat build-up. More lightweight and easier to carry than any other options.

Tri-Fold Sterile Mask

Tri-fold sterile mask is widely used as respiratory protection against viruses.  Produced with a physiognomy in mind and is designed to better fit any face shape. Effectively lessens the breathing resistance.

White Sterile Mask

A white sterile mask ensures less moisture build-up and offers two-way protection. Accessible in different styles and layers. Breathable, comfortable, and easy to wear. Includes elastic loops that adapt to the shape of the head.

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Why Weprofab Sterile Mask

Weprofab is offering sterile masks for aseptic critical environments. This sterile mask is worn in sterile controlled environments in order to protect both the applications and the workers.

The clean processing of our Weprofab Sterile mask removes all loose-particles. Weprofab sterile mask is definitely safe for use in your cleanroom.

For your business necessities, we can supply and manufacture a wide range of all kinds of sterile masks. We are expert in manufacturing sterile mask with ties, sterile mask with ear loops, and sterile mask with head loops.

Weprofab sterile mask manufacturer in China is also an expert in manufacturing different styles of sterile masks. We can supply you with our sterilized pouch style masks and cone style sterile mask. Both offer easier breathing.

Each style of the sterile mask we produce has its own advantages. When sourcing the right sterile mask, make sure that these are labeled for use in ISO 3-5 Class 10-100 cleanroom facilities. Weprofab sterile mask is the best choice.

You are in the right place for the right sterile mask manufacturer and supplier. All of our sterile masks have come with a lot-specific certificate of sterility. Weprofab sterile mask is manufactured to allow for comfort, excellent breathability, and protection while maintaining filtration efficiency.

Generally, Weprofab is your one-stop solution for your sterile mask needs. Whether you are a sterile mask supplier, distributor, or trader, you can always trust Weprofab.

Weprofab manufacturing factory has the biggest sterile mask manufacturing capacity. We can produce a huge range of sterile masks every day with our automatic production line. So, you will always have enough sterile masks in peak season.

Weprofab sterile mask manufacturing factory in China is offered to most successful industries worldwide. So, come with us today and experience our outstanding products and services we offer.

We provide sterile mask samples if you like to try out our masks before purchasing. Weprofab sterile mask manufacturer guaranteed the lowest pricing for your orders.

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Ultimate FAQ Guide To Sterile Masks

Our faces are the most vulnerable for the transmission of infectious diseases, as compared to other parts of our body.

Many bacteria live in the form of liquid droplets and aerosols and can enter your body directly via your mouth and nose.

By unconsciously inhaling harmful airborne or waterborne viruses or bacteria, you can infect yourselves with a deadly disease or unknowingly pass it on to someone else.

Hence, in such circumstances, you must use sterile masks to protect yourselves.

If you have a question about sterile masks, you have come to the right place.

Read on to find out all the information you need about sterile masks.

What Is A Sterile Mask?

If you are a healthcare worker or healthcare attendant, you will require protective gear that suits your clinical needs.

The ideal usage of sterile masks is generally for use in a regulated environment to shield medical workers from the risk of disease contamination.

One of the major reasons behind the outbreak of severe illness is due to its uncontrollable widespread.

There are various ways in which a deadly virus can go around.

Sterile masks cover your mouth and nose completely so you do not inhale any harmful substances directly.

Sterile Face Mask

Sterile Face Mask

What Is Unique About Sterile Masks?

Sterile masks, as the name suggests, are independently packaged and medically sterilized, which makes them suitable for you to wear them in clean rooms.

This sterilization removes all loose particles which can be potential carriers of infectious substances.

What Is The Difference Between Different Types Of Sterile Masks?

You can find sterile masks including surgical masks and N95 respirator masks.

While surgical masks do provide you a degree of protection against harmful bacteria present in the air or in the form of fluids, they are less effective than respirator masks.

The design of surgical masks is not suitable to completely protect you from the inhalation of bacteria as they allow some degree of air penetration.

On the other hand, respirator masks make a tight seal around your nose and mouth.

This does not allow any external air filtration, which means they provide you with a higher degree of protection against harmful particles.

Difference between normal mask and sterile mask

Difference between a normal mask and N95 mask

What Are The Different Types Of Sterile Masks?

Sterile masks come in different categories and cater to people with varied requirements.

Each of these has its own advantages. These are as follows:

· N95 Respirator

You can use these masks while engaging in activities that involve exposure to dust or mold.

These respirators are also helpful if you are in adverse medical or environmental emergency situations and are well adept at combating against minute particles.

N95 masks are more than capable of protecting you against infection due to contact with particle-based pathogens.

However, they are not as reliable in the case of protection against gases or vapors.

· P100 Respirator

P100 Respirator

 P100 Respirator

Also known as the gas mask due to its design, the P100 respirator is a true working man’s mask.

It is essentially useful for you if you work with paints, residues, and indulge in woodturning.

It also protects manual laborers from the vulnerability of damage due to lead exposure, asbestos, and various harmful solvents.

· Full Face Respirators

 Full Face Respirator

Full Face Respirator

The full-face respirator is also popular as these masks are reusable.

This makes it efficient and extremely helpful in day to day conditions.

If you need to protect yourself, especially your eyes from gases and vapors, you should pick these types of respirators.

It is also advisable to use this mask if you have breathing problems and are susceptible to respiratory discomfort or if you have robust facial hair.

You will find them economical due to the ability to reuse these masks.

Some of the full face masks come with their own mechanism of air supply.

This makes them even more helpful if you are suffering from respiratory diseases.

· Self-Containing Breathing Apparatus(SCBA)

You can make use of this heavy-duty mask if you are a firefighter or a rescue operator.

You can also use it if you are someone who works in hostile environments which are dangerously polluted or life-endangering and you need access to clean air.

Which Materials Do Manufacturers Make Use Of For A Sterile Mask?

A sterile mask can be made up of various materials ranging from plastic to rubber.

You will also find sterile masks made with materials like high-quality carbon fiber.

This depends upon their effectiveness and purpose of use.

Here are some materials commonly used to make sterile masks:

· Cotton

If you have a cotton mask, you often will use them only once, after which they need to be thrown away.

· Elastic

Elastic or rubber is often added to add to the ergonomics of a mask.

This is basically to enhance its fit and increase the level of comfort for you.

· Plastic

Plastic is generally used in reusable masks and can provide better concealment against bacterial contamination.

· Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre is most widely used to make SCBAs that are used by rescue operators in high-pressure situations.

· Polypropylene

Masks made out of advanced plastics like polypropylene play a vital role by featuring dense material barriers essential for public health safeguarding.

You will find that masks made out of such materials are often comfortable to wear, easy to breathe in, and possess all the desired protection benefits.

Polypropylene fabric for sterile mask

Polypropylene fabric for sterile mask

· Ethyl Alcohol(treated)

Sterilization of a mask is of utmost importance and that is where solutions such as ethyl alcohol are widely used.

Sterile masks are made in a factory where they undergo multiple fail-over tests to check their durability and filtration.

Global and national institutions are not promoting that the common person creates DIY masks as they do not have the quality standards to be able to filter out harmful germs and bacteria like sterile masks can.

Once the mask is ready, it undergoes various Quality Assessments to deem it eligible for mass production and subsequent use.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Sterile Mask?

In today’s harmful environment, you may get exposed to various visible and non-visible life-endangering particles.

A sterile mask shields you against dust, mold, impure air, splashes of particles that may enter your respiratory tract.

Even though it may not completely rid you of the chance of contracting an infection, it reduces the probability by a significant margin.

Some of the major benefits of using a sterile mask are as follows:

· Protection From Dust And Pollen

Your surroundings are full of natural and artificial particles of different levels of potency.

These particles are invisible to the naked eye, but can be harmful if they pass through your respiratory organs and lead to severe illness.

If you are highly allergic to dust and pollen, even a little exposure to dust and pollen can be quite problematic.

A sterile mask provides protection against such substances.

You will find that sterile masks are also suitable to be worn by people who are suffering from breathing issues like asthma, bronchitis, and interstitial lung disease (ILD).

· Protection From Airborne And Waterborne Diseases

Airborne and waterborne diseases can be caused by the dissipation of water particles through air or water bodies.

These droplets can remain in the air for a long time and infect you even for a long time after exposure.

This type of infection is often caused due to physical contact with an infected person, such as handshaking and even sneezing, coughing, or talking.

You should take extreme care while nursing a contagious person with the aforesaid symptoms.

Therefore, you need to wear a sterile mask to avoid accidental infection through contact at all times.

· Protection From Other Microbes

If you have low immunity, a sterile mask is a must for healthy living.

You are highly susceptible to a sudden lapse in your pre-existing health conditions.

Microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and various viruses can enter your already vulnerable body and cause a lot of damage.

This is where a sterile mask is of utmost necessity as it can bring a potential stop to unwanted microbes from entering via mouth and nose.

Wearing a sterile mask in public places

Wearing a sterile mask in public places

What Are The Quality Standards For A Sterile Mask?

Owing to the large scale production and use of sterile masks, quality assessment is of utmost importance.

You would have greater peace of mind knowing that the masks you buy for yourself and your family fulfill quality standards and are effective in protecting your health.

Governing bodies have set certain guidelines and standards that need to be followed while manufacturing a sterile mask.

These are as follows:


The American National Standards Institute has guidelines for the process of testing, selection, and secure use of eye and face protective equipment.


According to the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses(AORN), sterile masks should be worn by health workers at all times including in operating theatres and general healthcare environments.

You should wear masks to prevent them from coming loose from forceful inhale or exhale.

Owing to their work conditions, AORN also recommends that health workers do not use a sterile mask more than once.


The American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) is a non-profit organization that develops different testing standards and methods that the manufacturers need to follow.

The main aim of the tests is to analyze and understand the extent of performance of the material or an amalgamation of materials used.

There are four levels of ASTM certification used to classify masks depending on the level of protection they offer.

The first level is Minimum Protection where sterile masks are more suitable for short use in procedures or exams where there are fewer chances of transmission due to spray, fluid of aerosol.

Level 1 (Low) masks feature ear-loops made out of elastic.

You will find they are comfortable to wear for long durations and provide a little more security against fluids, with fluid resistance of 80 mmHg.

You can use them for both surgical and procedural applications where risk is low and there is zero to medium exposure to fluids or spray.

Level 2 (Moderate) sterile masks offer 120 mmHg resistance and provide protection against light to medium aerosol, spray, and fluid.

Level 3 (High) sterile masks are used for intense and high probable exposure to bacteria with a fluid resistance of 160 mmHg.


The Centre for Diseases Control (CDC) sets guidelines for isolation precaution in public heath places such as hospitals or clinics and recommendations relating to mask and respirator use.

What Is The Process Of Quality Assurance For A Sterile Mask?

Proper sterilization of medical equipment is critical in our fight against infection control.

Healthcare organizations and professions follow industry guidelines and parameters set to ensure quality assurance for sterile masks.

· Mechanical And Electronic Controls

Mechanical and electronic controls are the easiest to use and provide an early indication of poor sterilization conditions.

You can use time, temperature, or pressure gauges with digital controls to maintain ideal conditions to preserve the condition of sterile masks.

Newer monitoring systems are also available that have alarms to alert any changes in temperature or pressure readings.

· Chemical Integrators and Indicators

You can use biological indicators to check the quality of sterilization conditions for your sterile masks.

The FDA classifies them as follows:

1. Class I

Class I indicators are process indicators for external use to differentiate between unprocessed and processed items.

They can be usually found in the form of tape or labels, or direct printing on sterilization packaging.

2. Class II

Class II indicators show pass/fail conditions in steam and vacuum type sterile masks in the presence of air.

Quality assurance is performed by an air removal test, with an indicator sheet that is placed inside an AAMI certified towel pack.

3. Class II

In Class III indicators, temperature specific indicators are designed to flag the attainment of a pre-set minimum temperature reading.

4. Class IV

Class IV indicators include multiple parameters such as design accuracy and provide an integrated relay response to all parameters for sterilization.

5. Class V

Class V indicators are designed to respond to all crucial parameters over a pre-set range of sterile cycles.

· Biological Integrators

The third way to ensure the sterilisation quality assurance of sterile masks makes use of bacterial spores.

They are considered as the highest level of sterilisation assurance since they are successfully able to determine a mask’s ability to kill specific strains of highly resistant pathogens.

Spore strips are available in a variety of concentrations and spore populations for this purpose.

You can also get spore suspension in pharmaceutical vials directly in sizes of 10 mL.

You will find these integrators used in self-contained vials containing ethylene oxide gas or steam processes.

Sealed glass ampules are also used with steam processes.

When Should You Use A Sterile Mask?

You should use a sterile mask if you are a healthcare professional, or closely related to any health procedures or facilities.

· Isolation Wards

If you are a patient of any chronic infectious disease, you must wear a sterile mask to negate the chances of degrading your pre-existing health conditions.

You must also wear it so that you do not pass on any diseases to other health workers or nurses.

If you are medical staff involved in clinical services or isolation facilities, you must wear a sterile mask.

Use of mask in Isolation wards

Use of mask in Isolation wards

· Laboratories And Testing Labs

If you work in laboratories or testing labs, you must wear proper sterile masks.

This is because you may be handling infectious samples and are more vulnerable to a viral outbreak.

· Community Health Workers

If you are a doctor or a private practitioner in a screening center, and attending patients with illnesses, then you must wear a sterile mask.

This also applies to various other people, such as security personnel and staff members who engage in cleaning/disinfecting services.

· Pandemic Or Outbreak

Sterile masks are crucial to save yourselves during a deadly pandemic emergency to curtail the spread of disease.

How Can You Correctly Wear A Sterile Mask?

A sterile mask is carefully processed to ensure maximum protection against microorganisms.

The main purpose of these masks is to be slightly loose-fitting and being able to completely cover your nose and mouth.

It is of utmost importance to know how to wear it to make optimum use of a sterile mask.

Here are a few steps to ensure that you are correctly wearing your mask.

Thoroughly wash your hands with a combination of an alcohol-based soap and water before touching the sterile mask.

While carefully opening the mask, ensure that it is intact and that it is not torn from either of the two sides.

Determine the top panel of the mask.

The side with the stiff, bendable edge fits along with the shape of your nose.

Determine the front side of the mask, which is generally the colored side.

It should ideally be away from your face.

If your sterile mask has ear loops, hold it by those loops and cautiously place one on each ear.

If your mask comes with ties, bring it to your nasal area and secure the ties over the crown of your head.

Pinch the bendable edge to take the dimensions of your nose.

There should be no gaps between the mask and the face.

Lastly, adjust the sterile mask to entirely cover your chin.

Ideal positioning of sterile mask

Ideal positioning of the sterile mask

This video shows you the proper way to wear a sterile mask.

What Are The Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Sterile Mask?

Carefully examine the packaging of the sterile mask.

Ensure that it tightly sealed and not torn from any side.

Any damage can threaten the sterile nature of the mask and render it useless.

Many national healthcare organizations provide certain guidelines that help you filter out counterfeit copies of a sterile mask.

Check that your sterile mask fulfills these guidelines and standards.

Make sure that the sterile mask does not leave any unusual odor or cause irritation or inflammation around your mouth and nose.

Does A Sterile Mask Cause Breathing Problems?

Sterile masks completely seal the passage of air-filtration.

For patients suffering from chronic respiratory ailments, these masks might cause hindrance in breathing.

If you happen to suffer from breathing issues, you must consult your health specialist before wearing a sterile mask.

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