• Thermoforming Face Shield

Thermoforming Face Shield

WeproFab is a competent thermoforming face shield manufacturer and supplier in China. We distribute numerous thermoforming face shield items throughout the world. In order to comply with typical standard designs, our engineers developed a thermoformed face shield from a thicker plastic. Thus, a robust face shield with better material usage. We are your best option for a high-quality thermoforming face shield. Please contact us. We can ensure you’ll be delighted with our services!

Get WeProFab to Thermoforming Face Shield Satisfy Your Customers

WeProFab offers a comprehensive range of injection molding services for thermoforming face shields. By providing complete and complimentary samples, we can assist you in simplifying your procedure. Our list below can help you generate additional ideas and make a more informed choice. We can develop or provide ideas tailored to your business.

Full Clear Thermoforming Face Shield

Weprofab Full Clear Thermoforming Face Shield has a double anti-fogging protective layer on both sides of the lens, ensuring that your vision is clear and functional at all times. It effectively protects the face and keeps dust and droplets.

Disposable Thermoforming Face Shield

Weprofab Disposable Thermoforming Face Shield is a non-sterile disinfecting type. It features a clear color and medical goggles type.

Children's Anti-Fog Thermoforming Face Shield

Weprofab Children’s Anti-Fog Thermoforming Face Shield has an ultraviolet light disinfecting type. It features a polyethylene material and a class II instrument classification.

Safety Thermoforming Face Shield

Weprofab Safety Thermoforming Face Shield is a helmet-compatible face shield. It is made of a robust, heat-resistant, and pliable mechanical plastic material.

Protective Clear Thermoforming Face Shield

Weprofab Protective Clear Thermoforming Face Shield is great to protect against liquid, dust, and spark. It is perfectly applicable for industrial and construction.

Thermoforming Transparent Face Shield

It not only ensures high-quality vision, but it is also incredibly sturdy and resilient. It has one-piece nose supports near the bridge of its nose and may be worn for a long time without developing red spots.

Anti-Fog Thermoforming Face Shield

Anti-fog thermoforming face shield is eco-friendly with a CE quality certificate. It’s available in black, pink, white, black, blue and many more.

Thermoforming Eye Protective Face Shield

Its brand and prints are customizable with CE quality certification. Thermoforming eye-protective face shield is an OZONE disinfecting type.

Thermoforming Clear Face Shield

The purpose of the thermoforming clear face shield is an antivirus and splash proof with a transparent color. It’s a non-sterile disinfecting type that has a CE quality certificate. 

WeProFab: Your Leading Thermoforming Face Shield Manufacturer

WeProFab is the market leader in China regarding thermoforming face shields. We can create a variety of designs to suit your particular requirements and applications. We are manufacturing, development, and other industry professionals who can help you grow your business. At an affordable price, we provide a one-stop shopping experience.

Thermoforming is a plastic molding method that produces many beneficial products. Using thermoforming, we can fit more components per sheet of plastic than we can with 2D cutting. Because of this, the face shield is more substantial, and the materials are used more effectively. Simply looping the strap through the shield and around your head is all it takes to assemble this simple design.

Our transparent bottom plastic molding, the market leader in thermoforming face shields, has many features. Our entire team is qualified to speak with you about this. For our customers’ benefit, we will keep up our high performance.

Custom Thermoforming Face Shield to Boost Your Business

Thermoforming Anti Spittle Dust Face Shield

It’s a one-of-a-kind structure with a chin protector to offer full facial coverage from foreign substances, corrosive spills, debris, and damage tolerance. It can be combined with earplugs as a setup to offer further sound protection.

Thermoforming Protective Head Cover Face Shield

It defends you and can be used for development, industrial, oil and fuel, metallic industry, and other applications. It’s flexible for a range of functions in workplace and residential environments.

Splash Guard Thermoforming Face Shield

The visor material of Splash Guard Thermoforming Face Shield is an acryl full face shield visor with a visor color that is transparent. It has an adjustable wheel ratchet harness without an aluminum edge full face shield visor.

Impact Resistant Thermoforming Face Shield

It functions as an anti-impact thermoforming face shield with a CE and EN166 certificate. Impact Resistant Thermoforming Face Shield features a protective film that has 1.0 mm thickness.

Cooking Plastic Thermoforming Face Shield

It protects against chemical splash, flying branches, and wood chips. Cooking Plastic Thermoforming Face Shield features an easy to operate, strong protection performance, and lightweight.  

Industrial Thermoforming Face Shield

Weprofab Industrial Thermoforming Face Shield is head-mounted with adjustable ratchet headgear. It features an anti-droplet, chemical resistant, anti-fog, and scratch-resistant.

Customized Thermoforming Face Shield

Weprofab Customized Thermoforming Face Shield is a medical face shield or open face helmet type. It is an excellent protection face shield for the dust, liquid, and sun.

Full Protective Thermoforming Face Shield

Weprofab Full Protective Thermoforming Face Shield is a safety helmet welding mask. It features a 2mm visor thickness and adjustable sizes.

Clear Visor Thermoforming Face Shield

Weprofab Clear Visor Thermoforming Face Shield could be used with suitable visors and can provide great protection. It is appropriate for medical use or use in a school laboratory for basic face protection.

Industrial Welding Thermoforming Face Shield

Weprofab Industrial Welding Thermoforming Face Shield provides better protection from intense light and lasts longer. It is strong enough to weld and operates at a high enough temperature.

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Thermoforming Face Shield Sheet: A Complete FAQ Guide

What is the Purpose of Thermoforming Face Shield?

A face shield protects the wearer’s entire face from hazards such as flying objects, road debris, chemical splashes, and potentially infectious materials. Face shields, in particular, have seen a focus on innovation and possible combinations. 

Thermoforming is a plastic molding technique that produces many valuable products. After cooling to its final shape, the finished product is trimmed to improve usability. 

We design and develop faster, resolve production issues faster, and meet your deadlines because we manufacture our thermoforming tools and machines.

What are the Advantages of Thermoforming Face Shield?

Thermoforming a face shield has many advantages. One of its main advantages is that it can quickly adapt to its design needs.

  • Increased Protection and Coverage
  • Sterilizable & Easy-to-Clean Material
  • Maximum Comfort with Ergonomic Design
  • Excellent optical quality
  • Uncomplicated Die Cut Design
  • Appropriate For All Head Shapes

It is also a low-cost manufacturing method because the materials are optimized for cost-effectiveness, lowering design and manufacturing costs.

In the end, the result can be visually appealing. Colored and paintable plastics are available, allowing for extensive customization to meet the needs of individual customers.

The thermoforming Face shields can manufacture a wide range of plastic products. Thermoformed packaging is one of our specialties. We’re going to fabricate everything!

What Distinguishes Thermoforming Face Shields?

Thermoforming is the process of heating large sheets of thermoplastic material and shaping them around a custom tool.

Our thermoforming company’s most valuable asset is its quality. We take great pride in providing the highest quality thermoforming services available. We are always looking for ways to improve.

  • allowing for versatility in grinding, brazing, and cutting operations with a single face shield
  • The face shield is molded to the user’s shape for superior optical clarity.
  • The shield contours to the face, providing reliable protection from splashes, particles, and flying debris.
  • Size-adjustable, comfortable to wear, and simple to operate
  • The soft padding on the head strap ensures a comfortable fit.
What are the Uses of Thermoformed Face Shields?

Thermoforming face shields come in a variety of applications. The most common application is the following.

  • Medical industry- face shield refers to various devices used to shield a medical professional from blood or other body infectious fluids while performing a procedure.Personal protective equipment (PPE) protects the face from potentially infectious substances.
  • Police and Military- in law enforcement settings, Face shields can be ballistic or non-ballistic. Low-velocity impacts, like punches or thrown objects, but not ballistic projectiles.A ballistic face shield stops or deflects blasts from bomb suits.
  • Construction- Face shields protect construction workers from debris and sparks. When cutting metal, many metalworking tools recommend a face shield.

We will work with you until your product is fully integrated into your manufacturing processes and procedures. Our technicians are available 24/7 to fix any issues.

How is the Thermoforming Face Shield Specificated?

Headband material used: resin polymer, DPR 10

Face shield materials: PET, PET-G, acetate, or polycarbonate sheets

Thickness: .005” – .010”

NON-STERILE FACE SHIELD: Items to clean with:

  • Soap-water
  • Isopropanol (70%) wipe

Not compatible with the materials and not recommended for cleaning the face shields:

  • Hydrogen peroxide vapor sterilization
  • Autoclave
  • Soak in isopropanol or other organic solvents

A customizable thermoforming face shield is welcome. Kindly send us your desired design, sizes, and thickness; we will be delighted to answer your concerns.

We produce a modern thermoforming face shield. Weprofab also provides competent after-sale service to consumers. Recommend our tried and true benefit to new and existing customers.

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