• Surface Protective Film

Surface Protective Film

WeProFab is your reliable supplier and manufacturer of surface protective film in China that able to reach your location everywhere. We can lower your order costs and able to help you save your money as well. We can custom your desired sizes and colors that will suit your final application. Message us now!

Get WeProFab Surface Protective Film to Delight Your Customers

We can help you get the highest quality surface protective film from our factory at very competitive prices. We have plenty of stocks at different selections available in your desired quantity. Our surface protective film has complete samples to offer for you with 3D photos and videos. See our list below and get more ideas perfect for your business.

PE Surface Protective Film

We can proudly offer our PE surface protective film for your desired applications and purposes. It is salable that helps different types of business. You can choose your ideal sizes and colors at our samples offered.

PP Surface Protective Film

If you are looking for durable surface protective film, PP surface protective film is recommended for you. It is strong in heat surface applications accessible in a variety of colors. Its stretches and hold shapes well.

PVC Surface Protective Film

Our surface protective film is also available and made of PVC is one of the popular and most elastic types of film that widely used for plenty applications like covering different surface and food applications as well.

Self Adhesive Surface Protective Film

Our self-adhesive surface protective film has great ability base on the application available in your desired quantity of rolls. It has color selections you can choose to meet your final application needs.

Transparent Surface Protective Film

You can get the transparent surface protective film at your desired sizes and quantity according to your needs. It is durable and available in different options base on your applications.

LDPE Surface Protective Film

Our LDPE surface protective film or commonly called low-density polyethylene is a common type of plastic available in high density as well. This is a less elastic film available in a variety of selections.

WeProFab: Your Professional Surface Protective Film Manufacturer

Choose the right partner for your expandable business and get the best quality surface protective films. WeProFab surface protective films are popular and negotiable. It is salable made of quality raw materials tested worldwide.

If you are looking for high-class surface protective film, WeProFab has plenty of stock and ready to ship for your urgent orders. We manufactured surface protective film with complete processing machines and expert manufacturing staff. We ensure to provide all the needs to supply perfect durability at a cheaper price.

WeProFab fully supports your demands from different types of surface protective film, colors, sizes, and more for your business’s special requirements. Send your surface protective film request!

Custom Surface Protective Film to Expand Your Business

COEX Surface Protective Film

COEX surface protective films are low-density films with two or more layers. It has great protection for all your desired applications because of its capabilities. It has great UV protection films.

PO Surface Protective Film

PO surface protective film or Polyolefin is widely used for covering different painting surfaces. It is also applicable for different covering purposes for acrylic glass applications.

Ultraviolet-Proof Surface Protective Film

Our ultraviolet-proof surface protective films are perfect for different applications that surely protect from heat. It has amazing heat protection perfect for car applications and other surfaces.

White Surface Protective Film

We have white surface protective film applicable for many types of applications. It has many types of thickness you can choose, roll sizes, and features you need.

Black/White Surface Protective Film

Our surface protective films are widely accessible in different selections like black and white. You can always request your desired thickness and lengths you wanted for your final applications and other purposes.

24 Inch Surface Protective Film

We have different sizes and lengths of surface protective film. You can also get 24 inches and more options from our offer. You can get from small to large sizes from our film selections.

Floor Surface Protective Film

Our surface protective films are perfect floor protection available in a variety of colors. You can get our surface protective films in different thicknesses. It is waterproof and UV resistant as well.

Green Surface Protective Film

Our green surface protective films are applicable for many applications such as floor protection. It is perfect for these days of the pandemic to protect a lot of people and prevent virus spread.

UV Resistant Surface Protective Film

We ensure to supply UV-resistant surface protective films for any purposes you need. These types of films are strongly fighting any heat applications and surely protects the surface long term.

6 Rolls Surface Protective Film

6 rolls surface protective film offers buildable thickness that sticks well to clean and dry surfaces. Leaves no sticky residue upon removal. Works to shield exterior finishes throughout all stages of fabrication.

Aluminum Surface Protective Film

The aluminum surface protective film removes cleanly and leaves no residue behind. Effective against sharp edges. Film thickness offers protection against abrasions, scratching, etc. Tends to be more rigid and durable.

Automotive Surface Protective Film

The automotive surface protective film is designed for the best performance. Highly applicable on the non-textured and dusty surface. Fastens quickly and leaves no residue after removal. Provides a medium tack adhesion to prevent bubbles.

Clear Blue Surface Protective Film

The clear blue surface protective film combines a moderate tack with a conformable, durable backing. More adhesive and thicker than any ordinary cling wrap. Multiple layers make it thicker and stronger.

Disposable Surface Protective Film

Disposable surface protective film coated with a thickness of a specialized pressure. Offers exterior protection when exposed to sunlight. Treated with UV inhibitors can also be used for exterior applications.

Double-Sided Surface Protective Film

A double-sided surface protective film is an interior-rated film for exterior applications. A film substrate is coated on both sides with an adhesive. Widely used for mounting nameplates, keyboard assembly, and lamination.

Matte Black Surface Protective Film

A matte black surface protective film is designed with a differential adhesion with the optical grade acrylic adhesive. the surface is matte black and the appearance is consistent. Features excellent mechanical bond strength.

Non-Reflective Surface Protective Film

The non-reflective surface protective film has the effect of light shielding and decoration. Offers good electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, and flame resistance. Designed to minimize reflection and glare.

Premium Surface Protective Film

Premium surface protective film provides the ideal solution to reduce glare and diffuse harsh reflections. Available as a self-adhesive retrofit product and designed for installation on TV and screen surfaces.

Pre-Taped Surface Protective Film

The pre-taped surface protective film offers optimum performance. A tacky film works on any surface and leaves absolutely no residue. Widely used on any job site and is repositionable for longer use.

Silver Surface Protective Film

The silver surface protective film works on a variety of surfaces including stone, hardwood, tile, glass, and more. Features a pressure-sensitive film that is long-lasting and repositionable. A smaller size is great for protecting railings.

Surface Barrier Protective Film

Surface barrier protective film protects all surfaces and leaves no residue. Made of clear HDPE protective sheet treated to ensure paint adhesion. Resistant to extreme temperatures and guarantees easy roll release.

Surface Protective Plastic Film

Surface protective plastic film is an ideal product to protect the vehicle from overspray. Capable to withstand extreme temperatures due to its translucent shade. Provides superior handling and abrasion protection.

Surface Protective Removable Film

The surface protective removable film is designed to provide protection for a variety of glass surfaces. Allows clean removal even after sunlight and outdoor exposure. Designed to be from scratches and damage.

Transparent Surface Protective Film

The transparent surface protective film offers a wide range of surface protection films for building and construction. Guarantees protection for both indoor and outdoor applications. Arrives with a transparent surface.

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Why WeProFab Surface Protective Film

Are you looking for an excellent quality surface protective film in China and a reliable supplier? WeProFab is one of the trusted partners and producers worldwide.

WeProFab surface protective films are widely used as temporary protection widely used for brand new products such as cars, phone boxes, etc. It is also applicable for windows, floors, and other applications.

WeProFab surface protective films are available in different sizes, features, and more options. You can choose the different thicknesses, inches, lengths, colors, and roll types. WeProFab surface protective film is a water-based acrylic adhesive that provides perfect protection. It is a single coated film with acrylic that perfectly protects sensitive types of surfaces like glass, automotive surface, glass protection, and more. Our surface protective film has wider surface protection available in different thicknesses. It has high-quality protection even in any heat applications.

Surface Protective Film

Our surface protective films are damage protection that includes automotive applications like exterior and interior trims, dashboards, seats, and more. It provides temporary protection to keep brand new products in good quality appearance. It protects from stretch and other damage possibilities.

WeProFab surface protective films extensively used globally for COVID-19 for safety control. It is commonly used in different public establishments and facilities such as medical facilities and other frontline facilities. It covers partitioning, windows, counters, flooring, entrances and exit, and more important applications.

WeProFab surface protective films help a lot of applications prevent dirt, dust, damage, and paint spills as well. It can be fixed with a surface protective films applicator or by hand. This protection film is widely used for different types of surface such as stainless steel, marble, acrylic surface, ceramic, granite, and so on.

Our surface protective films are UV protection available in a variety of colors, sizes, layers, types of rolls, and more. The dimensions are stable that holds the shapes and sizes of your surface applications. It is available in low-density and high-density versions of polyethylene.

Surface Protective Film

Surface protective films are available in different selections. You can choose COEX surface protective films that have amazing capabilities in their applications. COEX is a low-density polyethylene and also available in high densities which are created in two or more layers formed together.

You can choose LDPE surface protective films. It is a common type of plastic which is heavier than another type of surface protective films. It is less flexible available in a variety of types and less elastic perfect for different applications.

We professionally made surface protective films using tested materials that passed the audits. We ensure to supply our protective films that passed the standards and send them worldwide.

WeProFab has many years of experience supplying excellent quality surface protective films. We can meet your own designs and offer one-stop solutions and offer surface protective films at competitive rates.

Surface Protective Film

As a joint venture company, WeProFab holds full capabilities for your surface protective film fabrication featuring manufacturing experts, high-tech and complete equipment, and complete facilities. For your urgent needs, we assure you to securely process your orders faster and ensure surface protective film packaging to prevent moisture and keep the quality even in long travel.

For more inquiries, send a message and directly contact WeProFab for further information. Don’t hesitate to deal with us since we offer long-term connections for easier purchases.

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