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WeProFab surgical mask manufacturer is one of the popular, reliable, and trustworthy factories in China for 20 years. We manufacture surgical masks according to your detailed specifications to meet your requirements. Choose WeProFab as your top manufacturer when it comes to surgical mask needs.

Get WeProFab Surgical Mask to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab produces a wide selection of surgical masks for your customers. We aim to provide you surgical mask with professional quality to showcase your business!

Fog-Free Surgical Mask

When looking for a reliable manufacturer of surgical masks, choose WeProFab. We manufacture fog-free surgical masks and all kinds of surgical masks.

Liquid Protective Surgical Mask for Children

When you have a child, get this liquid protective surgical mask from WeProFab. We designed this surgical mask for the children.

N95 Particulate Respirator Mask

To protect from breathing in small particles in the air such as dust and mold, get this N95 particulate respirator mask from WeProFab. WeProFab supplies these masks using high-quality materials.

Non Woven 3 Ply Surgical Mask

The leading supplier and manufacturer, WeProFab, is supplying a nonwoven 3 ply surgical mask. You can get them in different colors and sizes.

Surgical Mask Latex Free Adjustable Straps

If you’re looking for an adjustable surgical mask, find WeProFab. We supply durable surgical masks that have adjustable straps in various colors and sizes.

White Surgical Mask

WeProFab is the leading supplier of surgical masks. We supply them in different colors, not just white. So that you can get your desired color of the mask.

WeProFab: Your Leading Surgical Mask Manufacturer

WeProFab is a world-leading manufacturer of Surgical Mask. We can supply you with the broadest selection of surgical masks that will fit your needs and budgets.

We have a few decades of experience in manufacturing surgical masks in China. Weprofab surgical mask manufacturer has the ability to solve your problems and find the best way to meet or even exceed your requirements.

WeProFab surgical mask manufacturer in China takes advantage of the advanced technology and latest equipment to fabricate a wide collection of surgical masks. With our own factory, we can offer you a complete and effective solution for your needs!

Contact us now so we can give you a free quote!

Custom Surgical Mask to Skyrocket Your Brand

Disposable Anti Dust Breathable Charcoal Activated Carbon Ear-loop Mask

To protect yourself and your family from air pollution, get a carbon ear-loop mask from WeProFab. Our mask is breathable so that you’ll feel comfortable.

Fluid Protect Surgical Mask

WeProFab is the leading solution source of surgical masks. Get our fluid-protect surgical mask to protect yourself from the virus.

Green Surgical Face Mask with Loops

WeProFab is supplying different kinds and colors of surgical masks. Consider WeProfab when looking for a reliable manufacturer.

3 ply Surgical Mask

3 ply surgical mask is manufactured with 68% non-woven and high-quality fabric. Fits the face very well, is breathable, and brings a comfortable feeling. Highly effective to filter dust and creates a light seal around your face.

4 ply Surgical Mask

30% meltblown fabric includes non-woven fabric for the outer layers that are skin friendly. Features 4-tier process structure with highly elastic bands. Equipped with a metal strip around the bridge of the nose.

Adjustable Ear Loop Surgical Mask

An adjustable ear loop surgical mask is made of non-woven fabric for easy breathability. Includes comfortable and adjustable ear hooks that are non-pigmented and soft to the skin. Built with ergonomic design.

Adjustable Nose Clip Surgical Mask

An adjustable nose clip surgical mask is built with a comfortable and elastic ear loop. Manufactured without chemicals and is gentle to the skin. Comfortable and fits most of the face shapes. Provides long-lasting protection.

Anti-Bacterial Surgical Mask

An anti-bacterial surgical mask is delivered with a built-in filter pocket and a custom fit. Available with unlimited colors and custom branded to fit your company branding. Highly adjustable to fit most face shapes.

Black Surgical Mask

A black surgical mask is made from breathable neoprene fabric. Includes a standard comfortable fit and maintains admirable design and comfort. Perfect for any face size from XS to XL sizes. Machine washable and reusable.

Blue Surgical Mask

The Blue surgical mask is uniquely designed and remains fuzzy after a long-time wearing. Designed with extra-soft ear loops and the inner layer is made of soft facial tissue. Covered and protected from chemicals.

Custom Surgical Mask

A custom surgical mask is made with high-quality materials that are fashionable and simple. Beautiful, convenient, worthy of choice, and reliable to use. The features are highly customized and have excellent breathability.

Elastic Ear Loop Surgical Mask

The elastic ear loop surgical mask is breathable and easy to use. Produced by a skin-friendly non-woven fabric that is soft and comfortable. Arrives with an elastic ear loop that lasts a long time even after a long-time wearing.

Gray Surgical Mask

Gray surgical mask is a 3-layer structure protective mask with an ultra-fine soft fiber. Features an omnidirectional fit structure and an adjustable nose bridge clamp. Offers high elasticity and a sturdy ear strap.

Single Use Surgical Mask

Single-use surgical mask is available with full color branded design. Perfect for company use, promotional, and employee kit. Arrives with nose wire for added protection and ensures a perfect fit on most faces.

Tie Mask Ear Loops

Tie mask ear loops are suitable for most adult boys’ and girls’ sizes. Fits almost all face shapes. Completely covers the nose and mouth. Designed for a very close facial fit. Capable to capture and filter at least 95% of tiny particles.

White Surgical Mask

A white surgical mask fits snugly against the sides of your face and doesn’t have gaps. Features a well-fitting, high-quality mask that can be worn for extended use and multiple times. The fittings are comfortable and adjustable.

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Why Weprofab Surgical Mask Manufacturer

WeProFab is a trusted surgical mask manufacturing company in China. We can offer you a wide selection of surgical masks for your business.

Whether you are looking for a Fog-Free Surgical Mask, Liquid Protective Surgical Mask, N95 Particulate Respirator Mask, Non-Woven 3 Ply Surgical Mask, Surgical Mask Latex Free Adjustable Straps, White Surgical Mask, and many more.

Weprofab surgical mask manufacturer is well known in distributing disposable products to healthcare centers and local hospitals.

Whether you are a surgical mask supplier, surgical mask distributor, or custom surgical mask factory, Weprofab is always the best choice.

We will surely fill the needs of your surgical mask business.

Weprofab surgical mask is commonly made from fascinating nonwoven technologies.

Surgical mask manufacturers in China give you and your customer maximum protection.

We make sure that all of our surgical masks are carefully made from selected fabrics.

For your surgical mask needs, don’t forget to count on Weprofab.

Nowadays, most of the family wants to protect themselves against viruses and other illnesses.

In many countries, they encountered a panic-buying of surgical masks and other face masks to protect themselves from viruses.

Due to the high demand generated by the virus, all surgical masks or medical masks in other countries are out-of-stock.

Good news! Weprofab is never been running out of surgical mask supplies for your business.

We produced thousands of surgical masks or medical masks ready to ship.

If you are importing a surgical mask from China, we ensure that you will never regret it.

All types of surgical masks are produced in Weprofab to showcase your surgical mask business.

Additionally, WeProfab can manufacture your surgical mask according to your specific requirements.

WeProFab is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing company that you can trust.

Through our extensive lines of skilled workers, production facilities, and advanced manufacturing equipment, we can always suffice your needs.

We also give our customers optimized protective suit designs.

As a professional surgical mask manufacturer, we have the capability to fully customize your surgical mask.

We custom your surgical masks with your exact sizes and colors.

WeProFab is indeed your one-stop-solution for your surgical mask needs!

If you purchase a bulk quantity of surgical masks from WeProFab, more valuable services await you!

Get an instant quote for your surgical masks order now!

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Surgical Mask Manufacturer

Highly effective protective masks are now available with non-woven fabrics like polypropylene.

This has led to surgical mask manufacturers ramping up their production cycles to satisfy the world’s ever-growing demand for surgical masks.

Surgical Mask Manufacturer

Surgical Mask Manufacturer

Personal protective equipment (PPEs) is now a part of every household.

Professional surgical mask manufacturers have therefore focused their attention on producing better and more customized surgical masks.

Who Does The Surgical Mask Manufacturer Make Surgical Masks For?

The surgical mask manufacturer makes masks for healthcare workers who are directly involved in the treatment and personal care of sick and injured individuals.

Surgical Mask User

 Surgical Mask User

Surgical masks were originally manufactured to protect patients from contaminations found in the nose and mouth of healthcare professionals.

Now, you will find that surgical masks are now also worn by healthcare workers to reduce the risk of exposure to biological aerosols or droplets that cause diseases.

What Kind Of Masks Does The Surgical Mask Manufacturer Make?

The surgical mask manufacturer makes masks approved for four ASTM levels.

The level of protection you desire determines the type of mask manufactured.

· Level 1

These are surgical masks with ear loops.

Surgical mask manufacturers make masks with 80mmHg fluid resistance capabilities that fulfill basic procedural and surgical application standards.

You will find that these masks are suitable for applications with the lowest risks where you are not exposed to virus-carrying aerosols, fluids, or sprays.

· Level 2

The surgical mask manufacturer raises the fluid resistance to 120 mmHg for level 2 masks that offer some protection against aerosols, fluids, or sprays.

· Level 3

At level 3 the fluid resistance is raised to 160 mmHg offering the maximum possible protection against aerosols, fluids, and sprays.

How Do Surgical Masks Differ From Surgical Respirators?

While surgical masks protect you from aerosols and splashes in healthcare settings, the surgical respirator forms a seal around the nose and mouth to filter out airborne bacteria and viruses.

Surgical masks fit loosely over the face filtering out moisture from sneezes.

The surgical mask manufacturer makes several kinds of respirators for protection against vapor, gas, and viral particles or infections.

You can watch this video that compares the difference between surgical masks and surgical respirators such as the N95 respirator mask.

How Do Surgical Masks Differ From Procedural Masks?

Surgical masks are specifically used in operating rooms where sterile environments are created, while procedural masks are used in clean environments such as maternity and intensive care units.

What Material Does The Surgical Mask Manufacturer Use To Make Surgical Masks?

Surgical Mask Material

Surgical Mask Material

The surgical mask manufacturer typically uses 20 GSM spun-bond polypropylene and 25 GSM melt-blown non-woven polypropylene to make surgical masks.

Sizes can vary with the standard adult surgical mask offered in 17.5 X 9.5 cm sizes for adults, 14.5 X 9.5 cm sizes for children, and 12 X 7 cm sizes for infants.

You can find unique designs in different colors with surgical masks in green, blue, white, pink, and yellow colors.

Technological advancements have encouraged producers to use polymeric nanofibers to make surgical masks.

Surgical mask manufacturers have developed capabilities to reach 99 percent protection levels against transmitted diseases.

You will find that 3-ply surgical mask uses a very fine filter layer made of textile fibers with less than even 1 μm thickness.

Materials like polypropylene, polycarbonate, polyester, polystyrene, and polyethylene are used to increase filtration efficiency levels.

The surgical mask manufacturer varies manufacturing methods, cross-sectional shape of the fiber, and web structure to reach the custom levels you need.

Depending on the type of mask to be made, the appropriate polymer is chosen and turned into a non-woven sheet with spun-bond technology.

You will also find that some surgical mask manufacturers use solvents to electrostatically produce the web.

These types of filters weigh less and establish uniform density to reach high levels of filtration efficiency.

How Does The Surgical Mask Manufacturer Offer Increased Benefits For Their Surgical Masks?

Non-woven surgical masks are made in three or four layers to increase filtration efficiency.

Sometimes, you can use two layers of filter material in up to 1 μ in size that prevent germs, bacteria, and viruses larger than 1 μ from penetrating the mask.

By reducing the size of the filter, the surgical face mask becomes more effective and can protect against viral attacks for more than 4 hours.

Non-woven surgical masks demonstrate higher bacterial filtration efficiency and higher air permeability.

Because surgical mask manufacturers are able to prevent yarn slippage, the manufacturing cost of making the surgical mask is extremely low.

Most non-woven surgical masks are disposable, so you get maximum barrier protection, more than you would get with polyester, cotton, or even more advanced woven materials.

You are exposed to less contamination when you use disposable surgical masks, as compared to reusable woven or knitted masks.

This video will show you whether surgical masks are effective in protecting you against viruses.

What Masks Do Surgical Mask Manufacturers Offer?

The surgical mask manufacturer uses your detailed specifications to manufacture custom and standard surgical masks that meet your requirements.

· Fog-Free Surgical Mask

Fog-Free Surgical Mask

Fog-Free Surgical Mask

The fog-free surgical mask comes with a foam band at the very top to prevent fogging and weariness of the eyes.

You will find that adhesives are used to apply anti-fog coats on to clear film strips.

Made of 4-ply fluid-resistant polypropylene non-woven material, this pleated mask has a wraparound feature with ties.

Additional soft materials are provided by your surgical mask manufacturer to increase comfort levels.

· Liquid Protective Surgical Mask For Children

Liquid Protective Surgical Mask For Children

Liquid Protective Surgical Mask For Children

The liquid protective surgical mask for children has 4-ply construction capable of filtering 99 percent of fluids passing through it.

You will find that dyes and chemicals are not used, so the soft inner layer is suitable for contact with a child’s skin.

Made for smaller children around 6 years of age, the liquid protective surgical mask for children has an adjustable nose wire and a long-wearing elastic ear hook that exerts very little pressure while holding the mask.

Surgical mask manufacturers use ultrasonic pressure welding techniques to connect the large outer layer filter to the soft and comfortable white inner layer.

· N95 Particulate Respirator Mask

N95 Particulate Respirator Mask

N95 Particulate Respirator Mask

The N95 particulate respirator mask is approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) for a minimum of 95 percent filtration efficiency against some kinds of non-oil-based particulates.

You can get a secure seal using the two-strap design with welded dual- point attachments.

The adjustable nose clip on cushioned nose foam establishes the custom secure and fit seal.

Breathability increases with the use of advanced electrostatic media material.

You can wear this lightweight N95 particulate respirator mask for a longer period of time.

Your surgical mask manufacturer can customize wearing time as per your specifications.

· Non-Woven 3-Ply Surgical Mask

 Non Woven 3 Ply Surgical Mask

Non-Woven 3-Ply Surgical Mask

The non-woven 3-ply surgical mask is a standard pollution mask with a typical 22 GSM top layer, 15 GSM middle layer, and 20 GSM bottom layer.

It is generally 9.9 cm X 17.5 cm, but your surgical mask manufacturer can customize the layers, size, and design to offer you non-woven 3-ply surgical masks in different colors.

You can use these surgical masks for protection against dust and airborne impurities.

· Surgical Mask Latex-Free Adjustable Straps

Surgical Mask Latex Free Adjustable Straps

Surgical Mask Latex-Free Adjustable Straps

You will find the surgical mask with latex-free adjustable straps is a disposable universal-size mask normally made in blue color.

Surgical mask manufacturers use spun-bond polypropylene material in its construction with or without the nose clip.

The latex-free adjustable straps help you avoid allergy symptoms like runny or stuffy nose, itching, and hives.

· White Surgical Mask

White Surgical Mask

White Surgical Mask

The white surgical mask is a non-woven fabric 3-ply surgical mask used as a dust filter.

It is usually large enough to cover your nose, mouth, and chin.

You will find adjustable ear loops provided with a practical nose clip that you can adjust over your nose.

If you need surgical masks in other colors, just provide your surgical mask manufacturer the color combinations you need.

Approved by the FDA, white surgical masks are dispatched in 50-piece boxes.

You can achieve 99 percent bacteria filtration with these masks.

· Disposable Anti Dust Breathable Charcoal Activated Carbon Ear-loop Mask

Disposable Anti Dust Breathable Charcoal Activated Carbon Ear-loop Mask

Disposable Anti Dust Breathable Charcoal Activated Carbon Ear-loop Mask

The disposable anti-dust breathable charcoal-activated carbon ear-loop mask is a breathable and comfortable mask that protects you from air pollution.

It is reinforced with a charcoal-activated carbon filter that keeps you safe from dust, allergies, pollen, ash, smoke, and germs.

If you wear spectacles, you can ask your surgical mask manufacturer to provide a full-length aluminum nose piece with nose clip to prevent fogging.

Ear loops provide a comfort fit, and you can always dispose of your disposable anti-dust breathable charcoal-activated carbon ear-loop mask, if it loses its power to trap toxins and chemicals.

· Fluid Protect Surgical Mask

Fluid Protect Surgical Mask

Fluid Protect Surgical Mask

The fluid protect surgical mask is a high-performance surgical mask that has a fluid-protect membrane to protect you from surgical-room contaminations like body fluids and blood-borne pathogens.

Lightweight and extremely breathable, this comfortable mask comes with an adjustable fully-enclosed nose band that molds itself to the contours of your face to give you the perfect fit.

Use its long ties to achieve a secure fit behind your head.

You can get an anti-fog visor and strip along with this fluid protect surgical mask that reduces the chances of your spectacles fogging up.

Ask your surgical mask manufacturer to provide you with a nickel-free, cadmium-free, and latex-free mask for complete protection against allergies.

The mask’s ergonomic design ensures very little contamination from saliva takes place.

· Green Surgical Face Mask with Loops

Green Surgical Face Mask with Loops

Green Surgical Face Mask with Loops

The green surgical face mask with loops is a 3-ply spun-bonded non-woven polypropylene mask the prevents cross infections by covering your nose and mouth.

Your surgical mask manufacturer can create unique designs for these green surgical masks to be used for dental, food & beverage, surgical, cleanroom, and other medical applications.

Lightweight and comfortable, you will find that these surgical masks are fitted with integral nose plastic-coated strips and latex-free elasticated loops for comfort wear.

What Tests Do Surgical Mask Manufacturers Conduct On Surgical Masks?

Surgical mask manufacturers conduct five tests to ensure their surgical masks meet international standards.

· Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)

Surgical masks are checked for BFE against bacteria.

You can do this by shooting the droplet or aerosol containing staphylococcus aureus bacteria towards the mask at a speed of 28.3 liters per minute.

If the aerosol does not penetrate the filters, surgical mask manufacturers consider it a successful test.

· Breathable Resistance

This test is conducted to check if ventilation levels remain the same when the wearer breathes a jet of air through the mask.

You can use gauges to measure the effects of air pressure on either side of the mask.

The test is complete, if the mask does not lose its shape when the wearer breathes through it.

· Particle Filtration Efficiency

This is the latex particle challenge where you spray polystyrene microsphere aerosols at the mask to ensure its filters are able to block minute specific-size particulates.

· Flammability

The flammability test involves setting the mask on fire to see how fast it catches fire and for how long it burns.

It meets international ASTM levels 1, 2, and 3, if the mask is Class 1 flame resistant.

· Splash Resistance

You can simulate human blood pressure to check splash resistance across the face of the surgical masks.

Test liquids must not penetrate the mask to complete the successful splash resistance test.

How Do You Decide On Your Surgical Mask Manufacturer?

Your surgical mask manufacturer should meet international protections standards set by OSHA, FDA, and NIOSH for surgical masks.

Accredited certification organizations certify the finished products.

Established standard practices are followed by professional surgical mask manufacturers to ensure government approval processes are completed at the earliest.

You save time completing the formalities needed to receive international shipments in your country.

Professional surgical mask manufacturers are usually ISO 9002 compliant and complete stringent IQC, IPQC, and OQC tests to ensure your optimized designs meet the required safety standards.

Your surgical mask manufacturer must be able to fulfill large orders at short notice.

This is possible when sourcing of raw materials and supplies is a streamlined process.

Professional manufacturers should have the latest OEM/ODM one-stop solutions for you and ensure your custom orders meet your specific safety and design requirements.

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