Twisted Acrylic Rod

Twisted Acrylic Rod

Meet your Desirable Twisted Acrylic Rods

Normally, twisted acrylic rods are known for flexibility, durability,  lightweight, and excellent optical clarity. It takes on a spiral shape. Equipped with modern design and practical functions, it has a wide array of applications, including display, decoration, lighting, advertising, etc. The manufacturing process encompasses cutting, polishing, drilling, bending, chamfering, laser cutting and assembly. The surface of our products has undergone polishing to elevate optical clarity. Plus, it has been coated with various materials to enhance specific properties, such as UV resistance and chemical resistance. Moreover, customized service is also rendered to fulfill your specific requirements including different lengths, sizes, and surface finishes. If you are looking for twisted acrylic rods for multiple purposes, our product can offer an ideal solution.

Item Specifications

ColorTransparent, purple, frosted, red, yellow, gray, etc.
Length2000mm or custom length
Thickness3-150 mm
Shapebar type, bubble, triangle, square, twist lines, round, etc
Light TransmittanceOver 93%
ApplicationLighting, advertising, crafts, decoration, display 

Key Attributes of Twisted Acrylic Rods

Unique twisted design: The spiral shape and diverse colors make them an eye-catching element to any application in practice.

Exceptional optical clarity: Acrylic has a high light transmission rate, which allows the penetration of 93% of  light. Thus, it is suitable for the application where it sets a high requirement on optical clarity. 

Lightweight nature: Acrylic is lightweight in nature. Thus, our twisted acrylic rod is also lightweight, reducing the load on the structure it lays as well as relieving the labor on the installation and handling.

Flexibility: Despite its complex design in appearance, it can be easily cut, drilled and shaped to meet the specific demand of different projects.

Versatility: Our twisted acrylic rods have seen a wide array of applications. It is applicable for aesthetic projects, allowing you to give play to your creative ideas. It is also appropriate for functional purposes. 

Weather resistance: Our twisted acrylic rod can be subject to harsh or extreme weather conditions such as sunlight, moisture, or temperature fluctuations, without severe degradation or fading. This unique property permits both its multiple applications.

Key Attributes of Twisted Acrylic Rods
Why Choose us?

Why Choose us?

It is crafted with fine craftsmanship and great precision by adopting updated technology and premium raw material. Besides, its sophisticated design can add a touch of aesthetic appeal, thus enhancing visual effect. What’s more, customization service is available. Our twisted acrylic rods are available in a spectrum of diameters, colors as well  as lengths, which can suit your personal preferences. Another other significant advantage is that it is affordable because it is cost-effective. You don’t need to consume a lot of money to enjoy its stable and long-term performance. Taking all these factors into consideration, our twisted acrylic rods can be an ideal solution for you. 

Application of Twisted Acrylic Rods

Application of Twisted Acrylic Rods
Application of Twisted Acrylic Rods

Their unique features make them popular with designers and creators. Their applications include the following:

  1. Lighting: When applied in lighting fixtures, twisted acrylic rods can be regarded as covers or diffusers for LED lights to diffuse or refract light in different directions, thus yielding fantastic visual effects.
  2. Retail display: Our twisted acrylic rods can also be placed on retail counters to showcase the features of relevant products so as to  boost the sale.
  3. Art installations: They can be regarded as decorative elements to add flair to art pieces, the twisted pattern of which can also add  dimension and depth to artworks. 
  4. Interior design: As for interior design, twisted acrylic rods can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the space, making it more captivating.
  5.  Event decor: They can be used for enhancing a specific atmosphere on some important occasions like weddings, parties and corporate events.

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