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WeProFab is a professional producer which produces table dividers in China. We have complete solutions to offer for you to get your desired customizations and selections. Our table divider can satisfy your needs whether you need it for different purposes. You can send your table divider designs and drawings.

Get Table Divider to Delight Your Customers

You can get your ideal table divider sizes, designs, styles, and more options. You can choose the right material base on your final applications. We have complete table divider samples to offer for your easier purchase. We have complete table divider selections that can meet your urgent needs, especially in this pandemic.

Foldable Table Divider

Our foldable table dividers are movable available on different sides and surfaces. You can request your business special requirements of table divider so we can handle the rests.

Free Stand Table Divider

WeProFab is able to fabricate different designs of table dividers with free stands. It is made with different sizes and colors perfect for single to long table divider.

Mounted Frosted Table Divider

We have a frosted mounted table divider at different dimensions at very affordable prices. We can custom your table divider ideas and desired thickness supplied at your desired quantity.

Mounted Table Divider

Our mounted table divider is customizable applicable for long and single tables. It has frosted and transparent available in different textures and designs.

Table Divider with Extension

We have an extendable table divider in different colors and styles. It has transparent, tinted, textured, plain frosted, and more selections that suit your table applications.

Transparent Table Divider

Transparent table dividers are accessible in different thicknesses and polishing. It is manufactured with many shapes and styles based on your business and final applications.

WeProFab: Your Professional Table Divider Manufacturer

Choosing the right table divider producer and partner is your great choice to expand your business more. WeProFab has a wide range of table divider selections offer for you at a competitive price. We will provide a one-stop solution for you and meet your own table divider designs.

You can choose table divider sizes, shapes, styles, applications, and more options. You can send your table divider details since WeProFab can provide effective suggestions. We can lower your cost while your business grows bigger. Our negotiable and durable table divider is able to save money because of its long life span abilities.

We handled quality production using our table divider high-tech processing machines. We can do all processes easier through our complete equipment from CNC cutting, molding, die casting, polishing, engraving machines, thermoforming, and more processes. We can surely meet your needs.

Custom Table Divider to Boost Your Brand

4 Sides Table Divider

Our 4 sides table divider depends on your ideal customizations. You can send your desired styles base on your final application. It has affordable prices yet durable for long-term use.

Clear Acrylic Table Divider

Our table dividers are available in clear acrylic material perfect for all types of styles and applications. We can offer a foldable and high transparent table divider.

Foldable Sneeze Guard

Our foldable table dividers are applicable for long tables and single-person table dividers. It is made of acrylic and other plastic products perfectly made with high impact resistance.

High Transparent Table Divider

We have plenty of high-class and transparent table dividers in different styles and types of applications. We have a long table divider suitable for 10 people.

3 Sides Table Divider

We have 3 sides of the table divider for a single person only. It is widely used in offices and schools accessible in transparent and suitable thickness that suits your applications.

Cafeteria Plexiglass Table Divider

We made perfect styles and protective designs of table divider for the cafeteria that is made of plexiglass. We have a free stand and pin-on table divider.

Free-Stand Floor Standing Table Divider

Our floor standing table dividers are free stands with wheels. It is movable available with the frame, textured, colors, tinted, and more selections.

Office Table Divider

Our table dividers are applicable for office applications. You can request styles and types of table dividers. Get our mounted offers, movable, foldable, and adjustable.

Pre-School Table Divider

We have a pre-school table divider at many selections. It is safe for kids from falling because of lightweight materials and unbreakable.

Decorative Table Divider

A decorative table divider adds an effortless decorative quality making it a perfect solution to separate spaces. Offer a smart, modern, and stylish touch to any kind of setting with its decorative appearance.

Solid Acrylic Table Divider

A solid acrylic table divider provides reliable and portable protection. Easy to assemble and can be disassembled for travel purposes. Crafted using solid, durable, and scratch-resistant acrylic.

Frosted Sheet Table Divider

The frosted sheet table divider is rugged and durable. Created using high-quality and frosted acrylic sheet. Mainly used as table dividers in both commercial and residential applications. Comes with a high edge design.

Office Partition Table Divider

The office partition table divider offers a wide selection of designs and colors. A cost-effective way to be productive and is a good way to control the level of noise. Commonly utilized as office partition.

Table Top Acrylic Divider

The table top acrylic divider is completely freestanding that easily sits on the tabletop. Available in several sizes, thicknesses, and styles that can be adapted to many situations. Guarantees and easy assembly and a tool-free installation.

Shatterproof Table Divider

Shatterproof table divider is typically utilized as desk dividers for students. Specifically designed to offer great visibility and to maintain physical separation. Offer excellent transparency and is resistant to shattering.

4 Way Long Table Divider

4-way long table divider is quick and easy to assemble. Designed to function as a partition to 4 isolated seating areas. Allows for great visibility making it useful in meetings, schools, restaurants, and libraries.

Textured Framed Table Divider

The textured framed table divider features a foldable mechanism and is crafted from premium quality material. Arrives with a textured diamond pattern with a frameless structure. Accented with various hues.

Sound Proof Table Divider

Soundproof table divider enhances privacy and reduces noise. Characterizes an adjustable design, made with lightweight and sturdy materials. Easy to set up with excellent sound absorbency rating.

Frameless Table Divider

A frameless table divider is typically used in individual workstations and open environments. Provide a retro-fit division system that can be quickly clamp-mounted. Custom sizes and configurations are available.

Portable Table Divider

A portable table divider arrives with several size options to fit any requirements. Passed the flame-resistance standards and the clamps are powder-coated. Portable enough to be placed and utilized anywhere.

Hinged Foldable Table Divider

The hinged foldable table divider is highly resistant to scratching and is easy to clean. This durable divider provides protection that is easy to sanitize. Several sizes are available to choose from.

Freestanding Desk Table Divider

The freestanding desk table divider offers a thoughtful design with long service life. Features a good coefficient of sound absorption and is easy to attach to any setting. Suitable for a variety of office styles.

Lightweight Acrylic Table Divider

A lightweight acrylic table divider is quick and easy to assemble. Held firmly together by brackets, sturdy and secured in place. Crafted with a lightweight, clear, and transparent acrylic material.

Custom Color Coated Plastic Table Divider

Custom color-coated plastic table divider arrives with a protective film to prevent damage. Comes in custom colors and is coated with a plastic finish. Typically used in doctors’ offices, pharmacies, and shopping desks.

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Why WeProFab Table Divider

If you are looking for a durable and protective table divider, WeProFab is your premier choice to rely on. Our table divider can offer great benefits and advantages for any type of business you handled.

WeProFab table divider is a table partition applicable for a single table to any size of a long table. It is perfect for office table partitioning, schools, public areas, hospitals, and more purposes that provide perfect protection for everyone.

Table divider


WeProFab table dividers have different options you can consider for your business. You can get mounted table divider, free stand, movable, mobile or wheels, pin-on, foldable, and more styles that will suit your final applications.

You can also get a table divider at WeProFab at different selections. You can request different textures and surfaces. It has different colors such as solid black, white, and more. You can also get a frosted and see-through table divider made of plastic. At WeProFab, table dividers are easy to fabricate. We have complete processing machines to make fabrication faster.

If you need a table divider urgently, WeProFab can focus on your orders since we have plenty of staff to guide your whole process. Send your details and desired selections of your table divider orders from sizes and thickness you need, colors, polishing, hinge types, bolts, and more.

Table divider

WeProFab table dividers have great advantages nowadays. It is very useful everywhere which is perfect protection and also called sneeze guards. WeProFab is a perfect partitioning especially for different types of offices, hospitals, and many establishments prone to many people. It is applicable for countertops as well.

Whatever your purpose of table dividers, WeProFab will fully meet your special requirements. Your urgent needs are surely ensured with WeProFab. Our staff can focus on your process and support you from the start and small business to large business.

Send your inquiries and be one of our successful clients from around the world. Message us now!

Table Divider – Your Ultimate FAQs Guide

Table Divide

What is a Table Divider?

This table divider is also referred as the sneeze guard.

It can be reconfigured to the bottom and sides of existing workspaces or desking systems to create barriers.

Table divider creates a physical barrier between employees, preventing germs from spreading.

It is a great solution for open-plan offices that lack privacy or space for solo working.

It is placed on the working table and allows you to work while maintaining a maintaining visual communication.

It can be freestanding, fixed, have varying heights, and have or not have viewing panels.

What are the Different Types of a Table Divider?

Table dividers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types.

As there is a clear demarcation between each section, the partitions ensure the privacy of each coworker.

These characteristics contribute to an ideal working environment.

Here are the different kinds of a table dividers:

  1. Two Faced Table Divider
  • Molded plastic material makes an excellent example of two-sided office table dividers.
  • It helps to define the area and make it easier for coworkers to interact with one another.
  • It enables collaboration and teamwork in a small office setting.
  1. U Shaped Table Divider
  • For medium-sized offices, U-shaped office table dividers are ideal.
  • These sections divide the table and allow coworkers to interact with one another.
  • The dividers are made of plastic components that are simple to put together.
  • It also maintains its strength and does not deteriorate despite being moved.
  1. Short Table Divider
  • Short office table dividers are ideal for quick meetings in the office.
  • Their minimalist design is suitable for use in confined areas.
  • The short office table dividers are also compact and easy to transport.
  • It’s also lightweight and compact, making it simple to transport from one location to another.
  1. Fleece Table Divider
  • It is made up of plush blocks of material that are meant to be placed together to form the dividers.
  • It is also intended for various rooms throughout the home.
  • It is also easier to store under the bed or in closets.
  • It can also be used to keep books and cushions organized around the house.
  1. Movable Table Divider
  • Office table dividers that can be adjusted are also ideal for quick meetings.
  • They have a wide range of applications and make teamwork in a small office space easier.
  • It is an excellent and cost-effective option for a partition.
  • The short office table dividers are extremely useful, light, and simple to use.
  1. Panel Table Divider
  • Panel table dividers for the workspace are an excellent office partitioning solution.
  • It offers excellent value for money and are suitable for a variety of applications and elevations.
  • Short-term use is ideal for the Panel Table Divider.
  • They are also dividers that can be moved around.
  1. Fixed Full-height Table Divider
  • It is frequently used in meeting and office areas to improve privacy and sound absorption.
  1. Lower Mobile Table Divider
  • It allows for more layout flexibility.
  • Some have built-in shelving and bulletin boards to help users stay organized.
  • It personalizes the work environment.
  1. 4-Way Table Divider
  • It is excellent for dividing cafeteria tables.
  1. Modular Table Divider
  • It is used by businesses to separate conference room tables.
  1. Bar Top Counter Table Divider
  • It is used by restaurants to keep patrons separated.

What are The Advantages of a Table Divider?

Table Divide

This Table Divider assists both the consumers and manufacturers in many ways that include the following:

  • Creative and friendly work environment.
  • Contributes to a more productive work environment.
  • Reduce cross-contamination
  • Pre-cut for easier and clean installations
  • Variety of colors available
  • It does not protrude from the smooth surface.
  • It is also simple to put together and requires no tools.
  • Variety of purposes and partitions
  • It can be used in the home to hold cushions.
  • They are long-lasting and will last a long time for you.
  • It is pace-efficient, increases privacy, and is flexible.
  • Helps to reduce acoustic and visual distractions and makes you feel safer.
  • An excellent option for offices that want to divide up their space without erecting walls.
  • It allows you to divide specific areas of your workspace and make it easier to maintain and clean

What Are The Main Features of Table Divider?

Table dividers have perfect features suitable for your final applications. Each feature provides the advantage to any application. Here are some table divider features you should know:

  • Impact-resistant
  • High transparency
  • Solid colors
  • Bulletproofs
  • Versatile materials

Can Table Dividers be Relocated After they have been Installed?

These table dividers can be moved or repositioned in the future without damaging the desk.

It is installed with a simple clamping solution.

What are the Applications of a Table Divider?

Table Divide

These table dividers are an excellent way to separate seating areas at a table.

Face-to-face interaction is possible which also allows for physical separation.

Connect multiple table dividers to create different layouts for larger conference tables.

Adaptability for a variety of functions and uses such as the following:

  • Reception Desks
  • Customer Service
  • Call Centers
  • Double or Linear Work Groups
  • Individual Tables
  • Meeting Tables
  • Open-plan Public or Commercial Buildings
  • Countertop dividers

What Materials does  Table Divider Consists of?

Table divider is commonly made up of high-quality plexiglass.

Plexiglass table dividers weigh half as much as glass dividers.

It is ten times more impact-resistant, making them ideal for protective applications.

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