• Triple Wall Polycarbonate

Triple Wall Polycarbonate

Weprofab is your professional manufacturer of triple wall polycarbonate. This type of sheet is the combination of three layers of polycarbonate. It has spaces in between where the air is trapping inside. It helps provide better insulation compared to double glazings. Many business, car, agriculture farm, and facility owners prefer to use this sheet from Weprofab. We own the most affordable yet have a long service life products. 

Get WeProFab Triple Wall Polycarbonate to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is the number one choice for the best quality and high durability of triple wall polycarbonate. We manufacture and supply various polycarbonate sheets that perfectly beautify and protect your building or any area applications. We are your incomparable provider that offers profitable products and is excellent at giving service to our customers. Choosing our products for your business can surely increase your sales. 

Blue Polycarbonate Triple Wall Sheet

You can have a beautiful decoration roof using this blue sheet. Outdoor building material is its main application. We provide customized lengths for your particular usage.

Colored Triple Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

You can indeed be satisfied with the broad applications of this colored triple wall sheet. We have available 8mm-20mm thickness that suits your applications.

Triple Wall Carport Polycarbonate Sheet

This type of triple-wall sheet is available in different colors like clear, green, blue, brown, opal, or as requested. You can select the best one for your specific applications.

Triple Wall Cellular Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab manufactures this type of polycarbonate sheet with about 12%-88% of light transmittance. It has approximately 1.20g/cubic centimeter lightweight. 

Triple Wall Greenhouse Sheet

It is a triple wall that is perfect for greenhouses and even roofing for railway stations. We offer this with about 10mm-20mm of thickness.

Triple Wall Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet

This hollow-type polycarbonate sheet is more durable than the other. It is best for warehouses and carport roofing. We offer it at the lowest price possible.

WeProFab: Your Best Triple Wall Polycarbonate Manufacturer

Weprofab is your ideal place whenever you are looking for worthy but affordable polycarbonate sheet products. Our vast experience in manufacturing and sourcing such valuable products assures you no hassle processes of orders. The triple wall polycarbonate sheets we are selling are more durable and high resistant to heat and sunlight. We avail different sizes, colors, and coating surfaces of the said type of polycarbonate sheet.

Weprofab manufacture polycarbonate sheets for various applications. Your customers will surely keep coming back to your stores if they know you are selling high-quality products. This sheet type is usually perfect on greenhouses, office buildings, hotels, corridors, parking lots, and any other applicable places.

Custom Triple Wall Polycarbonate to Skyrocket Your Brand

Anti-UV Triple Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

It is best to install in the home, bar, and skylight carport roofing. We provide free samples for you to know its quality and if it suits your applications.

Roofing Triple Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

You can order any length for your exact installation and utilization. Weprofab is your certified supplier that can indeed reach your standard quality of products.

6mm Triple Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab supply this 6mm polycarbonate sheet with high-standard-made materials to ensure its longevity. It is ideal for outdoor, balcony, decoration, etc., applications.

Transparent Triple Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

This transparent type of polycarbonate sheet with the triple wall is convenient for office buildings. It has about 250-300 times impact resistance compared to ordinary glass.

Clear Plastic Triple Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab avail of about 3mm-30mm thickness of clear plastic polycarbonate sheet for your specific applications. We have a lot of color selections that suit your building or shadings balcony.

10-16mm Triple Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

This type of polycarbonate sheet is environment-friendly, non-toxic, and non-pollution material-made. It is suitable for your greenhouses or agricultural applications.

Frosted Triple Wall Polycarbonate

A frosted polycarbonate sheet is applicable for carport and awning. We are experts to guide you to look for the best one for your area. You can purchase it at the most affordable price.

Fire Resistant Triple Wall Polycarbonate

This fire-resistant polycarbonate sheet transmits light of up to 88%. You can choose the most compatible with your requirement applications. 

Anti-fog Triple wall Polycarbonate

We manufacture this high-quality type of polycarbonate sheet with a UV protection coating. We have about 8mm-16mm thickness available. 

Bulletproof Triple Wall Polycarbonate

Triple wall polycarbonate is bulletproof perfect for room partitions, roofing, and greenhouse. Protect from impact, bullets, and any weather conditions. You can get various thicknesses, colors, and surface textures at affordable prices.

Clear Triple Wall Polycarbonate

Our clear triple wall polycarbonate is applicable for roofing. Provide enough sunlight and heat protection while enjoying the outside view. Lightweight and easier to install offered at a friendly price.

Custom Color Triple Wall Polycarbonate

You can send your ideal triple wall polycarbonate colors. You can add ideal surface textures, features, and dimensions based on your applications. Offers bullet resistance used for riots shields, partitions,s and more that provide warmth and protection.

Film Coated Triple Wall Polycarbonate

Film-coated triple wall polycarbonate is designed for any weather condition. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications at an affordable price. You can send your ideal customization so we can meet your business needs.

Flexible Triple Wall Polycarbonate

Flexible polycarbonate sheet with triple walls provides great protection for agriculture. Provides great protection for plants from direct sunlight, pests, heavy rain, and more. Flexible for roofing, easier to bend and screw, and lightweight.

Greenhouse Triple Wall Polycarbonate

The greenhouse uses triple wall polycarbonate sheets. A variety of colors, tints, coating, and many colors are available for your customer’s selections. It has great UV protection popular for agricultural purposes.

Hard Coated Triple Wall Polycarbonate

Our triple wall polycarbonate can be hard coated at ideal coatings. It has various thicknesses, surface textures, and features suitable for different applications. Stringer than glass materials and safest for construction purposes.

Honeycomb Triple Wall Polycarbonate

Honeycomb triple wall polycarbonate is one of the popular selections for building applications, agricultural, and more. Great property of resistance available in different dimensions, colors, thicknesses, and characteristics.

Impact Resistant Triple Wall Polycarbonate

Use triple wall polycarbonate as your premium material for any application. Lightweight and durable from impacts suitable for room dividers that can be made with different designs and installations.

Milky White Triple Wall Polycarbonate

We have milky white triple wall polycarbonate sheets of various thicknesses. 20 times stronger than glass featuring impact resistant, UV block, chemical resistance, and more.

See Through Triple Wall Polycarbonate

Triple wall polycarbonate sheets are see-through and available in different tints. Variety of thickness, colors, and types of walls according to your demands. You can earn money while saving it because of its good characteristics and durability.

Tinted Triple Wall Polycarbonate

There is a variety of color tinted selections perfect for your business. Perfect for building applications, agriculture, auto parts, and more according to its thickness and dimensions.

Triple Wall Polycarbonate Panels

Triple wall polycarbonate panels have various applications including partitions, walls, roofing, and more. It features great resistance from shatters, heat, and bullets. Lightweight materials, and easier to move from different places.

Triple Wall Polycarbonate Sheets

You can get various triple wall polycarbonate sheet selections for any applications you need. Highest-quality polycarbonate sheets featuring impact and bullet resistance perfect for walls, partitions, barriers, and more.

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Why WeProFab Triple Wall Polycarbonate

Weprofab is your continuous source of any types, colors, sizes, and thickness of triple wall polycarbonate. You can select the exact specifications that suit your particular applications. This type of sheet has a triple-wall structure that provides high-impact resistance.

This polycarbonate sheet is also a qualified product for standard glazing. It is usually the first choice to install for factory lighting, windows, and even a carport where you only require a low U-value. Weprofab can provide all your needed triple wall sheets.

Its is being UV resistant and high featured materials make it more effective for a long time. Its perfect walling lessens mistakes in cutting and installation. You can find the best triple wall polycarbonate in Weprofab with budget-friendly costs.

Triple Wall Polycarbonate Features:

  • UV protection
  • Easy to process and installed
  • High light transmission
  • High heat insulation
  • Weather resistance
  • High impact strength
  • Lightweight

We make sure its high-quality fabrications ensure its performance as impact-resistant and shatterproof. Weprofab is professional enough to handle this type of negotiation. It is our privilege to supply you with our cost-effective yet high-class polycarbonate products.

Choosing us as your manufacturer and supplier helps the development of your business. Weprofab has more than enough background in manufacturing and forming the latest designs and capacity of polycarbonate-made products.

Applications for Triple Wall Polycarbonate:

  • Sunshade for the office building
  • Lighting for corridors, subways, balconies, and walkways
  • DIY canopy
  • Roofing for hotel and department stores
  • Industrial glazing and roofing
  • Cover or roofing for swimming pools
  • Agricultural greenhouses
  • Botanical gardens
  • An amusement center, hospital, etc.

Weprofab provides ae and outstanding services for our consistent customers worldwide. With our professional designers, you can receive the appropriate size and type of triple wall polycarbonate for any of your applications.

We guarantee you the exact temperature and materials for packaging your orders. You can indeed receive your purchased polycarbonate products on time and place we have agreed. Our expert employees guide every stage of processing your orders.

Hence, if you desire high-quality polycarbonate products at an affordable price, check out the Weprofab lists above. Experience the advantages and benefits of choosing triple wall polycarbonate from Weprofab. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us right here for further information!

What is a Triple Wall Polycarbonate?

Triple Wall Policarbonate

Triple Wall Polycarbonate

The triple wall polycarbonate is the best option for a glazed roof with an excellent insulator.

It is the ideal option for roof conservatories, allowing for more prominent space.

Triple wall polycarbonate is excellent for light transmission, lightweight and heat resistance.

What are the Applications for Triple Wall Polycarbonate?

There are some applications listed below.

Roof lighting and sun shading

Use as lighting for balcony, corridor, and any passages.

Roofing for varieties of buildings.

Industrial and agricultural options

Swimming pool cover

Department store and hotel roofing

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) canopy

Triple wall polycarbonate

What are the Features of Triple Wall Polycarbonate?

There are several features for triple wall polycarbonate.

  1. Lightweight 
  2. Strength impact
  3. Light transmission
  4. UV protection and weather resistance 
  5. Heat insulation
  6. Easy to process and install

What are the Benefits of a Triple Wall Polycarbonate?

Triple wall polycarbonate can hold more significant impacts compared to glasses.

It is also excellent for light transmission.

The triple wall polycarbonate is used as cover against ultraviolet rays.

They have extraordinarily lightweight.

A triple wall is the best choice for any roofing application.

Ideal for a good insulator compared to double glazing.

It is economical and has excellent durability.

Avoid discoloration from exposure.

It will insulate the sounds and resist fire.

How Thick is the Triple Wall Polycarbonate?

The triple wall polycarbonate has varieties of thickness like 16mm,14mm, and 12mm thick.

Below are its thickness features.


  • 2100 max-width
  • 71% light transmission
  • 2100mm bending radium     


  • 2100 max-width
  • 71% light transmission
  • 2450mm bending radium


  • 2100 max-width
  • 68% light transmission
  • 2800mm bending radium

What are the Highly Recommended Colors of a Triple Wall Polycarbonate?

The clear triple wall polycarbonate is an advantage for satisfying light transmission. 

The opal triple wall polycarbonate is good for blocking against excessive light.

The bronze or brown triple wall polycarbonate contains a tint for effective shading.

Hence, the triple wall polycarbonate is also available in different colors such as clear, blue, green, brown, red, yellow, silver, grey, and more.

When Should the Triple Wall Polycarbonate be Installed?

The triple wall polycarbonate should be installed when protection from the weather is needed. 

It should also be considered when light transmission is required.

How Long Does the Triple Wall Polycarbonate Last?

The polycarbonate-made triple wall sheet lasts up to 10 years long.

The utilized material makes it more durable and not easy discoloration.

How to Install a Triple Wall Polycarbonate Into a Greenhouse Building?

Triple Wall Polycarbonate Greenhouse

To achieve proper triple wall polycarbonate installation, you must prepare the appropriate tools, including the panels, caps and end-caps, silicone sealant, screws, and rubber seals. 


  1. Do framing pre-installation
  2. Peel back the films and apply the end-cap
  3. Make sure enough space between installed panels for screwing.
  4. Add seal tape to the panel edge.
  5. Place the first panel for a holding screw
  6. Install the board with a gap
  7. Use angled-ridged cap for two panels
  8. Ensure not go through the panel screws
  9. Install also the aluminum bar cap
  10. Add bar cap cover
  11. Insert vertical front into the end cap

The above pieces of information are not a stepped by step operation. 

It is only a guide for installing triple wall polycarbonate panels.


Having enough understanding about triple wall polycarbonate helps your project finish easier.

Therefore, we can conclude that there are many factors we have to consider when purchasing a triple wall polycarbonate.

Consider the above information for accessible selections.

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