Sublimation Acrylic Blocks

Sublimation Acrylic Blocks

Expert in Customizing Sublimation Acrylic Blocks

Sublimation acrylic blocks refer to the acrylic blocks that go through the process of sublimation. Sublimation acrylic blocks allow you to customize your acrylic blocks with sublimation printing. We endeavor to adopt advanced technology and premium raw material to satisfy your personalized needs. Meanwhile, we not only provide standard sublimation acrylic blocks, also we provide custom sublimation acrylic blocks according to your needs. Our sublimation acrylic blocks can present fantastic vibrant colors and intricate details and also allows you to give play to your creative ideas. They have a wide array of applications. If you need sublimation acrylic blocks, our sublimation acrylic blocks will be an ideal solution for you.

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Size2-10 inch
Clear Sublimation Acrylic Blocks
Clear Sublimation Acrylic Blocks
Frosted Sublimation Acrylic Blocks
Frosted Sublimation Acrylic Blocks
Textured Sublimation Acrylic Blocks
Textured Sublimation Acrylic Blocks
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Key Features and Distinctive Advantages of Sublimation Acrylic Blocks

Scratch and abrasion resistant: Compared with glass, sublimation acrylic blocks are more scratch and abrasion resistant.

Durable: Acrylic is a robust material that can ensure the long-term and stable performance of sublimation acrylic blocks. Thus sublimation acrylic can be made to last.

Lightweight: Compared with other materials, acrylic is more lightweight which makes it more easy to handle.

Versatile: Sublimation acrylic blocks can be applied in a number of scenarios, including decoration, display and signage.

UV Resistant: Given that acrylic is UV-proof, sublimation acrylic blocks are not easy to fade from scorching sunshine. Therefore, the printed image can keep vibrant for a long-time.

Easy maintenance: You just need some clear water and mild cleaning agents for removing the dust or spots.

High clarity: Sublimation acrylic blocks allow high light transmittance rate, enhancing the visual impact of the image, and yielding a fascinating effect.

Key Features and Distinctive Advantages of Sublimation Acrylic Blocks

Application of Sublimation Acrylic Blocks

Application of Sublimation Acrylic Blocks
Application of Sublimation Acrylic Blocks

Photo display: You can choose any photo that records your favorite memories and customize your sublimation acrylic blocks for display.

Awards and trophies: Sublimation acrylic blocks can also serve as awards or trophies. They can present vibrant colors and details, which is long-lasting.

Business signage: Sublimation acrylic blocks can be applied for commercial use both indoors and outdoors. For instance, they can be used for company logos, directional signs as well as nameplates.

Retail displays: Sublimation acrylic blocks can be placed on retail counters. Their vivid design and images can yield a brand-new look and thus boost sales.

How to Sublimate on Acrylic Blocks

How to Sublimate on Acrylic Blocks

Major materials for acrylic sublimation 

High quality acrylic blocks

Heat press machine

A sublimation printer

Sublimation paper 

Sublimation ink 

Steps of sublimation on acrylic blocks

Step 1: Preparation work: Before the whole process gets started, please prepare the acrylic block (keychains, nightlights, and photo panels), a sublimation printer, sublimation paper and sublimation ink and ensure that they are flawless.

Step 2: Remove the protective film from the acrylic blocks: Generally, there is a protective film coated on the surface of the acrylic blocks which can avoid scratching and abrasion. 

sublimation and ensure that they are flawless.

Step 3: Select the pictures, or the illustrators for printing on the sublimation acrylic blocks. Open the sublimation printer and print the images onto the sublimation paper.

Step 4: Place the sublimation paper with vivid images on the acrylic blocks.

Step 5: Preheat the heat press machine and adjust the appropriate temperature (roughly 380°F to 400°F (193°C to 204°C). The heating time is about 1 minute. During the heating process, remember to apply even pressure over the whole acrylic block with the printed paper. After the heating finishes, remember to wear the heat-resistant gloves to remove the sublimation acrylic blocks from the heat press.

Step 6: Cleaning work: After the sublimation acrylic blocks finish, take several seconds to inspect any flawless or imperfections. Meanwhile, you can use a soft cleaner and mild clean agents to rub the surface.

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